Top 9 Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2023: Maximum Earnings🤑

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Are you a publisher looking to make the most of your online content? With the digital world growing daily, picking the right ad network can make a massive difference to your earnings. This article will explore the best CPM (Cost Per Mille) ad networks.

Whether you’re new to this or have been in the game for a while, my guide will help you find the best fit for your needs. Dive in and discover how to boost your online income today!

So, let us begin. 

What Are CPM Ads?

Various models exist for advertisers to connect with their target audience and promote their products or services.

One such model is CPM, which stands for “Cost Per Mille” or “Cost Per Thousand.” CPM ads represent a fundamental digital advertising pillar, and understanding their workings is crucial for advertisers and publishers.

CPM ads are a pricing model in which advertisers pay a fee for every thousand impressions of their ad. An image refers to a single instance of an ad displayed to a user on a webpage, mobile app, or any other digital platform.

The term “Mille” in CPM signifies the number 1,000. Advertisers are charged for the potential exposure of their ad to a thousand users.

CPM ads play a crucial role in digital advertising by providing advertisers an effective way to generate brand visibility and awareness.

Publishers benefit from CPM campaigns by earning revenue for every thousand ad impressions displayed on their platforms.

Understanding CPM ads empowers advertisers and publishers to make informed decisions aligning with their goals and objectives.

9 Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers in 2023

Here are some popularly known publishers for the Ad networks list:

1. Amobee

Amobee is a big name in advertising. They’ve recently bought two well-known ad networks, Kontera and AdConion.

This smart move helps Amobee improve their ad services a lot. They use the cool technology from these companies to do even better. If you have a popular website that gets lots of views, teaming up with Amobee could make you more money.

Amobee Ad Networks

By using Kontera and AdConion’s technology, Amobee can give you better ad services. This might mean you earn more money from your website.

If you’re one of those popular website owners with lots of views, working with Amobee could make you really happy. These acquisitions mean good things for you – you can make the most of your website and get more money from it.

Why Do I Recommend Using Amobee?

  • Enhanced CPM Services with Tech-Driven Acquisitions
  • Amplified Revenue Potential for Prolific Publishers
  • Cutting-edge tech for Optimal Monetization Strategies
  • Convenient Payment Choices, Including PayPal and ACH
  • Accessible Minimum Payment Threshold of $50
  • Reliable Net-45 Payment Term for Predictable Earnings

2. RevenueHits

Run by Intango Ltd, RevenueHits is a strong ad network made for website owners. They’re big – showing more than 2 billion ads every day.

They say they can fill up ads for you about 200% of the time, no matter where you’re from. When it comes to getting paid, they offer different ways like PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and bank transfers.

RevenueHits Overview

The way they pay you depends on where you’re from and how much money your website makes.

One cool thing about RevenueHits is their fancy reporting tool. It helps you keep a close watch on how many people see and click on your ads. This tool also tells you how much money you’re making for every thousand views – that’s called eCPM.

Why Do I Recommend Using RevenueHits?

  • High Volume Impressions: 2 Billion Daily Ad Views
  • Global Reach: 200% Fill Rate Across Geographies
  • Diverse Ad Formats: Display and Mobile Ads Specialization
  • Flexible Payments: PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer
  • Precise Analytics: Real-Time Tracking, eCPM Insights
  • Supportive Team: Personal Account Managers, Email Assistance

3. Adtegrity

Bloggers who write about specific topics can gain a lot from Adtegrity. They have ads for more than 30 different subjects, so the ads match what the bloggers are writing about.

This makes the ads fit really well with the blog’s theme, which means they target the right people better. Adtegrity pays bloggers after 45 days, and they need to make at least $50 before getting paid.

Adtegrity's Overview

They offer different ways to get paid, like PayPal or checks. Adtegrity has a special feature that makes things faster. This helps ads show up quickly, which gives bloggers more time to write and improve their content.

Why Do I Recommend Using Adtegrity?

  • Niche Diversity: 30+ Verticals for Precise Targeting
  • USA Traffic Advantage: 50% US Visitors Required
  • Traffic Threshold: 50,000 Monthly Visitors for Eligibility
  • Payout Flexibility: Net-45, $50 Minimum via PayPal/Check
  • Time-Saver Tool: Efficient Ad-Serving Process
  • Content Focus: Empowering Bloggers to Excel

4. Exponential

Tribal Fusion, which is part of Exponential Interactive, is focused on improving its advertising solutions all the time. They really want to give the best results to their clients and website owners, and this commitment makes them known for getting better over time.


Exponential Ad Networks

Joining Exponential, though, is a bit strict. You need to have at least 500,000 people looking at your website every month and 5,000 different people visiting your site every day. This means Exponential is picky and only works with websites that are doing really well.


Being a part of Exponential has lots of benefits. They pay well for both CPM (when people just see the ad) and CPA (when people take action because of the ad) ads. They have different types of ads too, giving website owners choices to find the ones that match their website and readers the best.

Why Do I Recommend Using Exponential?

  • Evolutionary Excellence: Tribal Fusion’s Progressive Ad Solutions
  • Elite Criteria: 500K Views, 5K Daily Visitors for Entry
  • Lucrative Variety: CPM and CPA Ads, Diverse Types
  • Timely Payments: 45-Day Interval via PayPal or Cheque
  • Targeted Precision: Higher Revenues with Focused Ads
  • Niche Advantage: Ideal Choice for Specialized Websites

5. RhythmOne

RhythmOne is a platform that helps website owners make money. They have lots of ways to do it, like direct deals and real-time bidding. They also offer different types of ads for websites, like videos, pictures, and more.

