How to Find a Profitable Niche For Your Blog (Proven Method)

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Most people underestimate this process, but finding a niche for a blog before starting a blog is the most crucial process of all.

Many people fall under this trap of not finding a niche and then failing down the road and saying things like Blogging didn’t work for them etc.

So if you are one of those people who is not sure about what kind of blog should you start and want to find the most profitable blog niches for your blog then Stay tuned with this article.

Because in this article I’m going to show you how to find a niche for your blog in the right way.

So let’s get started.

So before we dive into finding the niche for your blog, it’s very important to first understand what is a Niche and What is a Broad Market.

What is a Broad Market?

A broad market is a category or the Parent market of all the subcategories and niches that fall under it.

how to find a niche for your blog

For Example: let’s take Health Market as an example.

So Health is a very big Broad thing right? and there are so many Submarkets and niches that fall under that broad market.

Health can be further sub-classified as:

  1. Health (Broad Market)
    1. Fitness (Sub Market)
      1. Fitness for Old age (Niche)
      2. Fitness for Middle age Men (Niche)
      3. Fitness for Moms (Niche)
      4. Fitness for Teenage Girls (Niche)
    2. Weight Loss (Sub Market)
      1. Weight loss for Boys (Niche)
      2. Weight loss for Girls (Niche)
      3. Weight loss for Moms (Niche)
        1. Weight loss diet for moms (Micro Niche)
        2. Weight loss nutrition for moms for fast results (Micro Niche)
      4. Weight loss for Middle age Men (Niche)

So as you can see from the above example Health is a Broad Market and it can be further classified into its Submarkets, Niches, and MicroNiches.

And basically, there are only a few selected Main Broad Markets about which people care the most.

  1. Health – people care about their health and being fit.
  2. Wealth – people want to make more money
  3. Fashion – People want to look good and be fashionable, be with the latest fashion trend
  4. Relationships – People Want good relationships
  5. Hobby – people want to learn a new hobby
  6. Technology – People want the latest gadgets which can do modern-day tasks easily.
  7. Pets – people want to have cute pets
  8. Where people spend money – people spend money on video games, Netflix, Entertainment, etc.
  9. Self Improvement – people buy self-help books, Self Help courses, people want to learn a new skill and improve themselves.

So it is very important to write about only those things which people care about, and if you write about what people do not care about then no one is going to read your blog.

how to find a niche for your blog

So all the above Broad Markets are all the broad markets that people care about the most.

What is SubMarket?

Broad Markets Further have submarkets within them.

For Example:

  1. Health (Broad Market)
    1. Diet (Submarket)
    2. Nutrition (Submarket)
    3. Weight loss (Submarket)
    4. Strength training (Submarket)
    5. meditation (Submarket)
    6. yoga (Submarket)
  2. Wealth (Broad Market)
    1. Finance (Submarket)
    2. Investing (Submarket)
    3. Real Estate (Submarket)
    4. Sales (Submarket)
    5. Make Money Online (Submarket)
  3. Relationships (Broad Market)
    1. Dating (Submarket)
    2. Love (Submarket)
    3. Parenting (Submarket)
    4. Relationship Advice (Submarket)

And many people do this huge mistake while starting their blogs, they start a blog on a Broad Market or SubMarket and not a niche and down the road, they face disastrous consequences on their Blogs.

And now you might be having the Question in your Mind “What the heck is a niche then?

Don’t worry you will know everything later in this blog post.

So let’s now see what is a niche.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a specific product, Interest, or category which has a super targeted specific audience that has a similar kind of interest and behavior, and also which falls under a Broad Market or Submarket.

For example, people who love watching the gameplay of PUBG games are the audience of the PUBG game niche.

Here are the detailed statistics of the PUBG gaming niche

  1. Broad Market = Gaming
  2. Sub Market = Mobile Gaming
  3. Niche = FPS Survival Gaming
  4. Micro Niche = PUBG Game

Here PUBG game is a Micro Niche of the Gaming Market and it has a specific targeted audience who plays PUBG mobile games and are interested in PUBG, and the audience is highly targeted, and can also convert better if you have a blog about PUBG mobile game.

So now I think it’s clear to you what is a Market, SubMarket, Niche, and a Micro Niche.

A Blog that is started on a market Never generates a lot of money despite having a large audience. do you know why?

