HostingRaja Review 2021 | Is It The Best Hosting Platform In India?

Hostingraja Review

HostingRaja is one of the most reliable Indian hosting platforms and has been designed to provide cost effective hosting services. Having been commended for providing almost 100% uptime, website security and SSL certification, HostingRaja was recently ranked as the 3rd best hosting service provider in the world, becoming the first Indian hosting platform to achieve … Read More →

Movavi Game Recorder: A Simple Way to Record In-Game Videos

Game Recorder from Movavi - Review

Videos of computer games have become immensely popular, with gamers sharing their skills and achievements as well as creating guides, playthroughs, and other types of content. In fact, more and more people are watching videos of computer games, and there are even some who professionally create and publish video content of games. Regardless of whether … Read More →

Blizz Review: Fastest Global Meeting Solution By TeamViewer


Just a few weeks ago, I had to go abroad for an important conference with 2 of my colleagues. 2 days into the trip, I was informed about a very serious problem regarding one of our projects that required an immediate argumentative discussion with the entire team involved. There was an urgency to organize a … Read More →

Fresh Store Builder Review

FreshStore homepage

Amazon affiliates have always been the most sorted marketing strategy for businesses online, due to their skyrocketing list of products. This, in turn, creates a ripple of frequent commissioning which grows larger with the product. Fresh Store Builder is that one extension that can help you make a lot of money from such 200 million products. Let’s … Read More →