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In this post, you will see the best laptops under 400 dollars and also get to know which one is the best amongst them.

Depending on your preferences, you may have to sacrifice a few things if your budget is about $400.

In this price range, you won’t find a device with a powerful graphics card, a long-lasting battery, a snappy touchscreen, and portability all at the same time.

As a result, in addition to the price, you should have a clear understanding of what the laptop will be used for and what is important to you.

This review includes:

  • Specifications that are important for a laptop that comes in this budget.
  • Laptops from Dell, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus, etc.
  • Final Verdict on my favorite budget laptop from these 10.
  • And much more

So, if you are looking for a great review of the best laptops under 400, you would love to read ahead, without wasting any more time let’s jump into it.

10 Best Laptops Under 400 Dollar 2022

Here are the best laptops under 400 dollars:


Acer is a ruler when it comes to launching laptops that are super affordable or cost-effective. It justifies its title every time a machine is launched.

Aspire 5 is one of the most considered options for gamers who wish to buy the best laptop under 400. It has great battery life and comes with a superb processor.

It is built by a plastic body and is very classically covered by a sheet of aluminum. The display is appreciated as it does not let the eyes get affected by the harmful color rays.

Acer Aspire 5 - Best Laptop Under 400

This laptop provides an awesome experience as it has some great features and it is crafted perfectly.

Some positives and negatives include:

  •   It has a very bright display.
  •   It is super affordable.
  •   It is very thin and has less weight.
  •   Unfortunately does not have an SD card slot.
  •   The graphics are not very great.
  •   The crafting quality or base quality is not extremely strong.
Hardware Specifications Of Acer Aspire 5
Processor 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U, 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor
Graphic Cards Intel UHD 620
Display 15.6 Full HD IPS display with 1920×1080 Resolution
Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Battery life Up to 8 hours
Weight 4 pounds
Storage 256 GB SSD
Price From $319.99

My say – If you hate charging your laptop while you are using it, I recommend this one to you. It has great battery life along with a strong processor and high-end graphics which is Intel UHD 620. This laptop’s cheaper comparatively.



This is one of the latest launched machines which is highly voted for students and people who travel frequently and desire a laptop that comes under 400 which sounds like a great budget.

The color grey given to this laptop gives it a very royal and classy look and is a less weighted laptop.

It has a great combination of bright visuals. The display is quite decent and has great angles through which you can view it and also provides a great experience to people who wish to have a laptop for work or use it as a source of entertainment.  

ASUS VivoBook 15 - Best Laptops Under 400Some positives and negatives include:

  •   Well-equipped ports or slots that are needed.
  •   Convenient keyboard with a huge touchpad.
  •   Good for quick connectivity of the internet.
  •   Upgraded Bluetooth system
  •    A powerful processor that is Intel core i3.
  •   The storage is less.
  •   Adequate graphics are offered.
Hardware Specifications Of Asus VivoBook 15
Processor Intel Core i3-8145U Dual-Core Processor (Turbo up to 3.9GHz)
Graphic Cards Intel UHD 620
Display 15.6-Inch Full HD NanoEdge Display with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution
RAM 8GB RAM (Upgradable up to 16GB)
Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Battery life Up to 7 hours
Weight 3.7 lbs
Storage 128GB SSD (Upgradable)
Price From $381.99

My say– This one has great connectivity and a powerful processor along with satisfactory graphics and good display and guess what all of this is a super cheap price.


3. LENOVO 15.6

This is one of the most unique laptops that offers some amazing performance features for the best gaming laptop under 400 USD segment.

If you are a true gamer and have great knowledge I’m sure you would know that AMD Radeon R7 has better performing skills compared to that of Intel Core i3 or Intel core i5. 

According to a controversy between gamers, AMD Radeon R7 has proved to be 18% more efficient than the Intel core processors.

Lenovo 15.6 - Best Laptops Under 400

Some features include:

  •   Great for gaming purpose
  •   1 terabyte hard drive
  •   Appreciable design
  •   Good RAM
  •   Superb processor
  •   HD display features.
  •   Windows 10
  •   Bluetooth 4.1 for connectivity of Bluetooth devices and wireless mouse.
Hardware Specifications Of Lenovo 15.6
Processor AMD A12-9720P
Graphic Cards AMD Radeon R7
Display 15.6-Inch 
Battery life Up to 7 hours
Weight 3.7 lbs
Storage 1 TB
Price From $398

My say– This one has some superb features a processor that is just perfect for gaming, the graphics are a plus point and the display is just on point not too bright not too bad for eyes. It has a lot of storage for you and great RAM. The price is just too good.


