Opt-In E-Mail Marketing For Newbies In 2023– Part 1 [Getting Started With Aweber]

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If you’re a newbie to the email marketing world, then this blog post is for you. You’ll find out how to create an email newsletter, what tools are necessary for success, and what mistakes not to make.

This blog post will also provide links on where you can learn more about email marketing so that your next campaign has a better chance of being successful.



If you’re looking for information on how to be successful with e-mail campaigns then this article is perfect for you!

Inside we cover everything from creating an opt-in list and choosing the right tools up through promoting your campaign and avoiding common pitfalls like forgetting trackable links or having too many ads per page which will turn off potential subscribers.

The type of E-Mail marketing I want to talk with you about and give you a general enough walkthrough so that you will feel comfortable giving this a try via the many available outlets to a blogger.

Why Is Email Marketing Important?

email marketing for newbies

Email marketing is a process of sending email messages to target customers and prospects in order to promote a product or service.

  • Email delivers higher ROI

Many companies see an increase in conversion rates by employing an email marketing strategy.

  • Email personalizes your message

Opportunities can’t be missed when using email marketing, because you are able to deliver personalized messages to every customer who subscribes to your newsletter.

  • 91% of online adults use email daily, according to Pew Research Center.
  • Email is the #1 communication channel: Did you know that at least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? That can’t be said of any other communication channel.
  • You own your list. On any social media platform, your account (along with all your fans and posts) could be suspended or deleted at any time, for any reason, without notice. However, you own your email list. No one can take those leads away from you.

My Personal Take On Email Marketing

First of all, I do not approve or condone any type of marketing that is not sought after in some form by the person looking for a product in the first place.

Spam is a very serious thing. The type I will be talking about is an opt-in mailing list. For instance, soon you will see a graphic located above my RSS subscription button on the right side of the site that essentially will say “click here to receive my free ebook” before you get it though I will ask for your first name and your email address.

Before I allow you to download my ebook you will have to confirm that you opted into this mailing list otherwise you will not be added and most certainly will not receive the ebook.

It is the best way to eliminate any unwanted or unsolicited email from sources otherwise unknown and sometimes even known.

As far as protecting myself as a marketer my autoresponder will capture your IP address, time of day, email, and first name, and then again after the confirmation.

This way should you file a spam complaint with your ISP I will have a verifiable way to prove that you opted into this mailing list.

Now as a way to seal the deal should you in the future decide that you do not want to receive mail from me any further included at the bottom of every message you will ever receive from me is a link to an automated unsubscribe page.

You can even choose to ban yourself from signing up with this same address in the future should there be any confusion. This is a wonderful way to protect the marketer; as well as, the consumer.

Once upon a time, when you sent an email message to join a mailing list, you got right on. These days, we have a lot of pranksters that like to sign up other people for mailing lists.

Sometimes signing up the same person to hundreds and thousands of mailing lists at the same time.

And we have computer viruses, like the Klez or MyDoom, that likes to send out an email with forged email addresses. And these viruses send out lots of forged messages.

When that message arrives at most mailing list servers, it will automatically subscribe to the person in the From line, even though that person did not send the email message.

In order to protect yourself and your reader from this, I suggest you run a double opt-in. In other words, they will put the name and email of their choice, and then submit and in return receive an email with a confirmation link that will activate the subscription and add them to your list.

Now that you know about what is considered a correct opt-in Email marketing list we can move on.

There are a few options in the email marketing world in terms of autoresponders. I will only really mention two of them.

Normally your hosting will come with some capability to do this work, but odds are you will not have a very high deliverability rate if any since the odds are not in your favor that you will be the only one ever to have tried this with them.

Aweber- Software For Email Marketing

aweber review

Isp’s and major datacenters can blacklist IPs and subnet’s just because of vast email traffic. Because of this I highly recommend you sign up with Aweber for all your autoresponder needs.

Despite the cheaper alternatives out there that will try to fool you about what they offer and how far you will be able to reach Aweber will deliver. Also, they offer a wonderful breakdown of your stats in the form of analytics which will help you target where and when in your sales letters your readers are clicking so you can promote smarter.

Aweber maintains relationships with the world’s top backbone providers, isp’s, etc. Because of this and their standard against spam, they are considered a whitelisted domain. If you were to attempt being whitelisted as they are you would have to have the money to back it and more than likely the reputation as well.

Aweber is a pay-for-use host, but when considering if you want a reputation that is above reproach as an email marketer your choices will be limited as Aweber is the king of that mountain.

So no you have some form of list marketing host, and you know how and why you need to double opt-in your clients.

Let’s move along on how to capture these leads. As you have by now guessed you can offer a free gift to your potential lead in exchange for their email address and opting in.

While some marketers mail daily you may find that this is not the best way to gain loyalty amongst your subscribers, fewer products at the right pricepoint and niche works much better than just mailing daily on whatever product you can get your hands on.

Take the time to write a great pre-sales letter after all your mail is essentially buttering them up for clicking the tracking link from your autoresponder to the affiliate product or even your own product.

Treat the people on your lists no matter the niche just the way you would want to be. This is not a get-rich-quick class and I will not tell you that your subscribers are worth $1 a day in sales. To me, this is the worst possible way to treat someone who has essentially asked to be a part of your sales program.

This is as easy as it is to do even if daily takes a bit of writing to explain some of the finer points.

I plan to cover the most effective ways to capture leads, joint venture giveaways, and then in part three tackle the presales execution and tracking your clicks.

At the end of this series, you should feel confident enough to set up an Aweber account and mail your first product and start earning some income.

Features of Aweber

aweber features- E-Mail Marketing For Newbies

– Aweber’s emails will automatically resize based on the device the subscriber is using to view the message, whether it’s a desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

– Data Segmentation – AWeber users can segment data based on the contents of any field in their database and user.

– Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all your subscribers are receiving important messages from you at just the right time.

– Have time to focus on what’s most important.

– Send messages that get opened, clicked, and shared.

– Maintain a conversation with your customers to build loyalty and trust.

– Give your customers what they want without being overbearing or intrusive.

Pros & Cons of Aweber 

Pros of Aweber

Aweber is easy to use and has a ton of features. When you sign up, you get these features:

-Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

-Blog and lead capture forms

Ecommerce integrations to sell products through your email marketing campaign.

# -Ability to send simple one-time email broadcasts to engage audiences and sell more products or services.

# -The ability to segment subscribers based on tags, so that you can reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

# -Over 6,000 free-to-use stock images.

# -Email templates that are modern, mobile-friendly, and customizable for each campaign.

The downsides are that Aweber isn’t very visual. It’s all text and a few icons.

Cons of Aweber

The only downside to Aweber I’ve found is the cost. It’s cheaper than other email service providers, but it’s more expensive than some other autoresponder tools.

Quick Links

Conclusion- E-Mail Marketing For Newbies 2023

If you’re looking for a host that will help your email marketing efforts, there are a few options.

Aweber is not only the most popular option, but it also has a reputation for being above reproach when it comes to delivering great results and managing emails from start to finish.

With this in mind, we hope you find their pricing plans attractive enough to get started with them today! Which of these benefits have convinced you that they’re worth getting started?

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