PROXYMA Review 2024: Leading Residential Proxy Service Provider?



Proxyma is a leading residential proxy service provider offering both Static and Rotating proxies. Get unmatched anonymity and reliability for your web scraping, data collection, and online privacy needs.

Out of 10


  • A vast pool of 10 million IP addresses is at your disposal.
  • 99.99% Up-time Networks
  • Super-fast Response Time
  • Full compliance and safety measures for secure and legal usage.


  • Some parts of the website still have content in Russian, which gets confusing for the English audience.


Price: $ 0.7

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Hey everyone! 🌐 Today, I’m super excited to chat about PROXYMA, the ultimate residential proxy hero!

Let’s talk about PROXYMA, a top-notch residential proxy service that’s been a total game-changer for me. Before I discovered PROXYMA, dealing with web scraping and data collection was a real headache.

In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with PROXYMA, highlighting how it stands out in providing unmatched anonymity and reliability.

In this PROXYMA review, I will talk about its features, performance, and value of PROXYMA in depth. So, let’s dive in and see what makes PROXYMA a must-try!

Quick Overview Table

Aspect Details
Overall Verdict Leading residential proxy service offering both Static and Rotating proxies. Rated 8.5 out of 10.
Uptime 99.99% Up-time
IP Pool Size 10 million IP addresses.
Protocols Supported HTTP and Socks5.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Easy integration.
  • Global coverage
  • Variety of proxies.
Global Coverage Extensive Global Coverage
Customer Support Available 24/7 with live chat feature; responsive in English despite initial Russian interface.
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What is PROXYMA? provides residential proxy services, both dynamic and static, at competitive rates.


Users can leverage these proxies for various purposes, such as ensuring online anonymity, bypassing geographic restrictions, conducting web scraping, managing social media accounts, running advertising campaigns, and more.

“” is designed to offer secure and reliable proxy solutions, and users can access a large pool of IP addresses from different locations globally.

Proxies offered by PROXYMA

PROXYMA offers residential proxies, both dynamic and static. They operate using IP addresses from regular devices like laptops, desktops, and smartphones provided by Internet service providers (ISPs).

PROXYMA’s residential proxies are not just any proxies—they’re considered more reliable and harder to track. Like ninjas in the online world, they operate discreetly and effectively.

The residential proxy service from PROXYMA provides a wide array of IP addresses from various global locations, making them extremely difficult to block.

Additionally, these proxies can handle multiple IP addresses simultaneously, allowing for the setup of numerous connections without any hassle.

Features of PROXYMA?

Features of PROXYMA

1. Outstanding Performance:

If you are looking for fast, reliable, and secure proxies for a seamless internet surfing experience, then buying proxies from PROXYMA won’t disappoint you. You can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity without compromising speed or reliability.

2. Easy Integration:

You can seamlessly integrate the proxies into your workflows with Proxyma’s user-friendly tools and comprehensive documentation. This makes it hassle-free for you to incorporate proxies into your systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

3. Global Coverage:

They have proxy servers worldwide, spanning North America, Europe, Asia, and other regions. This global coverage ensures that you can connect from virtually anywhere, catering to your diverse geographical needs.

4. Different Types of Proxies:

You are spoilt for choice as you can choose from a variety of proxies, including residential, mobile, and server-based options. This flexibility allows you to select the type that best suits your specific requirements, providing efficient solutions to various challenges.

5. Ethically Secured Pool of Residential Proxies:

PROXYMA’s residential proxies are ethically sourced, using legal IP addresses obtained legally. Thus, you can rest assured that our proxies are ethically sourced, respecting your privacy.

For example, all proxies are protected by a unique IP rotation system that prevents any malicious activity from taking place.

6. Competitive Prices:

Are you on a tight budget? Then PROXYMA can surely be your proxy partner. You can take advantage of competitive pricing on premium proxies. Proxy services that ensure excellent value for money without compromising on quality or performance.

7. 24/7 Customer Support:

Their team of experts is available round-the-clock to provide prompt and effective support. With fast response times, they are committed to resolving any issues you may encounter, offering continuous assistance to ensure a smooth experience.

8. Anonymity:

With their high-quality proxies, you can protect your privacy and identity online. You can boost your security and protect your personal information while surfing the web with complete anonymity.

For instance, you can hide your IP address from websites you visit, preventing any tracking or monitoring of your activities.


Residential Dynamic Proxies:


This is ideal for light users as STARTUNA provides 1GB of traffic, which is suitable for users with moderate proxy needs. With 1000 ports, it’s a cost-effective choice for those looking for dynamic residential proxies.


It offers a higher data limit of 10GB; NEBULA SET is designed for users with more extensive proxy requirements. Priced at $3/GB, it provides a balance between affordability and increased data usage.


It is the best choice for heavy proxy users, providing 30GB of traffic at a cost of $2.6/GB. With 1000 ports, it’s suitable for users with demanding proxy needs, offering a cost-effective solution for higher data volumes.

Residential Static Proxies:

  • ORION:

ORION is an entry-level plan offering 1GB of traffic at $20/GB. With 100 ports, it suits users with minimal proxy needs, providing a cost-effective solution for basic requirements.


