10 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Publishers (Advertisers) in 2023

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In the fast-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, digital advertising has become an integral part of the industry’s growth and success.

As the demand for crypto-related products and services continues to rise, businesses seek effective platforms to reach their target audience and affiliates look for lucrative opportunities.

Enter the realm of crypto ad networks, where specialized platforms bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers, fostering mutually beneficial relationships.

In this article, we will explore some of the best crypto ad networks that have garnered acclaim for their targeted reach, reliable payouts, and user-friendly interfaces.

Whether you are an advertiser seeking to promote your crypto venture or an affiliate looking to monetize your traffic, these top-tier networks offer the perfect solutions to navigate the crypto advertising landscape.

What Are Crypto Ad Networks?

Crypto ad networks are specialized advertising platforms that cater to the cryptocurrency industry.

They act as intermediaries connecting advertisers and publishers within the crypto space, facilitating the promotion of cryptocurrency-related products, services, and offers to a targeted audience.

These networks play a crucial role in the growth and visibility of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, enabling businesses to reach their potential customers and affiliates to monetize their traffic effectively.

The main purpose of crypto ad networks is to provide a seamless and efficient advertising solution for businesses operating in the cryptocurrency space.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, businesses need effective platforms to reach their target audience and create brand awareness.

Crypto ad networks offer advertisers a wide range of advertising options, including banner ads, native ads, push notifications, sponsored content, and more.

These ads are strategically placed on publishers’ websites, blogs, and other online platforms within the crypto niche, ensuring that the right audience is exposed to the advertisements.

For publishers, crypto ad networks offer an opportunity to monetize their websites and earn revenue from their traffic.

By partnering with these networks, publishers can display targeted ads related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and fintech on their platforms.

They receive compensation for each click, impression, or conversion generated through the displayed ads.

This mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and publishers creates a dynamic ecosystem where businesses can efficiently promote their products, while publishers can monetize their content and traffic.

10 Best Crypto Ad Networks in 2023

Let’s look at the best crypto ad networks.

1. Partners.House:

Partners.House, a leading Crypto ad network for publishers, emerged in 2019 and quickly became the preferred choice for prominent publishers worldwide.

Headquartered in Slovakia, the network presents an excellent opportunity for website owners to monetize their platforms through push notifications.

Partners House- Best Crypto Ad Networks

With over ninety million active push subscribers hailing from various countries, Partners. House stands as the finest option for all publishers looking to generate a passive monthly income. 

Partners.House’s commitment to market leadership is evident in its dedication to providing top-notch services to collaborating publishers.

Continuously striving to develop new features, the network assists publishers in accelerating business growth by increasing traffic, leads, and sales.

With a robust fraud-prevention system in place, Partners.House effectively identifies and eliminates any fraudulent or artificial traffic, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for publishers. 

Partners.House Best Features – 

  • Leading Crypto ad network for publishers.
  • Established in 2019, preferred by prominent publishers.
  • Monetize websites with push notifications.
  • 90+ million active push subscribers from diverse countries.
  • Monetizes 180+ GEOs, and provides 100% ad delivery.
  • Tailored push alerts for higher conversion rates.
  • Fraud-prevention system ensures secure operations.

2. Coin.Network:

Coin.Network is an impressive ad platform with a rich history, having sold its first cryptocurrency advertisement in 2013 and pioneering Bitcoin advertising payments for Reddit in the subsequent year.

Owned by BuySellAds, a well-established and privacy-focused advertising platform since 2008, Coin.Network holds a competitive edge over its counterparts.

Coin Network Overview

What sets Coin.Network apart is its versatility for both advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers can run targeted crypto ad campaigns based on geotargeting, industry, and interests to reach their desired audience effectively.

On the other hand, publishers retain control over ad placements on their websites, choosing between Display and Native advertisements to ensure an optimal user experience.

Coin.Network Best Features – 

  • Established in 2013 with pioneering Bitcoin ad payments.
  • Owned by BuySellAds for privacy-focused advantage.
  • Suitable for advertisers and publishers, offering control and targeting.
  • Extensive network with 10 million monthly users.
  • Collaborates with 20+ vetted crypto partner websites.
  • Showcases ads on leading crypto platforms.
  • Entry requirements: $5,000 budget for advertisers, 50,000 page views for publishers.

3. Push.House:

With a vast network of over 500 million subscribers across 180 countries and an impressive daily click rate of 30 million, Push.House ensures effective monetization of your website’s visitors, leading to significant sales growth.