Because the audience of those General topic blogs is not targeted traffic You cannot turn them into customers. they are just general searchers wanting some information.

And in a Niche or a MicroNiche Blog, the audience is super specific and They also convert better, MicroNiches and Niche Blogs are blog topics that make the most money, and you should also start a blog in a Niche or a Micro Niche to see better and Fast Results.

Let’s Understand This With a Real-Life Example

Let’s say you want to buy a Sports shoe and you’re a girl (Assume for Now) and if you go to a market then you see lots of Shoe Shops in that market right?

But you will only go to the girl’s shoe shop and buy sports shoes for girls instead of wasting your time on general shoe shops which don’t have items specific for girls right?

That’s how the audience of a particular Niche behaves, that’s how your visitors are going to come to your Blog, and That’s how visitors will become customers of your blog.

Because the truth is that people never trust Generic or General Blogs that have Content around every different topic under the sun.

People want content that is specifically tailored for them, and that’s why people love reading niche blogs, and Niche Blogs are the Blogs that convert better as people trust the niche author and will buy anything on the author’s recommendation.

So that’s why you should start a blog in a Niche or a MicroNiche, Not on a Market or a Submarket.

And you might have already heard that popular saying “The Riches are in the niches”

Why Having a Niche For Blog is Important?

how to find a niche for your blog

Having a niche for your blog is very crucial for your blog’s success because, if you don’t do this then your blog will never take off.

Advantages of a Niche Blog

  1. Highly Targeted Traffic
  2. You can Easily generate affiliate sales from that traffic and make a lot of money
  3. you can build those traffic into your community of highly engaged fans.

Here are some of the negative effects of not choosing a blog niche.

  1. Your blog readers will never like to read your posts because you cover general topics and not specific topics.
  2. Your posts will never rank on search engines as Google prefers niche blogs.
  3. You will never attract a particular audience, they will never convert into buyers or affiliate sales, and you can’t build a community in this way.
  4. Your Blogs traffic will never go high, traffic will not increase.
  5. Chances are that your blog will not survive because you might start a blog on a broad market and competition will be too high for you.

Sure some blogs are doing extremely well in Broad Markets also but understand those are pretty big sites that are not operated by a single person, and due to the authority of those sites, they get the benefit of ranking despite being in a multi Niche or broad niche.

So now let’s go through the process of Finding a Niche for your Blog.

How to Find a Niche For Your Blog?

how to find a niche for your blog

There are various ways to find a niche for a blog, but sadly most of them are not up to the mark and are useless.

But luckily you are reading this post, and I’m going to share my best way of finding a niche for your blog.

So here’s a step-by-step breakdown of finding a niche for your blog.

Step 1: Make a List of All The Markets You Are Interested in a Mind Mapping Tool.

I Prefer MindMeister for creating Mind Maps, you can use this tool and can create 3 mind maps for FREE.

how to find a niche for your blog
This is how MindMeister mind mapping tools look like

So Write down all the broad Markets you are interested in like Gaming, Sports, Music, Technology, etc in your mind map, you can also use a spreadsheet or even a simple pen and paper will do the work, write down anywhere you want.

After you have created a MindMap and written down all the Broad Markets you are interested in, let’s find their submarkets niches and Micro Niches related to them.

After doing the above process, eliminate all the Broad Markets in which you are not interested, so that you will be only Left with the Markets you are genuinely interested in.

how to find a niche for your blog

Step 2: Further Jot Down Deeper and Deeper Into Broad Markets

After that again Jot down deeper into the Submarkets, niches, Microniches of those Broad Markets in which you are genuinely interested.

how to find a niche for your blog

And you can dig down as deep as you want, as narrow, as niche specific as you want to find your niche or Micro Niche.

how to find a niche for your blog
how to find a niche for your blog

So here in the mindmap, the bubbles in the orange color are the extremely niched down niches, sure they can be further niched down, but I’ve kept it short for your understanding.

And Black colored bubbles are all the Broad Markets.

So by far, we have seen how to narrow down a broad market to find niches.

And from all the niches that you have researched, select One niche that you would like to work in the most, the niche that Fascinates or attracts you the most, You don’t need to be an expert in a niche to get started or write in that niche, with the time you will get better and build your authority.

  1. Go with the niche that you are most passionate about or want to learn more about.
  2. Don’t just go with any niche just because it has earning potential, without your passion your niche is nothing.

