Bright Data Pricing Plans 2023: How Much Does Bright Data Cost? 

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The pricing structure of Bright Data is flexible and tailored to accommodate the diverse needs and demands of various businesses.

They offer a range of pricing plans designed to cater to different user profiles and business requirements. For example, the Growth plan, part of their proxy services, is available monthly for $500.

It’s important to note that Bright Data’s paid plans come with a comprehensive suite of high-quality tools for proxy services and web data collection, ensuring that businesses receive value and efficiency in their data gathering and proxy-related activities.

Users are usually concerned about the Bright Data pricing structure, especially if they require many proxies for their data collection needs. Pricing can be a significant issue for users, as Bright Data’s plans can be relatively expensive.

So, here in this article, I will solve and give detailed information regarding the pricing structure of Bright Data and also help you in selecting the most optimum plan according to your usage.

Millions of users use this powerful proxy tool for its ability to enable fast and secure public web data collection.

As a leading proxy service provider, Bright Data caters to the needs of both individual users and enterprises, helping them navigate the ever-changing landscape of data compliance, privacy, security, and VPN services.

This article will provide comprehensive information about Bright Data’s pricing packages and what they include. This will give you a clear understanding of the value you can expect when investing in this solution.

Additionally, you’ll learn to evaluate whether it’s a tool that will deliver long-term value for your investment by exploring the platform’s key features and capabilities.

Overview Of Bright Data

Bright Data is a well-established and highly reputable proxy service provider that offers a wide range of proxy solutions to cater to diverse user needs.

With a remarkable track record, Bright Data is renowned for its exceptional proxy network quality, boasting the largest IP pool in the industry, encompassing over 72 million proxies and 700,000 real home IPs. These proxies empower users to access virtually any website on the internet.

Overview Of Bright Data

Bright Data is critical in bypassing web restrictions and unblocking websites, granting users access to content that might be restricted due to their geographical location, security configurations, or age restrictions.

Moreover, the platform prioritizes user privacy and security, enhancing the online browsing experience. One of Bright Data’s standout features is its comprehensive web scraping capabilities.

Users can harness its advanced tools to extract data from millions of websites worldwide, regardless of whether the data is structured or unstructured. This empowers individuals and businesses to collect various information for various purposes efficiently.

As well as owning the largest 3G/4G mobile proxy network, Bright Data is among the fastest in the industry. This mobile proxy network is constructed from millions of genuine mobile phone IPs, enabling users to overcome obstacles and bypass CAPTCHA challenges.

With these mobile proxies, users can connect to mobile apps and websites from any country or city worldwide.

Bright Data Pricing Plans

Bright Data provides a range of pricing plans tailored to cater to various user needs, with the cost dependent on the specific tools and software features you require. The solution offers five primary pricing plans encompassing its SERP API, web unlocker tool, and proxy networks.

These plans include:

Pay-As-You-Go: A flexible plan that allows users to pay based on usage, making it suitable for those with varying needs and smaller-scale operations.

Growth: This plan is designed for users just starting and provides access to essential features.

Business: The Advanced plan offers expanded features, making it ideal for users with more demanding requirements.

Enterprise: A comprehensive plan for large-scale enterprises and users with high-level demands, providing the most extensive features and support.

Bright Data SERP API and Web Unlocker Pricing Plans

Bright Data offers two core features, the SERP API and Web Unlocker, indispensable tools for businesses seeking to securely and anonymously collect public web data.

These tools empower users to gather critical information from millions of websites, facilitating activities such as tracking customer service trends, identifying business opportunities, and assessing current market conditions.


The SERP API tool provides real-time results data from major search engines, including Google, Yandex, Bing,  Baidu, and DuckDuckGo.

Users can leverage this tool for various purposes, such as organic keyword tracking, market research, brand protection, and price comparison.

Data obtained through the SERP API can be delivered in JSON or HTML file formats, offering flexibility in accessing and using the data.

Bright Data SERP API Pricing Plans- Bright Data Pricing Plans

1. Pay-As-You-Go

The “Pay-As-You-Go” plan from Bright Data is the ideal choice for users who wish to explore the solution’s capabilities without the commitment of a monthly or yearly billing plan. This plan charges you solely for the services you actively use.

