How To Get Windows Movie Maker On Windows 10 2023?

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If you have upgraded your system to Windows 10 then you might be missing Windows Movie Maker. If yes, then this article will let you know how to get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10?  For your kind information, Windows Movie Maker is a video editing program developed by Microsoft.

So, let’s dive into this topic.

How to Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10?

Since Windows Movie Maker doesn’t come inbuilt in Windows 10 and cannot be found at some relevant sources either. So, you must be eager to know from where to get access to it.

To give you a slight hint, let me tell you that you can get access to it using Windows Essentials. We will provide you the appropriate links.

So, in case if you are figuring out how to get a Windows movie maker for Windows 1o then this article will give you a perfect solution for it. Additionally, you will also get to know what are the best alternatives of Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10.

So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started:

Step #1: In this very first step, you are required to go to the Windows Essentials link which can be found easily at the official website of Microsoft. For your convenience, you can follow the link which will take you straight to the Windows Essentials page.

With Windows Essentials, you can not only get access to the Windows movie maker but also Windows live mail, one drive, photo gallery, and others.

Unfortunately, if you are reading this article after January 10, 2017, then you won’t be able to make use of this Windows Essentials feature as Microsoft is closing down the support for Windows Essentials Suite, 2012.

In that case, you can also skim this section and navigate to the best alternatives of Windows Movie Maker discussed later in the article.

So, by now, you must have clicked on the link provided at the initial stage of this step. If yes, then you need to head towards the download section and then click on the “download options.”
windows essential

In the subsequent window, you will be provided with the download now link as well as the system requirements link.

download now tab

Step #2: So, by now, we assume that you have Windows Essentials suite 2012 downloaded on your system. Now, you need to install the Windows application on your system. To do so, you need to click on the executable file which you have just downloaded in step 1.

This will open a dialog box asking for permissions. Just do the required and the system will begin downloading the essentials. Once the process is done, you will now have the Windows Movie Maker along with several other applications.

During the installation process, you will be allowed to select only those programs which you want. So, you can unselect all the undesired programs while the process of installation is up.

select programs

So, this is how you can get Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10?

Now, the question is how to use Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10? If this is the question, you are seeking your answer for then the following section will give you a basic understanding of using Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10.

We won’t be diving much deeper into this as this is not our primary concern in this article. This section is just to give you an elementary idea of using Windows Movie Maker.

Step #1: The first step is quite obvious, all that you need to do is to launch the Windows Movie Maker application. You can do it likewise any opening any other location. If you have done the mentioned, then you are good to go to the next step.

windows movie maker

Step #2: Noe, you must have landed at the Windows Movie Maker dashboard. To start a new project, you need to go to the file option and then select a new project from the menu that follows. Also, save the project with any recognizable name along with the destination folder.

Step #3: Now, you have your new project which is as of now empty. So, the Window which you must be seeing has three main sections. The one at the right corner is the storyboard or timeline window. The one just left to it is the preview window and the one at the top is the Ribbon which comprises the options.

This is like your workbook.

Step #4: To import any video, all that you require doing is to click on the file and then navigate to the “import from device” option. This will ask you to browse the specific folder for the desired video file. Once done, click on open and the video will be uploaded to your dashboard and you can now perform the manipulations.

One can also import pictures and audio. So, this is the elementary idea of how to use Windows Movie Maker.

The next thing which we will be discussing is “The Best alternatives of Windows Movie Maker.”

The first one in this list goes as “Filmora.” It is quite a simple yet powerful tool that lets you edit your videos in a creative manner. So, if you are looking for some best alternatives to Windows Movie Maker, then you should go with Filmora.


Above all, if you want to give a professional touch to your videos then you should go with Adobe Premiere Pro along with Adobe After effects. It is the best software product for video editing available as of now. It might be hard to learn at the starting but eventually, you will definitely feel the power.

So, this was all about How to Get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10 We hope that this might have helped you in your quest of using Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10.

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