What is the Best Time to Buy a TV? [8 Best Insider Tips]

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These days, it’s not simple to get the greatest price on a brand-new television.

Unfortunately, several of the supercenters that used to compete for our business have permanently shut down.

To make matters worse, ad scanning services like BFAds have stopped working, forcing us to track down individual store circulars.

Either you’re incredibly lucky or you’re really well-timed to find the greatest offer.

I worked at a big-box electronics shop for nearly 10 years, and I spent numerous Saturdays preparing for the week’s sale. I’ve learned throughout the years that there’s a certain pattern to the optimum times to shop.

Therefore, I’ll share some of my insider knowledge on when to purchase a new TV to get the greatest value for your money.

What is the Best Time to Buy a TV?

If you want to know when is the greatest time to purchase a new TV, I have some exclusive suggestions for you.

Buying TV - Best Time to Buy a TV


1. NFL Playoffs & Super Bowl Season

Buying a new TV is the finest decision you can make if you reside in a football market and your club reaches the playoffs.

Perhaps you’re under the impression that the cost of a new TV would skyrocket then, due to the influx of consumers all want to make the same update. On the contrary, the opposite is true.

In particular, now is the time to get a new large-screen television. In the early spring, most companies unveil their newest line of televisions (see below).

Since the holidays are long over, most stores use the week leading up to the Super Bowl to get rid of their remaining holiday goods.

2. From mid-November To Black Friday

For those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, “the day after Thanksgiving” (or “Black Friday”) is the next best time to purchase a TV at a discount.

Most shops have fierce competition at this time of year. As a result, prices have the potential to fluctuate widely as retailers attempt to undercut one another.

Famous Black Friday sales include computers for $200 and big-screen televisions for $300. Doorbusters, often known as loss-leaders, are promotions used by stores to attract customers inside.

However, you shouldn’t limit your vigilance to just a single day. It’s not completely illogical if you give it some thought.

Large purchases, in particular, are being saved until Black Friday. This means they often browse for clothes and read reviews online before going out.

Since fewer people will be shopping in the days before Black Friday, merchants must make the most of their limited customer base.

3. As of late May to Father’s Day (Dads & Grads)

When I worked in retail, we used the phrase “Dads & Grads” to describe the period between college commencement ceremonies and Father’s Day.

It’s the perfect time to get dad a new TV or laptop, whether you’re buying it as a present or he’s treating himself.

Typically, this is when prices become more aggressive than usual. I’m not going to lie and say that I haven’t gotten my dad a TV or two on Father’s Day.

Some stores use television advertisements to capitalize on the fact that this is the time of year when most people intend to buy presents for their dads.

Stores anticipate a boost in business as a result of graduation celebrations and the subsequent purchase of gifts for newly employed graduates.

Typically, graduates buy TVs suitable for usage in a dorm room. Even though smaller TVs are the norm, bigger ones are sometimes discounted.

4. The Release Cycle for New TV

Since new models are released at various times by different manufacturers, this is the most difficult to pin down. The majority of new TVs are unveiled at CES Las Vegas in January before being released later in the year.

If you’re not in the market for the most cutting-edge TV technology, now is the time to acquire a used set from the previous year. In order to make way for the new TVs, stores will be discounting the older models at steep discounts.

Keep in mind that, with the exception of brand-new models, televisions don’t often undergo significant changes from one year to the next. Models often share similarities and differ only in minute details.

Watching the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a smart move. I indicated that then was when most manufacturers would unveil new models. Choose a model from each maker and have Google notify you whenever that model is discussed online.

This will make sure that I am ready and waiting for it at my favorite store.

Discounts on the last year’s model tend to be rather substantial just before the release of the new model. Many times, for the same budget, you may get a lot more television.

It’s common for manufacturers to release brand-new televisions between March to May. It’s a good moment to purchase a used television.

However, speed is of the essence. There will be a large number of individuals who share the same concept as you, and retailers will have a little supply.

5. Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Black Friday. It all began off when virtual stores saw an opportunity to profit from the surge in traffic and sales by keeping the big weekend going into the following week.

If you missed out on the Black Friday sales, don’t worry; now is your chance to save big on electronics like TVs. A lot of the time, the sales won’t be as fantastic as the ones on Black Friday.

Specifically, you should focus on what didn’t move as many units over the weekend. It’s not uncommon for stores to offer further markdowns on clearance items.

However, this is often limited to just certain models of television. It’s crucial to check out the store’s website and compare prices as soon as the sales become available.

This step is crucial because it guarantees that you will be connected to the internet when the sale begins.

The greatest prices won’t last forever, so if there’s a certain TV you have your eye on, you may want to consider adding it to your shopping basket sooner rather than later.

That will put you at an advantage over other buyers vying for the same low-quantity supply.

6. From Christmas through around the middle of January

Even if the sales aren’t as fantastic as they are in the days leading up to Christmas, the days after the holiday and into the first week of January are still an excellent time to get a nice bargain.

The moment to purchase an open-box television has also arrived. The number of returns is at an all-time high, and many businesses would welcome the opportunity to clear their shelves.

That translates to some very affordable options. Good bargains on various sizes of televisions are available right now, perfect whether you missed out on Black Friday sales or are seeking to treat yourself to a new TV with Christmas cash.

7. Before Labor Day and During the Football Season

Another ideal month to purchase a TV is August, however, I’m not sure why this is the case given that costs drop during football season but don’t seem to drop during other sports seasons.

The arrival of the players on the field prompts many spectators to upgrade their televisions. In addition, many students are renovating their homes and dorms in anticipation of the next academic year.

Shops often offer student discounts, such as cheaper rates on smaller-sized TVs. That being said, now is the time to go out and get a TV if you need a compact model for use in a kid’s room or as a guest room.

Since most people are out having barbecues and picnics with friends on Labor Day, it is one of the least busy shopping holidays of the year.

There is still the persistent promotional effort made by shops to get passing people to enter their establishments.

8. Special Offer for Amazon

A good opportunity to buy Amazon products, such as Fire TV-enabled TVs from Insignia and others, is on Amazon Prime Day.

Traditionally, the second or third week of July is when the annual Prime Day sale is held. When it first began, word had not spread very far.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fantastic opportunity to buy a TV, Amazon Prime Day has quickly become the best day to do so.

In addition to Amazon’s own items, you can also discover sales on hundreds of different models of televisions from a variety of brands.

You may save a lot of money by purchasing an Amazon bundle, such as the Amazon Fire Stick, which is used for streaming.

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Conclusion: What Is The Best Time to Buy a TV?

The preceding section served to introduce you to the subject and provide a basic overview.

I hope the post did justice to your expectations. Do not hesitate to ask questions, make comments, or provide suggestions below.

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