10 Best Australia Proxy Providers 2023: Which Proxy Is The Best?

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Proxies have been helpful in many facets of business for a long time. There is a wide variety of applications, and some businesses simply could not function without proxies.

Personal usage of proxies has been more prevalent in recent years. The need for proxies from specified nations is one item that hasn’t changed and is really increasing.

You can probably get away with using proxies from a variety of different countries for most projects, but there are always exceptions. What if you need Australian proxies but have no idea where to look?

This article is a great place to begin. Our team has selected what we believe to be the top Australian proxy service providers currently available.

To provide you with more options, we’ve listed paid and free proxy services.

10 Best Australia Proxy Providers 2023

Here is our list of the finest Australian proxies to help you determine which service is ideal for you.

1. Oxylabs

About 70 million residential proxies in Oxylabs’ worldwide network cover every nation and major metropolis on the planet. Proxy servers may be targeted not only by country or region but also by ASN (autonomous system number).

You’ll need to manually modify this address to incorporate targeting criteria since these residential IP addresses use backconnect gateway servers.

Oxylabs Overview

Oxylabs claims that their residential proxies include mobile IP addresses as well, however, the company does not provide you the option to choose which IP address type to use for your work.

These home proxies will rotate IP addresses at your request to avoid being blocked. The proxy service also offers fixed, unchanging IP addresses for residential users, which it acquires straight from ISPs.

Oxylabs claims to have the most powerful and reliable proxies for use in both commercial data centers and private homes.


2. Marsproxies

Marsproxies is a leading provider of private sneaker proxies, that offers a range of options including Ultra Residential Proxies, Mars ISP Proxies (Residential), and Mars Obsidian Proxies (Datacenter).

Marsproxies’ premium proxy network allows you to get uninterrupted access to the web with no restrictions, geo-blocks, or CAPTCHAs.


In addition to sneaker proxies, Marsproxies also offers shopping proxies, which are ideal for personal use and businesses owners looking to bypass online shopping limitations and shop anywhere they want.

They have thousands of unbanned IP addresses and authentic proxies that can keep your identity concealed. This makes Marsproxies one of the top choices for online activities such as copping sneakers, shopping, scraping, gaming, and more.

Marsproxies specializes in providing datacenter and residential proxies for specific uses. Their network includes 137,270 genuine India proxy servers and continues to grow. Each IP offers great security and customization for a secure and unrestricted online experience.

Overall, if you’re looking for fast and reliable proxies, you should definitely consider Marsproxies as your top choice. With a range of options and industry-leading features, they offer a premium proxy experience.

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3. High Proxies

HighProxies is an excellent replacement for SquidProxies since it displays the total number of proxies available to users.

They have only one datacenter in Sydney, but it’s fully equipped with high-quality gear and linked to gigabit internet, so speed is never a problem.

HighProxies Overview

The number of Australian proxies, 1024, is not very large but should be sufficient in most situations.

Shared and private proxies, in addition to a variety of pricing tiers, provide you with a good selection of options at prices that are competitive with those of similar services.

High Proxies, like the previous supplier, does not provide a free trial; instead, you must buy a package and then use the money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service within three days.


4. Soax

Soax is the residential proxy that everyone uses. This isn’t a well-regarded Australia-based proxy service, and it’s easy to understand why: their pool of over 4,000 proxies isn’t exactly outstanding.

Soax is an excellent option until you require thousands of proxies because of its low price. The low cost of the proxies itself and the fact that you just have to pay for the ports themselves aren’t the only things that set this supplier apart, however.

Soax Overview

Unfortunately, only Soax lets you buy proxies by the day, which is a huge advantage over its rivals. The packages come with capped transfer speeds, as is typical with residential proxies.

You may try out the proxies for free for an hour, but the trial period is limited.


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5. Smartproxy

Residential and commercial data center proxies are available via Smartproxy. More than half a million of their pool’s dynamic residential IP addresses are located in Australia.

While this is unfortunate since it increases the likelihood of encountering blacklisted IPs, the provider’s quick IP address rotation process mitigates this risk.

Smartproxy Overview

While Smartproxy’s plans have no limits on the total number of concurrent threads, their bandwidth does. You may choose a proxy from the available backconnect gateway servers directly from your dashboard.

By default, Smartproxy lists all gateways for all supported countries and localities. Proxy lists may be made more manageable by filtering them based on criteria like location and session type (rotating vs. persistent).

The dashboard will then show the appropriate proxy gateway for your programs and software.


6. Bright Data

At first glance, Bright Data’s huge proxy pool of more than 72 million IP addresses is a glaring feature. The service offers several proxy options.

