Blogging as a Hobby Vs Blogging as a Business.

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Hey guys my name is Aishwar Babber and I’ve been blogging for the past 2 years and today I’m gonna share a valuable lesson that I learned in my 2 years journey of blogging.

I’m going to tell you what is the main difference between Blogging as a Hobby vs Blogging as a business.

So let’s get started.

There aren’t any differences when it comes to blogging as a Hobby and Blogging as a business but surely there are some differences which we will discuss below.

So first things first. what do you think in your mind when you hear or see the word Blogging?

Is it for helping people? is it sharing your knowledge? Is it for money or something else?

See you got to be very clear on your mind on what is blogging and why you need to do it before even starting the debate of Blogging as a hobby vs Blogging as a career.

If you already know what is blogging then fine but if you want to know what is blogging then you can learn blogging from scratch from here.

Blogging as a Hobby

Blogging as a Hobby

Everyone should start blogging as a hobby when they are starting out, because when you write about something that you love, then it doesn’t feel like you are working. You enjoy the process of blogging and you love to share your knowledge with the world.

While on the other hand if you start a blog just to write that you don’t like them it’s going to be hard for you to keep up with your Blogging Endeavours.

So that is why everyone should start a blog as a hobby.

Blogging is not something that you can fake, when your readers will read your content then it will be clearly felt in your writing style that you didn’t put much effort to make the copy good.

Sure everyone wants to earn money from their blog, I too want it but it doesn’t mean that I can just put out content just for the sake of writing content, and making money.

You have to Genuinely Develop an interest in your niche, then you won’t feel like you are doing some boring work.

Developing an interest towards your blogging niche is the key to success, when you Develop interest towards your niche, then you will love to write more and more about your niche, you will try to cover everything about your niche, you will love to help people through your blog, you will build a true and genuine community around your niche.

Sounds good? That’s how much of importance Your Interest towards your Niche holds, everything will happen in the right time, you just have to be patient and stay true to yourself and your blog’s Niche and lastly, you gotta fall in love with your niche.

When you love your blog’s niche, writing content in your blog becomes your hobby and hobby is something that we love doing.

What’s better than writing about something that you love and get paid for it?

When you love your blog, your blog will love you back.

Your blog will reward you money, community, and anything that it deserves as a fruit, you just have to keep watering the plant and when the right time comes, it will give fruitful rewards.

And when you see some returns coming in from your hobby blog efforts then you start to put in more efforts and more efforts ultimately mean more results.

And when you put your n kore efforts you won’t feel like you are working very hard because that’s something you love.

You just have to fall in love with the process, whether it’s success or failure you gotta love everything in the process because everything teaches us something in some or the other way.

That is why Everyone should start Blogging as a hobby and fall in love with their Blog’s Niche.

That’s the formula for success in blogging.

Blogging as a Business

Blogging as a Hobby

Like I said at the beginning of this post, there are no significant differences when it comes to blogging as a hobby and blogging as a business.

But when we talk about blogging as a business we are specifically talking about Business values too like profitability, return on investments, etc.

When you are blogging as a business, Usually, you won’t write something that doesn’t benefit your blog in some or the other way. but when you are blogging as a hobby you write it anyway because it’s your hobby and you love writing about it.

When we do blogging for business, it doesn’t matter if the niche or topic of the blog is something that interests us or not, we just focus on our blog as a business perspective.

When you do blogging as a business you still have to learn and know a little bit about your niche, because if you don’t know about your niche then you will find it hard to write articles in your niche and you will quit Blogging eventually.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the Blogs that are focused on business too are really successful blogs but there are very few of them.

And many businesses have a blog section on Their website to continuously reach 100’s and 1000’s of people organically, a blog is a great place to do content marketing.

If you are blogging for business you have to consistently put out content in order to keep your blog alive or you gotta hire someone who is passionate about your blog’s niche so as to keep the flow of content on your blog.

The only difference between a hobby blog and a business blog is that hobby blogs aren’t much serious about Their blog they write whatever they feel like writing, but business blogs are very careful about everything that goes in their blog, business blog’s take care of the content quality, quality of the images being used, the marketing efforts of the blog content, and there is a lot of other stuff.

Conclusion of Blogging as a Hobby Vs Blogging as a Business

Blogging as a HobbyBlogging as a Business
• You Write about your hobby on your blog.• You write about topics related to your business or niche
• You write because it is your hobby and you love to write about your hobby.• You Write because its related to your business and writing those blog posts will either help your business to grow or make you money.
• Hobby Bloggers are not so much focused on Money they just enjoy the process and love writing about topics in their niche.• People who do blogging for business, their whole focus is money, and they refrain from writing something that’s not going to make them money or make their brand grow.
• Hobby Bloggers are not very serious about their blog but this doesn’t mean that they don’t pay attention to their blog.• People who do blogging for business are serious about their blog and they invest a lot of money on their blogs like investing in a premium theme, investing in good hosting, investing in proper tools, etc.
• Hobby Bloggers can write endless articles about their niche because they love doing it and they don’t fall short on ideas to write something.• Business bloggers can fall short on ideas because they don’t genuinely love their niche and if you don’t love your niche then you will naturally refrain from doing research on the niche of your blog and you will not write articles because writing something that you don’t love will feel like homework that you have to do forcefully.

My Suggestion is that If you are just starting out your first blog then start with a hobby blog, write about something that you love, and care about then It will become your hobby after some time and everything will start rolling in slowly, If it started generating some revenue then you can slowly transition your hobby blog into a full-time business blog.

But if you’re an advanced person and know the In’s and out’s of Blogging then you can start blogging in any niche you want and can hire writers for those blogs.

Blogging as a Hobby

What should be your first Blog?

Start your blog around a topic that you are genuinely interested in because after sometime you will feel bored writing articles in your niche or you will not fin ideas and eventually quit so its better to start a blog around a topic or niche that you genuinely interested and passionate about.

Learn How To Find a Profitable Niche For Your Blog

What is the main difference between a hobby blog and a business blog?

The main difference is that hobby blogs are not too serious about their blogging endeavours but business blogs are very serious about whatever that goes into their blog.

Who should start a Blog?

Anyone can start a blog, there’s no such thing like only a specific person can start a blog etc. but one thing that you should keep in mind is that Blogs are Text rich content platforms that’s why you should fall in love with writing if you wish to start a blog.

How much money is required to start Blogging?

You can start your blog in less than $100.

Learn How to start your blog.

Aishwar Babber

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    This is really an informative as well as useful post. Thanks for sharing your valuable words. I really liked and appreciate the way you have put these things as yes very well mentioned though there aren’t any huge difference between blogging as a hobby and blogging as a business but still needs to figure out the small things that affects.

    Yes I completely agree with you Tarun, everyone who wants to start their career in blogging should start it as a hobby as you really enjoy the complete process and love to share your knowledge without any hesitation and pressure.

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