Helium 10 Magnet 2024: How to Find Relevant Amazon Keywords?

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Helium 10 Magnet is a keyword research tool that makes finding high-volume keywords easier. You may then utilize these to improve the ranking of your product listing in Amazon search results.

Amazon sellers can use Magnet to access Helium 10’s huge database of search phrases. You’ll also have access to long-tail keywords used by Amazon customers all over the world.

What characteristics of Helium 10 Magnet can you use to improve your Amazon business? We’ve looked into every aspect of the tool so you don’t have to.

Here’s a guide to help you understand how Magnet can help you increase your product’s visibility on Amazon.

Helium 10 Magnet Review

Because Amazon marketplaces are so competitive, sellers need every advantage they can get.

You may use a tool like the Helium 10 Magnet to your advantage. We have also shared the detailed Helium 10 Review in our post.

Magnet- Helium 10 tool review

Let’s find the features of Helium 10 Magnet:

Accurate Keyword Research Tool

For Amazon merchants, Helium 10’s Magnet is a valuable keyword research tool.

They can also fine-tune their SEO strategy for product listings.

You may identify trending terms in specific Amazon markets using Magnet’s features, metrics, and filters. This will aid in the development of new business opportunities for you.

Magnet is more than just a powerful keyword research tool. It maintains a large database of keywords that could help your product listing.

Largest Keyword Database in the world 

The Helium 10 Magnet provides access to a large database of search terms and keywords for sellers. Consumers use these in all Amazon marketplaces around the world.

You can use Magnet’s international marketplace keyword data to grow into markets outside of the United States (for example, the United Kingdom).

Related Keywords: 

Helium 10 Magnet allows Amazon merchants like you to find relevant keywords more quickly.

When you only have one seed term, finding related keywords can be difficult.

You can streamline your results using the Magnet keyword research tool’s SHOW PHRASES THAT CONTAIN function.

The function is more precise than simply using the Get Keywords button.

Magnet IQ Score 

As an Amazon merchant, you’d want to know which terms Amazon buyers use the most when searching online.

However, because these keywords are so popular, it’s likely that your competitors are using them for their product listings as well.

To achieve a competitive advantage, you must strike a balance by identifying popular terms that do not generate a lot of competitors.

This is when the Magnet IQ Score measure from Helium 10 comes into play.

It depicts the relationship between Search Volume (popularity) and Competing Products for a certain term (level of competition).

You may use this function to find terms with high Magnet IQ Scores.

The higher this number, the more popular the keywords are among customers.

Get Actionable Keywords 

It’s not only about the sheer volume of Amazon and Walmart-related keywords in Helium 10 Magnet’s database.

It is also important to consider their quality. What role do actionable keywords play in your Amazon business?

The high value they provide for your product’s visibility distinguishes actionable keywords from ordinary keywords.

Top Products 

Determining which products are selling well for a specific keyword is an important part of keyword research. This is especially true when it comes to the keywords you want to use for your product.

Helium 10 Magnet takes care of this by including a Top Products section in the results page.

This should provide you some insight into the products you’ll be up against.

You’ll also get a better idea of how competitive a keyword is in a certain Amazon marketplace.

Reverse ASIN search

If you don’t know what ASIN stands for, it’s an acronym for Amazon Standard Identification Number.

Every product on the Amazon website is assigned a unique ASIN number.

So, how do you go about conducting a reverse ASIN search?

It simply refers to the procedure of entering the ASIN of a product into Helium 10 Magnet.

The keywords that are ranked for that specific product are generated by this type of search.

How To Use Magnet?

This tool will help you through its renowned CPR formula. It will guide you to gain knowledge about how many units you need to sell to glide up to page one with your keyword.

That’s what makes the Magnet and BlackBox more crucial and important tools for the users.

This is how Helium 10 Magnet tool looks like:

Magnet dashboard- helium 10 pricing

Now, drop the keyword that you want to rank for or the target keyword. On entering the keyword, you will have a long list of all the target keywords, relevant terms and phrases.

Magnet amazn lists- Helium 10 review

Now, you can use this list and sort out the best keywords for your product. Using various filters, Magnet gives you a 360-degree view of keyword research.

Here, CPR’s 8-day giveaway is an important metric. This one can tell you how many products should you give away for 8 days to rank on page 1. Doing keyword research for PPC campaigns becomes even easier with the use of Magnet.

How Does Helium 10 Magnet Help You as an Amazon Seller?

Because of the high level of competition in the Amazon marketplaces, merchants require every advantage they can obtain in order to succeed.

One of these useful tools is the Helium 10 Magnet, which you should definitely put to good use.

How Much Does Helium 10 Magnet Cost?

If you join up for a free Helium 10 trial account, you can use the Helium 10 Magnet for free.

You’ll be restricted in your use and access, as with other free services.

Plan Options Helium 10 Magnet Tool Access
Free Plan
  • 2 uses daily of Magnet
  • 2 uses daily of Magnet for Walmart
Starter Plan at $39 Monthly
  • 2 uses daily of Magnet
  • 2 uses daily of Magnet for Walmart
Platinum Plan at $99 Monthly
  • Unlimited use of Magnet
  • 2 uses daily of Magnet for Walmart
Diamond Plan at $249 Monthly
  • Unlimited use of Magnet
  • Unlimited use of Magnet for Walmart
Elite Plan at $399 Monthly
  • Unlimited use of Magnet
  • Unlimited use of Magnet for Walmart

Yes, the Helium 10 Magnet is a powerful keyword research tool for Amazon markets.

Conclusion: Is Helium 10 Magnet Worth It?

If you want to strengthen your SEO efforts for your product listings, the Helium 10 Magnet is a must-have tool.

Magnet is more than a one-dimensional keyword research tool extensive keyword databases and features. When looking for keywords to boost your listings, its filters give you more control and flexibility.

If you’re an Amazon seller who has never used Helium 10 Magnet, sign up for free today and give it a shot.

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