10 Best SOCKS5 Proxy 2023: (Cheap & Premium)

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Need help finding the most reliable SOCKS proxy service?

You have landed at the right place as here you will get to read about my top recommendations, including the five data center providers and the best residential providers.

Although there are a variety of proxies available, the most popular ones are SOCKS and HTTPS Proxies, and the best proxy services handle both of them.

SOCKS5 is an upgraded and more secure version of the SOCK protocol, while HTTPS is the protected and better version of HTTP.

First, though, we will get to know about SOCKS5 proxies in general.

What Is a SOCKS Proxy?

A SOCKS proxy is low-level and not designed for a specific protocol, unlike an HTTPS proxy which is designed for a specific protocol.

Unlike HTTPS, which is designed for TCP connections, SOCKS proxy uses both TCP and UDP. Their speed is due to the fact that they rely on UDP connections, which do not require sending data at once.

Proxygather, Socklist, and Proxyfish are free socks proxies, but also comes with risks. Due to the direct connection between you and the proxy’s owners, your password may be disclosed to them if they choose to do so. 

If you find that the free socks proxies aren’t adequate for your needs, we’d like to recommend a few paid alternatives.

Top 10 Best SOCKS5 Proxy 2023

An in-depth analysis of the best SOCKS5 proxy is provided below.

1. Microleaves

  • IP Pool Size: Over 26 million
  • Locations: 130 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $125 monthly for 10 ports

Microleaves have one the largest proxy network with a pool of more than 26 million residential IP addresses.

Overview Of Microleaves - Best SOCKS5 Proxy

Their domestic backconnect proxies are top-notch. Microleaves stands out from the competition in the residential proxy market by including an unlimited number of proxies with each proxy package.

The SOCKS5 protocol is supported by their proxies. Their proxies work with a wide variety of popular destinations, including social media, retail, and stock exchange sites.

2. Proxyrack

  • IP Pool Size: undisclosed
  • Locations: 140 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $15 for a month

Proxyrack has established a solid customer base in the residential proxy industry, with more than 3,000 users. At the present moment, Proxyrack processes around 800 million API calls every day.

They have access to a big pool of IP addresses. Because of this, and the fact that they work in over 140 different countries, rotating IPs save time and money.

Proxyrack Overview - Best SOCKS5 Proxy

You can choose their sticky proxies as an alternative to rotating proxies. They offer genuine help with technical issues. Both the HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols can be used with their proxies.

3. Bright Data

  • IP Pool Size: Over 40 million
  • Locations: All countries in the world
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Starts at 40GB
  • Cost: Starts at $500 monthly for 40GB

There is no better proxy service than Bright Data. The residential proxy network, the on-the-go proxy network, and the data center proxy network are all in their possession.

With more than 40 million residential proxies, they have the largest proxy network.

Bright Data Overview

I use Bright Data since their sticky proxies are the most reliable option for keeping sessions alive for extended periods of time. You won’t find a better dashboard than theirs anywhere

While their proxy manager is the sole place to use these proxies, they are quite pricey and may not be the ideal option if you are on a tight budget.

4. Proxy-Cheap

  • IP Pool Size: Over 6+ million
  • Locations: 127 countries
  • Randomize/Session IPs
  • Cost: Starts at $50 for 10 GB

Proxy-Cheap provides support for more than 127 countries, making it a truly global service. Over 6 million IP addresses are available for use in their residential IP pool.

It’s priced similarly to Luminati, in that bandwidth determines the cost rather than a monthly fee.

Proxy-Cheap Overview - Best SOCKS5 Proxy

Their brand name aside, they are a lot less expensive than residential proxies offered by competitors who charge by the amount of bandwidth used.

Their proxies are high-quality and work with both HTTPS and SOCKS5. When used for web scraping and automation, they perform admirably.

5. Infatica

  • IP Pool Size: undisclosed
  • Locations: over 100
  • Concurrency Allowed: 500 Threads
  • Cost: Starts at $399 monthly for 8000 proxies

It’s a global proxy network selling proxies for mobile devices, residents, and data centers.

Sticky proxies keep your session alive for a certain amount of time, whereas high-rotation proxies swap out their IP address with each request you make, both of which are available to you.

Infatica Overview

And the costs associated with their proxies are not cheap either. Before committing to a membership, you may try out their proxies for free to see if they work with your setup.

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6. Blazing Proxies

  • Locations: 9 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threads
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: Start at $6 for a month

Blazing SEO’s private proxies allow you to bypass filters and surf the web freely.

Their proxies, like many others in the datacenter, have no limits on the number of threads you can establish or the amount of data you can transfer, making them ideal if you anticipate needing to make extensive use of both resources.

Blazing SEO Proxy

It’s crucial that their proxies work with the SOCKS5 protocol. The number nine (9) is the number of nations where they have agents working as proxies.

In addition to being lightning quick, their proxies also use fresh IP addresses.

7. ProxySeller

  • Locations: 6 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.59 per 10 proxies for a month

ProxySeller has both IPv4 and IPv6 proxies available. Their proxies serve several functions, including SEO, social media automation, gaming, and general web browsing.

ProxySeller Overview

Their proxies are inexpensive and may be found in a variety of places. ProxySeller provides private proxies (both SOCKS5 and HTTPS) with a guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime.

8. Proxy Bonanza

  • Locations: 107 countries
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $59 per 10 proxies for a month

If you’re looking for a proxy service, don’t be fooled by the term “Bonanza” in the name of this one; I find their proxies to be somewhat pricey in comparison to other, similarly-performing options.

In spite of this, they have some of the best-performing proxies available. Their US proxies are the most valuable of the proxies they have in a total of 107.


If you want to get proxies from them, but are on a tight budget, your best bet is to opt for their shared proxies. The SOCKS5 protocol is supported by their proxies.

They offer add-ons for the most widely used browsers.

9. YourPrivateProxy

  • Locations: US and EU regions only
  • Concurrency Allowed: Up to 100 threads
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $1.49 per proxy for a month

Both residential and datacenter proxies are available from YourPrivateProxy, however, it is their datacenter proxies that we find particularly useful.

Expertly crafted proxies, often known as “high anonymity proxies,” are what they use. They help out with a lot of different protocols on the web, like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.

YourPrivateProxy Overview

They have data centers in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Before committing to one of their subscription services, you may try out one of their proxies for free for a whole day.

10. Proxy6

  • Locations: the US, and a few locations in Europe and Asia
  • Concurrency Allowed: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth Allowed: Unlimited
  • Cost: $0.45 per proxy for a month

Proxy6 is a widely used service that offers a special variety of proxies not offered anywhere else: IPv6 proxies.

When you make a purchase from them, you’ll be the only person who has access to their secret proxies. In addition to HTTPS, they also offer the SOCKS5 protocol.

Proxy6 Overview

Their IPv6 proxies are dirt cheap, and their IPv4 proxies are priced about average. They offer API and proxy servers in multiple countries.

You may buy proxies for as little as three days at a time, which is a nice perk. There are also weekly and monthly subscription options available.

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Conclusion: Best SOCKS5 Proxy 2023

In addition to the proxies mentioned above, there are many other proxy providers that provide compatible proxies.

My recommendation is not to pick anyone at random from the list.

To save yourself the hassle of having to ask for a refund, make sure the provider’s proxies will work according to your specific situation before moving through with your choice

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