LastPass Review 2021: Is It the Best Password Manager?

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How To Create LastPass Account?

  • Select the plan from a Business or Personal one which suits you
  • Click on Buy Now or Go Premium
  • Create an account if you are new to this
  • Confirm password and get LastPass.

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LastPass Review 2021: Best Password Manager?

Lastpass is a perfect solution for those who cannot remember their multiple account passwords and often tend to lose all because of one.

It helps in managing all your accounts by maintaining a single powerful PIN. For getting this tool, you need to follow few instructions depending on the device you use.

  • Get the LastPass extension
  • Create a strong and long password
  • Explore your LastPass Vault

Not only it manages your PINs, but also maintains full security by protecting your online and offline data. It has robust encryption algorithms like AES-256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hotchpotches to guarantee complete safety in the cloud.

It has encryption limited to the local level of your device only. The encrypted or decrypted data is never sent to LastPass servers. It also offers two-factor authentication by adding an extra layer of security.

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Why Should You Choose LastPass?

LastPass is recognized as one of the best password manager and deemed fit for any business. Even top companies and brands trust LastPass Manager.

LastPass Testimonials - Lastpass Coupon Codes

Lastpass Mentions

LastPass has also been mentioned in Mashable and The New York Times as the best password managers.

Here’s why you should choose LastPass:

  • Strong Encryption Algorithm with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Data is stored and decrypted on the local device only.
  • It also gives a multi-factor authentication for more security.
  • Each password generated can be made unique.
  • You can store WiFi passwords, Driver Licenses, Digital passwords and other documents in the vault.

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How LastPass Works?

For the browser: 

  • Install the “LastPass” extension. This extension is available in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Lastpass browser Extension

  • Create an account for and log in. Create a strong password for your LastPass account and continue.
  • Save all the digital passwords and information in the vault.


  • Lastly, Add as many sites as you can in the Lastpass to save passwords.


LastPass Customer Reviews & Testimonials: 

“LastPass is great for someone like me who needs to manage multiple logins for clients and my personal accounts.”

– Jared DeLong, Customer Success Manager at Kindful

Top 7 Best LastPass Alternatives 2021

Here are the top alternatives to LastPass password manager that you must check out:

1. NordPass

NordPass is built by the workforce behind NordVPN. It is a top-tier and high-performing password manager that can work well for both individual users as well as the businesses.

Here you can safely save all your passwords, secure notes, personal information, and credit card details.

NordPass - Best Lastpass Alternative

The key features of NordPass include identifying the vulnerable passwords, checking if the data was ever leaked, and generation of new complex passwords in order to protect the accounts.

You can also auto save the passwords with just a single click, and the next time you will be logging in, NordPass will fill in all your details. It also offers the password strength checker that helps in boosting the online security.

The only thing that can be considered as its drawback is being a relatively new tool in this arena.

It is great for anyone who does not want to reset the passwords over and over again.

2. PassCamp

PassCamp password manager is a browser-based tool that can work well for both individuals as well as small teams.

It provides end-to-end encryption and many other features in order to ensure the safe management of all your sensitive data.


PassCamp puts into use a zero-knowledge approach, so the user does not have to be a tech nerd to make the best out of it.

The key features of PassCamps include storing the password as the public keys. This means that the passwords are converted into the code, which can be seen just by the owner.

It also shows all the changes history made to notes or passwords. It also auto-fills the password fields with the browser extension for Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

The drawback of PassCamp is its limited integration with the third-party applications like Office 365, Dropbox, and Gmail.

It can do wonders for small and midsize teams who wish to store and share their passwords for various accounts safely.

3. Dashlane

Dashlane has a user base of more than 14 million customers and is one amongst the most famous LastPass alternatives that can handle almost each and every basic as well as advanced tasks of the password managers easily.

It has a set of unique features that helps in boosting the security.

DashLane - Lastpass Alternative

The key features of Dashlane include biometric logins on both Apple as well as Android devices and also an in-built VPN in order to enhance the online security. It is compatible with Chrome OS, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

The potential drawback is that the free version offers a pretty limited set of features.

The tool can work best for those teams who are in search of tools that can manage all the sensitive data and looking for extra convenience as well as an assurance of an in-built VPN.

4. 1Password

Though 1Password is totally compatible with all the operating systems and devices, it is a lot geared towards the iOS and Mac users.

This password management application features auto-filling the forms, multiple browsers, a flexible password generator for having much more control on the passwords that you create, and a digital wallet.

1Password - LastPass Alternative

The key features of this app include the Watchtower feature that reports vulnerabilities as well as reports the expiry of your credit cards.

Its travel mode feature can high the specific vaults on the device for a limited period of time when you are traveling. You also get multiple vaults that let you store and organize the different passwords.

The app does not offer a free version which can be considered to be a drawback.

It can work best for the executives, government workers, or the teams who tend to travel on a frequent basis and need to manage top-secret and sensitive data.

5. Sticky Password

The next alternative for LastPass on our list is the Sticky Password, that can store all the login credentials securely as well as generate a secure, unique, and new password for the accounts.

It can sync through Wi-Fi without accessing the cloud, and this offers an added layer of security.

StickyPassword Password Manager

The key features of Sticky Password include PIN code and biometric logins, as well as offline access to the password vault.

You can also sync the password across, and it is deployable on macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Sticky Password lacks the advanced-level features that are generally offered by other premium password management applications, which proves to be a great drawback. Another drawback of Sticky Password is that it cannot automate the passwords you update.

This tool is good for all those individual users who are looking for a minimalistic and simple password management application.

6. Enpass

The next alternative on our list is Enpass which is known for being a straightforward and simple application when it comes to the management of passwords.

It is an incredible combination of an intuitive design along with the mobile compatibility making it super easy to use.

