Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review 2024: Is Kevin King’s Course Good?

Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review


The Freedom Ticket Course 3.0 is an Amazon FBA course designed for motivated sellers who want to excel in the Amazon FBA business. It’s like your ticket to freedom from the 9-5 job, allowing you to switch careers.

Out of 10


  • In-Depth Training
  • Potential for Long-Term Income Generation
  • Credible and Respected Trainer
  • Structured Course Schedule
  • The Course is Updated to Stay Relevant


  • Little opportunity for live interaction/networking


Price: $ 79

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Starting an Amazon FBA business can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it. To succeed, you need a strong knowledge base and support. While having a mentor is great, many of us have to learn on our own without prior experience.

That’s where good FBA courses come in. There are plenty of courses available, some free and some paid, and they often take weeks to complete. Picking the right course is essential because the wrong one can be expensive and slow down your progress.

The newly refreshed Freedom Ticket 3.0 course stands out as a clear and comprehensive Amazon FBA course, making it one of the top choices for 2024. What’s even better is that it offers affordability without compromising on quality.

In this review, we’ll take a close look at Freedom Ticket by Helium 10. It’s considered one of the best Amazon FBA courses in 2024. Plus, we’ll show you how to get Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket for free. Stick around for all the details!

Feature Benefits
Reputable Trainer Kevin King has been selling on Amazon since 1999, making him an authority in the industry.
Basics of Amazon Selling Comprehensive training covering all aspects of selling on Amazon.
Cashflow & Finances Understand how much money you’ll need to run your Amazon FBA business.
Product Research Learn Kevin King’s strategies for finding winning products and getting them manufactured.
Freight & Logistics Get in-depth information about shipping your products to an FBA warehouse effectively.
Selling on Amazon Master marketing tactics to create high-converting product listings.
Amazon Advertising You can boost your Amazon sales by harnessing skills to create winning ads.

Who is Kevin King?

The main focus of this Freedom Ticket course review is Kevin King, the eCommerce expert behind the program and the principal instructor. If you’re searching for a trustworthy eCommerce expert with real-world experience, Kevin King is the real deal.

About Kevin King

Kevin has been an entrepreneur for most of his career and has been selling products on eBay and Amazon since 1999. Using five private label brands he started in 2015 on Amazon, he generated over $1,800,000.00 in revenue in 2016. That’s quite an achievement for just a few months’ work.

He is highly respected and often envied by other Amazon FBA experts. Manny Coats, the host of the AM/PM podcast, even describes Kevin as “a walking encyclopedia of Amazon and Marketing.”

In my opinion, Kevin King is the best qualified to teach us how to do Amazon FBA masterclasses.

What is Freedom Ticket 3.0?

The Freedom Ticket Course 3.0 is an Amazon FBA course designed for motivated sellers who want to excel in the Amazon FBA business. It’s like your ticket to freedom from the 9-5 job, allowing you to switch careers.

This Kevin King Amazon course is suitable for both newcomers and experienced FBA sellers. It teaches you how to build a brand and boost your sales on Amazon.

Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive training for Amazon sellers, covering everything from A to Z.
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to sell on Amazon.
  • It combines general business skills with Amazon-specific strategies.
  • You’ll have access to downloadable tools and resources to support your journey.
  • A 10-week program has been added to the curriculum in 2024, including videos, slide reviews, written notes, and resources.

However, it’s important to note that Kevin King’s strategies may not be suitable for everyone. The choice of an Amazon FBA course depends not only on its quality and content but also on the strategy it outlines and whether it aligns with your FBA business goals.

To help you determine if Freedom Ticket is the right course for you, I will highlight some key features.

Features of Freedom Ticket 3.0

Freedom Ticket is designed to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed in the world of Amazon FBA, whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills.

1. In-Depth Training:

Freedom Ticket offers comprehensive training from start to finish. It covers everything from the basics of Amazon FBA to launching and selling your product. The course includes practical videos where Kevin King provides step-by-step guidance on running a successful Amazon business.

2. Long-Term Income Generation:

Kevin King’s approach focuses on building a strong business foundation. You’ll learn how to create a sustainable, long-term private label brand on Amazon, allowing you to generate income for years to come or even sell your business for a profit.

3. Credibility:

Kevin King, an eCommerce expert with over two decades of experience, teaches the course. His knowledge and success in eCommerce make him a trusted instructor. You’ll benefit from his expertise through easy-to-follow video lessons.

4. Updated Content:

Freedom Ticket is regularly updated to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of Amazon selling. The course evolves with the latest strategies and insights, ensuring you receive up-to-date information.

