922 S5 Proxy Review 2024: Best ISP Proxy Service Provider?

922 S5 Proxy Review


922 S5 Proxy is a top-notch proxy service, excelling in residential proxies. Their residential proxies are particularly useful for website scraping and overcoming geographical restrictions.

Out of 10


  • Support HTTP and Socks5 proxy protocols
  • Huge IP pool size
  • Diverse payment methods
  • Lifetime validity of proxy balance
  • Support multiple operating systems
  • Provide a detailed document guide


  • Only provide residential proxy
  • Need to download and install client system operation


Price: $ 3

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Are you looking for a reliable way to keep your online activities private? I recently tried the 922 S5 Proxy, and let me tell you, it’s a game changer.

I’m always concerned about my privacy online, and this proxy has been a lifesaver. It’s super simple to use, and I noticed my internet connection is still fast, which is a huge plus.

With the 922 S5 Proxy, your online activities or surfing are protected. It’s similar to having a private online path that no one else knows about.

In this review, I’ll share my personal experience with the 922 S5 Proxy so you can see if it’s the right fit for you. Stay tuned for a straightforward, easy-to-understand breakdown of everything this proxy has to offer.

Quick Table About 922 S5 Proxy

Feature Description
Overall Verdict Top-notch proxy service excelling in residential proxies
Key Features
  • IP address monitoring
  • API monitoring
  • Brand tracking
  • Authentication
Services Offered ISP Proxies, Static Residential Proxy
Pricing Structure Regular Plan and Enterprise Plan with different options for ISP Proxies and Residential Proxies
Integrations Compatible with various anti-detect browsers and scrapers
Customer Support FAQ section, blog, Telegram channel, Twitter and Facebook, YouTube, email support
Link Try 922 S5 Proxy Now!

What is 922 S5 Proxy?

922 S5 Proxy is a top-notch proxy service, excelling in residential and datacenter proxies. Their residential proxies are particularly useful for website scraping and overcoming geographical restrictions.

What sets 922 S5 Proxy apart is its advanced security feature, the Secure Encrypted Protocol (SEP) technology. This ensures a secure layer to protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data. All traffic is routed through their high-end servers located worldwide.

922 S5 Proxy Review

The service goes beyond proxies, offering features like domain filtering to allow or block specific domains and target websites. They also provide an API for easy integration with third-party applications.

Notably, the 922 S5 Proxy uses authentic residential IPs from various countries, ensuring remarkable speed, connection stability, and security. Whether you need an IP from a specific country, city, or operator, 922 S5 Proxy provides the flexibility to meet your business needs.

Services offered by 922 S5 Proxy

Services offered by 922 S5 Proxy

1. ISP Proxies

If you’re looking to browse the internet anonymously, a residential proxy IP is an excellent choice. And this is where proxies from 922 S5 proxy come in handy. Here are some of the key features that you get with 922 S5 proxies: 

Key Features:

  • High Purity: Download pure residential proxies with a reliability rate of more than 99%. Fees will only be deducted if IPs are usable.
  • Product Availability: Easily obtain the product and enjoy its benefits.

Use Cases:

  • Boosting Success Rate: Increase your chances of success in limited-time online sales by creating multiple accounts with the help of 922 S5. Disguise your identity as a genuine user worldwide.
  • Website Optimization: Monitor real-time search trends using 922 S5 to develop effective website optimization strategies.
  • Opinion Monitoring: Access global forums, news, and more with 922 S5 to gather public opinion about your brand. Adjust your brand marketing strategy in real-time.
  • Information Crawling: Save time by using 922 S5 to crawl global websites for the information you need.

Whether you’re optimizing your website, monitoring opinions, or crawling data, 922 S5 provides the trusted anonymity you need.

2. Static Residential Proxy

922 S5 Proxy seamlessly blends the advantages of data center and residential proxies, offering a high-speed and highly anonymous proxy solution. Activate the Static Residential Proxy feature now to enjoy unparalleled benefits.

Uses of 922 S5 Static Residential Proxy:

A Static Residential Proxy is a unique proxy type that utilizes a residential IP address from a legitimate ISP globally. Unlike dynamic proxies, a static proxy maintains the same IP address across sessions.

Ideal for:

  • Streaming Media: Ensure uninterrupted streaming with the stability of a residential IP.
  • Banking: Conduct secure banking transactions with the reliability of a consistent residential address.
  • Data Scraping: Execute efficient and reliable data scraping operations, benefiting from long-term unchanged residential IPs.
  • Experience the reliability and longevity of a residential IP combined with the speed of a data center proxy through the 922 S5 Proxy’s Static Residential Proxy feature.

Pricing Structure

Pricing Structure Of 922 S5 Proxy

1. Regular Plan

ISP Proxies: Original price $1080, now available at Half Price ($540). This plan includes access to the full IP pool, city targeting, and rotating and sticky sessions at $0.045 per IP.

Residential Proxies: Priced at $0.7 per GB, this plan offers a 30-day subscription with a bonus of Free 100GB. Residential proxies are accessible through user and password authentication.

Static Residential Proxies: Available at $0.17 per IP per day, this plan ensures long-term stability with a validity period of 7-30 days.

