How To Find Ringtones For iPhone 2023? Step-By-Step Process

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As owning an iPhone defines your choice, so does the ringtone you set for the phone. Choosing the right ringtone is very important to keep a good impression in public life.

Are you facing problems with,  how to make ringtones for iPhone? Then you are exactly at the right place to find a solution.

find you ringtone - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

Continue reading to know how to get free ringtones for iPhone, with us.

By GarageBand App

This is a new app for choosing a suitable ringtone for iPhone. This app is free for new devices and for old apple users, they would have to buy it from the App Store. Downloading this app is so easy. It is basically used to make and edit music or tunes from a song.

Follow the steps below to proceed.

Step 1.

At first, you need to download and install the GarageBand app on your device.


Step 2.

Get the song which one you want as your ringtone. You may either download it or choose it from music files.

Step 3.

Now open the app and swipe left to get the Audio Recorder option. Tap on recorder

Step 4.

After this, we need to open the settings of the recorder. Go to the upper right corner of the page. It will see a Gear button there. Select it in order to open the settings of the recorder.

Step 5.

Then go to the tab named Song,

Step 6.

Under that tab find an option named Metronome with a file or toggle switch. Toggle it off or flip it off.toggle off - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

Step 7.

Then select the Done button.

Step 8.

On the upper left corner there is a small arrow, tap on it to open new options.

Step 9.

Select the Instruments menu to open it.

Step 10.

Once again, you have to tap on the Audio Recorder button.  A new button will appear to you which you will find beside the arrow on the upper left side.

Step 11.

Then you will have to tap on the new button in order to open track view. This will open a blank chart.

Step 12.

Next, tap on the ‘+’ button which is under the Gear button in the top right corner.button - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

Step 13.

You will see numbers on the bar, change them from 8 to 30 if you want to set a  ringtone for 30 sec.set number

Step 14.

Then tap on the “Loop” button which is at the top of the screen.loop


Step 15.

After that, tap on the Music tab - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

Your iTunes music library will be opened by this. You can choose from any song you like which is downloaded to your iPhone if the song is not copy-protected.

Step 16.

Then press and hold the song you have chosen. It will return to the chart with the song highlighted and hold song

Step 17.

Then drag the highlighted song to the Microphone chart to import the song.

Step 18.

Resize the song by dragging the left edge of the track.edit your ringtone - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

Step 19.

Play the resized song to test it.

Step 20.

Save the ringtone clip to the GarageBand song list by tapping on the arrow in the upper left corner and then select ‘My Songs’.my songs

Step 21.

Then tap on the select button then tap on the new song. the song will be song

Step 22. 

On tapping the ‘Share’ button, a pop-up display of the standard iOS menu will appear.share button - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

Step 23.

Tap on “Ringtone>Export”. This converts your song into an iPhone ringtone and adds it to your Tones library.export

Step 24.

Select your ringtone on your iPhone. Go to Settings>Sound and select the ringtone of your preference.sounds - How To Find Ringtones For iPhone

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Conclusion | How To Find Ringtones For iPhone?

This is all about how to get free ringtones for iPhone. Basically, a ringtone is set to get notified by it. Make sure about the purpose which it is set for and your ringtone does not become the reason for others’ irritation.

If you frequently change your ringtones, you can do a little bit of experiment with it. There are various apps available for cutting or adding or mixing music out of various songs.

When you are a happy-go-lucky person or you don’t feel like changing your ringtone at least once a year, then you must choose a track of soft music or a track which is loved by most people including you.


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