5. Structured Course Schedule:

The course is structured over 10 weeks, with over 80 modules. This schedule ensures you receive content gradually, preventing you from skipping ahead and missing important lessons. It helps you stay on track and maintain a consistent learning pace.

6. Freedom Ticket Updates:

As the Amazon marketplace changes and the FBA business evolves, the course materials are regularly updated to keep them relevant. Members get access to these updates without any extra charges.

7. Freedom Ticket Exam:

At the end of the 10-week course, there’s an optional certification test with a series of questions. If you score 70% or higher, you become certified as a Freedom Ticket graduate. It’s a way to check your knowledge and see where you stand without any pressure or public posting of scores.

How much does the New Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course cost you?

Helium 10 Membership Pricing:

  • Platinum Members: Pay $79 per month.
  • Diamond Members: Pay $229 per month.
  • Supercharging Your Brand Members: Pay $999 per month.

If you are already a Helium 10 member on one of these plans, you can access the Freedom Ticket Course at no additional cost as it’s included in your monthly subscription.

For Non-Helium 10 Members:

If you’re not a Helium 10 member, you have the option to purchase the Freedom Ticket Course separately. The cost is $997, and with this one-time payment, you’ll get lifetime access to all the lessons in the Freedom Ticket Course.

So, whether you choose to subscribe to a Helium 10 plan or purchase the course separately, you can access the valuable training provided by Freedom Ticket to help you succeed in Amazon FBA.

What Does Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course Teach You?

These 11 weeks of training will teach you everything from the very beginning of selling on Amazon to more advanced strategies, making sure you’re well-prepared to succeed.

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Course

Week 1: Getting Started on Amazon

In the first week, you’ll learn the basics of starting your business on Amazon, how it works, and what makes it different from other online businesses.

Week 2: Amazon Selling Fundamentals

This week covers the essential things you need to know when selling on Amazon, like choosing products to sell, creating your brand, and understanding patents.

Week 3: Managing Your Finances

Money management is vital. In this module, you’ll learn how to handle the financial side of your Amazon business, like keeping track of expenses and understanding your business’s value.

Week 4: Finding the Right Product

Week 4 focuses on finding the perfect product to sell on Amazon. You’ll explore how to research products, come up with ideas, and make sure your products meet Amazon’s rules.

Week 5: Making Your Product

After picking your products, it’s time to learn how to get them made. This module covers how to manufacture your products efficiently and avoid common problems.

Week 6: Shipping and Delivery

To sell successfully, you need to know how to ship your products to Amazon’s warehouses. This week explains everything about packaging, shipping methods, and keeping your delivery smooth.

Learnings From Helium 10

Week 7: Selling Strategies on Amazon

Now that your products are ready, you’ll learn how to attract customers and make sales on Amazon. This includes improving your product listings and using search engine tricks.

Week 8: Crafting Effective Product Listings

This module helps you create listings that catch shoppers’ attention. You’ll learn how to write product titles and descriptions that make people want to buy.

Week 9: Launching Your Product

Once your product is ready, you’ll discover how to have a successful launch. This includes using promotions and managing public relations for your brand.

Week 10: Using Amazon Ads

Advertising is important for getting your products noticed. In this week, you’ll explore Amazon’s advertising platform and how to run effective ads.

Week 11: Selling on (Extra)

As a bonus, you’ll also learn how to sell on This includes setting up an account, creating product listings, and managing your business on Walmart’s website.

My Experience with Freedom Ticket

Before I wrote this review, I spent some time checking out the Freedom Ticket course to see if it was any good. And you know what? I had a really good experience with it.

All the videos were done really well, and Kevin King did a great job explaining everything in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you’re not a genius.

But there’s one thing that bothered me a bit. Kevin talked a bit too slowly in the videos, which made them feel a bit boring at times.

Who Can Benefit from a Freedom Ticket?

This course can be useful for different types of people:

Beginner Amazon Sellers: If you’re new to selling on Amazon and want to start your first FBA business, this course is perfect for you. It provides essential knowledge and skills to get you started.

Experienced Sellers: Even if you have some experience with Amazon selling, you can still find valuable information to help you improve and grow your business further.

Helium 10 Users: If you’re already using Helium 10, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this course, as it’s included with your subscription.

Business Owners: If you have a team of virtual assistants helping you with your Amazon business, you can provide them with access to the course. This will enable them to better manage and support your business operations.

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Conclusion: Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 Review 2024

In conclusion, Freedom Ticket by Kevin King is a valuable Amazon FBA course, earning a commendable 4 out of 5 stars.

With expert instruction, comprehensive training, affordable pricing through Helium 10, and a money-back guarantee, it’s a strong choice for those committed to succeeding in the world of Amazon FBA.

However, remember that your success ultimately depends on your dedication and effort.

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