4. ASUS L402YA [ Best Laptops Under 400 USD ]

This is another option for gamers with an efficient AMD Dual Core processor. This laptop is available in two colors that are blue and white.

With this laptop, you get a 1-year subscription included for Microsoft office.

ASUS L402YA - Best Laptops Under 400

Hardware Specifications Of ASUS L402YA
Processor AMD Dual-Core e2-7015
Graphic Cards Integrated Radeon R2 Graphics
Display 1920 x 1080 pixels (14 inches)
Operating System Windows 10
Weight 3.60 lbs
Storage 64 GB
Price From $239

My say– This is a thin and lightweight laptop with one of the best processors at this price but does not have great graphics that would suffice the gamer’s needs and requirements.


5. DELL INSPIRON [ Best Laptops Under 400 USD ]

This laptop is one of the latest models of Dell, which is a great choice for gamers.

It has an Intel core processor along with the best graphic cards and an anti-glare display that saves your eyes from any damage.

Dell Inspiron - Best Laptops Under 400

Some features include:

  •   Dell Inspiron has great connectivity
  •   It has all the required ports and slots
  •   Anti-glare display
  •   Well-equipped with Windows 10
  •   The price of this Dell laptop is very affordable
Hardware Specifications Of Dell Inspiron 2020
Processor Intel Core i5-1035G4
Graphic Cards Intel Iris Plus Graphics
Display 14. 0-inch HD (1366 x 768) Anti-Glare LED-Backlit
Operating System Windows 10 in S Mode
Storage 128 GB SSD
Price From $427



We’ve known Dell for years; it is popular for the quality it offers along with its features and cost-effective production.

Dell Inspiron 14 is designed perfectly with a classy black matte finish look. It has some superb display feature that prevents your eye from straining in outdoor places also; it is called the anti-glare coat.

The combination of the blend of the processing system along with the RAM it offers leads to awesome performance ability.

Judging by the features this laptop offers, I’m sure that it can fulfill every task and is enough capable to perform extraordinarily and is definitely worth the $400 segment.

Dell Inspiron 14 - Best Laptops Under 400

Some pros and cons include:

  •   Extraordinary display
  •   Matte finish body
  •   Thin and well designed
  •   Essential ports and slots
  •   Value for its cost
  •   Latest intel core processor.
  •   Great RAM
  •   Poor battery life
  •   Weighs too much
Hardware Specifications Of Dell Inspiron 14
Processor 10th Gen i5-1035G4 
Graphic Cards Intel Iris Plus Graphics
Display 14 Inch HD Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
Operating System Windows 10 
Weight 5.47 Pounds
Storage 128 GB SSD (Upgradable)
Price $387

My say– It is a 10th Gen i5 processor along with an antiglare display but has poor battery life. I guess you can look for other options at this range.


7. HP PAVILION 15.6 [ Best Laptops Under 400 USD ]

This laptop consists of AMD processors with multiple other features that help the user to game smoothly as well as let them multitask efficiently.

It is well-known for its security and flexibility.

HP Pavilion 15.6 - Best Laptops Under 400

Some pros and cons include:

  •   AMD processor
  •   Ability to read and write CDs and DVDs
  •   Has LED display
  •   The touchpad comes with multi-touch gesture support.
Hardware Specifications Of HP Pavilion 15.6
Processor Intel Dual Core AMD A6-9225 2.6Ghz
Graphic Cards AMD Radeon R4
Display 15.6″ HD (1366 x 768) LED backlight display
Operating System Windows 10 
Weight 4.4 Pounds
Storage 1 TB
Price $409



This is a super budget-friendly laptop offered by ASUS. This does not have an Intel core processor but instead has an AMD A12-9720P quad Intel core processor.

It has 8GB RAM which is a surprising feature offered at this price. This is sufficient for your day-to-day tasks.

You can multitask along with gaming, doing your projects, browsing online, and a lot more you demand. The biggest issue is that it has poor display quality; it is not too bright and might not be very good for your eyes.

The connectivity to the internet is also satisfactory but does not provide an Ethernet port. It weighs around 3.7 pounds and is thin to carry around.

