Keeper Password Manager Review 2024: Is it Really the Best Password Manager?

Keeper Password Manager Review


Keeper is an easy-to-use, highly secure password manager with a wide variety of helpful features. In terms of security, Keeper has a better encrypted messaging service, a more user-friendly UI, and more cloud storage than its rivals, For many consumers, Keeper's Family plan is one of the most cost-effective options on the market today.

Out of 10


  • Encryption with many levels of protection
  • Most browser extensions are supported
  • Discount programs are part of the offer
  • Independently-audited
  • Many different two-factor authentication mechanisms are supported


  • There isn't a free version available
  • There are certain features that need an additional fee to use


Price: $ 1.75

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In this post, we are going to talk about Keeper Password Manager Review.

Keeper is a password manager that allows you to generate and save account credentials. The service is only available for a fee, which raises the entry bar and your expectations.

The question remains as to how Keeper meets these expectations and compares to the competition. This is what I’ll attempt to determine in this evaluation of the Keeper password manager.

I’ll evaluate its security, durability, features, apps, and customer service to determine if it offers sufficient value to justify the purchase.

I will also examine Keeper’s options for people that prefer something different.

Keeper Password Manager Review: What Is Keeper Security?

Keeper is a user-friendly, highly secure password manager with a multitude of useful features.

Keeper offers superior security, a superior encrypted messaging service, an intuitive interface, and greater cloud storage than its competitors.

Keeper Password Manager Review

Keeper provides a range of plans and packages, and its Family plan is one of the most cost-effective plans for numerous users on the market.

Is the Keeper Password Manager Safe?

Despite the fact that Keeper’s distinctive features and subscription perks set it apart from the competition, its security is the most significant aspect. Password managers control your most sensitive data, namely credentials.

Due to this, you simply cannot afford flaws. Thankfully, Keeper appears to be reasonably secure. Here are the primary factors that will ensure the security of your data:

  • Encryption: The keeper encrypts your vault data using AES-256 to keep it private from the rest of the world. Furthermore, it is a zero-knowledge service, meaning that no information about you is available.
  • Third-party audits: Third-party audits of this password manager ensure that recommended security practices are followed.
  • Two-factor authentication: You can log into Keeper more securely by using one of a few different 2FA methods.
  • Self-Destruct: This feature allows you to delete all passwords stored locally at once.

Keeper Password Manager Features

1. Keeper Encryption

The Keeper encryption model is commendable since it is layered. Additionally, it utilizes client-generated keys.

Local encryption with AES-256 and PBKDF2 is performed on the device, so only encrypted passwords are transmitted to Keeper’s servers. In practice, a unique key is assigned to each individual entry.

This means that rather than your whole vault being secured by a single key, also known as the master password, each password and file you upload is assigned a unique key.

These unique keys are also categorized separately, namely as Folder keys. You might assume that every password will have its own unique key, as well as a distinct category key, making it nearly impossible to reverse engineer all of these levels.

A hacker would require millennia to obtain a single password from your vault.

2. Third-party Security Audits

Independent audit reports enhance the credibility of zero-knowledge assurances. In this sense, Keeper distinguishes itself from its competitors.

It conforms to the ISO 27001 standard for information security management systems, which outlines best practices. These include information security policy and cryptography approaches.

Keeper additionally passed the Service Organization Control 2 (or SOC 2) audit. It evaluates management techniques and describes in great detail system processes. The evaluation must be conducted over at least six months in order to qualify.

Additionally, the service complies with the Privacy Shield framework developed by the United States Department of Commerce and the European Commission.

The framework ensures compliance with EU and US consumer data protection standards.

Keeper even includes a vulnerability disclosure mechanism where you may report any issues you discover. This reception is advantageous and increases their transparency.

3. Two-Factor Authentication

Using the password manager, you can add an additional layer of security to your vault. The password manager supports 2FA. They support the following authentication methods:

  • SMS
  • Hardware tokens
  • TOTP apps
  • U2F-based physical keys
  • Smart wearables

Regardless of the chosen mechanism, Keeper requires a backup method. This can be useful if you lose your phone or token and don’t want to be permanently locked out of your vault.

