Mindvalley Review 2024: Is It The Best E-Learning Platform? (Pricing, Pros & Cons)

Mindvalley Review


Mindvalley is known for its courses that are taught by experts from the real world. A focus on spiritual development is at the core of MindValley’s range of courses, seminars, mentoring programs, and more. Choosing the right course is another appealing aspect of Mindvalley. In general, MindValley has a transformative effect through its nourishment program for mind, soul, and body.

Out of 10


  • The courses are of very high quality.
  • You have the option of learning online or offline.
  • They have a well-structured syllabus.
  • Experts can help deal with real-life situations.
  • There’s an engaging atmosphere in Mindvalley.


  • Sometimes it stuck in between.
  • A lil costly for beginners.


Price: $ 300

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Are you still deciding whether to use Mindvalley? My unbiased Mindvalley review has helped you gain detailed insight into Mindvalley to solve the hassle.

I have also been confined to my home due to the global pandemic. My daily struggles and how I overcame them have changed due to the pandemic.

I found Mindvalley among various online help solutions while searching for self-improvement platforms. My goal was to give my honest review of Mindvalley Quests (courses) since it is known for its ability to guide users to the right path.

I’m going to explain what Mindvalley is, how the courses work, how much it costs, and whether I recommend it or not.

So grab a comfortable seat, and let’s go deep into Mindvalley!

Mindvalley Review 2024: Overview

The world’s largest self-development platform, Mindvalley, offers 12 million students a variety of self-development courses.

Among the topics covered in the courses are money, relationships, work, entrepreneurs, mind, body, and soul. Mindvalley is known for its courses that are taught by experts from the real world. Experts such as Jim Kiwk, Marisa Peer, Emily Fletcher, and more are on hand.

A focus on spiritual development is at the core of MindValley’s range of courses, seminars, mentoring programs, and more.

Self-development courses offered by Mindvalley can change one’s life for the better. Mindvalley provides well-curated courses that improve your lifestyle, making them a leading provider of self-development online courses.

Choosing the right course is another appealing aspect of Mindvalley. Known as Quests, you can choose from 30 different courses. Getting started with MindValley involves taking an assessment test that helps you choose the right course.

You will enjoy the learning process with their attractive lectures and teaching methods, which I will discuss in the following paragraphs.

In general, MindValley has a transformative effect through its nourishment program for mind, soul, and body.

Who Are the Mindvalley Instructors?

One thing that’s for sure about Mindvalley is that you won’t be disappointed. Because of their highly qualified instructors, I can confidently speak on this matter.

Experts from around the world attend Mindvalley. Among them is Vishen Lakhiani.

The course won’t be advertised by a celebrity merely because of their name or popularity. The experts and speakers at Mindvalley have spent years acquiring their knowledge.

Mindvalley Overview - Mindvalley Review

There are numerous experts in intellect development and brain training, including best-selling author Ken Honda, Jim Kwik Superbrain, an expert in mind hacking, and spiritualist Neale Donald Walsch, author of “Conversations with God.”

Mindvalley’s instructors are a major reason for the exile of Mindvalley globally. In this platform, top instructors from different fields come together.

I had no idea who these teachers were at the beginning of my course. A major reason why you will want to take advantage of the teaching from Mindvalley instructors is that they are the real deal.


What Kind Of Courses Are Available On Mindvalley?

You can choose from a variety of quests (courses) in Mindvalley. There is a specific timeline for each quest. This will give you an idea of how long it will take you to complete the course.

Additionally, you will be informed in advance about the next intake after each lesson. Here’s a look at the various courses available in each of their categories.

1. Performance

Everybody wants to exile themselves in the area of performance. All of us want to reach our full potential, regardless of habits, behaviors, beliefs, or work.

Exactly these courses are provided in the performance module to help you improve your performance. Among them are:

  • Super Brain
  • Everyday Bliss
  • Super Reading 

2. Body

It does not mean you need to work out or follow a strict diet when you are trying to heal your body. You will learn various ways to maintain a physically fit body with this module. Among the courses are:

Mindvalley Body Programs

  • 10x Fitness
  • The Mastery of Sleep 
  • The Mindvalley Yoga Quest

3. Mind 

Productivity and focus are enhanced by the brain, the most vital organ in the body. The brain is the starting point for better performance.