ASUS VivoBook F510QA - Best Laptops Under 400

Some pros and cons include:

  •   Super affordable
  •   Well-equipped processor
  •   Smooth gaming and multitasking
  •   Has all needed ports and slots
  •   Poor display features
  •   Networking or connectivity features are satisfactory and not too great.
Hardware Specifications Of Asus VivoBook F510QA
Processor AMD A12-9720P
Graphic Cards AMD Radeon R7
Display 15.6″ FHD Wide View
Operating System Windows 10  in S Mode
Weight 3.7 lbs
Storage 256 GB SSD
Price $340-$399

My say– This is a great laptop for cheap prices with multiple other features but has a very poor display, so in case you as a gamer spend a lot many hours on your laptop, this one is not the right one for you.



Are you a school or college-going, student, or professional businessman?

If yes, then this Lenovo Ideapad S340 without a doubt is the best for you. It is designed in a way that gives you complete a professional feel. It looks very classy to carry it anywhere you wish to.

The display is anti-glare that prevents your eyes from harmful rays. You can game on this laptop and also multi-task with the help of this option. Isn’t this great? And the price is great.

Lenovo ideapad S340 - Best Laptops Under 400

Some features include:

  •   Fantastic body design
  •   Great display features.
  •   Dual Intel core processor
  •   Smooth gaming
  •   Best for students and business people.
  •   Has all needed ports and slots
Hardware Specifications Of Lenovo Ideapad S340
Processor Intel Core i3-8145U Processor
Graphic Cards Intel UHD Graphics 620
Display 15.6 Inch HD Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Display
Operating System Windows 10 
Weight 3.96 lbs
Storage 128 GB SSD
Price $340-$399

My say – It has a dual-core processor and is best known for students and business people. It looks very classy and professional. The battery life is not appreciable though.


10. HP 15-INCH HD [ Best Laptops Under 400 USD ]

HP 15 inch HD is a super thin and portable laptop that comes at a very affordable price.

It can boost in seconds and allows you to transfer your files super quickly so that you can experience the joy of gaming and or multitasking.

It has one superb feature which is Bios recovery that keeps a check on the health of your laptop automatically.

HP 15-Inch HD - Best Laptops Under 400

Some pros and cons include:

  •   Boosts super quick
  •   Protects your laptop from unauthorized access
  •   It transfers files in seconds.
  •   It has a long-lasting battery
  •   The RAM is not upgradable
Hardware Specifications Of HP 15-Inch HD
Processor 10th Generation Intel Core
Display 15.6-Inch (1366×768)
RAM 4GB (not upgradable)
Operating System Windows 10 in S mode
Weight 3.85 lbs
Storage 128 GB SSD
Price $391

Specification To Look For In A Laptop Under $400

If you are a person who loves gaming and desires to buy a laptop or if you wish to gift it to someone, I’m sure you have this question in your mind that says are there any good laptops that come under 400?

You will be extremely relaxed to know we have found some extraordinary laptops that come under $400. Now you do not have to stress anymore about the budget for buying laptops.

Here are the topmost cheap laptops that can easily be yours in your desired budget. Often gamers look for features like a good processing unit, capacity for gaming, a well-designed laptop that comes complete in their budgets.

Further, let’s see a glimpse of the specifications that a good laptop should have in the given budget that is laptops under 400.


Also known as the CPU which helps in determining the speed of the computer that will handle the information. And, I’m sure as a gamer you must be aware that a laptop requires a great speed of the processing system to enjoy your gaming experience.

Nowadays, High-end Laptops also come inbuilt with a minimum Intel Core i5 processing and some even comprise quad processors.

Hence, you must do keen research that has the best speed processing system to accomplish your requirements.


When the topic of gaming arises, then visual or laptop graphics specifications are very important. If the quality of the image or the sound is not satisfactory then the gamer would not enjoy the experience to its fullest.

The two main features that you must check in case of the display are:

  • Display dimensions, and
  • Resolution

The resolution display screen of 1280 by 1024 sounds good for a laptop.

Other certain features that are important for the best laptop display are:

  • The size of the display.
  • Native image resolution.
  • The perspective of viewing
  • The aspect ratio

Graphics Card

A gaming laptop demands extreme quality graphic cards. If you do not wish to play games like those of 80s video games you surely need the best graphic cards.

All latest games require the latest updates that need modernized graphic cards. As the times are growing there are a lot of advancements taking place in the field of gaming hence the graphic cards should be of a great quality that makes it possible to deal with the new updates.

