Pricing Plans 2023: How Much Does It Cost Per Month?

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In this article, we will discuss pricing plans and assist you in deciding which plan is the best for your needs.

You’ve decided that you must begin using AI-powered copywriting to stay competitive, but you need to figure out the cost.

AI is, without a doubt, altering how businesses run, and copywriting is no exception.

To stay competitive, many businesses are already using AI-powered copywriting services.

To help you find the ideal service for your needs,’s pricing plans provide a range of price options.

They have a solution that will fit your budget, regardless of whether you need something one-time or want a subscription plan.

The price plans for are brilliant. I am considering that they provide a more extended free trial. Let’s get into it now so you can better understand what I mean. Pricing Plans 2023: What is the cost of

You have three options when it comes to

  •’s Free Plan, as the name suggests, is free.
  • A $49 monthly fee is required for the Pro Plan.
  • The Team Plan offers a custom pricing option.

The free plan is not a trial; please keep that in mind. There are constraints on how long you can use it. Pricing Plans

Helpful Note:

A credit card is optional for this plan. Except for the Team Plan, which is a little more complicated, the costs are thus readily apparent.

Discuss each plan in more detail since each has a unique set of advantages.

1. Free Plan:

You can use the Free Plan without cost. Using’s advice, this approach is the best for testing.

Similar to creating a free account, but with restrictions imposed by the terms of service.

The main benefits of this tactic are as follows:

  • There are more than 25 supported languages.
  • More than 90 different copywriting tools are available.
  • You get 10 credits each month.
  • The 100 credits first-month bonus.

Remember that the number of credits you have affects how much content you can produce. You will receive 100 bonus credits once and 10 credits each month.

Given the cost and the fact that it is entirely free, this is a good plan. This is the most popular paid package.


2. Pro Plan Pro has a low monthly fee of just $49.

I say “only $49 per month” for the following reasons:

  • This was their initial pricing strategy.
  • This is the following best action following the use of the free plan.
  • Scalability is another one of its many advantages.

The following benefits are included with the Pro Plan:

  • There are more than 25 supported languages.
  • Prioritize assistance.
  • A group of privileged members.
  • More than 90 different copywriting tools are available.
  • Get access to the newest features of Copy AI.
  • You are given an infinite number of credits each month.

Some advantages will remain the same (languages and tools). You can use as much credit as you’d like, which is the main perk here.

Therefore, you can create as much content as you like each month. This should be excellent news for you as a content and copywriter!

You can access the service’s content for $49 per month. Those are the first two plans, but I need to discuss one more. These are the components of the team plan.

3. Team Plan

The Team Plan will have a unique price tag and be paid for annually. As its name suggests, this strategy works best for large teams.

The only difference between this plan and the previous one is a minor one:

  • There are more than 25 supported languages.
  • Give priority to support.
  • A group of privileged members.
  • More than 90 different copywriting tools are available.
  • Make use of Copy AI’s most recent features.
  • You are given an infinite number of credits each month.

The following additional advantages come with using the Team Plan:

  • Collaborating capabilities.

For more information on this, you should get in touch with support. Ultimately, the cost will depend on your requirements, making it customized.

The Pro Plan is the best choice for those who don’t require team members. Even so, I advise you to begin with Copy AI’s free plan.


How To Get A Discount?

It’s a straightforward process.

If you are in your account or on the pricing page:

  • Click the Pay Annually button to view the prices in annual increments.

Here is the distinction between the before and after prices:

  • The Pro Plan used to cost $49 per month.
  • The Pro Plan has a monthly subscription for $36. (but you pay annually).

As a result, over a year, you save $168. It does help, even though there are better deals than this one.

Get Discount

The likelihood that you’ll experience problems increases with how long you intend to use this software.

These are some of the most crucial elements in terms of overall pricing strategies.

Let’s wrap up the discussion and move on to the climax.


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Conclusion: Pricing Plans 2023

Currently, offers three pricing tiers:

  • As you might expect,’s free plan is free.
  • The Pro Plan costs $49 per month if you choose an annual plan and $36 per month for the Monthly plan.
  • The Team Plan is a custom plan.

If it’s just you, the Pro plan will be most valuable and beneficial. I suggest creating a free account first.

If you have any other queries or worries, feel free to comment.

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