It is also important to emphasize that SMS confirmation should not be an option. It is considered the least secure form of 2FA.

4. Self-Destruct

If you’re a lover of extreme measures, you can delete all locally stored passwords automatically. When you activate self-destruct after five unsuccessful attempts at logging in, your local vault is deleted.

Although it seems great on paper, I do not find this feature particularly useful. Even if a hacker has access to local files, they cannot bypass the encryption.

Therefore, elimination does not appear to provide any value. Nevertheless, I appreciate that there is an option for individuals who choose to feel more secure.

5. Keeper Password Generator

Even though it is quite normal for a password manager, Keeper features a password generator as an additional security feature.

You may use it to generate secure, unique passwords for your accounts and store them immediately in your password vault.

Keeper permits you to choose the password’s length and whether or not to include capital letters, digits, and symbols.

The maximum number of characters is 100, so you may create highly secure passwords to protect your important data. In addition, this tool displays the strength of the password, from extremely weak to very strong.

You can use it to verify your existing passwords and generate new ones if you need to change them.

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Keeper Best Features

The list of features in Keeper is impressive, and you will use most of them at some point. Among them are:

  • Password evaluation
  • Safe messaging app
  • Data breach checker
  • Autofill
  • Deleted password recovery
  • Emergency access
  • Record types

I was particularly delighted by the Trash Bin feature, which enables the recovery of deleted passwords. The data breach checker is also a nice feature, as it tells you immediately if any of your information is leaked on the Dark Web.

Keeper Best Features

1. Security Audit

When you export all of your passwords from your browser or other password managers into Keeper, you have the option of evaluating each one.

Their tool swiftly determines which ones have been reused and which ones are insufficiently sophisticated.

It is also convenient that the tool evaluates the complexity of your password in percentages. Thus, you are able to determine which of them are weak passwords that would be the easiest to crack.

There is no need to be concerned about the tool acquiring your password information. The entire process operates offline. It just examines the symbols used in your passwords and their frequency to derive conclusions.

2. Password Importing

Depending on the current location of your passwords, there are multiple ways to import them into the Keeper vault. If you’re using a browser to save your passwords.

Keeper’s Importer can automatically import them to the vault if they aren’t encrypted. Simply navigate to Settings and press the Import button. After the setup is complete, password copies will appear in your vault.

If you are already using a password manager, you must export the database before importing it into Keeper. How this is accomplished will depend on the password manager you employ.

Keeper supports imports from LastPass, EnPass, RoboForm, 1Password, and other password managers. By exporting to an a.csv file, you can import your credentials into Keeper even if your existing password manager is not on the list.

3. Add-Ons

Some features are not included in the bundle you purchase as standard. You can enhance your Keeper experience with additional modules for an additional fee. However, if you do not see the value in them, you can forgo them and pay a reduced monthly fee.

4. BreachWatch

As its name suggests, BreachWatch notifies you when your passwords are discovered on the dark web. In these darknet marketplaces, hackers sell compromised databases.

If you have a pattern of repeating passwords, this can endanger your other accounts. The addition of a payment card is a bonanza for criminals.

The only way to minimize potential damage is through prompt action. BreachWatch will tell you as soon as it discovers your data, at which point you must immediately reset the compromised password. If you respond promptly, you can completely avoid danger.

5. Keeper Chat

KeeperChat is a standalone messaging application compatible with virtually every tablet, smartphone, and computer. All of your messages are stored in a secure vault that is only accessible after identification verification.

If your device is equipped with the necessary sensors, you can also authenticate using biometric authentication, such as a fingerprint reader.

KeeperChat provides greater control than other chat apps, such as Facebook Messenger. You are able to retract messages that you do not want the other person to see without their knowledge.

Additionally, self-destruct timers can be specified on critical messages and attachments. Even if someone sent you a sensitive file, you could segregate it from your primary camera roll.

Photos and videos are kept in your private gallery, so you don’t have to worry about them appearing up if you simply want to show someone some photos while handing them your phone.