The network stands out with its highest CPC rates in the market, offering various ad formats to generate additional revenue and expand your business effortlessly.

Push.House- Best Crypto Ad Networks

Push.House takes the lead as one of the most exceptional CPC advertising networks available.

With its unparalleled CPC rates, extensive global reach, and user-friendly interface, it offers a powerful platform for website monetization and revenue increase.

Join Push.House today, and witness the remarkable impact it can have on your business growth and profitability.

Push.House Best Features – 

  • Effective CPC ad network solution with Push.House.
  • Over 500 million subscribers from 180 countries.
  • Receives 30 million daily clicks for optimal reach.
  • Highest CPC rates in the market.
  • Diverse ad formats for extra revenue.
  • User-friendly interface for easy control.
  • Lucrative affiliate scheme for increased earnings.

4. Bitmedia.io:

Established in 2015, Bitmedia.io rapidly gained popularity as a leading AI-based ad networking firm in the crypto space.

With an impressive reach of over 20 million unique visitors and 1 billion monthly impressions, it offered marketers and publishers numerous advantages and comprehensive solutions.

Bitmedia.io Overview

Over 20,000 advertising campaigns from 5,000 crypto-related websites were successfully managed on the platform, delivering high-quality traffic by effectively connecting with real individuals.

Bitmedia.io’s success can be attributed to its stringent verification procedures, guaranteeing legitimate impressions for advertisers.

Manual verification of sellers, third-party traffic control, and manual click and impression moderation were all part of their quality assurance process.

As a result, the network effectively eliminated bought traffic, bots, and fraudulent impressions, ensuring advertisers only paid for genuine impressions, further solidifying Bitmedia.io’s position as a reliable and efficient ad networking platform in the crypto advertising industry.

Bitmedia.io Best Features –

  • AI-based ad network for crypto space.
  • Over 1 billion monthly impressions.
  • Advanced targeting options for marketers.
  • High-quality traffic from real users.
  • Comprehensive solutions for advertisers and publishers.
  • Strict verification to eliminate fraudulent impressions.
  • Reliable and efficient crypto ad platform.

5. DYOR:

When delving into crypto affiliate programs, exercising the same diligence as you would in crypto trading is essential. Proper research of the network you intend to partner with for your offers is crucial.

The lists of networks provided here have been carefully curated, backed by positive feedback from past and present partners, and boast excellent reputations.

DYOR. Net Overview

It is crucial to make informed decisions and conduct preliminary testing to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved.

Just like in any crypto venture, doing your own research (DYOR) is paramount for success in the realm of crypto affiliate marketing.

DYOR Best Features – 

  • Diligence is required for crypto affiliate programs.
  • Curated networks with good reputations and reviews.
  • Excellent reputation for each listed network.
  • Informed decisions and testing for success.
  • The vitality of doing your own research (DYOR).
  • Aligning with reputable partners for success.
  • Thorough research leads to desired results.

6. Olavivo:

Olavivo stands out as an affiliate network specializing in the crypto, dietary supplement, and cannabis sectors.

With a strong emphasis on trust and credibility, Olavivo conducts comprehensive verification of all parties within the network.

Olavivo Overview

Affiliates utilizing Olavivo’s crypto offers and benefiting from dedicated campaign managers witness outstanding results.

For utmost convenience, Olavivo offers various payment options, including cryptocurrency, wire transfer, PayPal, and Payoneer

Moreover, affiliates can request payments on a daily basis, ensuring seamless and timely transactions.

With its commitment to reliability and flexible payment solutions, Olavivo proves to be an exceptional choice for affiliates in the crypto and related industries.

Olavivo Best Features – 

  • Focused on crypto, dietary supplement, and cannabis industries.
  • The thorough verification process for trustworthy partnerships.
  • Dedicated campaign managers for excellent results.
  • Multiple payment options, including cryptocurrency and PayPal.
  • Daily payment requests for quick transactions.
  • A reliable choice for affiliates in crypto industries.
  • Seamless and flexible payment solutions are offered.

7. Profit Pexels:

Profit Pixels is a specialized affiliate network focusing on cryptocurrency and finance.

With an extensive affiliate base of over 2,500 members, the network drives more than 400,000 conversions for its advertisers.

Profit Pixels- Best Crypto Ad Networks

Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Profit Pixels assists affiliates in discovering the most suitable offers based on their unique traffic sources.

Furthermore, the network’s machine learning-based system efficiently eliminates duplicate leads, maximizing earnings for affiliates.

