Graphy Review 2023 – The Best Course Platform For Indian Creators in 2023

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Today in this article, I am going to share my in-depth knowledge about Graphy.

Before we start selling our course online, we need to have a look at why we should even consider creating one.

We can’t just begin with something without addressing what is the reason for us to go ahead with it in the first place. Acknowledging and being aware of the reason will allow you to set a goal for yourself.

Why Create Online Courses?

The most obvious and common reason is to generate revenue. However, there are additional benefits to creating online courses beyond that. There are different ways to go about creating one, depending on what your goals for your business are.

Today everyone can share knowledge very quickly and easily. But to dig in deeper and explore topics, while you also plan on building a strong audience base from your skillset?

Well, that is something astounding to think of and is certainly very much possible with a more robust setup, which can surely help your design and promote beautiful and responsive course pages. 

Within the last few months, course platforms have jumped up big time in popularity. With remote working, everyone has enough time & bandwidth to consume multimedia content.


Creators, thus, are also looking to introduce new ways to offer their expertise, while existing course creators are looking to re-introduce their content in a brand new way that is more innovative and effective.

I have used and tested many LMS platforms in the past but while using Graphy, I realized why it can be a real gem for creations online out there! Especially for Indian educators and content creators.

In this article, we will uncover Graphy to examine if it is the best course creation option for you out there.

So, ready to know? Let’s jump right away.

Graphy Review 2023 – The Best Course Platform For Indian Creators

Graphy is an all-in-one white-labeled Indian learning management system headquartered in Bengaluru. Graphy aims to empower and transform the online education sector by helping you grow your audience, monetize your skills, and launch courses.

It introduces a more personalized approach to online courses. Alongside pre-recorded sessions, Graphy also helps users with hosting in-built live sessions that can be a really useful feature to create and provide a great learning experience.

graphy the best course platform

Course Creation with Graphy

Creating an online course presents a great opportunity but I can imagine it to be a little daunting when you are thinking about putting up your first course online. You may wonder,

1. How many lessons should you include?

2. Where should you add assignments and quizzes?

3. What other file types should you include?

With Graphy, course creation is very simple and flexible. You can create unlimited courses and lessons. Alongside it also allows you to enforce custom settings like : 

  • Sequential Learning – Where students can only view lessons in a sequence.
  • Complete Video Viewing – Where students need to watch at least 90% of the video to start the next one.

They just act as an added advantage for courses that follow a specific order or are structured to have interconnected lessons. If a certain lesson is required to be viewed in a sequential order to understand every step well, you can set it up in a hassle-free manner with Graphy.

Types Of Lessons Graphy Supports

Fortunately, this platform won’t disappoint you in this case as it offers a variety of lessons to improve the overall understanding of your students and provide them with more value to grasp.

It supports sufficient types of lessons keeping the information provided to students both informative and enjoyable.

Graphy Lesson Types

1. PDF Lessons: PDF is one of the global standard formats for sharing information. Graphy provides responsive PDF lessons that work well on all devices. You can zoom in/out, switch to a full-screen view, jump to the previous/next page, and so much more.

2. Video Lessons: This type of lesson is most useful for providing interactive learning content to your students. Graphy lets you directly paste video links from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or other video platforms. Other video platforms, such as Loom, Vadootv, Sendspark, etc., allow embedding video code.

3. Audio Lessons: Graphy lets you upload audio lessons up to 200 MB in size to be played through its web-based player.

4. File Upload: The file Uploads feature at Graphy is available for times when you want to provide some downloadable content like PDFs, infographics, documents, etc to your students. You can upload files up to 250 MB in size on their File Uploads lesson.

5. Text Lessons: Graphy offers versatile text-based lessons that support a variety of functions. All the media and embeds including images, tables, video embed, Twitter embeds, HTML codes, etc are well displayed.

6. Link Lessons: Do you want to embed an entire web page into your course lesson? Graphy has got you covered. Link lesson by specifying the page URL and it will be automatically embedded.

7. Assignments: As an instructor, this feature can be really helpful. Do you have specific instructions for the quiz you are preparing? No worries! Set them up according to the way you want, and you even get the liberty to upload media for these quizzes. Your students on the other hand will be able to download the document and upload their assignments afterward. You can upload files up to 100 MB in size.

