Top 10 Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers 2024: [Don’t Miss Out]

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Videos are everywhere online, and they can be a great way for publishers to earn money. But with so many video ad networks to pick from, where do you start? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered! In this article, I’ll talk about the very best video ad networks for folks like you.

I’ll keep it straightforward and easy to understand. By the end, you’ll have a clearer idea of where to go next with your video content.

Ready? So, let us begin.

10 Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers in 2024

Here is the list of the top picks to choose from:

1. SpringServe

SpringServe is more than a traditional ad server; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to the needs of publishers, especially in the realm of video ad serving.

Its focus on transparency, customization, and profitability sets it apart as a valuable tool for publishers seeking control over their inventory and the ability to maximize their revenue potential.

SpringServe Overview

SpringServe’s emphasis on transparency and management aligns with publishers’ desires to have a clear understanding of their inventory and participate in auctions while optimizing their outcomes.

The platform’s flexibility is essential in an ever-evolving digital advertising landscape where adaptability is key to success.

Furthermore, SpringServe’s real-time reporting system enhances its offerings by providing publishers with actionable insights to make informed decisions about their advertising strategies.

Overall, SpringServe serves as a dynamic solution for publishers looking to navigate the complexities of video ad serving while maintaining control, transparency, and profitability.

SpringServe Best Features –

  • Yield management and video ad serving for publishers.
  • Fully customizable product for diverse web environments.
  • Emphasizes transparency, control, and profitability for inventory management.
  • Global accessibility, with real-time insights and reporting.
  • Adaptable suite to match dynamic advertising landscapes.
  • Empowers publishers with auction participation and profit assurance.
  • Advanced reporting furnishes real-time data insights.
  • Unspecified payment methods and minimum traffic requirements for users.

2. Exponential

Exponential indeed focuses on providing cutting-edge technology and comprehensive solutions to enable publishers to effectively monetize their video content while enhancing the overall user experience.

Exponential’s support for in-stream, multi-device campaigns aligns well with the evolving digital landscape, where audiences consume content across various platforms and devices. This flexibility is essential for publishers aiming to engage their audiences effectively and capture the attention of advertisers seeking diverse ad placements.

Exponential- Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

The platform’s inclusion of video content as part of its offerings is a significant advantage for publishers with rich multimedia content. Leveraging video content not only enhances user engagement but also attracts high-quality brand advertisements, contributing to revenue growth.

Exponential’s dedication to providing support and expert consulting underscores its commitment to helping publishers make the most of their video content. By offering guidance and insights, Exponential ensures that publishers can effectively leverage their inventory and optimize revenue potential.

The CPM model aligns with the common monetization approach in the industry, allowing publishers to earn based on the impressions their content generates. The real-time reporting feature is invaluable for publishers, as it provides immediate visibility into campaign performance, enabling them to make data-driven decisions for better outcomes.

Exponential Best Features –

  • In-stream, multi-device campaigns for existing advertisers.
  • Premium brand ads for publishers with video content.
  • Diverse creative formats for inventory monetization.
  • Expert support and consulting for video content optimization.
  • CPM model for revenue based on impressions.
  • Real-time reporting for swift performance insights.
  • Wire, check Net90 payments; US-focused geography.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement, inclusive of all publishers.

3. Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence’s approach to contextual advertising, driven by website metadata, offers a valuable solution for publishers seeking to monetize their content effectively while maintaining relevance and user engagement.

The integration of video ads from advertisers onto publishers’ sites through the use of metadata ensures a seamless and cohesive viewing experience for users. This approach contributes to a higher CPM by offering in-stream video ads, which tend to be more engaging and captivating for audiences.

Video Intelligence Overview

The emphasis on maximizing revenue generation is a key benefit for publishers. By utilizing their digital real estate effectively, publishers can tap into new streams of income while delivering ads that are relevant to their content, thus enhancing the user experience.

The contextual relevance achieved through the analysis of website metadata is indeed a significant advantage. This approach ensures that the ads presented align with the content of the page, increasing the likelihood of user interaction and conversions.

The real-time dashboard offered by Video Intelligence is a powerful tool for publishers. The ability to monitor earnings in real-time provides transparency and actionable insights, allowing publishers to make informed decisions about their ad campaigns and revenue strategies.

Video Intelligence Best Features –

  • Contextual video ads via website metadata for publishers.
  • High CPM in-stream ads enhance revenue potential.
  • The real-time dashboard displays up-to-date earnings insights.
  • Graphical representation of earnings for data visualization.
  • The CPM model ensures revenue based on impressions.
  • Global accessibility supports PayPal and wire transfers.
  • There is no minimum traffic requirement, inclusive of all publishers.
  • Advanced technology optimizes publishers’ video ad inventory.

