How To Remove Programs In Windows 7 2022?

How toremove programs in Windows-7

In this blog, I have mentioned how to remove Programs in Windows 7. It wouldn’t be inapt to say that Microsoft Windows is one of the biggest inventions, history has ever witnessed. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Windows is one of the best-operating systems. Windows have many integrated tools and are packed with so many great programs that … Read More →

How To Remove Junk Files To Clean Up Your Computer 2022?

remove junk files

In this blog, I have mentioned how to remove junk files to clean up your Computer. Okay so let’s face it, 99% of us (including me) aren’t billionaires! And we can’t afford some kind of superfast computer that would come with 32GB’s of Ram, Triple Octa-Core processors, or that kind of hardware level, right? We’re … Read More →

How To Remove Bing From Chrome 2022? Step-By-Step Guide

How to remove bing from chrome

In this blog, I have mentioned how to remove Bing from Chrome. We all love to see Google as the default browser. Although, bing is a great companion to google and offers almost the same features as google there is no replacement for google at least in the near future. If by mistake you have … Read More →

How To Post On Reddit 2022? A Guide To Post On Reddit


In this blog, I have mentioned how to post on Reddit. It has happened with most of us, that people have been bragging about using Reddit and you don’t even have the slightest clue about what is Reddit and how to use it. But those who have been using Reddit cannot stop buzzing about how useful … Read More →

How To Unlock Disabled iPhone 2022 : Complete Guide

An iPhone that has been disabled is a phone that cannot be used because it has been locked by the user. A disabled iPhone cannot be unlocked without the proper passcode. If you forget your iPhone’s passcode, you can reset it using iTunes. However, if you’ve never synced your iPhone with iTunes, or if you’ve … Read More →

How To Make My Laptop Faster 2022? A Guide To Work Faster

laptop faster

In this blog, I have given steps to make Laptop faster. When you first buy a laptop, it always seems to accomplish most tasks very quickly. But as time passes, it starts getting slower and most of us find that within six months it tends to get bogged down. It starts slower, performs tasks slower, … Read More →

How To Make Copyright Symbol On Windows 2022?

How to make copyright symbol

How to make a copyright symbol is one of the most frequently asked questions among windows users. The copyright symbol i.e © is the symbol of the legal right given to the creator of any intellectual property. The copyright symbol is enough to show the proprietary status of something. Copyright can be done of any … Read More →