8. Quiz Lessons: The most advanced and interactive quiz feature supports question types to better evaluate a student’s understanding. Quiz Questions include: Single correct answer, multiple correct answers, match the column, numerical/ fill in the blanks, subjective questions.

Additional settings like adding explanations for the right answer, setting a time limit to the quiz, deducting marks for wrong answers, limiting the number of retakes, setting a passing percentage, arranging questions by topic, and randomizing the questions makes it even more interesting and interactive.

9. Live Class: Graphy allows you to organize live classes via Zoom Meeting, YouTube Live Streams, and Zoom Webinars. The best part about this stand-out feature is that there is no limitation on the number of students you add. So, you can seamlessly have unlimited students to your live sessions at a time. You can also enable the live chat option, and upload a thumbnail for your live session.

10. Forms: Graphy also lets you create simple forms using labels, radio buttons, checkboxes, number fields, date fields, text fields, text areas, file upload buttons, etc. It can be really helpful for creators like you if you need to collect details or conduct some surveys with your students.

11. Drip Content: The Drip Content feature is helpful when you want to schedule every lesson of your course on selective days. Whichever option you choose from these two types of content schedule mentioned below, will apply to all lessons under that course. Following mentioned are the two types of content scheduling that Graphy offers:

  • Enrolment – Wise:  Enrolment-wise drip content scheduling allows you to specify the number of days from the student’s enrollment, after which a lesson is available.
  • Fixed Date – Wise: Fixed date-wise drip content scheduling allows you to specify predefined dates on which lessons will be available to your students.

Graphy Features

Security Features

Data is the most important asset. Its importance cannot be overstated. It is the responsibility of the platform you will be opting for to protect its assets and valuable information. So it makes utmost sense to prioritize its security.

With that in mind, let’s dig into what Graphy offers as security features to ensure the overall security of your courses online.

graphy security feature

Security features Graphy Supports

Device Login Limit: Restricts the number of devices a student can use to access your online course.

Two Factor Authentication: Introduces the second step of user verification while an admin logs in to their account.

Downloads Limit: Gives you the power to decide how many times a student can download any media/file.

Dynamic Watermarking: Student’s email, phone number, and the page URL over PDFs and videos are displayed if they screen record your content.
This feature is particularly helpful when someone is trying to screen record your content. It is not possible to simply stop anyone from screen recording, but showing their details on your content will further restrict piracy.


User Engagement in Graphy

Course Discussions

will bring added value to your online community as the engagement within your community will improve.

Graphy, in this case, supports course discussion with a comment box under every lesson where students can leave their doubts, feedback, and opinions. It also allows adding links and images to make comments more interesting.

Targeting the right audience with Web Push Notifications will enable you to direct your resources to those with high potential for sales growth.

Do you want to just aim at students of your choice?

Well, using the Web Push Notification feature available at Graphy, you can very simply set up a new campaign, choose your target audience, and just send them personalized notifications at one click.

You can either send the notification immediately, schedule it to a specific date and time, or add it as a recurring message to appear at specific intervals.

They also have a Mobile Push Notifications feature, but it is only available on their mobile apps, which again is available as add-ons for an extra price.

  • There are two parts to creating a course on Graphy i.e course material and landing page. Graphy’s site builders and page builders are very simple to understand and are highly customizable. You can make changes to the already designed site pages, or you can build new pages from scratch using sections available to help you through.
  • Alongside site builders, a Landing page is the first thing anyone observes when they view your course. Graphy is super flexible with editing landing pages. It offers sections like Profile, Curriculum, Price tag, Feedback, Coming Soon, Features, Testimonials, Contact, Video content, Image, etc. Building attractive landing pages using these sections is a no-brainer. Edit the text, background, color, themes, brand logo, custom scripts, SEO, and so much more!

All these reasons are convincing enough for anyone to pick up their skillset and start their course creation journey with Graphy.

…But, what makes it the best platform for Indian creators?

If you’re going to invest your time creating an awesome cohort-based course, you should choose a platform that doesn’t restrict you, but rather makes the process seamless for you.

