SmartNews for PC – How To Download SmartNews On PC (Windows)?

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Today’s world entirely runs on mobile phones and laptops and, most importantly, the internet.

We are most likely to miss out on the news these days because lets be honest, waiting for TV or newspapers or even radio stations to bring us the story is too old fashion for this fast running world that we live in every day.

Smartnews for PC is the app that we all need to stay updated with the news media. 

What is SmartNews? 

Smartnews for PC is an award-winning application that is your mirror to this world.

It is the best news providing app for PC that keeps you updated with the world’s ongoing news and current affairs. It is compatible to be installed on Windows as well as on Mac.

How To Download SmartNews for PC?

Here are some easy and quick steps that you need to follow in order to install Smartnews on windows. 

Smartnews for PC

Method 1: Install SmartNews for PC using Bluestacks. 

  • To install Smartnews for PC for windows 8, 9, or 10, you will need an Android emulator. 
  • Download Bluestacks android emulator first.
  • Now, open Play Store on Bluestacks and search for Smartnews for PC.
  • Once you find the app, click download. 
  • A shortcut on Bluestacks gets created once Smartnews for PC gets downloaded.  
  • Now you can launch the SmartNews app on your PC and enjoy it on your computer! 

Bluestacks - Smartnews for PC

Method 2: Install SmartNews for PC using NOX.

  • Download the NOX emulator on your Windows 8, 9, or 10 PC.
  • Open the downloaded file of NOX then select the installer file.
  • Double click on the installer file.
  • The installation will start. Wait till the installation gets complete.
  • Once installed, open the NOX App player and connect your google account to it.
  • Open Playstore from the screen and then search for Smartnews for PC.
  • Once you find it, click install.
  • Now you can use the Smartnews for PC app. 

You can even install Smartnews for Mac using the same process.

Nox - Smartnews on PC

Overview of SmartNews for PC

Smartnews for PC is an award winner for the best app in 2013. It is the best news app that brings you the latest breaking news around the world. 

Smartnews reviews and provides you with different categories of your interest. You can select categories which suit you like sports or entertainment or political news and more. 

If you don’t like a specific category and prefer not to receive any notifications, you can easily mute that category. 

This app works even works in offline mode and lets you enjoy reading news that the app has pre-downloaded for you. It loads very fast to download the news for the offline mode.

It has some default categories, and you get news from those categories. You can even find them according to your niche and also change your preferences. 

Key Features of SmartNews on PC

Smartnews for PC is an award-winning app with over 50 million and more readers worldwide. 

It gets the breaking news faster than any other news app.

Smartnews provides you with news from the most reliable sources like USA Today, CNN, BBC News, Vice, The Verge, Reuters, and many more.

You can read the news offline and even browse the news headline quickly.

Please turn on the readability mode to read the news headlines and their details in a more convenient way. 

Why Should SmartNews Be On Your PC?

If you are a person who usually indulges in using your PC or laptop, you would not want to check your phone to stay updated.

It will be like driving a car and using your phone to check the time. But won’t it be great if your car shows you the time by itself? 

The same way, Smartnews gets you the latest news on your PC while you are using it, and you don’t have to use your phone and google to know about what’s happening around you. 

If you work in a news media agency, then you know you rarely have the time to Google the news.

That’s why you need Smartnews for PC, and it keeps you updated all the time with the latest breaking news around the world.


Q. What is SmartNews for PC, and who is behind it?

A. Smartnews is an award-winning news app that provides its users with news from all over the world in the fastest way possible. SmartNews Inc owns it and their board members include Ken Suzuki, Ken Kutaragi. Their executive team includes Youlin Li. 

Q. Is SmartNews for pc legit?

A. Yes, Smartnews is an entirely legal app that provides news from all over the world.

Their news is entirely curated through foolproof machine systems which makes them a trustworthy source. 

The news app derives news by using almost 3,000 authentic sources, and it has seen 200 percent growth year-over-year in the US.

Q. Does SmartNews for pc have a website? 

A. Yes, Smart news app has their website which is 

Q. How does SmartNews for pc make money?

A. Smart news app is a publisher friendly app which does not cost publishers for posting ads.

They make money by establishing partnerships with popular and well-known publishers. They get some shares of the revenue generated by the organic traffic on the website. 

Conclusion: SmartNews for PC

We love to stay updated about what’s happening around us all the time.

SmartNews makes it easy to get news 24/7 on your laptop even when you’re working, so you never miss any of the recent news.

This app is not just smart by its name but also smart with its user-friendly features. 

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