How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume 2024? Ultimate Guide

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In this post, you’ll get to know about How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume 2024?

Laptop users don’t think some concerns are relevant or worth mentioning. When it comes to energy usage, we can help those who are curious about their machines.

A typical 15-inch laptop consumes about 60 watts per hour, according to the estimates. But this isn’t the true amount. Several factors affect your energy use.

A number of variables may impact power consumption: charging, screen brightness, software, and graphics card.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume 2024? The Factors

There are a few things to consider first. Thousand of laptop makers arise every year. Companies have been trying to make better devices that utilize less power than any laptop you’ve used. And so forth. Higher external gear means more power consumption.

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume

Look into factors impacting electricity usage.

1. Gaming Laptops & Workstations Use More Power

The model of your laptop affects its energy consumption. A typical laptop uses 60 watts/hr. A gaming or high-end laptop will cost much more.

Some models we tested exceeded 100W per hour, causing the laptop to grow hot and need a cooling pad. Charging such machines adds to the expense.

2. CPU

It’s well-known that a laptop with a weak CPU uses more power than one with an Intel i7 or i9. The logic is simple.

A processor that isn’t good enough will need more electricity to run your laptop, but a terrific CPU uses less power.

3. Graphics Card

EXPENSIVE graphics cards USE MORE POWER It enhances visuals while playing high-end games on a laptop. Most gaming laptops and data research workstations employ RTX 2080, 2070, or 2060 GPUs.

A high-end GPU laptop also features a high-end CPU. I.e. it has a better screen and a larger battery So they’d all need more power. This article contains a section about gaming laptop power.

Notably, a budget 2-in-1 with integrated graphics uses less power.

4. Wattage

Most 15.6-inch laptops have a 60W charger.

Most 17-inch laptops have a 90W charger.

Your laptop will use less power than a laptop with a 90W adapter if it has a 60W adapter.

How to Save Power on Your Laptop?

If you know your laptop’s power usage and are unhappy with the findings, you may need to think of methods to save power. We have tried numerous methods for our laptops that you may try as well.

  • When the laptop is completely charged, unplug it.
  • Overcharging your laptop damages the battery and uses more power.
  • Plugin the charger at a 10% charge. Wait for it to turn off. This procedure drains the battery and consumes additional power.
  • Complement your laptop with a cooling pad.
  • Allow the laptop to cool before continuing your work to reduce consumption.
  • Refresh your CPU and other components to relieve the system.
  • Always use the company’s original charger.

You may also attempt various ways to consume electricity. High screen brightness consumes a lot of electricity. Dimming the screen when not required will prevent this and safeguard your eyes.

When Does a Gaming Laptop Use Up to 100 Watts?

Also, gaming laptops have special components and assembly requirements. Every gamer understands that a laptop must be fast to run high-end games. Gaming laptops are enormous because they have the best of everything.

Gaming laptops have powerful CPUs and batteries. How much does a gaming laptop use? The Acer Predator Helios 300, a popular gaming laptop, has a 180W charger that can charge four devices at once. That’s 180 W/h.

How Much Power Does a MacBook Take?

A 13-inch Macbook Pro consumes 61 Watts of power, whereas a 15-inch Macbook consumes 87 Watts/h. Using the same assumptions, you can easily compute daily and weekly electricity expenses.

A Macbook consumes 61 Watts per hour (0.061 kWh) and runs for around 10 hours per day, thus it costs about 7.32 cents per day (assuming 12 cents/kWh power cost).

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Conclusion: How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume?

Let us summarise our discussion on how many watts does a laptop consumes. A laptop charges at 60W and uses considerably more power depending on the other components.

It is best to use a gadget than to manually calculate your laptop’s wattage. The technique may or may not provide an accurate result, leaving you perplexed.

You may utilize your time and thoughts to get an idea. If you require precise information for a legitimate reason, utilize the Electricity Usage Monitor.

Alternatively, you may tell us about your laptop’s power use and how you managed to conserve some.


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