2. Enterprise Plan

ISP Proxies (Enterprise): Discounted at $3000, saving 70%, this professional plan upgrade supports IP allocation and provides the best price at $0.04 per IP.

These plans cater to different needs, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness for various proxy requirements.

Why Choose 922 S5 Proxies?

Why Choose 922 S5 Proxies

1. More Invisible

Utilizing a residential IP from 922 S5 allows you to blend in seamlessly as a genuine user worldwide, enhancing your online invisibility. It is ideal for tasks where discreetness and authenticity are crucial, such as social media management or targeted research.

2. Fast Link Speed

Residential proxies from 922 S5 provide exceptional link stability, minimizing the chances of lost or timed-out connections for continuous and stable online activity. This ensures uninterrupted access for tasks like streaming, gaming, or any activities requiring a consistent, high-speed internet connection.

3. More Secure

Real residential IPs from around the world enhance the security of your online activities, reducing the risk of being flagged or blocked during business operations. It is particularly beneficial for secure transactions, banking, or any task where a secure and trusted connection is paramount.

4. Long Proxy Sessions

Residential proxies from 922 S5 offer extended durations, allowing you to use the same proxy for an extended period of up to 24 hours. Useful for tasks requiring prolonged and uninterrupted connections, such as lengthy research sessions or continuous monitoring.

5. Bulk Proxy

Extract multiple residential proxy IPs simultaneously, providing flexibility and scalability in your online operations. Perfect for scenarios requiring multiple connections or parallel tasks, such as web scraping or running numerous accounts simultaneously.

6. Dedicated IPs

Each IP provided by 922 S5 is dedicated to a single user, minimizing the risk associated with shared IPs and ensuring exclusive access. It is essential for tasks where IP exclusivity is crucial, such as accessing sensitive data or conducting confidential business transactions.

7. Security Guarantee

922 S5 Proxy ensures security using SOCKS5/HTTP protocols with robust encryption. Users can choose the protocol that aligns with their needs, optimizing practical application outcomes. It is ideal for scenarios where a high level of security is paramount, such as secure transactions or confidential data access.

8. Fully Compatible

The static residential proxy from 922 S5 is fully compatible with anti-detect browsers and online marketing tools, offering versatility across various applications. Suitable for users employing diverse tools and browsers, providing compatibility for different online activities.

9. Excellent Location Coverage

Utilizes native residential IP addresses assigned by global ISP providers, allowing users to operate as residential users with the same IP address.

Useful for applications where location authenticity is crucial, providing a genuine residential user experience.

10. Stable Online Time

The IP addresses of static residential proxies remain unchanged for an extended period, making them suitable for businesses requiring consistent logins with the same address.

It is ideal for tasks that demand prolonged online sessions, ensuring stability and continuity.

11. Fast Online Operation

Static residential proxies boast an average uptime of 99.9%, ensuring high-speed online business operations. Critical for maintaining swift and uninterrupted online activities, such as real-time data processing or continuous monitoring.

12. Very Competitive Prices

Despite being high-end proxies, 922 S5 offers competitive and flexible pricing packages, allowing users to access premium proxy services without excessive costs. Cost-effective for businesses seeking top-tier proxy services without compromising their budget constraints.

Integrations in 922 S5 Proxies

The integrations ensure seamless compatibility with various tools, browsers, and platforms, providing users with a diverse range of options for accessing and utilizing 922S5 Proxy Solutions.

Whether you need to use anti-detect browsers for enhanced privacy or scrapers for data extraction, the solutions cater to different requirements.

Additionally, the support extends the functionality to iOS and Android users, enhancing accessibility across different devices and operating systems.

Integrations of 922S5 Proxy Solutions:

Anti-Detect Browsers:

  • Hidemium Browser
  • ClonBrowser
  • MoreLogin
  • Hubstudio Browser
  • AdsPower Browser
  • Xlogin
  • Undetectable
  • Indigo
  • Kameleo
  • Incogniton
  • Gologin
  • MaskFog Browser
  • Lalicat Antidetect Browser
  • MULogin
  • Dolphin Anty
  • Brave Browser
  • VMLogin
  • BitBrowser
  • AdsPower
  • Hubstudio
  • VMMask


  • LDPlayer
  • Shadowrocket
  • Proxifier
  • NoxPlayer
  • Potatso Lite

Step-by-step Guide on how to use the Residential 922 S5 Proxy?


  • Registration:

Visit the official website at 922 S5 Proxy and register for an account. Provide the necessary details to create your account.

  • Login:

Once registered, log in to your account using the login credentials you just created. Enter your username and password to access the platform.

  • Select a Package:

Navigate to the package page by clicking on the following link: 922 S5 Proxy Packages. This page will display the available packages and pricing options.

  • Purchase:
  • Choose the package that best suits your needs and click on it to initiate the purchase process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction, providing any required information.

Step 2

You will be directed to the User&Pass Auth page, where you can set up and manage user authentication using usernames and passwords.


Step 3

Follow these steps to configure your Residential Proxy plan:

Select Plan:

Click on “Residential Proxy (Pay/GB)” to choose this plan.