4. Chocolate Platform

The platform’s specialization in catering to the mobile audience is a notable point. By offering captivating video ad units with muted audio, the Chocolate Platform acknowledges the importance of maintaining a non-intrusive user experience. This approach ensures that users can seamlessly engage with content without disruptive audio interruptions.

The option for users to interact further by clicking on ad units enhances the engagement and interactivity of the platform’s ads. This feature aligns well with the trend toward immersive and engaging ad experiences that encourage user interaction.

Chocolate Platform Overview

The integration of native ads that blend into the viewer’s interface is a big advantage. This unobtrusive approach benefits both advertisers and publishers, as it allows ads to seamlessly fit within the content and maintain the user’s browsing experience.

Setting an accessibility threshold of 250,000 page views or 5,000 unique visitors per month showcases the platform’s focus on maintaining a certain level of reach and engagement. This threshold ensures that publishers who join the platform have a reasonable audience base to benefit from its features effectively.

Chocolate Platform Best Features – 

  • Mobile-focused ads engage viewers silently with click-through interaction.
  • Non-intrusive, native video ads for uninterrupted user experience.
  • Entry threshold: 250K page views or 5K unique visitors monthly.
  • The CPM model ensures revenue based on impressions.
  • Real-time reporting for instant campaign insights.
  • Global reach connects advertisers and publishers worldwide.
  • Adaptable to various market sizes; no minimum traffic requirement.
  • Tailored for mobile, the Chocolate Platform enhances engagement and interaction.

5. RhythmOne

Once known as Burst Media, RhythmOne has now changed its name and is offering a big advertising solution for different devices.

This solution helps websites and creators make more money while reaching people on many different devices.

RhythmOne Overview

This new way of doing things lets publishers make the most money possible and easily reach people on different devices.

RhythmOne is well-known for being good at showing video ads, and it’s special because it works with over 5,000 publishers. They work together and share the money they make.

RhythmOne has two ways of making money: sharing the money they make and a traditional way called CPM.

This makes sure publishers get paid for how many times their ads are seen and also a part of the money made. This helps everyone work well together and make money.

RhythmOne Best Features –

  • Burst Media rebranded as RhythmOne, offering cross-device ad solutions.
  • Maximizes publisher revenue with video, rich media, sponsorships, and content.
  • Trusted video ad partner with 5,000 publishers under revenue sharing.
  • Revenue sharing and CPM models ensure publishers’ compensation.
  • Real-time reporting empowers instant campaign optimization.
  • Worldwide reach serves diverse audiences.
  • Flexible payment methods: check, PayPal, wire transfer.
  • Minimum 250K page views or 5K unique visitors per month.

6. Xandr (Formerly AppNexus)

Xandr has come up with something called “Video for Publishers.” This is a service that helps publishers decide how they want to show ads on their stuff, like websites or videos.

Publishers can pick the companies they want to show ads from and choose if they want to make special deals directly with those companies or use automatic ways to show ads.

Xandr- Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

This helps them do what’s best for their business. The important thing about AppNexus is that it lets publishers have complete control over what they’re showing. They can put things together and sell them the way they want, which helps them make money from ads in their own unique way.

This service is really good at letting publishers customize things so they can use their resources in the best way to make the most money possible.

AppNexus makes sure publishers can reach more people because it helps them connect with big companies that want to show ads. This way, publishers can match up with advertisers that make sense for their content and the people who see it. It’s all about working together to make things better for everyone.

AppNexus Video for Publishers Best Features – 

  • AppNexus offers “Video for Publishers,” tailoring ad strategies.
  • Publishers select advertisers, direct deals, or programmatic exchanges.
  • Varied video units: in-stream, out-stream, video header bidding.
  • Complete control over packaging and selling inventory for revenue.
  • Access global advertisers and the AppNexus marketplace for partnerships.
  • The CPM model rewards publishers based on impression performance.
  • Real-time reporting empowers prompt campaign adjustments.
  • Global reach; flexible payment methods; no minimum traffic requirement.

7. Unruly

Unruly is proud of its product, which offers ads that are easy for readers to understand and use. They care a lot about making sure users have a good experience.

They have a big network of partners from around the world who want to show ads, so publishers get lots of chances to make money. Unruly also has a team that helps publishers with everything they need to make things go smoothly.

Unruly- Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers

They make sure their products follow the rules of the advertising industry, like the rules from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Unruly cares about the people they work with too. They want to make sure everyone they work with follows the best ways of doing things in the industry. If you want to use Unruly, it’s easy to get started – you just need a small piece of code.

They also stick to the LEAN standards set by the IAB. This means they focus on making high-quality ads that make users happy and help publishers make money.