The current rate is $3 per CPM (Cost Per Mille), meaning that for every 1 CPM, you receive 1,000 requests directed at your specified target URL.

The standout feature of this plan is that you are only billed for the successful requests that effectively traverse Bright Data’s unblocking technology.

This pay-as-you-go flexibility ensures that you pay for results, making it a cost-effective option for users looking to evaluate the solution’s performance and capabilities before making a more extended commitment.

Bright Data offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs, from small-scale explorations to large-scale enterprise operations.

2. Growth Plan:

Priced at $500 monthly, the Starter plan provides 217 891 successful requests. It’s an excellent choice for users who require access to even the most challenging websites. This plan offers a cost-effective CPM rate of $2.30, making it a great value.

3. Business Plan:

At $1,000 monthly, the Advanced plan offers 492,610 successful requests. It’s designed for medium to large enterprises, ensuring unrestricted web data scraping without encountering network restrictions.

This plan offers a cost-effective CPM rate of $2.03, making it a great value. The SERP API tool delivers accurate user search results for any keyword across major search engines.

4. Enterprise Plan:

Bright Data’s Enterprise plan is a tailored option for large enterprises with extensive web data collection needs. This plan considers your regular CPM requirements, and Bright Data customizes the price per CPM accordingly.

Moreover, you’ll receive dedicated assistance and support from their in-house data experts to optimize your web data collection operations.

Web Unlocker:

Bright Data’s Web Unlocker tool is designed to scrape and bypass online barriers like CAPTCHAs and web blocks. Users can send a request via the tool, and Bright Data automatically handles the unlocking process.

The Web Unlocker tool is adaptable and can efficiently address changing site blocks, ensuring a high success rate in bypassing web restrictions. Bright Data provides various pricing plans for these essential tools to accommodate diverse user needs.

The availability of these pricing plans ensures that users can select the one that best aligns with their specific data collection requirements, whether it involves web scraping, market research, or any other web data-related activities.

Users can confidently rely on these tools to access web data securely and effectively.

Bright Data Web Unlocker Pricing Plans

Bright Data’s pricing structure is based on the cost per successful request and is measured in CPM (Cost Per 1000 Requests). Here’s how it works:

1. Calculated per Request:

The pricing is calculated based on the number of requests you make. Every request successfully going through Bright Data’s service will be charged according to the plan’s CPM rate.

2. Measured in $ per CPM:

CPM stands for “Cost Per 1000 Requests.” Instead of charging you per individual request, Bright Data calculates the cost for every 1000 successful requests. This pricing model simplifies cost tracking and ensures you pay for what you use.

3. Only Successful Requests are Counted:

Importantly, you’re only billed for successful requests. If a request doesn’t go through or is blocked by a website, it won’t be included in the calculation. This ensures that you’re only paying for the data you collect.

4. Web Unlocker Premium Domains Tier:

Bright Data offers a premium domain tier as part of their Web Unlocker service. This tier is designed for more challenging domains, enabling you to bypass CAPTCHAs, web blocks, and other restrictions on even the most challenging websites.

The pricing for this tier may vary, and it’s ideal for users who require access to the most resilient websites on the internet.

Bright Data Proxy Networks Pricing Plans

Bright Data provides a range of four proxy networks to suit various web data collection needs. These proxy services empower you to access content from websites worldwide.

They shield against IP bans and CAPTCHAs while discreetly allowing you to collect extensive public web data. Here’s a breakdown:

Data Center Proxy Network: This network offers proxies from data centers, providing fast and dedicated access to web resources. Ideal for data-intensive tasks, it’s suitable for personal and business purposes.

Residential Proxy Network: With residential proxies, you can access the internet using real home IP addresses. This network provides authenticity and helps bypass web scraping and data collection restrictions.

ISP Proxy Network: ISP Proxy Network connects you through the IP addresses of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). It balances residential and data center proxies, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.

Mobile Proxy Network: Bright Data owns and operates the industry’s biggest and fastest 3G/4G mobile proxy network. It uses real mobile phone IPs, making it ideal for bypassing web blocks CAPTCHAs and accessing mobile apps and websites worldwide.

Pricing Plans for Bright Data’s Proxy Networks

In addition to its web unlocker and proxy tools, it offers various pricing plans for its proxy networks. Bright Data provides data proxy networks for data centers, residential locations, internet service providers, and mobile devices under any of these plans.

