Best Helium 10 Alternatives & Competitors 2024: Which One to Choose?

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What are the best Helium 10 alternatives? Read this post to find out further.

Looking for the Best Helium 10 Alternatives? Here is your complete list.

Starting an Amazon FBA business is really straightforward, and anyone can accomplish it; nonetheless, getting trustworthy item ideas, improving the item depiction, and tracking your progress is one of the most frantic errands. Helium 10- A Complete Suite Of Products For Amazon FBA Business is one of the tools you can employ.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 6 Helium 10 alternatives for 2022 in this article. Before you dive into Helium 10 alternatives, check out the review of Helium 10 along with the features, pricing and working.

Helium 10 is, at its core, a collection of great assets. It includes a number of tools that can assist Amazon sellers in identifying high-ranking keywords, recognising patterns, keeping an eye on competitors, and fully improving their item posting to massively increase their sales.

Top Helium 10 Alternatives Compared 2024 (Free & Paid)

TeikaMetrics vs Helium 10

teikametrics- Helium 10 alternatives and competitors

Teikametrics is an ad management tool. This is a tool designed to assist sellers in getting the most out of their ad expenditure. They can put up advertising with keyword bidding and keywords that are either automated or manually set up when you want them to be. This platform can also help you achieve your campaign objectives.

It offers two sorts of services: self-managed and managed, both with unique consumer features.

Teikametrics has released a new tool to help you learn more about your company. Flywheel 2.0 is a solution that combines all of your data and uses artificial intelligence to optimize sales and profitability.

It also provides you with a number of other tools to aid in the growth of your Amazon and Walmart businesses.

Teikametrics wants to make sure that the money you spend on advertising has a significant impact on what you sell, so they’ve created a set of tools to assist you to get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

JungleScout overview

JungleScout is an Amazon product discovery tool that will help you locate a profitable niche and Amazon products that can help you convert more sales. JungleScout does this essentially by allowing you to access the Amazon offers database directly through a Google Chrome Extension or Web App.

JungleScout locates the best sources for the information-driven products you seek. JungleScout will lower the chance of flopping while enhancing the benefit.

Essentially, the online program informs you about what is going on behind the scenes within Amazon categories. The Chrome Extension, on the other hand, allows you easy access to Amazon’s many items and classifications when you’re browsing the website.

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Helium 10 Vs Viral Launch

Viral Launch- helium 10 alternatives


Helium 10 includes a free plan service or a 50% discount with the help of their discount code, whereas Viral Launch just provides paid plan options. Inventory Protector is a resource offered by Helium 10 that protects the goods from voucher stackers as well as other black hat rivals.

Viral Launch has an A/B split-testing feature that aims to test modified types of your listings to improve them whereas Split-testing isn’t available in Helium 10.

Helium 10 offers a Refund Genie Tool to support you to figure out how much you owe Fulfilled By Amazon in refunds (FBA). There are no resources available from Viral Launch to assist you with this.

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Helium 10 Vs Sellics

Sellics amazon tool- helium 10 alternatives

Helium 10 is an Amazon tool that was designed by an Amazon merchant. It elevates FBA to a new level by allowing you to undertake in-depth competitor and market research while still providing all of the SEO tools you’ll need.

Helium 10 is largely targeted toward small businesses that need help assessing, prioritizing, and improving their business needs.

For larger organizations that do not require much aid in expanding, this may not be the ideal solution. This method is ideal for small businesses.

Sellics appears to be an all-in-one solution geared at large companies.

It has= various tools as Helium 10, but it is aimed at a broader range of industries and sectors. As a result, technology is geared toward managing rather than growing businesses.

This isn’t to say that small businesses can’t benefit from it; however, if you’re a local company, this may not be the best tool for you.

Helium 10 vs AMZTracker

AmZ tracker

Amazon FBA sellers will benefit from AMZ Tracker. You can use it to demonstrate how your items are superior to those of your competitors.

With AMZ Tracker, you can keep track of how well your items are performing in comparison to the competition and create catchy phrases to describe your products.

It is not, however, as extensive as the Helium 10 tool.

Helium 10 contains over ten tools for various tasks such as tracking, keyword research, competitor research, and product hunting.

Helium 10 vs Keepa 

keepa- helium 10 alternatives'

Keepa is a browser extension tool that uses AI to give you valuable insights about your product prices, sales rank and price history on Amazon. Keepa is super easy to use, it’s like a plugin so you can keep track of your products while browsing other websites on your browser.

It has great features such as:

– Price tracker for all your wishlist products

– Sales rank tracker for any ASIN or eBay

– Lowest historical price tracker

– Product price drop alerts

– Rank tracking for not only Amazon but also eBay, Best Buy and Walmart.

Both Helium 10 and Keepa are amazing tools that can help you manage, optimize and grow your business. The main difference between these two products is that Helium 10 has many different features while Keepa focuses on only one – tracking prices on Amazon.

If you want to build your business and grow your investment, Helium 10 can be a great choice as it offers many tools that will help you succeed.

If you only want something simple and easy to use then Keepa can be an excellent option as well.

Helium 10 vs AMZScout

AMZScout amazon FBA tools

Helium 10 has a proprietary database from Amazon. This means that it can efficiently pull keywords and also provide you with information such as estimated search volume and the number of monthly searches.

Its biggest advantage is pulling keywords from Amazon directly.

AMZScout on the other hand relies on its users to harvest data. This means that it will have a smaller database compared to Helium 10.

However, due to the fact that it’s open-sourced, the chances of your niche being harvested by users may actually increase.

Helium 10 vs Inventory Lab

Inventory lab review

InventoryLab is a fantastic all-in-one programme that automates inventory management. Inventory Lab is a software programme that allows you to manage both your inventory and accounting procedures in one location.

Inventory Lab can assist you in keeping track of your inventory and shipments. It will be easy to determine when a cargo need additional labels or packaging. Inventory Lab can also assist you with product research.

One of the issues with Inventory Lab is that data from Stratify can take up to 70 minutes to be exchanged with Amazon. This implies you’ll have to figure out how long it’ll take for your stuff to arrive on Amazon.

Helium 10 vs Sellerboard

Sellerboard- helium 10 alternatives

Sellerboard is a profit analytics solution that includes extra features such as follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost and damaged merchandise and other FBA issues, a PPC optimizer, and listing change alerts.

Sellerboard makes inventory management easier for Amazon sellers by giving precise and extensive information on Amazon fees (such as FBA fees and commissions), PPC expenditure, return costs, promotion expenses, and fixed costs (e.g. Virtual Assistant, Prep Center). You can also filter your results by date (today, yesterday, or this month) and product.

The benefit of using Sellerboard is that you can view a live dashboard of all of your FBA ratings, PPC charges, return costs, promotion expenditures, and so on. You can also use your mobile phone to access Sellerboard!

Conclusion: Best Helium 10 Alternatives & Simila Tools 

All of the Helium 10 alternatives are really effective that will significantly increase your sales and profits as an Amazon seller. These are all excellent choices, but Helium 10 stands out due to its unique features and ability to provide greater accuracy than the others.

You can start with any of them because they are the most cost-effective and greatest options on the market. Tools like JungleScout, Sellics, and Viral Launch can help you get started.

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