Top 10 Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers 2024: The Ultimate List

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In online advertising, special networks help publishers show ads in a way that feels natural to readers. These networks are called “native ad networks.”

This article will explore some of the best native ad networks for publishers. These networks can be like partners for publishers, helping them show ads in a friendly and effective manner.

Let’s dive into native ad networks and see how they can benefit publishers!

What Are Native Ad Networks?

Native ad networks have emerged as a transformative force, redefining how brands and publishers connect with audiences.

Native advertising, at its core, is a strategy that seeks to seamlessly integrate promotional content within the organic flow of editorial environments.

Native ad networks act as the facilitating platforms that enable this integration, ensuring that advertisements appear and function harmoniously within the context of the surrounding content.

Unlike traditional display ads that stand out as separate elements on a webpage, native ads are designed to mimic the visual and functional aspects of the platform on which they are displayed.

This design approach enables native ads to blend in with the surrounding content, creating a more organic and non-disruptive user experience.

By aligning with the look and feel of the host platform, native ads can capture audience attention while preserving the integrity of the overall user experience.

The mechanics of native ad networks involve connecting advertisers with publishers through a centralized platform.

Advertisers seeking to promote their products or services collaborate with these networks to craft content seamlessly integrating with publishers’ websites, apps, or other digital platforms.

The network’s technology ensures that the ads match the hosting platform’s design, layout, and style, minimizing any jarring visual inconsistencies.

One of the main advantages of native ad networks is their versatility in ad formats. Native ads can take various forms, including in-feed advertisements on social media feeds.

These content recommendation widgets suggest related articles, in-article ads seamlessly embedded within written content, and more.

This flexibility allows advertisers to tailor their campaigns to suit different platforms and engage audiences in a contextually relevant manner.

10 Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

Take a peek at the leading native ad platforms geared toward boosting publisher performance.

1. Nativo

In the ever-evolving realm of digital publishing, the role of content recommendation systems has surged to the forefront, offering a strategic avenue for publishers to bolster their revenues beyond conventional avenues like AdSense.

Nativo Overview

Gone are the days when traditional display advertising networks alone could suffice in driving substantial revenues for publishers.

Enter Nativo, an avant-garde solution that complements established methods and propels the industry forward with innovative ad formats and an all-encompassing publisher experience, leading to unparalleled revenue generation.

Nativo: Best Features –

  • Diverse Revenue Boost: Nativo enhances ad revenue beyond traditional methods.
  • Next-Gen Ad Formats: Innovative ad styles for higher engagement and returns.
  • Seamless Engagement: Audiences stay within content, fostering uninterrupted interaction.
  • Monetization Mastery: Unlock peak revenue potential with high-yielding rates.
  • Contextual Excellence: Ads align with context, fostering genuine user connection.
  • Real-Time Insights: Data-driven decisions with dynamic real-time reporting.
  • Quality Inventory: Premium engagement-rich ad space for impactful campaigns.
  • Simplified Management: User-friendly tools for streamlined campaigns and creative control.

2. Yahoo Gemini

Nestled within the heart of the United States, Yahoo Gemini emerges as one of the premier native advertising networks, revered by publishers.

Its hallmark lies in flexibility and utility, providing publishers and advertisers an expansive spectrum of possibilities.

Yahoo Gemini- Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers

At the core of Yahoo Gemini’s allure is its dedication to empowering publishers with a toolkit designed to captivate and resonate.

By availing of its diverse native ad formats, publishers are bestowed with the means to deliver their messages in a manner that seamlessly integrates with the user experience.

Yahoo Gemini: Best Features –

  • Flexible Native Formats: Yahoo Gemini offers diverse ad options for refreshed engagement.
  • Target with Precision: Reach receptive audiences via optimal targeting tools.
  • Interactive Enhancements: Augmented Reality, carousel, and more for immersive experiences.
  • Commerce-Driven Elements: Mobile wallets and coupons for interactive brand engagement.
  • DOOH Expansion: Extend reach with Digital Out of Home options.
  • Resonant Campaigns: Blend of tech and premium content for captivating narratives.
  • Tailored Communication: Formats integrate seamlessly for non-intrusive messaging.
  • Efficient Optimization: Align campaigns with business goals using advanced tools.

3. AdYouLike

Hailing as a European virtuoso of native advertising, AdYouLike commands a staggering 50 billion impressions monthly, cementing its global influence.

Its integration with over 50 Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) reinforces this expansive reach, presenting an array of monetization alternatives and seamless integration opportunities that transcend boundaries.

