NinjaProxy Review 2023: Best Proxy for Small Businesses?

NinjaProxy Review


NinjaProxy is a well-known provider of proxy services, especially for businesses and brands in the Internet marketing and search engine industries. They offer high-quality proxy IPs that are fast, secure, and dependable. These proxies are specifically designed for "White Hat" practices in these industries.

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  • Advanced security that keeps users hidden
  • Excellent-performing proxies with high speeds
  • Reliable network, zero downtime, and worldwide data center access.
  • Affordable, high-quality proxy services with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Fast and efficient service delivery.


  • Lack of annual subscription plans for long-term users.


Price: $

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Finding suitable proxy servers to help businesses stay anonymous online can be challenging. This is where NinjaProxy shines!

NinjaProxy offers you various optimized proxy servers for multiple uses and purposes.

In this article, we’ll look at what it can do and help you decide if it’s the right choice to keep your online identity secret. With my detailed NinjaProxy review, you can choose the best way to hide your IP address and stay safe online!

NinjaProxy Review 2023: What is NinjaProxy?

NinjaProxy is a well-known provider of proxy services, especially for businesses and brands in the Internet marketing and search engine industries.

They offer high-quality proxy IPs that are fast, secure, and dependable. These proxies are specifically designed for “White Hat” practices in these industries.

NinjaProxy Review

NinjaProxy operates a vast network of over 2,000 exclusive proxy servers in over 30 datacenters worldwide. Currently, they serve clients who use over 550,000 unique IP addresses.

They provide customer support 24/7 through support tickets and live chat. It’s recommended to check their knowledge base for answers to common questions before reaching out for help.

Why Using a Secure Proxy Site is Essential?

Many people opt for the easy route for web browsing, often resorting to web-based proxy sites in search of a Ninja proxy to navigate the internet.

Sometimes, it’s not just about paranoia but also the inconvenience that leads people to these sites. They’ve probably heard of secure virtual private network (VPN) services, but these proxy sites are free.

When you continually encounter “sorry, not available in your country” messages, it can feel like your web browsing is broken and you need a quick fix.

This issue arises due to the widespread use of a system called geotargeting. Geotargeting is how websites limit what you can access based on your location. You’ve likely experienced it yourself:

  • Want to watch BBC iPlayer but not in the UK? Sorry, it’s blocked by your IP address.
  • Trying to catch up on Hulu shows while on vacation in France? Nope, it’s blocked.
  • Want to view ABC News while in Canada? Sorry, it is blocked again.
  • Looking to listen to a track on YouTube? Nope, it’s not available in your location.

The list of blocked websites is much longer, encompassing everything from accessing YouTube to many major media sites worldwide.

If you live in a country where certain websites, like Facebook, are off-limits, the government might also join in, blocking, filtering, and controlling your online activities.

It’s no wonder people start feeling frustrated and concerned that their entire online experience is being monitored and controlled because, in many cases, it is.

NinjaProxy Features

Features Of NinjaProxy

1. 3-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

With NinjaProxy, you have a 3-day money-back guarantee. You’ll receive a full refund if the proxies don’t meet your expectations.

2. 99% Network Uptime:

NinjaProxy’s servers are hosted on super-fast 1Gbps Xeon servers boasting 32GB of RAM. This guarantees exceptional uptime and reliability.

3. Unlimited Bandwidth:

Say goodbye to bandwidth limitations. NinjaProxy offers unlimited bandwidth usage without any server restrictions.

4. Easy Configuration:

Setting up your proxies is a breeze. Follow the simple instructions and specify the IP and PORT in your preferred app or software.

5. Fast Activation:

Upon purchase, NinjaProxy activates your proxies within 10 minutes, ensuring you can get to work immediately.

6. Ad-Free Experience:

NinjaProxy’s anonymous proxy servers are completely free from advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted browsing experience.

Why Opt for NinjaProxy?

Why To Opt For NinjaProxy

  • Budget-Friendly:

NinjaProxy offers a cost-effective solution with prices that are 100 times cheaper compared to 3G or 4G mobile proxies.

  • Blazing Speed:

Enjoy lightning-fast speeds, 100 times faster than residential proxies, guaranteeing top-notch performance.

  • Reliability:

Bid farewell to constant timeouts. NinjaProxy boasts 100 times fewer timeouts compared to backconnect rotating proxies.

  • No Long-Term Commitment:

You can enjoy NinjaProxy’s services without worrying about spending commitments or setup fees. There are no bandwidth costs, either.

  • Zero Dead Proxy IPs:

NinjaProxy ensures you’ll never encounter dead proxy IPs.

  • Zero Network Downtime:

Experience uninterrupted browsing with NinjaProxy’s servers, which feature zero network downtime.

NinjaProxy Proxy Services

1. Affordable Shared Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy offers shared proxy servers as a cost-effective solution for businesses to manage their online presence.

You can access over 225,000 semi-dedicated IPs, and over 1,000 IP subnets spread across 50 data centers worldwide with a single purchase. These servers are in the US, UK, EU, and CA.

Shared Proxies Service By NinjaProx

At just $0.60 per proxy, this represents a significant value! NinjaProxy ensures that each shared proxy is reliable and offers users peace of mind with a 3-day money-back guarantee if they encounter any issues.