Ok, I assume that by now you might have selected your niche, now let’s find out if your selected niche is profitable or not.

Some Additional Tips For Finding a Niche

  1. Find a niche that you can work for the long term, Don’t start a blog whose trend is only for 6 to 8 months, and then it will never exist, create a Long-term Evergreen Blog that people will find useful for the long term even up to 10 years.
  2. Deliver value More than your competitors in that Niche.
  3. The Perfect Niche is your Interest.
  4. If there is a niche within a niche then that is the perfect niche, and later on, you write blog posts on different categories within one niche blog, but at the initial level start at only one category in any niche.
  5. Work on Niches that fall under Passion, Lifestyle, or Problem Broad Market because people spend the most money on these Markets and Niches.
  6. Find Niches at Web directories, Forums, Quora, and – these are the places where you also find some of the untapped niches.
  7. You can also use different affiliate networks to find Lots of Niches.
  8. Understand the needs and demands of your niche audience, keyword research will help you achieve that.

Once we have selected the niche of our blog, now let’s find if your selected niche is Profitable or not, because you don’t just want to blog without making money right?

How to Check The Profitability of Your Blog’s Niche?

So here’s a complete breakdown of Checking the Profitability of a niche, this step is very important to check whether your selected niche is worthwhile and to check whether it can make money or not.

Step 1: Check if Enough People Spend Money on that Niche

You can do a profitability check of your niche by checking if enough people are spending money on that niche.

If there are products, services, and courses around your niches that means people spend money on those niches and that’s a positive sign for us because this shows that people are ready to spend money on those niches, and we can capitalize on the opportunity and make money.

Example: Weight loss blog vs Quotes Blog

The weight loss Blog will make money while the Quotes blog will never make as much money as the Weight loss blog do you know why?

Because no one buys Quotes or SMS, on the other hand, people buy weight loss products, etc, so on a weight loss blog, money can be made by selling your affiliate products.

If people spend money on niche only then you can make money.

So it’s very important to check the commercial intent of the niche we are going to start a blog on.

Here’s what you have to look for to see if people spend money on that niche.

  1. Check if there are enough products existing ( any products i.e supplements, clothes, bags, books, etc) related to your niche that people buy.
  2. See amazon books related to your niche.
  3. Check Udemy courses related to your niche.
  4. See if there are enough products that people buy in your niche.
  5. Check to see if enough people are searching for your niche keywords using any keyword research tool.
how to find a niche for your blog
Ebooks related to the weight loss niche show this niche has buyer intent
how to find a niche for your blog
Udemy courses related to the weight loss niche shows the buyer’s intent

So that’s how you can check the profitability of your niche.

Step 2: Check the Trend of That niche

Checking the trend of your niche is a very important step while choosing a blog’s niche.

Here’s how you can check the trend of your niche.

  1. Go to Google Trends and check the Trend
  2. See the graph for the past 5 years
  3. If the graph tends to go up or is at least constant (neither going up nor down) then it’s a good sign that it’s an evergreen niche

Let me show you a practical example of some of the Trend graphs of some of the niches.

Here’s the trend graph for Affiliate Marketing Niche for the past 5 years

how to find a niche for your blog

Here is the trend Graph for Digital Marketing Niche for the past 5 years

how to find a niche for your blog

Here’s the Google Trend Graph of Electric cars for the past 5 years

how to find a niche for your blog

Here’s the Google Trends Graph of the keto diet for the past 5 years

So the main idea here is to choose something that’s growing in popularity, because you don’t want to blog about something that no one cares about, and about which no one searches for.

Step 3: Check if Enough People are Searching for Your Niche

For doing this You will need a Keyword research tool, to find the search volume of the keywords or the niches you are interested in.

Any keyword research tool like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Ubersuggest will do the job, For now, I will be using Ubersuggest for showing you the search volume and CPC of the niches.

Here are the search volume and the CPC of the Niche keto diet for weight loss.

As you can see from the above image that it has a decent amount of people searching for that niche per month.

6,600 people are searching for the term”Keto Diet” on Google every single month in the USA.

And it has got good CPC also which means advertisers are willing to pay for that niche which means the commercial intent of that niche is good and we can make money in that niche.

This means that the Keto Diet for Weight Loss is a good Niche to go with.

