How to Turn Off Messenger Calls? [Easiest Ways]

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Thanks to developments in both technology and ingenuity, communication is now easier than ever. We are no longer constrained to only the phone numbers in our address book when contacting folks.

When it comes to interacting with others, Facebook has made it a breeze. Some people like chatting and texting the most, while others choose phone calls and video conversations.

These capabilities are available in the Facebook Messenger app. However, the app’s abuse is a major issue.

However, some people want to keep their phonebook private and are thus uneasy with the idea of anybody having access to their list of contacts.

If you’d want to learn how to disable Facebook Messenger calls altogether, you’ve come to the right place. Please read on to find out how to stop receiving calls on Facebook Messenger.

Why do some people deactivate their Facebook messenger’s phone call option?

When using a messaging app, users often turn off call notifications for one main reason: to prevent being bothered by unknown callers. With Facebook Calls, you may quickly and easily connect with anybody in your contact list.

Those who value their personal space are more likely to respond positively to an official, text-based inquiry than to a random phone call. In fact, that formulation is much less eerie.

Second, most people don’t utilize calls because they’d rather converse. It’s possible that some Facebook users have never made or received a phone call before the advent of the Facebook Messenger app.

How to Turn Off Messenger Calls

They prefer communicating by messaging. Chats give individuals the freedom to be themselves and let others learn more about them. These groups of individuals find calls dull and inexpressive.

Aside from this, individuals often turn off their calls for privacy concerns. Perhaps you want to avoid a person who keeps stalking you on your timeline.

Also, it might be because of pointless group calls that accomplish little to advance your company’s goals. Facebook calls consume data, which may be pricey if you’re not on a Wi-Fi network, so some users may choose to turn them off.

A user’s preference to silence incoming calls from the Facebook Messenger app might be motivated by any number of personal factors.

Now that we know why Facebook Messenger users prefer texts to calls, we can examine the necessary procedures to turn off Facebook calls on different gadgets.

How Do I Disable Messenger Alerts?

You certainly can. Get on your phone’s Messenger app. You may access the alert by clicking the profile icon and then the symbol indicating that you have new messages.

Silence the noise makers. You can mute them for a limited length of time if you simply need to tune them out temporarily.

Opening a friend’s chatbox will allow you to silence their conversations and stop receiving alerts from them. To turn off your profile’s microphone, press the profile icon.

Anyway to Disable Facebook Messenger?

Busy folks who just need some quiet time might benefit greatly from being able to silence Messenger calls.

This essay can help if you identify with that description or just dislike being interrupted often. The following are some of the methods we may stop receiving messenger calls:

  • Facebook on your Desktop/PC
  • Messenger app on the phone
  • Settings of your phone

1. Using Facebook on your Desktop 

Disabling Messenger phone calls is a breeze on the web browser. To put it simply:

  • Open a Facebook account.
  • To access the messenger, tap the tab.
  • The “three dot symbol” should be clicked on.
  • A menu of choices appears in a pop-up menu. Turn off the ringer on incoming calls
  • You can now set the timeout for when the calls won’t come in.
  • Disabling anything permanently is accomplished by selecting the corresponding option in the “until I turn it back on” menu.

Until you unfriend or block someone, you have no way of preventing them from contacting you. These methods, however, will ensure that you no longer have to deal with annoying smartphone alerts.

2. Using the Messenger app on the phone

The Messenger phone app’s call-blocking features include:

  • Get the Messenger app on your phones and start chatting! (android or IOS).
  • Select the “Profile” tab.
  • Explore the menu until you find “Notifications and Sounds,” then click it.
  • Switch off the power by toggling the switch.
  • You may choose to silence alerts for as long as 24 hours.
  • You may disable Messenger calls and message alerts using the mobile app for the better part of 24 hours.

3. Using settings in the phone

In order to disable messenger calls, simply:

  • Get into your phone’s configurations.
  • A “Notification” option should be chosen.
  • To access Messenger, choose the “control notifications” option.
  • Disable ‘Allow Notifications’ to stop the interruptions.

The permissions menu is also where you may silence Messenger calls. It’s really similar to what we did before. The Procedure Is Presented Below.

  • Access Control is the menu selection you need to make.
  • Select Messenger from the list of “app permissions.”
  • Upon selecting the calls/phone, you will be presented with choices like as (Allow, Prohibit and Ask).
  • Pick the one that suits you best.

If you set Messenger to always ask for permission before making a call, it will do so. If you set it to ban calls until permissions are positive, Messenger will not permit any calls until permissions are positive.

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Conclusion: How to Turn Off Messenger Calls?

Ultimately, this piece has shown you how to stop receiving calls on the desktop and mobile versions of Facebook Messenger. Following the instructions given above is all that is required.

Putting a stop to incoming calls might be the best option if you value your privacy or are concerned about using too much of your mobile data plan.

If still, you have any queries, questions or suggestions then do let us know in the comment section below.


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