The modules in this module teach you how to develop your brain so that you can increase your productivity and mental health.

  • Uncompromised Life
  • The Silva ultramind System 
  • The Quests for Personal Mastery 

4. Entrepreneurship 

Mindvalley is also an organization that helps you become your own boss in addition to helping you with your mind, body, and soul.

 Through the courses in this category, you can set up your own business and ride on the path to becoming a successful and impactful entrepreneur. Courses in this category include the following:

Mindvalley Entrepreneurship Programs - Mindvalley Review

  • Hero Genius Legend
  • Lisa Nicholes- Speak and Inspire
  • Be Extraordinary

5. Soul

Your soul must be healed in order to have a good life, no matter what kind of childhood trauma you carry.

The majority of people ignore the spiritual healing of their souls and continue to ignore reality. The result is poor health and productivity.

Mindvalley Soul Programs

Among the quests that can be helpful for spiritual healing are:

  • Life Visioning Mastery 
  • Energy Medicine
  • Duality 
  • Unlocking transcendence 

6. Relationships 

Life is often greatly influenced by our relationships. Relationships improve your workflow, whether they are with your spouse or your colleagues.

To lead a healthy relationship, it is important to understand the importance of communication. You can mend your relationships by doing the following things:

  • Mastering Authentic Network 
  • Conscious Uncoupling 
  • Conscious parenting mastery

7. Career

A person’s life would not be complete without work. It will be difficult to deal with the work environment no matter whether you work for yourself or for someone else.

Taking time off won’t work. This module includes all the essential courses that will motivate you to work towards becoming the best version of yourself. 

Under career, there are courses such as: 

  • Money EQ
  • Speak and Inspire
  • The New Psychology of Winning

8. Parenting, Kids, and Teens

It isn’t as easy as it seems to be to become a parent and raise a child. Being a parent during adolescence is one of the most challenging parts of your life.

You have to direct your children in the right direction and maintain a healthy relationship with them. As a result, this module provides all the necessary quests to build a perfect foundation for parenting your child(ren). Examples are:

  • Be Extraordinary for Teens
  • Little Humans

What are Mindvalley classes like? 

The Mindvalley game features over 30 quests (classes), which are generally grouped by category. Here are some examples: 

  • Mind 
  • Work 
  • Body 
  • Performance
  • Soul
  • Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Entrepreneurship 

Courses at Mindvalley are different from those offered by other online schools. You will spend 20-30 minutes per day on each course.

Your course will include lessons and videos over the next 20-30 minutes. You get the daily tasks after you have finished the lessons. 

You cannot succeed in your course without tasks. They allow you to apply what you have learned to real-life situations.

Regardless of how silly the tasks may seem at the beginning, it is important to follow them all for the best results. 

It may even be necessary for you to share your growth with other members of the course. You are asked by your tribe members to share your goals and success for another reason.

You are essentially being pushed to reach greater heights. Spending 20-30 minutes each day on the teachings and incorporating them into your daily routine will bring significant results.

Even though the classes will lead you in the right direction, their effectiveness depends solely on how well you implement them and how much effort you put into completing the course.

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Mindvalley Membership: How Much Does Mindvalley Cost?

Now that you know what the classes are like and what it offers, the only thing that must cross your mind is how much the courses cost.

A Mindvalley membership or digital access can be purchased for each course separately. There are a variety of prices for Digital Access, of course.

Prices generally range between $300 and $400 for each course. Each digital access includes lifetime support, yearly free updates, lifetime access, and bonus materials.

Even though the price range is a bit steep for just one course, the value each course offers is worth it.

Mindvalley All Access Pass + Mindvalley Membership

If you do not intend to complete more than one course, the price can be expensive. The Mindvalley All-Access pass, however, is a much better option than buying the course individually. 

For one price, you can take any MindValley course (even multiple ones) now or in the future. All you have to do is subscribe for a year and take as many courses as you like. 

For a year, the All-Access subscription costs approximately $499.

Subscribing to Mindvalley gives you access to over 30+ courses, access to Mindvalley’s communication forum, groups, and more, and annual access to new courses (if Mindvalley adds them). 