You can add many individuals to your chat to form a group, similar to other messaging applications. Lastly, the program combines seamlessly with Password Manager and Digital Vault from Keeper.

6. Trash Bin

An additional premium feature is the Trash Bin. It permits the recovery of previously deleted data. Therefore, if you notice that you erased a credential for which you neither recall nor can reset the password, this will be useful.

It is reassuring to know that even if something goes wrong, you can roll back your vault and restore vital information. Keeper is unusual in this regard, as virtually no other password managers offer such a function.

7. KeeperFill

Keeper features an autofill feature to help you save time. You can install it individually or use it alongside the application to utilize it. On either macOS or Windows, separate installations maybe for a browser or a system tray extension.

You can search the list and run websites directly from their system-tray add-on after logging in. You will simply need to press enter to confirm admission to the websites or programs after clicking fill info, which will auto-complete the credentials.

If you dislike clicking, you may even configure hotkeys. You may configure which button immediately launches KeeperFill and populates the username, password, etc. This can save valuable time when you’re in a hurry.

8. Record Types

Record Types enables you to utilize the password manager’s secure storage, autofill, and sharing capabilities for more than just passwords.

With this new function, you may scan virtually any document you possess, utilize it on online forms, and share it with family or colleagues.

Images of important documents are shared via WhatsApp or SMS. And if none of the Keeper templates provide the fields you require, you may also create custom Record Types.

9. Emergency Access

You can specify people who will have access to your vault in the event of an emergency. You can name a total of five contacts and specify how much time must pass before your vault becomes accessible.

Keeper explains that this feature is intended for when you become incapacitated, disabled, or die. Thus, your digital legacy remains available to others. Which is a rather novel take on this feature.

Keeper Plans and Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Version Features Price
Student Store secure files, access emergency files, use 2FA, share securely, and track versions with KeeperFill from $2.44/month
Family There are 5 private vaults, 10GB of secure file storage, unlimited password storage, a web-based app, unlimited devices with synchronization, secure sharing, emergency assistance, and 24/7 support. from $3.75/month
Personal Storage of unlimited passwords, unlimited devices & syncing, secure sharing, emergency access, web application, 24/7 support from $1.75/month
Business Every user has their own encrypted vault, folders, and subfolders, shared folders for teams, unlimited access to devices, a policy engine that enforces the policies, an activity report generator, team management, and two-factor authentication from $3.75 per user per month

Keeper offers many pricing plans based on whether you require an account for multiple users or a single user. Even then, you have the option between the standard personal version and a student version with a discount.

Immediately evident is the absence of a free edition of Keeper. This is fairly unusual, as the vast majority of password managers are quite lenient in this area.

There is a 30-day free trial, but no assurance of a refund. It’s worth noting that the service’s price is comparable to the average of the competition, despite the company’s restricted approach to pricing.

Personal Plans

If you desire Keeper’s password manager for personal use, the final pricing will rely on two variables. Certain users are eligible for a student discount. Then, there is the Plus Bundle, which adds more features.

In terms of features, the Student plan is identical to the normal plans with the Plus Bundle. It simply applies a 50% discount to the whole amount at StudentBeans checkout.

Keeper Security Personal Pricing Plans

The standard edition does not have BreachWatch and Secure File Storage. Plus Bundle includes both of them in addition to all the features of the personal plan.

If you choose the less expensive option, you will pay $20.98 per year. The Plus Bundle increases the price to $58.47 per year. Therefore, the difference can be expressed as $3.12 each month or $37.49 per year.

Although not everyone may want data breach notifications or file storage, it’s excellent that you have the option to omit these features from your monthly cost.

Family Plans

Family is the logical choice if you require a plan for multiple users. It covers five users, which should be plenty for the majority of homes.

You can pick between the regular Keeper Security edition and the Plus Bundle, depending on whether you require more or fewer features.

Keeper Family Plans Pricing

The first option costs $44.98 annually, while the second option costs $103.48 annually. If you divide the price by 12 months, the monthly cost for a Bundle is $8.62 and the monthly cost for a regular is $3.75.