Adyoulike Overview

Operational on a worldwide scale, AdYouLike becomes a conduit to realizing your business ambitions through strategic advertising and story reinforcement.

Stepping into the AdYouLike realm is akin to a one-way journey, as its value and impact resonate indefinitely. Testimonies from a network of publishers who have stood by AdYouLike for nearly five years stand as a testament to the enduring excellence of this platform.

AdYouLike: Best Features –

  • European Native Leader: AdYouLike commands 50B monthly impressions globally.
  • Multifaceted Monetization: 50 DSPs, limitless integration, alternative revenue paths.
  • Enduring Excellence: Publishers for five years testify to AdYouLike’s impact.
  • Transparent Impact: Maximum value, real-time stats, loyal network foundation.
  • They are engaging Native Video: Layout-matching ads for optimal user engagement.
  • Social Expansion: AYL Clipr magnifies social posts across the Open Web.
  • Tailored Engagement: Component-based ads with supplier collaboration for resonance.
  • Precision Targeting: Reach the right audience with IAB, device, and data criteria.

4. Revcontent

Revcontent stands as a beacon for global diversity, drawing audiences worldwide and offering a staggering daily promise of 150 million to 500 million impressions.

Strategic partnerships fortify this expansive reach with esteemed publishers, including industry giants like Forbes and LA Times.

Revcontent Overview

For publishers dedicated to championing quality, Revcontent’s journey promises profound benefits.

Although gaining entry to Revcontent’s network is a selective process, once admitted, publishers bask in the glow of some of the highest eCPM rates witnessed, amplified through a multitude of channels.

Revcontent: Best Features –

  • Global Diversity Hub: Revcontent attracts worldwide audiences, 150-500MM daily impressions.
  • Elite Partnerships: Top publishers like Forbes amplify 250B content recommendations.
  • Premium eCPM Rates: High returns for chosen publishers through diverse channels.
  • Transparency & Precision: Accurate, selective, advanced network for optimal results.
  • Fast Loading, More Revenue: Lightweight ads optimize user experience and income.
  • Engagement-Centric Approach: Non-disruptive formats keep readers content and engaged.
  • Flexible Collaboration: Contracts promote partnership, not obligatory commitment.
  • Conversion Powerhouse: Affordable native ads convert clicks into valuable customers.

5. Taboola

Delve into the vanguard of web content innovation with Taboola, where monetization strategies evolve and thrive.

With a staggering user base of one billion, Taboola stands as the sanctuary for esteemed publishers, boasting names like Business Insider, USA Today, and Fox within its fold.

Taboola Overview

Embark on revenue enhancement, audience growth, and profit scaling as Taboola introduces fresh avenues for publishers to explore.

This platform seamlessly merges cutting-edge monetization possibilities with a reservoir of receptive, untapped audiences, increasing cost-per-mille (CPM) rates.

Taboola: Best Features-

  • Monetization Evolution: Taboola redefines revenue with cutting-edge web strategies.
  • Billion-User Platform: Taboola hosts leaders like Business Insider and USA Today.
  • Audience Scaling: Fresh, receptive faces drive CPM growth for publishers.
  • Personalized Experience: Robust analytics, optimized audiences, revenue enhancement.
  • Engaging Ad Integration: Native ads span premier publishers, enhancing user journeys.
  • Strategic Impact: Build awareness, high-value leads, and online customer engagement.
  • Creative Innovation: Unique ad experiences driven by user behavior data.
  • Massive Reach: Over a billion users across premium publishers elevate impact.

6. Outbrain

Outbrain is the gateway To the pinnacle of Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs). Trusted by prestigious publishers like BBC and The Guardian, Outbrain emerges as a haven for visionaries with grand aspirations.

Outbrain Overview

Outbrain reigns supreme in flexible and tailored user experiences, empowering publishers to meticulously align user interactions with overarching business objectives.

A rich array of Smartad formats serves as the conduit for captivating user engagement, ensuring that audiences remain captivated, resulting in remarkable click-through rate escalation.

Outbrain: Best Features –

  • DSP Gateway: Outbrain leads to top Demand-Side Platforms access.
  • Prestigious Partnerships: BBC The Guardian trusts Outbrain’s visionary network.
  • Tailored Engagement: Flexibility enhances user experience, aligning with business goals.
  • Smart-ad Dynamics: Variety captivates users and boosts click-through rates effectively.
  • Performance-Based Rewards: Traffic diversion to advertisers leads to proportional payment.
  • Behavioral Precision: Engage users strategically with behavioral targeting and recommendations.
  • Optimized Visibility: Amplify tool promotes content on premier media sites.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Analytics, A/B testing, and recommendations fortify content success.

