How JetSmarter Is Making Luxury Travel More Accessible

Through a new age disruption in private aviation sector, JetSmarter has lately been making waves. Also known as ‘Uber for Private Jets’, the company is working towards making flying charter easier than ever.

Founded in 2012, JetSmarter has surpassed its peers in client engagement as well as in generating funding. Backed by the likes of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and the Saudi Royals, the company is one of the flag bearers of sharing economy in private aviation sector.

Ever since it was started, JetSmarter, the brainchild of Sergey Petrossov, has made it to the headlines, owing to its unique ‘all you can fly’ business model and social aviation, along with its aim of making luxury travel an accessible thing by promoting the practice of purchasing empty legs on underutilized private jets. The approach seems to be working pretty well since ‘private jet’ and ‘class’ go hand in hand.

JetSmarter has come up as an amazing alternative for those who want to escape the hassle and the inconvenience of commercial flights. This has not only given rise to a new market, but also to a new society of globetrotters who are willing to opt for something better, without having to burn a hole in their pocket.

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Currently, the company offers on a members-only basis, which means that one has to get a JetSmarter membership before reaping the amazing services the company has to offer, namely Charter Broking, shared Charter, Shared Shuttles and Jet Deals.

JetSmarter members get free shared flights, on which they can reserve up to two seats in advance. The members are also provided with two tokens for booking flights on using the JetSmarter app. Once the flight is completed, the tokens can be used again on the flight after refreshing the app.

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At present, JetSmarter offers the following membership plans to its customers:

  1. Pay As You Go: One has to pay for every flight after choosing the default trial membership when he downloads and registers in the app.
  2. Smart Membership: The Smart membership costs $15,000 a year. The annual membership fee is reduced to $13,000 in the second year. Apart from the ‘fly all you can’ benefits, Smart membership also comes with two token which could be used while booking flights.
  • Simple Membership: As the name suggests, the Simple membership is the simpler and cheaper alternative for those who think shelling out 15 grand is way too much. Priced at just $5,000 a year, simple membership comes with one token which could be used while booking flights.

Through its innovative business model, JetSmarter aims at growing convenience and ease of access in private aviation industry which, the company claims, will only get better with time. According to JetSmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov, the company was started to bridge the gap between the increasing demand and limited supply of private aviation solutions.

The rise of JetSmarter has provided a liberating factor to the wild and effervescent world of private aviation. The company has brought about quite a revolution in the industry, without compromising with efficiency, accessibility and affordability. One of the company’s chief goals has remained to provide more control and customization to the customers, which could clearly be seen in its operations.

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