RhythmOne Overview

This means that website owners can make the most money from different kinds of ads on different platforms.

When it’s time to get paid, RhythmOne offers choices like PayPal, ACH, or Wire Transfer. They pay after 60 days and you need to have at least $100 to get paid. But the good thing is, they give you more money for every thousand views (CPM rates).

Why Do I Recommend Using RhythmOne?

  • Integrated Excellence: Diverse Monetization Solutions for Publishers
  • Multiformat Mastery: Display, Video, Mobile, Native Ads Expertise
  • Flexible Payments: PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer, Net-60 Term
  • Yield Enhancement: Technology Integration for Higher CPM Rates
  • Insights Empowerment: Real-Time Dashboard, Cross-Platform Format
  • Safety and Optimization: User Experience at the Core of Service

6. Criteo

Criteo is really good at helping websites make money all around the world. They served a massive amount of ads, even more than 740 billion in just one year, 2014.

Criteo Overview

Criteo is so good that almost all the advertisers who use it want to keep using it – about 96% of them! This means Criteo is really great at making money for them.

The best part is that this success also helps website owners (publishers) get a lot of money.

Criteo became so popular because it’s good at finding the right people to see ads and making sure those ads make money for the websites. With lots of advertisers and a big reach, Criteo is a top choice for many.

Why Do I Recommend Using Criteo?

  • Global Dominance: High Revenue Potential for Website Owners
  • Massive Reach: 740 Billion Ads, 7800+ Advertisers in 2014
  • Conversion Powerhouse: High CPM, Exceptional Conversions
  • Advertiser Trust: 96% Service Agreement Renewal Rate
  • Superior Earnings: Outperforming Competitors’ Offerings
  • Publisher Success: Consistent Revenue Surge Beyond Norms

7. Conversant Media

Formerly known as ValueClick Media, Conversant has become a popular choice for website owners in different industries like telecom, cars, medicine, and shops.

Conversant Media- Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers

Conversant is different because it focuses on helping website owners. They make it easy for website owners to make money. You can get paid with just $25 in earnings, which is great for both new and well-established website owners.

They follow a Net-60 system for payments, which means they balance giving you money fairly quickly while also making sure the financial process is smooth.

This way, website owners can get their money in a reasonable time, and they don’t have to wait too long. It’s a good system for both the website owners and Conversant.

Why Do I Recommend Using Conversant Media?

  • Industry Diversity: Leaders in Telecom, Auto, Pharma, Retail
  • Inclusive Approach: Minimal Traffic Requirement, Accessible for All
  • Swift Payouts: Cash Out at $25 via PayPal or Cheque
  • Net-60 Model: Balanced Timely Compensation and Processing
  • Convenience Emphasis: Options for Every Publisher’s Preference
  • Flexible Entry: Ideal for Newcomers and Established Publishers

8. Revcontent

Revcontent is a strong player in native advertising, and they’ve expanded to offer display ads too. They say they can give you 30-50% more money than other ad networks.

Revcontent Overview

What sets Revcontent apart is how it focuses on getting people interested. They use their audience insight feature to make sure more people click on ads, which means more money for you.

But here’s the thing: Revcontent only lets certain websites join. They carefully pick websites that match their criteria. This makes sure they have high-quality ads, but it might be tough for smaller websites to join.

Why Do I Recommend Using Revcontent?

  • Native & Display: Higher Rates, Enhanced User Experience
  • Tailored Engagement: Audience Insights for Improved CTR
  • Customizable Design: Publishers Shape Sponsored Content Feed
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous Selection for Premium Publishers
  • Transparent Insights: Real-time Reporting, Accurate Analytics
  • Favorable Terms: Net-30, $50 Threshold for Smoother Payouts

9. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a great option, especially for new website owners just starting out online.

The cool thing about BuySellAds is that they don’t ask for a lot of visitors on your website before you can join. This makes it good for beginners who might not have a lot of people coming to their site yet.

BuySellAds- Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers

One of the best parts of BuySellAds is how they share money with you. They give you 75% of the money from ads, which is a lot. This makes everyone work together because both the website owners and BuySellAds want to do well.

They do have a small rule – you can ask for money two times every month. This helps keep things organized. Also, they pay you through PayPal if you have at least $20, which is really flexible.

Why Do I Recommend Using BuySellAds?

  • Newbie-Friendly: No Traffic Minimum, Ideal for Beginners
  • Gradual Earnings: Traffic Growth Translates to Higher Revenue
  • Generous Split: 75% Revenue Share Benefits Publishers
  • On-Demand Payouts: Swift Payments Within 2-3 Days
  • Payment Flexibility: PayPal, Cheque, Wire Options, Low Thresholds
  • Versatile Ads: Custom Sizes, Google AdSense Compatibility

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Conclusion: Best CPM Ad Networks For Publishers 2023

Choosing the right CPM ad network can really affect how much money a website owner makes.

As we wrap up our look into the best CPM ad networks for website owners, it’s clear that the right partnership can lead to better ways to make money, reach the right people, and make visitors happy.

Each network we talked about has its own mix of features, ways to pay, and support for website owners.

From Amobee’s big reach to Revcontent’s precise targeting and Conversant Media’s different options, website owners have choices that fit their needs.

Whether you want easy entry, instant stats, or fair sharing of money, these networks have answers for different website owner goals.

The final decision is up to you. Explore these options to find the CPM ad network that makes your website journey even better.

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