Payouts are made hassle-free through various methods, including Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, Tether, Bitcoin, and Wire, with the flexibility to request payments as often as every two days.

Alongside 24/7 support, Profit Pixels provides real-time reports and broad geographic coverage, empowering affiliates with the tools and resources they need for success in the cryptocurrency and finance sectors.

Profit Pexels Best Features – 

  • Specialized in cryptocurrency and finance.
  • 2,500+ affiliates, 400,000+ conversions for advertisers.
  • Machine learning algorithms for tailored offers.
  • Eliminates duplicate leads for increased earnings.
  • Multiple payment methods, as often as every two days.
  • 24/7 support and real-time reports are provided.
  • The broad geographic coverage for global reach.

8. WeLoveAdz:

At WeLoveAdz, they specialize in facilitating strong connections between businesses and affiliates, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

Their team of experienced professionals provides personalized support, guiding clients toward their desired goals. For advertisers and publishers, WeLoveAdz offers custom plans that foster a mutually beneficial relationship.

WeLoveAdz Overview

Advertisers can effectively reach their target audience with cost-effective campaigns, while publishers retain control over content without compromising page layouts.

With custom target options, advertisers can maximize engagement and conversion rates, while WeLoveAdz handles tracking, optimization, and ad placement, allowing clients to concentrate on business growth.

WeLoveAdz Best Features – 

  • Strong connections between businesses and affiliates.
  • Personalized support from experienced professionals.
  • Custom plans for mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Cost-effective campaigns with targeted options.
  • Hassle-free management of tracking and optimization.
  • Monetize websites through affiliate programs.
  • Innovative solutions for advertisers and publishers.

9. Aivix:

Aivix specializes in reputable direct advertisers within the Crypto and Finance verticals, providing webmasters with top-notch offers for four years.

Affiliates with significant volumes enjoy flexible payment plans, enabling them to request withdrawals after just one confirmed lead.

Aivix Overview

Aivix accepts ten payment methods, including ZaleyCash, WMZ, Capitalist, PayPal, and Wire, ensuring smooth and convenient transactions for affiliates.

As part of their original projects, Aivix created a unique gift store. Webmasters can earn AivixCoins by driving traffic to Aivix offers, allowing them to exchange the coins for valuable prizes like PlayStation consoles or iPhones.

The platform garners immense praise from users, particularly for its user-friendly nature and profitable opportunities, making Aivix a top choice in the affiliate marketing industry.

Aivix Best Features – 

  • Reputable direct advertisers in Crypto and Finance verticals.
  • Four years of providing top-notch offers to webmasters.
  • Flexible payment plans for high-volume affiliates.
  • Ten payment methods, including Wire and PayPal.
  • AivixCoins earned for driving traffic to offers.
  • Exchange coins for valuable prizes like PlayStation consoles.
  • User-friendly platform with a praised support team.

10. Neogara:

Neogara specializes in Finance sector offers, predominantly direct and spanning over thirty geographies.

The network boasts high commission rates and a user-friendly CRM that offers detailed reports, ensuring affiliates have a seamless experience.

With Neogara, affiliates benefit from twice-weekly payouts through multiple payment methods, including WebMoney, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Visa, and Bitcoin.

Current affiliates praise special terms for long-term partnerships, responsive managers, and exclusive conversion landing pages, making Neogara a top choice for affiliates seeking lucrative opportunities and excellent support.

Neogara Best Features – 

  • Specializes in Finance sector with direct offers.
  • Available in over thirty geographies.
  • High commission rates for affiliates.
  • User-friendly CRM with detailed reports.
  • Twice-weekly payouts via various methods.
  • Exclusive conversion landing pages for affiliates.
  • Responsive managers and special terms for partners.

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Conclusion: Best Crypto Ad Networks 2023

As the cryptocurrency market continues to thrive, crypto ad networks play a crucial role in connecting advertisers with their ideal audience and empowering affiliates to maximize their revenue streams.

With innovative features, advanced targeting options, and seamless payment methods, the best crypto ad networks are reshaping the advertising landscape within the industry.

Whether you are a cryptocurrency business seeking effective promotion or a webmaster looking to monetize your website, these networks offer a reliable and rewarding platform to achieve your goals.

By leveraging the power of crypto ad networks, businesses can enhance their brand visibility and reach while affiliates can capitalize on their traffic to unlock new opportunities in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

Embrace the future of advertising with these exceptional crypto ad networks and stay at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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