You can do this process for any niche that you are interested in to check the search volume and CPC of that niche.

The higher the search volume, CPC the better it is for you, but remember it should be a Niche or a Micro niche and not a Broad Niche.

Step 4: Check if There are Enough Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

If there are enough affiliate programs in your niche then it’s a good signal, you can make good money in that niche.

You can join lots of affiliate programs and sell affiliate products on your blog.

If your selected niche has very limited affiliate products then try to avoid that Niche.

Here are some of the affiliate networks you can join and check if they have products related to your niche.

  1. Rakuten
  2. MaxBounty
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Impact
  5. Click Bank
  6. Flex Offers
  7. Admitad
  8. VCommission
  9. ShareASale
  10. Jvzoo
  11. Amazon Affiliate
  12. Flipkart Affiliate

Pro Tip: Affiliate Networks can also be used to find Lots of different Niches, Affiliate networks are a gold mine of Niches.

Step 5: Do the Competitor Analysis of Your Niche

It would be a mistake if you didn’t check the competition of your niche or say with whom your blog will be competing.

Because you don’t want to be Competing against big giant Blogs whom you will never be able to outrank as a newbie blogger right?

But Competition in any niche is always a good sign, if there’s competition then this is a good sign, Competition shows that there is money to be made that’s why people are going after that niche.

No competition = No money.

But it shouldn’t be too high that you couldn’t compete against them.

So here’s a method of checking the Competition of your niche.

#1: Install a Chrome Extension named MOZ bar on your Google chrome Desktop Browser

#2: Sign up for a Moz account and activate MOZbar

#3: Search for your niche term on Google

I have searched keto meal plan for nursing mothers on google

#4: Record and see what types of websites are ranking on google for your niche term, record their DA and PA by using Mozbar.

#5: If the sites with the DA, PA more than 40 or 50 are on page 1 of google then better to leave that niche, because usually those sites which have DA, PA more than 40, 50 are big and you will not be able to compete with them as a newbie blogger.

#6: If big websites are ranking whose DA, PA is high are on the first page of google but if they have irrelevant content ( not related to what you searched for ), then it’s a positive signal that it’s a low competition Niche.

#7: If Small Websites with DA, PA less than 40 are ranking on the first page (Doing Well) of Google then obviously it’s a positive signal that it’s a low competition niche and you can work on that niche as a newbie.

here’s an example of low competition websites or weaker websites and low DA, PA means that you will be able to outrank them easily with Quality content and Hardwork.

#8: If there are plenty of easy-to-find, easy to rank keywords in your niche then it’s a good Niche.

If people are linking to the type of blogs Niches or similar types of blogs that you want to create then it’s a good sign and this shows that good backlinks can be made on this type of website.

see the number of referring domains those websites have, if they have a good number of referring domains then it’s a good sign.

you can use any tool like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, or SEMrush for checking all the backlinks of different blogs in your niche.

Step 7: Check the Sale Potential

Check the sale potential of your blog niche by searching for any buyer intent terms which include best, buy, cheap, etc related to your niche.

If you searched and found that there are articles, Reviews, and Deals ranking on google for those buyer intent keywords, then that is a good niche because people are surely making affiliate incomes from those articles.

For example: if I search Best Smartphone Under $500 on google, and found search results containing reviews, List Posts, and blog articles then it’s a good sign, it shows that people are making Affiliate income from those articles, you can also make money on that niche.

So this is how you can do all the above-mentioned steps to check the Profitability of your Blog’s Niche.

Do all of the above-mentioned procedures for all of the Niches or micro niches you have shortlisted and Choose only One from all of the shortlisted niches which you think will be most suitable for you.

Now the next step is to check the sustainability of your niche.

How to Check The Sustainability of Your Blog’s Niche?

Do you know that choosing the wrong Niche can destroy your blog and you may face a big loss for your blog?

That’s why choosing the absolute perfect Niche is Most important.

And doing a Sustainability test will determine if the Niche that you just selected in the above Process is right for you or not.

So here’s how you can do a sustainability test, or say if your blog will survive or not for the next 1 or 2 years.

#1: Ask yourself, are you genuinely interested in that niche, or are you just choosing that niche just because that niche generates money?

If you are just choosing a niche out of Earning potential and if you have no interest in that niche then you will soon leave that niche because of lack of interest.