7. TripleLift

With over 400 advertisers and 2300 publishers under its banner, TripleLift emerges as a dynamic force in the advertising landscape.

Renowned brands like Microsoft, Nissan, GAP, and JetBlue, and esteemed publishers such as Men’s Fitness, Conde Nast, and USA Today, find resonance within TripleLift’s ecosystem.

TripleLift- Best Native Ad Networks For Publishers

TripleLift presents a unique proposition through true Real-Time Bidding (RTB) auctions, allowing buyers and sellers to leverage distinct data, bidding algorithms, and real-time insights.

It takes innovation further by incorporating computer vision technology, identifying and enhancing elements like faces, objects, and text areas within images, ensuring optimal presentation when republished.

TripleLift: Best Features –

  • Dynamic Advertising Hub: TripleLift thrives with 400+ advertisers and 2300+ publishers.
  • Premium Partnerships: Microsoft, Nissan, Men’s Fitness, and USA Today trust TripleLift.
  • Effortless Integration: Nativo-like content campaigns span multiple publishers seamlessly.
  • Data-Driven Auctions: RTB leverages insights and algorithms for buyers and sellers.
  • Visual Enhancement: Computer vision optimizes images for compelling republishing.
  • Granular Reporting: UI empowers publishers with detailed analytics for decisions.
  • Support Excellence: A dedicated team ensures a smooth ad implementation experience.
  • Engaging Ad Units: TripleLift’s ad quality beats banners with higher click-through rates.

8. Sharethrough

Sharethrough epitomizes a transformative era in advertising by ushering articles, photos, and videos onto a native ad platform. Designed with finesse, its ad units seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of hosting websites.

Sharethrough- Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers

Central to Sharethrough’s acclaim is its aptitude for thriving in a ‘scroll-centric’ environment optimized for smaller screens. This dynamic fosters heightened user engagement through integrated creative content, fostering exceptional performance for publishers.

Sharethrough: Best Features –

  • Native Transformation: Sharethrough elevates ads with articles, videos, and seamless integration.
  • Aesthetic Adaptation: Ad units blend seamlessly with hosting website aesthetics.
  • Scroll-Centric Excellence: Optimized for smaller screens, fostering high engagement.
  • Creative Integration: Integrated content drives user engagement, boosting publisher performance.
  • Efficient Trafficking: Custom DFP ad units and adaptable placements enhance convenience.
  • Evolutionary Impact: Sharethrough redefines the digital landscape beyond disruptive ads.
  • End-to-End Control: Publishers manage strategy, sales, delivery, and measurement.

9. Infolinks

As evident from its image, Infolinks emerges as an unparalleled alternative to Google AdSense, acclaimed particularly for its prowess in in-text ads.

Infolinks Ad Networks

Infolinks introduces four distinct formats: in-text ads, in-search ads, in-frame ads, and in-tag ads. Remarkably, Infolinks seamlessly collaborates with AdSense, avoiding any violations of established rules.

One can strategically combine Infolinks ads with other image-based ad networks to unlock maximal benefit, yielding a dynamic fusion that amplifies revenue potential.

Infolinks emerges as a robust revenue generator, delivering substantial monthly earnings to a vast network of over 200,000 publishers spanning 130+ countries.

Infolinks: Best Features –

  • AdSense Alternative: Infolinks excels in in-text ads, collaborating with AdSense.
  • Diverse Formats: In-text, search, frame, and tag ads for versatile monetization.
  • Global Impact: Over 200K publishers across 130+ countries benefit daily.
  • Powerhouse Advertisers: Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon partner with Infolinks.
  • Effortless Integration: Open to all, with no setup fees or view thresholds.
  • Contextual Precision: Targeted ads based on content’s keywords enhance relevance.
  • Optimal Space Usage: Infolinks avoids compromising site banner space.
  • Text-Centric Boost: Best for text-rich sites seeking elegant revenue options.

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Conclusion: Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers 2024

In digital advertising, native ad networks offer an intelligent way for publishers to connect with their readers in a friendly and natural way.

We’ve learned about some of the best native ad networks to help publishers show ads that fit well with their content.

These networks are helpful companions that make advertising a better experience for everyone. So, whether you’re a big publisher or just starting these native ad networks can be a great choice to make your ads more engaging and effective.

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