Businesses can utilize these proxies for various purposes, including tracking market trends through web scraping or safeguarding themselves from cybercriminals who employ malicious tactics like DDoS attacks that could otherwise harm their profits.

2. Dedicated Private Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy offers businesses access to speedy, secure, and discreet private proxy services. These private proxies provide users exclusive IP addresses not shared with other customers, ensuring maximum anonymity.

These proxies offer businesses a reliable way to maintain security and privacy when accessing websites or data because the speeds can reach up to 1,000 Mb/s, headers are removed for enhanced privacy, and new proxy servers are requested with each billing cycle.

Private Proxies Services Offered By NinjaProxy

Businesses can also authenticate up to 10 IP addresses simultaneously, enabling dedicated proxy usage. This allows for greater control over web traffic while safeguarding data against cyber threats like hacking attempts.

3. Premium Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy offers businesses an extensive network of high-quality, high-speed, premium proxy servers packed with valuable features.

These proxies provide companies access to over 75,000 pristine IP addresses, 400+ IP subnets in 20 diverse data centers worldwide, and server locations in the US, EU, UK, and Canada.

Premium Proxies Service By NinjaProxy

Businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their connections are secure, thanks to NinjaProxy’s commitment to a 99% network uptime. This reliability is ensured by their Xeon-powered 1Gbps servers with 32GB RAM.

Additionally, the setup and use of these premium proxy servers are hassle-free, thanks to NinjaProxy’s straightforward configuration process. Customers only need to specify their IP address and port in the application or software, making it quick and user-friendly.

4. Residential Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy offers businesses top-notch residential proxy services at a competitive price point. These residential proxies come with over 15,000 IPs, 2 subnets, and one geolocation, ensuring reliable network performance for businesses of all sizes.

You can choose residential IPs from various countries, including popular ones like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Residential Proxies Service By NinjaProxy

Additionally, you have options in other EU countries, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Latvia, Austria, Bulgaria, Moldova, Czechia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Spain, and Italy.

Plus, you can select residential IPs from Asian and South American countries like Singapore, India, and Brazil.

You can pick your USA Residential IPs from leading providers like AT&T, Intercom Online, Comcast, CenturyLink, Crocker Communications, Lumen, RCN, or Sprint.

Adding to the convenience, NinjaProxy ensures a swift activation process. After your purchase, you’ll have full access to the service within 10 minutes, making it highly suitable for seamless integration into your business operations.

5. 4G/5G Proxy Servers

NinjaProxy is one of the few providers offering advanced 4G/5G proxy servers. These proxies harness the power of high-speed cellular networks to ensure top-tier performance.

When you opt for these proxy services, you receive a dedicated modem from leading carriers like Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, or Mint and access to a single geolocation.

4G-5G Proxies Service By NinjaProxy

These proxies boast unique features, including allocating a single IP to only one customer at a time. This results in blazing speeds ranging from 4 to 100 Mbps, providing unparalleled performance.

To enhance anonymity, all headers are disabled, and you can use as many as 10 IP addresses for authentication purposes, allowing for dedicated 4G/5G proxy usage.

This level of customization and speed makes these proxies an excellent choice for various business needs.

NinjaProxy Pricing 

The pricing tiers offer a range of options to suit different needs, from shared proxies for those on a budget to premium and 4G/5G proxies for users seeking high performance and dedicated resources.

Prices vary depending on the type of proxy and the features it offers, allowing customers to choose the best fit for their specific requirements.

Pricng Plans Of NinjaProxy

Shared Proxies ($0.60 per shared proxy):

Price: $0.60 per shared proxy.


  • Over 225,000 semi-dedicated proxy IPs.
  • More than 1,000 IP subnets.
  • Access to 50 worldwide data centers.
  • Server geolocations in the US, UK, EU, and CA.

Private Proxies ($1.15 per private proxy):

Price: $1.15 per private proxy.


  • Over 300,000 dedicated proxy IPs.
  • More than 1,000 IP subnets.
  • Access to 70 worldwide data centers.
  • Server geolocations in the UK, US, CA, EU, and AU.

Premium Proxies ($2.00 per premium proxy):

Price: $2.00 per premium proxy.


  • Over 75,000 virgin proxy IPs.
  • More than 400 IP subnets.
  • Access to 20 worldwide data centers.
  • Server geolocations in the EU, US, CA, and UK.

Residential Proxies ($20.00 per residential proxy):

Price: $20.00 per residential proxy.


  • Over 15,000 residential proxy IPs.
  • 2 IP subnets.
  • 1 geolocation.

More Pricing Plans Of NinjaProxy

4G / 5G Proxies ($175.00 per 4G / 5G proxy):

Price: $175.00 per 4G / 5G proxy.


  • Dedicated modem (Verizon, TMobile, ATT, Mint).
  • 1 geolocation.

Pros and Cons Of NinjaProxy 

Pros of NinjaProxies:

  • Affordable, high-quality proxy services with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Reliable network, zero downtime, and worldwide data center access.
  • Fast and efficient service delivery.

Cons of NinjaProxies:

  • Lack of annual subscription plans for long-term users.

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Conclusion: NinjaProxy Review 2023

In conclusion, NinjaProxies offer budget-friendly proxies with top-notch features and a 3-day money-back guarantee, showcasing their confidence.

They are a reliable choice worth considering, with competitive prices and numerous benefits for workplace use.

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