Aside from the increased number of users, the Family plan provides the same benefits as the personal plan. As usual, the Bundle simply provides Secure File storage to BreachWatch.

Business Plans

Businesses can choose between the Business and Enterprise versions of Keeper. The first one seems to be for smaller businesses, while Enterprise could work for large businesses as well.

A key component of the plan is encryption, collaboration, access from any device, as well as policy enforcement. You can set up how the credentials will be managed from the centralized administrator page.

It’s much safer than just keeping them in plain text. The price is $45 per user per month. If you know how many users your business has, you can figure out how much this product will cost for the whole year.

Keeper Security Business Plans Pricing

The Enterprise plan has all the features of the Business plan plus SAML 2.0 authentication, advanced two-factor authentication methods, command-line controls, and more.

To get a quote, you’ll have to talk to them directly, so it’s a very flexible solution. This option only seems to be available when the company has more than 100 workers.

I’ve noticed that they often have special deals for people who sign up for their Business or Enterprise plans. For example, you can get free Family accounts for your employees.

Platforms & Apps

You will probably set up Keeper’s app. You can install it on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Linux

This includes almost everything you might have at home.

Keeper can also be set up to work with almost any web browser you can think of. This includes Chrome and Firefox, but you can also get extensions for Safari, Opera, and even Internet Explorer.

You can’t host Keeper yourself, but they give useful tools for developers. They even have their own SDK for administrators and developers to use with the GitHub repository.

This can help you automate bulk imports, schedule them, and run them through a command-line interface.

Keeper Security Platforms & Apps

Desktop apps

On desktop, Keeper provides the full experience. You can access your private vault, where you can tweak the settings and upload files to your secure storage.

The application itself is divided into the Identity and Payments, Security and Audit, and BreachWatch sections, as well as the Deleted Items area.

Additionally, you may add new entries with the press of a button, filter them, search for them, and change their details. Additionally, there is a separate options section where you may view your account details and adjust settings.

There is a distinct auto-launch button that loads the page associated with a remembered password immediately. Thus, you can rapidly copy your password and log in securely.

I loved Keeper’s concept, and its software is well-designed. It should be easy to browse for both newbies and seasoned users.

Mobile Apps

Visually, iOS and Android apps differ from desktop applications, but their functionality is nearly the same.

The primary dashboard is divided into the WeAreIn section, Keeper Chat section, Identity & Payments section, Security Audit section, Watch Favorites section, and Deleted Items section.

BreachWatch and Settings have their own distinct tabs. So, you will be able to perform the majority of tasks you could with desktop applications, excluding exporting/importing.

I enjoyed using the app on my mobile device because it is quite intuitive and user-friendly. Despite the design’s extreme simplicity, it yet manages to appear current and appealing.

Customer Support

As is typical for password managers, Keeper has a comprehensive knowledge base. There you can find really extensive guides that will undoubtedly assist many newbies.

It is one of the most astounding information bases I’ve ever encountered. There are distinct instructions for Personal and Enterprise customers. Some segments even feature video content.

Keeper Security Customer Support - Keeper Password Manager Review

You may always check the server status on the same help page if you’re experiencing problems with their service. It should promptly notify whether or not the servers are unavailable.

Too few services offer this functionality. Since it is a paid-only service, every customer has access to 24/7 support if they require assistance from a person.

This will be a ticketing system, but throughout our tests, response times were relatively quick. Additionally, the customer service representative was very pleasant and helpful.

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Bottom line: Keeper Password Manager Review 2024

Keeper is one of the best password managers for paying customers. They not only follow strict security rules for their service, but they also add features that most users will find useful.

Some of their features are locked behind a paywall, which can be seen as a bad thing. On the other hand, not all users need those features.

When looking for a password manager, it’s important to be able to change the service to your liking, and Keeper does just that.

A keeper is a great tool because it uses layered encryption and has private messaging apps. Even though it’s a paid service, the price isn’t too high, which is the most important thing.

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