Pay-As-You-Go: No monthly or yearly commitment is required with this plan, and you only pay for the proxies you use. Listed below are Bright Data’s current rates for each proxy type:

Data center proxies: $0.80/IP + $0.110/GB

ISP proxies: $0.50/IP + $15.00/GB

Mobile proxies: $24.00/GB

Residential proxies: $10.50/GB


Bright Data’s Growth plan provides access to their entire range of proxy networks, including data center, residential, ISP, and mobile proxies, all for a monthly fee of $500.

This means you can select the most suitable proxy type to access websites while maintaining your anonymity. It’s a versatile and cost-effective option for users who require a variety of proxies to meet their web data collection and scraping needs.

This plan offers a comprehensive solution for quickly accessing web content from different sources.


The Business plan from Bright Data is priced at $1,000 per month and grants you unrestricted access to all of their available proxies. Designed for medium to large corporations, this plan equips your business with the tools to harness public web data effectively.

By using Bright Data’s proxy networks, you can gain a competitive edge, stay ahead of your rivals, and make informed decisions based on the data you collect.

It’s an ideal solution for businesses that require comprehensive and robust proxy services to meet their web data collection and competitive intelligence needs.


The Quote-Based Enterprise plan from Bright Data offers a personalized package tailored to your specific proxy service requirements.

The price will be determined based on your specific needs, whether you need a certain amount of gigabytes or have other unique demands.

This plan allows you to scale your proxy services without limitations. It includes valuable features such as support from data experts, a free proxy manager, and a premium service level agreement (SLA) to ensure you have all the resources and support necessary to meet your proxy network goals.

Data Collector Pricing Plans

Bright Data’s pricing for datasets offers flexibility, allowing you to pay based on your specific data needs. Starting at just $0.001 per record, this pricing structure ensures you only pay for the required data.

Bright Data also provides free samples of datasets so you can evaluate the data’s quality and relevance to your project before purchasing.

Data Collector Pricing Plans

This pricing approach helps you control costs by filtering out unnecessary or irrelevant data, ensuring you receive valuable and targeted information for your data collection needs.

Additionally, the availability of free samples enables you to make an informed decision, minimizing the risk of investing in data that doesn’t align with your objectives.

When considering a dataset, you can request a sample to assess its suitability for your project. This way, you can tailor your dataset selection to match your data requirements and budget constraints precisely.

Bright Data  “Bright Insights Pricing

Bright Data offers “Bright Insights,” a solution that provides actionable competitive intelligence for eCommerce businesses. This tool allows you to effortlessly track and analyze the performance of your competitors across various eCommerce platforms, whether it’s at the product, category, or brand level.

Starting from $400/Month per Product Category:

This pricing option begins at $400 per month for each product category you want to monitor. You can select specific product categories that are relevant to your business and receive insights related to those categories.

Free Samples Available:

Bright Data provides free samples, allowing you to get a feel for the insights and data the service can offer. This helps you assess the value and relevance of the information provided.

Immediate Set-Up:

You can set up and start using Bright Insights immediately, ensuring that you can access crucial competitive intelligence without delay.

Pay Only for What You Need:

With a flexible pricing structure, you only pay for the product categories you choose to monitor. This ensures that you’re not overpaying for insights that may not be relevant to your business.

Packages Tailored to Your Needs:

Bright Insights offers customized packages to meet your specific requirements. You can select the product categories and data parameters that align with your business objectives.

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Conclusion: Which Bright Data Pricing Plan is Best For You?

The Bright Data pricing plans are designed to cater to a diverse range of users, each with specific needs for proxy services and web data collection. The Pay-As-You-Go Plan is ideal for occasional users who prefer flexibility and cost control.

With no monthly or yearly fees, this plan empowers users to select the tools they need and pay only for their actual usage.

For business owners seeking to enhance sales and profitability through web data, more frequent use of proxy services is likely. In this scenario, opting for plans with additional features, such as Growth and Business, is a sound decision.

These larger packages not only offer more capabilities but also come with lower rates per usage. This leads to long-term cost savings and enables users to exploit the potential of their chosen tools fully.

In essence, the choice of the most suitable Bright Data pricing plan should align with your usage frequency, budget constraints, and specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the best value for your investment in proxy services and web data collection.

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