Enpass - Password Manager

The key features of Enpass include saving the passwords on third-party cloud storage or locally. It offers options for sharing the passwords securely. It is free to use for the Linux, macOS, and Windows desktop devices.

The potential drawback of Enpass is that it does not offer a 2 Factor Authentication option when logging in to a device.

This tool can work great for all those desktop users who are in search of a free application for the purpose of password management.

7. Keeper

This holistic password management app has a digital vault that can store the financial information, passwords, and all other documents with its zero-knowledge system by using the AES-256 bit encryption.

This alternative of LastPass offers multi-factor authentication and also has a rare set of features like encrypted messaging as well as dark web monitoring.

Keep Security

The Key Features of Keeper include advanced-level options for a security that can prove great for the business users like the RSA SecurID and DUO security.

It has easy in usage features for importing the passwords. Here you can also add photos, documents, and texts to every password entry.

A drawback of this application is that the users have often reported that the interface of Keeper is kind of boring and old-fashioned.

It can work well for the medium and large teams who are in search of an app that can manage as well as store the sensitive documents and also assign the credentials.

Best LastPass Alternatives Comparisons

Lastpass vs Dashlane

Dashlane compared to LastPass offers a very similar set of features. The main thing that separates Dashlane from LastPass is a clean track record. Dashlane also is the stronger choice, particularly when it comes to the paid version.

Their edges include great customer support, a VPN feature, and more. On the other hand, LastPass does give you the essentials for free. So if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give it a shot! Read the full article here.

Lastpass vs Keepass

LastPass offers more features for free than practically any other password manager. And while the extra premium features aren’t essential, they’re offered at a great value if you want to experience the best that LastPass has to offer.

You should only consider KeePass if you have strong computer skills, and you want a password manager you can adapt to meet your needs. you can read the detailed comparison here.

FAQ About LastPass Review

Is LastPass safe to use?

LastPass is a completely safe as it uses the AES 256-bit cipher to encrypt passwords. The passwords are sent to their servers in an encrypted form. This makes sure that even if hackers managed to breach the server, your data would still be safe

Is LastPass free any good?

LastPass is undoubtedly one of the best password manager solutions which is powered by LogMeIn. It comes with a plethora of features and security enhancements that make it a more feasible choice.

Is there any LastPass coupon code or discount code?

No, as of now LastPass does not offer any coupons or discount on the pricing. You can surely try the FREE version of LastPass before opting for the paid plans.

Is LastPass worth paying for?

Yes, LastPass is recognized as one of the best password manager and deemed fit for any business. Even top companies and brands trust LastPass Manager.

Can I use coupon code to get discounts on LastPass Premium?

As of now, LastPass doesn't accept any coupon codes. However, you can get a 25% off your first year on Family Plan

How to get LastPass family discount?

You can upgrade from LastPass Free Plan and get a 25% discount for first year on premium plans

How do you get a discount on LastPass?

To get the latest coupons for LastPass, you can sign up to LastPass Newsletter. Get discounts, promo codes and coupon codes for LastPass and by signing up for their email newsletter.

Is LastPass premium worth?

Yes, definitely. LastPass is undoubtedly one of the best password manager solutions. It comes with a lot of features and security enhancements that make it a more feasible choice.

How much does LastPass family cost?

You can get LastPass family plan for $4/month. With this plan you can add up to 5 other members to your account.

Which is better LastPass or 1Password?

LastPass is one of the best password manager that I have used personally. I would say LastPass is better than 1Password, as it comes with a lot of extra features that makes it worth the price.


Conclusion: LastPass Review 2021

LastPass is undoubtedly one of the best password manager solutions which is powered by LogMeIn. It comes with a lot of features and security enhancements that make it a more feasible choice. It comes with security features and pricing plans.

To know more about LastPass, their home page is the best place to check out. Check out their social media on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram for more discounts and deals.

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  • Affordable Pricing
  • Spots Weak Passwords
  • Works On All Devices
  • Handy Browser Extension
  • Free version works great as well
  • Generate strong passwords


  • Limited Password sharing without subscription
  • Password change can be tedious

LastPass is undoubtedly one of the best password manager solutions which is powered by LogMeIn. It comes with a plethora of features and security enhancements that make it a more feasible choice.

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  1. I like that LastPass is easy to use as well as instinctive. It incorporates well with all sites as well as enables me to maintain safe and secure file encryption for all my personal as well as occupational accounts.

    It enables me to organize folders, show to others, and only memorizing one master password for every one of those while keeping file encryption safe and secure is a relief.

  2. Lastpass is exceptionally intuitive, easy to use, and assists not only take care of all passwords and login credentials securely yet additionally aids make certain that new passwords that you develop are adequately strong as well as secure.

    My favored feature is the mobile application that it enables you to access saved passwords with facial recognition – safe and also a substantial convenience!

  3. The admin capabilities are excellent and the new admin dashboard was an unexpected change.

    There are lots of webinars offered for users as well as admins, also when the new admin dahsboard was presented.

    The associates like the mobile apps and the admin plan choices are great, we can set up every situation with black and also whitelists.

  4. For a couple of years now, I’ve been using LastPass for both organization and also personal use, and it is a wonderful device, primarily when you use both.

    It’s a big password software company, and the majority of (though not all) login types are recorded. Auto-complete is great.

    The best feature is the option to link business as well as personal accounts to make sure that you can access both company and personal accounts when checking in without needing to go back and forth as well as keep the passwords apart.

    • It depends on the amount of the order you are about to make. Usually, you are not allow to use more than 1 LastPass discounts or coupons for the same order. If you have multiple orders then you can use one coupon with each purchase.

    • At present, LastPass does not offer any senior discounts. But you can surely use other available discounts or coupon codes.


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