The service offers both dynamic and static IP addresses, the latter of which are pools of six to one hundred residential addresses that have never previously been linked to your desired domain.

Overview Of Bright Data

In addition to traditional home IPs, Bright Data now offers mobile IPs, which are more costly but more robust and capable of dealing with highly demanding targets.

Bright Data’s support for ASN (Autonomous System Number) in addition to the more common country, state, and city targeting options is great if you need to pinpoint accuracy.

Proxy Manager is a free, open-source program that may be used on Windows, macOS, and Linux to connect to its proxies.

The Proxy Manager allows you to set up rules for IP rotation, blacklist IP addresses that consistently provide poor results, and save bandwidth consumption by sending non-proxied requests directly to your network.


7. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies caters to individuals and smaller businesses who choose affordability over a full suite of features given by the industry’s major hitters in the proxy market.

The service provider offers a variety of proxy options, including rotating residential proxies, private dedicated proxies with IPs from data centers, and backconnect rotating proxies with a hybrid set of IPs.

Storm Proxies Overview

All of Storm Proxies’ proxies come with unlimited bandwidth, which is the service’s best feature.

Instead, it has rotating residential proxies with pricing based on the number of ports, backconnect rotating proxies with plans based on the number of concurrent connections, and private dedicated proxies with a limit on the number of IP addresses per account.

Up to fifty connections may be made at once to each port.


8. KProxy

A fantastic feature of KProxy is that it allows you to use the proxy on school, university, or business computers by providing a browser-based service, a Chrome or Firefox extension, and a portable version of Firefox pre-installed with the extension.

Just choose a remote server (the free edition offers several options in Montreal and Munich) and hit the ‘Connect’ button to have the add-on installed in no time. The use of encrypted HTTPS connections is allowed.

KProxy- Best Australia Proxy Providers

However, there are some restrictions: your 300MB data limit means that you may only browse for three hours at a time If you hit this limit, you’ll be prompted to switch to a paid plan, but you can always take a 30-minute break and come back for free.


9. VPNBook

VPNBook, in addition to providing its namesake VPN service, also provides a free SSL-encrypted web proxy that may be used to access the web anonymously.

You may manually choose a proxy server location (the US, UK, France, or Canada) or let the proxy select one for you. In our tests, VPNBook consistently outperformed the competition while maintaining a stealthy banner and address bar.

VPNBook Overview

As an added bonus, it allows HTTPS connections and disables adverts and other programmed features from websites, which may be beneficial for privacy (though we’d appreciate a choice).

Note that VPNBook stores online activity logs that may be used to report illegal activity, but that these logs are deleted automatically after one week.

VPNBook is not without flaws, but it is a good option because of its speed, simplicity, and open logging policy.


10. Hidester

Use Hidester’s proxy service to surf the web anonymously and keep prying eyes at bay. There is no setup or registration required to use Hidester.

You may access any page on the site by visiting it from any computer or mobile device and entering the desired URL in the appropriate form.

Hidester- Best Australia Proxy Providers

By default, it uses servers in the United States, but you may change it so that it uses servers in Europe. Hidester also has a number of tools that protect users’ anonymity.

It removes JavaScript and encrypts URLs by default. By default, it allows cookies, but you may turn them off if you really want to ruin your browsing experience.

When you’re done with your proxy session, though, you may clear your cookies using the Hidester bar at the top of the page.

In addition, a drop-down menu of configurable parameters allows you to change the browser’s referrer string. The business claims that no logs of your visits are kept and that they have full administrative control over their servers.


11. Squid Proxies

SquidProxies, based in Australia, is the first proxy service on today’s list. The fact that this service provider publishes a list of the countries from which it operates proxies without disclosing the actual proxy numbers is the primary gripe its customers have with it.

We are aware that proxies exist in Australia, although the exact number is unknown. Other than that, it’s relatively standard fare for data center suppliers.

Squid Proxies Overview

No matter which kind of Australian proxy you buy, private or shared, you’ll have access to unlimited data transfer. The pricing table is reasonable, and the costs are about par for the service provided.

For a certain sum, you may buy a set number of proxies, and in exchange, you’ll have access to a set number of subnets and cities. All proxies have built-in Gigabit Ethernet.

In order to prevent misuse, SquidProxies does not provide any form of free trial. You’ll have to buy a package and then request a refund if you’re unhappy with it.

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Conclusion: Best Australia Proxy Providers 2023

If you have an Australian IP address, you can trick websites into thinking you’re in Australia while you’re really somewhere else.

Australia proxies may be purchased from many different services, not just the ones we’ve already mentioned.

Even if there isn’t a huge market for Australian proxies, you can still find a few service providers that provide them. We produced this list of the top ones so that you can make an informed decision.

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