But if you are genuinely interested in that niche and if you are willing to learn what it takes to make your blog a successful blog and helpful for your readers then you will succeed in that blogging Blogging Niche that you selected.

#2: Ask Yourself Can You Write 50 – 100 Articles on your blog Niche without any expectation from your Blog?

Can you write 50 – 100 articles on your Blog Niche without any expectation?

If the answer is Yes, then go for that niche, because people sometimes choose a niche just by seeing other people, and later on they realize that it was the wrong niche for them and can’t write any articles on that niche.

Just go with the Niche that you are interested in the most and can write about it selflessly to provide value to the community.

#3: Check if enough people are Searching for your Niche

We have already discussed this in the above paragraphs about how to check the search volume for your niche terms.

And if enough people are searching for your niche in Google and other search engines then it’s a good sign and you will be motivated enough to start a blog in that Niche.

Nobody wants to start a blog that nobody searches for right? and people will not visit your blog if your Blog Niche terms don’t have enough search volume.

#4: Check how people have monetized their blogs in the niche that you have selected.

Go to the blogs that are in your niche, Now you may ask how to find blogs in your niche?

it’s simple, you can find them by just simply entering your niche term on google and it will show all the blogs related to your niche.

Now record all of them on a Spreadsheet (Only record the worthy websites which are good), and one by one visit all of the blogs and observe how they have monetized their blogs. is its affiliate links, is it manner ads, find out how they are monetizing their Blogs.

If you find the number of ways people monetize their blogs to be more than 2 then it’s a good sign that people are making good money in that niche, and you should also start working on that niche.

Bonus: 100+ Profitable Blog Niche List ideas

Here are some of the most profitable top niches for blogging that you might like

One More Huge Bonus Tip Before you say Goodbye to this Article

Spend some time reading your competitors’ blogs who are in the same niche, Understand every strategy they are using on their blogs to grow their blogs, understand how they are promoting their blog posts, understand how they are monetizing their blogs, sign up for their email lists, and you can secretly spy on their blogs in this way.


So that is how to find a niche for your blog, do all of the above processes for finding a niche and you will Surely find a profitable Niche and you will also love to write blog posts on that Niche.

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What Topic is Best For Blogging?

It all depends on you, What you are interested in the most is the best blogging niche.

Which Blog Niche Makes the most Money?

Niches that solve people’s problems in some or the other way are the best Profitable niches and those and those are the types of blog niches that make the most money.

Do you even need a niche for your blog?

Yes definitely you should have a Niche for your blog otherwise your blog will lose its essence of authoritativeness.

Where can I Find Profitable Blog Niches?

You can Find Profitable Blog niches at Affiliate Marketplaces, Amazon Marketplace, Quora,, etc.

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  1. hello, Tarun it was very well researched article for beginners. I also want to start blog and doing research about it since last 1 month. I have gone through every top bloggers article and their niche. I found out that i can do blogging on blogging niche only ( how to do blogging) . Yes it is laughable as i am newbie and want to teach other to do blogging. But i found this niche as it is of my interest and i like it researching in it. Should i go for this niche as it is very competitive. please i want your detailed explanation on it as soon as possible as i want to purchase domain on it . And one more thing if not this niche can guess me some of the micro niche on blogging niche ( how to do blogging ) for beginners……Waiting for your reply……..

    • Hey first of all thank you for your genuine comment.

      Here’s my take your comment šŸ‘‡

      Choose a niche which is profitable, something that interests you, something that you are Skilled at.

      And regarding Blogging Niche, it is profitable, and you also have interest in it it, but you do not have knowledge and skills in it as you are just a beginner who is just researching so I would not recommend you to start on it.

      And competition is world class, Whole World is trying to rank for the Blogging niche terms.

      beginners will find it super hard to make money for the next 1 or 2 years because they will have to learn a lot of things and write quality articles.

      But if you’re coming to Blogging niche Not for the sake of money but for helping people then definitely you can start in Blogging niche.

      But if money is not an issue for you and if you genuinely want to share helpful articles and write what you learn, then definitely you can go with blogging Niche.

      If you have that much patience then start in blogging niche.

      And you have to find your own niche buddy, nobody will do that for you.

      And yeah remember that you don’t have to be an expert to start blogging on a particular niche, you just have to know better than for whome you are writing for.

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