Choose Country:

Select the desired country from the available options. If you want to explore more countries, click on “More” to see the full list.

Select City:

After choosing a country, select a specific city. This allows you to pinpoint your proxy location more accurately.

Choose IP Mode:

Decide on the IP mode based on your preferences.

Randomize IP:

Automatically replaces IPs in the IP pool. It is ideal for scenarios where you want dynamic and frequently changing IPs.

Sticky IP:

It is fixed to 1 IP address within 1-30 minutes. It is suitable for situations requiring a consistent IP for a specific duration, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes.

By following these steps, you can tailor your Residential Proxy plan to your specific needs, selecting the country, city, and IP mode that aligns with your requirements for online activities.

Step 4

To view and manage your information, follow these steps:

1. View Information:

① Host Name and Port:

  • The hostname and port are assigned by default and cannot be modified.
  • The system automatically provides default values for the hostname and port, and these settings cannot be changed manually.

② Default User Name:

  • The default user name cannot be modified.
  • A pre-assigned user name is provided as a default, and this user name remains unchanged.

③ Default Password:

  • The default password can be modified.
  • While an initial password is set by default, users have the flexibility to modify the password according to their preferences or security requirements.

By understanding these details, users can navigate and utilize their assigned information effectively, ensuring a secure and personalized experience while making necessary modifications to enhance account security.

Enhance Security

2. Settings

Select the quantity.

Select the name-password format.

Click Generate. After generation, you can copy each code individually or click COPY above to copy all codes.

Click Generate


In the anti-detection browser (select SOCKS5 as the proxy type), select an IP to copy and paste it into Host:Port. The username and password will be automatically filled in. Finally, click Check Proxy. If the detection is successful, it means it is available.

Step- 5

To create and manage username-password pairs, follow these steps:

① Select the Quantity:

Choose the number of username-password pairs you want to generate. Please specify the quantity of credentials you need, ensuring that it aligns with your requirements for accessing the service.

  1. Select Name-Password Format:

② Select the Name-Password Format:

Choose the desired format or structure for the generated user name-password pairs. Select a format that suits your preferences or complies with any specific guidelines. This step allows customization based on your needs.

③ Click Generate:

Initiate the generation process by clicking the “Generate” button. After making your selections, activate the generation process. Once completed, you have the option to copy individual pairs separately or use the “COPY” button to copy all generated codes at once for convenient access.

By following these steps, users can efficiently generate and manage the necessary username-password pairs, tailoring the process to meet their specific requirements.

Customer Support Section

The variety of support channels reflects 922S5 Proxy Solutions’ commitment to keeping users informed, engaged, and supported across different communication platforms. Let me tell you more about them:

FAQ Section: Visit the FAQ section on the platform, covering general questions, payment inquiries, and commonly asked queries. Find quick answers to streamline your experience.

Blog: Explore the proxy-related articles in the blog, offering insights into news updates, feature introductions, integrated tools, usage scenarios, and more. Stay informed about the latest developments.

Telegram Channel: Follow the Telegram channel for real-time news on version updates and new features. Receive timely notifications to keep your proxy solutions up-to-date.

Twitter and Facebook: Stay connected on Twitter and Facebook for promotions and announcements. Get notified about the latest offerings and updates directly through your social media channels.

YouTube: Watch informative videos, including help guides, on the official YouTube channel. Enhance your understanding of 922S5 Proxy through visual tutorials.

Email Support: Reach out to the dedicated support team at [email protected] for personalized assistance. Whether you have inquiries issues or need guidance, the support team is ready to help. Expect prompt and reliable support to ensure a smooth user experience.

Comparison Table of 922 S5 Residential Proxy Solutions:

Features ISP Residential Proxy ISP Residential Proxy (Enterprise) Static ISP Residential Proxy ISP Residential Proxy (Traffic)
Pricing Model Billed by the Number of IPs Lowest Price, Flexible IP Allocation, Discounts Stable Long-Term IPs Billed by Traffic, Valid for 30 Days, Dedicated Server
IP Resources 200 Million+, No Traffic Restrictions Flexible, Multiple Accounts, Extensive Usage Stable Long-Term IPs Dedicated Server, Billed by Traffic
Availability 99.9% 99.9% High Uptime Valid for 30 Days, Can be Reactivated
Positioning City-Level Positioning
Suitability Global Business Needs Multiple Accounts, Extensive IP Usage Social Media Marketing, E-commerce
  1. Various Use Cases, Including Data Collection

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Conclusion: 922 S5 Proxy Review 2024

When considering proxy providers, 922 S5 stands out as a top choice, offering a comprehensive range of features and competitive pricing.

Its strengths include unlimited bandwidth, high-speed connectivity, and exceptional customer service available 24/7, staffed by knowledgeable agents. This provider ensures a seamless online experience, regardless of your location globally.

Whether you’re a newcomer seeking affordability or an experienced user in search of advanced features, 922 S5 caters to a diverse audience.

The platform is designed to meet various user needs, making it suitable for everyone. Don’t hesitate any longer; explore the proxy offerings of 922 S5 today for a reliable and efficient online proxy solution.

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