GEMINI steps up the data limit to 3GB, offering a balance between affordability and increased usage. Priced at $15/GB, it caters to users with moderate proxy requirements.


CYGNUS is designed for users with higher proxy demands, providing 5GB of traffic at $13/GB. With 100 ports, it’s a cost-effective choice for those seeking a balance between data volume and pricing.

Where can you use PROXYMA?


1. Advertising Verification:

The proxies from PROXYMA ensure the quality and accuracy of your advertising campaigns. With their proxies, you can verify and monitor your ads, ensuring your marketing success.

2. Brand Protection:

Did you know your brand reputation is at risk if trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property are being used illegally? By using their proxies, companies are able to monitor and protect the integrity of their brands.

3. Data Collection:

With their proxies, you’ll be able to access scan data without being blocked or detected, allowing you to collect accurate and comprehensive information.

For example, a proxy can be used to collect data from a competitor’s website, such as pricing, product offerings, and customer feedback.

4. Gaming:

Are you a gaming enthusiast? Take your online gaming experience to the next level with proxies. They offer high-speed proxies for optimal gaming performance, reducing latency and increasing speed.

5. Marketing Research:

Make an in-depth analysis and research of the market. With their proxies, they are able to scan and access data from a variety of sources and locations, which facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the market.

For instance, a company may use a proxy to download data from multiple websites, allowing them to compare and analyze the data to gain better insights.

6. Price Monitoring:

Maintain a global competitive price monitoring system. Businesses can adjust pricing strategies to gain a competitive advantage by using our proxies to access real-time price data.

For example, businesses can use a proxy to monitor the prices of their competitors and adjust their prices accordingly.

7. SEO Monitoring:

Did you know proxies can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking? As a result of our proxy servers, we are able to track and analyze various SEO metrics across multiple search engines, which contributes to increased visibility online.

For example, a proxy can be used to track the number of backlinks a website has, which helps determine the website’s organic search ranking.

I have been using residential proxies from PROXYMA for a couple of months. My website witnessed a 20% increase in organic traffic after implementing strategic SEO adjustments based on comprehensive monitoring, boosting overall online presence.

8. Speed Testing:

You can test your website or application speed globally with the help of proxies. Their proxies facilitate reliable and accurate measurements of speed and performance from multiple locations around the world.

Proxies from PROXYMA helped me to optimize my website load times by 30%, resulting in improved user experience and increased user engagement.

9. Website Accessibility:

You can make sure your website or application is available. In order to maintain accessibility, their proxies continually monitor site uptime, identifying and resolving potential issues as soon as they arise.

10. Cybersecurity:

You can provide an extra layer of protection with these proxies. The proxies from PROXYMA  are secure and reliable and thus best to safeguard identity, personal information, or business from cyber threats and attacks.

How to get started with PROXYMA?

1. Sign Up:

Sign Up

Begin your Proxyma journey by going to or log in using your Google account.

2. Add Some Money:

Add Money

Make sure you’ve got some cash in your account. You can do this in the “Balance” section.

3. Choose Your Plan:

Choose Plan Accordingly

Head over to “Buy Proxy” and pick a plan that suits your needs. Think about things like how much data you need or where you want your proxy to be.

4. What to Do After You Buy:

Depending on what you purchased, go to “Rotation Residential Proxy” or “Static Residential Proxy.”

Find the plan you got under “My Plans” and make sure it says “Active.”

5. Making Proxy Lists:

Click on your plan, and you’ll end up on a page where you can create lists of proxies. Choose things like location, how often they change, and how many ports you need.

6. Grabbing Your Proxies:

After creating your list, you’ll get a bunch of proxies made just the way you asked.

7. Time to Use Them:

Now that you have your list, you’re ready to use Proxyma for whatever you need.

Customer Support at Proxyma:

Proxyma offers accessible customer support through a live chat feature on its website. While the initial chat interface may open in Russian, users should not be misled, as the support team is responsive in English.

Upon initiating a conversation in English, the support staff promptly responds and assists users in their preferred language.

This language flexibility ensures effective communication and support for users who may not be fluent in Russian, contributing to a user-friendly and accommodating customer support experience.

Pros and cons Of PROXYMA


  • A vast pool of 10 million IP addresses is at your disposal.
  • 99.99% Up-time Networks
  • Super-fast Response Time
  • Full compliance and safety measures for secure and legal usage.
  •  Enjoy unrestricted access, removing limitations for a flexible experience.


  • Some parts of the website still have content in Russian, which gets confusing for the English audience.

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Conclusion: PROXYMA Review 2024

Thus, I can confidently say that Proxyma stands out as a reliable and versatile proxy service, offering a range of dynamic and static residential proxies.

The diverse tariff plans cater to varying user needs, from basic usage to more extensive requirements, providing flexible options at competitive prices.

Considering Proxyma’s features, pricing, and responsive support, it emerges as a commendable choice for users seeking trustworthy proxies for tasks such as online anonymity, data collection, and content access.

Overall, Proxyma’s service reliability and accommodating support make it a recommended option in the proxy service landscape.

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