Graphy nurtures a personalized community i.e you get to conduct live sessions with your audience, do real-time live interactions, and solve their doubts on the go without any hassle.

You also get to nurture them with the in-built community feature within your website and Graphy app. Features like host live Q&As, respond to assignments, answer emails, engage with your students, and many more.

I also truly understand how exhausting switching between a webinar platform and a course platform can be. So, why not choose a seamless platform to sell everything under one roof?

Graphy’s interface allows you to do both. It aims at providing you with an immaculate experience, so users like you can focus on dedicating their time and energy.

Graphy also allows you to choose & set up a Payment Gateway most suitable to your learners. It supports International Payment gateway like Stripe & Paypal, using which you can collect payments directly to your accounts.

Graphy Pricing

But the best part is….if your target audience is based in India and is also making purchases from India, having an Indian payment gateway makes absolute sense.

Graphy offers Indian payment gateway options such as Paytm and Razorpay. making it the best platform available for Indian users.

Unlike other LMS platforms, you don’t have to worry about a Zapier integration, which eventually can hit your pocket a little as Zapier integration is only allowed in their higher plans.

With the rise of online courses and masterclasses in recent years, the industry is just skyrocketing at an unexpected speed and is roughly calculated to reach $457.8 Billion by the year 2026.

Don’t miss out on making the most out of this great opportunity to grow. If you still have any doubts about course creation with Graphy, I’ve got you covered with the list of benefits I’ve prepared for you.

Excellent Benefits 

  • Indian Payment Options: It makes a great option for Indian users as Graphy offers 9 payment options including Stripe Payments, Razorpay, Instamojo, Paytm, etc.
  • Outstanding Course Format: Give your students more value with a range of lessons, including PDF tutorials, video tutorials, audio lessons, live classes, assignments, forms, quizzes, and more.
  • Excellent Marketing Functionality Graphy offers lots of marketing features like bulk coupon code generator, blogs, Affiliate program, Refer and Earn program, etc. online wallets and credit system, etc.
  • Advanced Drip Scheduling: With Graphy’s advanced dripping functions, you can drip content after a student enrolls or release each lesson on a specific day.

While you’ll see loads of features promised by online course platforms, I believe these are the important ones for most people to keep in mind when doing their research.

That is why it is important to understand the important features a platform has to offer you right at the beginning of your search, as this will help you avoid getting distracted along the way.

I vouch for Graphy because when you opt for a wonderful platform like that for your business, you don’t have to fuss over wasting your money, time, or resources to keep your online course platform running.

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Launching your website on Graphy is a simple process that takes less than 2 minutes.

Ready, set, teach!

The famous Italian polymath, painter, engineer, scientist, and architect – Leonardo da Vinci had a very troublesome characteristic that he would often leave things unfinished.

For every work of art he created, he had a lot many that were half-complete. He just couldn’t ever finish them off working on them. Most of them remained half-done forever.

Similarly, right now it can be a possibility that what you are planning to teach your students online, has already been taught before by someone else. But what makes each creator unique is their experience.

Experience is how you have gained your expertise. Your content thus will remain distinctive because of the way you will present it. 

Your audience, learning from you, probably have found other courses on similar topics. But they still choose to learn from you? Why is it so? During our school days, I mostly didn’t like it if our subject teacher changed.

I mean, for me it was primarily because I was comfortable with a particular subject teacher’s teaching pattern.

graphy conclusion

It can be that your students are already comfortable with your teaching pattern, or new students will get there as they unveil your course online. Nevertheless, it is your unique experience that holds the most value and allows each course online to stand out in the market.

Put your sleeves up because I believe, it doesn’t matter anymore why you need to start up creating, marketing, and selling your knowledge. If you have made it reading this far, chances are you are already determined to begin your journey as an online educator and creator.

Whether you’re passionate about teaching people, you are looking to earn an income from your courses, or you just want to grow your community, a platform like Graphy is here to help you achieve your goals.

And to be honest, I think you have already started your journey as an online educator, even if you haven’t done any of the exercises yet. The only real question is, are you going to finish?

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