Unruly Best Features – 

  • Reader-friendly ad format, global demand partners, dedicated publisher support.
  • Services for publishers without video content; IAB and GDPR compliant.
  • Adheres to industry standards for partners’ compliance.
  • Simple onboarding via code; LEAN standards for quality ad formats.
  • Multiple monetization models: CPM, PPC, CPA.
  • Real-time bidding reporting empowers informed decisions.
  • Global reach, with PayPal and wire transfer payment methods.
  • Inclusivity without minimum traffic requirement; worldwide opportunities.

8. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is a flexible platform that offers different ways to show ads. They have banners, on-click ads (where you click to see an ad), and in-banner videos (videos that play in the ad space).

They’re pretty big, with more than 3,000 active ad campaigns all around the world. They really care about making sure the ads they show are high quality.

Propellerads Overview

They check every ad themselves to be sure that only the best videos show up on your website. They’re really serious about this quality control stuff, and it’s a big part of how they work.

Each ad gets carefully looked at to make sure it’s really good before it’s put on your website. This helps make people who visit your site more interested and trusting.

Using PropellerAds is easy, and they give you a lot of information about how your ads are doing. This helps you see how well your campaigns are working.

One thing they’re really proud of is that they’re really good at making sure all of your ad space gets used to make money. This means they’re great at helping you make as much money as possible from the ads you show.

PropellerAds Best Features – 

  • Ad formats: Banner, on-click, in-banner video for global reach.
  • Manual checks ensure top-quality ad content on your website.
  • Detailed reporting and easy sign-up; 100% inventory monetization.
  • Passback feature for alternate ads when inventory is not filled.
  • CPM and revenue share models for diverse monetization.
  • Real-time reporting, campaign insights, and ad filtering options.
  • Global presence, Net 15 payment method for convenience.
  • No minimum traffic requirement, fostering inclusivity for publishers.

9. Undertone

Undertone is a growing company that’s really good at showing video ads in different ways. They put ads in banners and before videos start playing.

They make sure their ads follow the rules from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and they’re known for making ads that really catch your attention.

Undertone Overview

What makes Undertone special is that they can give you more money for showing ads than regular ads can. Sometimes even 15 times more! This shows they really want to help you make a lot of money from the ads you show on your website.

They’ve also made something called ScreenShift, which is like a powerful tool. It helps with showing ads on mobile devices and makes them look really clear and good.

Undertone offers different ways to make money from ads, like getting paid for how many times an ad is seen or clicked, or when someone takes an action because of the ad.

They’re also really good at giving you information about how your ads are doing. You can see how well your ads are working and even choose which ads you want to show. This helps you understand your ads and how they’re helping you.

Undertone Best Features – 

  • The growing company offers impactful in-banner and pre-roll video ads.
  • High-impact and IAB standard ad formats for diverse placements.
  • Remarkable CPM rates, 100% to 1500% higher than traditional ads.
  • ScreenShift enables cross-screen solutions for mobile-ready ads.
  • Diverse models: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV for monetization.
  • Real-time reporting, campaign insights, and ad filtering options.
  • Worldwide reach; supports various payment methods.
  • 500,000 monthly traffic requirement ensures impactful partnerships.

10. Selectmedia

Selectmedia is a really good choice for making money from videos on both computers and mobile devices.

But here’s the thing: if you want to use Selectmedia, you have to meet some tough rules first. They’re very careful about who they work with.

SelectMedia Overview

One of the coolest things about Selectmedia is that they work with more than 650 top websites from 55 countries. They have their own special ways of guessing what’s going to happen, and they use big computer data to help them do it. This is better than just waiting for bids in real-time.

Lots of big companies trust Selectmedia. They’re known for being a great way to get videos to people and to help websites show those videos. People really think they’re good at what they do.

Selectmedia Best Features –

  • Cross-screen video monetization, worldwide reach for desktop and mobile.
  • Stringent entry requirements; programmatic access for safe video media.
  • 650+ premium direct sites across 55 countries for broad outreach.
  • Proprietary predictive trading and significant data-driven optimization.
  • CPM, CPV, flat fee, and revenue share monetization models.
  • Real-time reporting, site, and ad filtering for informed decisions.
  • Global accessibility; wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal payment methods.
  • Minimum 250K daily page views; trusted supply and distribution platform.

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Conclusion: Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers 2024

Video ad networks have become extremely important for publishers who want to make as much money as possible. As we’ve looked into the top video ad networks, one message stands out: working together is really powerful.

Publishers can team up with these networks that have new and creative ways to show ads, different ways to make money, and the ability to see how well their ads are doing in real-time.

Publishers want to make sure people like the ads and they also want to make money. These networks are like helpful friends in achieving both goals.

These networks we’ve talked about offer different types of ads that can change, and they’re really good at showing the right ads to the right people. They’re all about making sure users enjoy what they see while also helping publishers make money.

Whether it’s the way they make ads or how they make sure they’re seen by the right people, these networks show how much they care about making users happy and helping publishers succeed.

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