How to Host Your Own Website 2021? Step by Step Guide!

host your own website

If you’re on this page, and you arrived here from a Search Engine, I’m more than sure that you’re in a dilemma about how to host your website! You might be planning to create a website, right? Maybe you already got the domain, and now are unable to link it to your host? Or maybe you’re … Read More →

How To Backup Mac Notes 2021? A Guide To Backup Mac Notes

backup notes

Main: How to backup mac notes LSI – how to backup notes on MacBook How To Backup Mac Notes? Backing up mac notes is very important for keeping files safe. Backup options for you are, Time Machine iCloud Others How to Backup Mac Notes With Help of Time Machine? Macbook can be backed up with the help … Read More →

How To Connect A Laptop/PC To A Projector 2021?

laptop flatscreen projector

How to connect the projector with pc, How to Connect a Projector to a Windows PC, How to Configure a Projector on a Windows 7 PC Projectors had great importance nowadays in schools, offices, social meetings or to show something to gathered people. It is also very less costly than buying or to take rent … Read More →

How To Fix USB Flash Drive Write Protected In Windows 10 2021?

USB flash drive

How to fix USB Flash Drive Write Protected in Windows 10? It’s one of the most basic problems encountered when it comes to Windows Operating Systems and USB sticks. Although it’s not as complicated or a high-end problem as the terms make it sound. It’s just that “Write protection” seems like it’s some kind of … Read More →

How To Fix Laptop Mouse Not Working 2021? Step-By-Step Process

How to Fix Laptop Mouse Not Working

One of the biggest problems a laptop user can face is the laptop mouse not working! If your computer or USB mouse is not working, you can easily replace it with another external USB but when the laptop’s touchpad has stopped working. Even resolving this problem turns out a big pain since all the troubleshooting requires … Read More →

How To Edit Theme Files Without Cpanel In WordPress 2021?

wordpress code image

Themes and layouts are some of the most important parts of your websites, are they not? I mean they are what get you your first impression! When a user lands on the website, he doesn’t see the content either your authority, the very first thing he notices within milliseconds is your theme and layout. So … Read More →

How To Use A Router 2021? Simple Guide for Beginners


In this blog, I have mentioned how to use a Router. As more and more devices can attach to wireless networks, setting up a wireless router has become a significant step for virtually any home network. If you have ever wondered how to use a router to connect to the internet, you will get your … Read More →

How To Filter In Excel 2021? Step-By-Step Guide To Filter In Excel

Excel program is one of the most used spreadsheet programs. If you don’t know its advantages, then let me tell you, with the excel program you can do various calculations, advanced filter excels, maintain data, perform mathematical operations, auto filter excel, create spreadsheets, and lots more features are there provided by excel program. Today, we will be … Read More →