Taking up two courses in the same year is not a bad idea. In addition to paying approximately $600 if you purchase digital access to the courses separately, you will also be saving $200 if you purchase an All-Access Pass. 

You will be able to save more than $600 by taking four classes over a year. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?  However, with the Mindvalley All-Access Pass, you’re given unlimited access to the courses for the entire year. 

Mindvalley All Access deal was better than buying an individual course for me personally. The courses you choose are completely up to you, so you won’t need to waste thousands of dollars on unnecessary courses.

Additionally, Mindvalley allows you to do all 30+ courses for the same cost as a digital access subscription. If you plan to take multiple courses with Mindvalley, the All-Access membership is worth it.

You can also take advantage of Mindvalley’s 15 days free trial if you are still unsure about the membership. Free trials are available for their membership plans.

The membership plan can be completely refunded if you are not satisfied with it. As a result, you feel free and know that your money is safe.

Who is Mindvalley Best Suited For?

You must question whether Mindvalley actually makes sense for you now that you are aware of what classes are, various courses, instructors, and more. 

Your life situation will determine the answer. As an example, I completed the course on Conscious Uncoupling, and after I completed it, one of the things I learned was how to focus on myself rather than bleeding the wounds that could have been healed years ago. 

The process is more important than the outcome. Secondly, you will not be able to achieve the results that you desire unless you pledge to do your best and implement the teachings in your daily life. 

As a result of completing my second quest, I learned some of the most valuable lessons of my life and I could choose what I wanted to do with my life rather than what society dictated I should do. 

In my course, I also mastered focusing on how I can solve my problems and improve my daily struggles rather than counting the number of struggles I face each day.

Mindvalley Features

I made some of the most positive changes in my life thanks to a simple but powerful shift in focus. The instructors’ messages are impactful, however, if you are already familiar with what they are saying, you may not find the course useful.

Let’s get down to the real business at Mindvalley.

When you are lost or struggling to discover your best potential or going through emotional or mental health issues in life, Mindvalley is amazing for you. 

For people who are already happy with their lives and who live them in the best way, Mindvalley is not ideal for them unless they are willing to explore their minds, bodies, or soul with the quests. 

When it comes down to it, Mindvalley can be extremely helpful to a person lacking the purpose in life and looking for solutions to their problems, or even to solve their everyday struggles. 

You’ve got to be willing to push yourself outside of your comfort zone if you want to give your life a boost that you can’t get anywhere else.

Who is Mindvalley not for?

Mindvalley is an online self-development platform with hundreds of self-healing courses focusing on life, fitness, relationship, health, and mental development.

The following are not suitable for Mindvalley:

  • Those who want to see results overnight.
  • Dreams and goals that are unrealistic.
  • Anyone who cannot apply the lessons.
  • Anyone who does not have the time to devote to themselves.
  • Those who are incapable of following a module diligently.

To understand and apply what you learn from the instructors at Mindvalley, you need patience, time, and energy.

Mindvalley Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros and cons of Mindvalley:


  • The courses are of very high quality and have a well-structured syllabus. 
  • For all course materials, you have the option of learning online or offline. The materials can still be accessed even if you do not have an internet connection. 
  • The best way to improve your outlook on life is to take your courses on time and complete them fully. 
  • Experts can help deal with real-life situations. The best way to get out of an unpleasant situation is to get help. 
  • There’s an engaging atmosphere in Mindvalley. When you are stuck in an unwelcome situation, getting help is the best course of action. In comparison to buying individual courses, 


  • Several users find the prices of individual courses when you’re stuck in an unwanted situation, nothing can be better than getting help. with your budget, you might want to consider switching to a Membership plan.
  • During the course, I felt that the videos could be when you’re stuck in an unwanted situation, nothing can be better than getting help.

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Conclusion: Mindvalley Review 2024

After reviewing Mindvalley, I would say it is that when you are stuck in an unwelcome situation, getting help is the best course of action. A place like Mindvalley is a great place to learn how to improve yourself. The chakra healing courses are excellent. 

A subscription to Mindvalley is also available through the All-Access Pass. This deal offers discounts on a range of courses. 

To get a better understanding of life, I recommend going through at least one Mindvalley quest if you believe in self-improvement and self-help.

After all, you are the only asset you have. By investing in yourself, you can live a more peaceful, purposeful, and happy life.

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