Though you cannot expect high-quality cards under 400. I’m sure you can make certain adjustments and still be satisfied. This feature should come on your priority list when buying the best laptops under 400 USD.

Hard Drives

The hard drives refer to the storage space that is required. The latest cheap laptops these days provide around terabytes for storing information or data.

SSDs are designed and crafted in a way where they provide an auspicious future in the field of gaming but are super expensive though they are extremely reliable choices. Most laptops provide high-end choices that are all-time favored by gamers:

  •   SATA HDD
  •   SSD


This is one of the most important features that a user must consider before buying a laptop. This tells you about how fast your systems will run on the laptop. 

A laptop must offer a minimum of 8 GB RAM as this is essential for users who would love to play all sorts of new games. The majority of laptops nowadays come with a memory of 8 GB or more than that. 

Ram is not super expensive and you can definitely afford it so why compromise and settle for lesser RAM?

If you need more graphics you will require more RAM so make sure you have a good laptop memory to enjoy your experience at gaming.

Do you wish to purchase an amazing laptop for cheap under $400? Here, you have a list of some of the best ones.

FAQ on Best Laptops Under 400 USD

What is the best gaming laptop under 400?

It is noticed that many people vote for Lenovo 15.6 laptops as their favorite. It has AMD A12- 9720P. It has amazing gaming graphics - AMD Radeon R7. The display undoubtedly is bright and great. It has 8GB RAM for you to store an ample amount of data and information. The storage is best at this price it is 1 terabyte and it is the only one with this much storage under the $ 400 segment. This is a thin and portable device and the best part is its price, which is $398.

Can You Game on a 400 Dollar laptop?

Yes, you can game on a $ 400 laptop but you would have to undergo very good research and choose the right one. You will see that these laptops have quite many restrictions and limitations but you can adjust with them if you want to fit them in a lesser budget.

Are These Laptops Ideal for Students?

Yes, these laptops are perfect for students as they can use them for gaming as well as they can multitask on these laptops and they come on budget. LENOVO IDEAPAD S340 is voted as the best choice for students and business people under the $ 400 segment.

What should a $400 laptop include?

A good amount of RAM, a long-lasting battery, mobility, a good display, and plenty of ports.

Is it possible to play games on a low-cost laptop?

Casual or older games, such as Minecraft, Diablo II, Quake, Starcraft, and others, can only be played on a cheap notebook. Due to the lack of a dedicated graphics card, it is unable to play graphically demanding games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Ghostrunner, or World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Almost every laptop on our list is unsuitable for intense and professional gaming due to its integrated graphics card's inability to process frame rates quickly enough.

Is a $400 laptop capable of doing professional duties?

With the help of web-based tools, a $400 laptop can manage video conferencing, spreadsheet processing, and basic productivity tasks that demand minimal degrees of professional expertise. However, if you need a device that can handle more demanding tasks, such as a photo or video editing, a device with a sufficient amount of RAM should be considered.

Are laptops under $400 capable of video and photo editing?

Even if you expand the RAM, $400 laptops aren't powerful enough for professional editors who utilise Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, Camtasia, and other software. Web-based photo editing (think Canva) and video editing (think Animoto) are, on the other hand, well-supported.

Why do most low-cost laptops have longer battery life?

Most low-cost notebooks use power-saving processors that are weak or mid-range. Furthermore, unlike PCs dedicated to high-end gaming, these machines are solely utilized for basic productivity and academic duties, putting less strain on the battery.

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Conclusion: Best Laptops Under 400 USD 2022

Though all these options are amazing and have fantastic features and are worth the value, there has to be a definite favorite choice, you can’t buy all of them, right?

So, after analyzing and evaluating the pros and cons of all the crazy options up there I had to come to a conclusion which says which is my definite choice.

My favorite laptop is Lenovo 15.6. It has an AMD A12- 9720P processor which is loved and adored by gamers.

It has amazing gaming graphics for awesome visuals and the best gaming experience. The display undoubtedly is bright and great. It has 8GB RAM for you to store an ample amount of data and information.

The storage is superb at this price it is 1 terabyte. This is a thin and portable device and the best part is its price, it’s $398. I already love it.

Oh My God, this was a difficult one. Firstly, it’s hard to find the best laptop under $400 because you have to research a lot to find within your budget. Secondly, you have to conclude for sure. So, did you decide your favorite yet?

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