Top 10 Best Canada Proxy Providers 2023: Free & Paid Proxies List

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Learn About the Top 10 Canada Proxy Servers in 2023. Do you want to scrape advertising analysis sites from a Canadian IP address using proxies? Or international viewing of Canadian shows.

Then stop by to choose the most suitable Canadian proxy service. If you’ve been turned down for domain service, this page is for you.

Or if you like to have the data presented in the same manner as Canadian Internet users. On this page, you’ll find information on the top proxy services in Canada.

A Canada proxy will provide you with a Canadian IP address. This will make it seem as if you are physically in Canada, allowing you to view sites with material tailored to your location.

Proxy servers in Canada are helpful for web scraping, market research, and getting access to local retail pricing. The best Canadian proxy services available right now are listed below.

10 Best Canada Proxy Providers in 2023

To help you speed up your decision, here’s our list of the best Canadian proxy providers.

1. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is a proxy service that facilitates access to international databases for businesses.

Oxylabs offers robust solutions for site scraping, ad verification, brand protection, and more with their extensive collection of proxies.

Oxylabs Overview

Their global network of servers makes it possible for them to gather information from any nation or area of interest to their clients.

To further ensure the safety and confidentiality of their client’s information, Oxylabs provides a proxy network protected by military-grade encryption technology.

Oxylabs is able to provide dependable and efficient services without sacrificing quality because of its use of cutting-edge technology.

They provide round-the-clock service, so clients may reach out to them with any inquiries or problems at any time.

In addition to affordable rates, Oxylabs provides a variety of payment plans to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

If your company needs fast, secure access to worldwide data, look no further than Oxylabs and its extensive suite of products and services.


2. Marsproxies

Marsproxies is one of the best places to get private sneaker proxies. It has a variety of choices, such as Ultra Residential Proxies, Mars ISP Proxies (Residential), and Mars Obsidian Proxies (Datacenter).

Their premium proxy network lets you browse the web without any limits, geo-blocks, or CAPTCHAs.


Marsproxies has a big presence in Canada, where they have thousands of unbanned IP addresses from the city of Toronto. Their most important features are fast links, high success rates, and 99.9% uptime.

Each IP address in Toronto works with HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols and almost every runner bot.

Marsproxies is the best choice for people in Canada who want fast and effective proxies. Their ISP proxy service is fast and reliable, which makes it great for data scraping, SEO research, banking, online shopping, streaming, and more.

You don’t have to worry about getting banned if you use these proxies because they are very private and safe.

Overall, Marsproxies is one of the best Canada proxy providers you should think about if you’re looking for the best ones. They offer a premium proxy experience in Canada with a variety of choices and features that are the best in the business.


3. MyPrivateProxy

Sometimes a datacenter proxy is preferable to a residential or mobile proxy, so check out what MyPrivateProxy has to offer.

This Canadian proxy service includes 1024 proxies located on a single server in Ontario. The low amount is especially surprising given the widespread use of that site for proxies.

MyPrivateProxy Overview- Best Canada Proxy Providers

There shouldn’t be any issues with speed or latency since the datacenter has a gigabit connection.

Private and shared proxies with unlimited bandwidth are available at low fees from MPP, and both options are available.

The maximum number of threads your application may use through a proxy is 100. As a whole, this ought to be more than enough for any purpose.

You’ll have to buy the proxies before you can try them since there is no free trial available. Thankfully, you may return your item within three days for a full refund.


4. GeoSurf

No one would be surprised if this supplier didn’t appear at the top of any best-of list, given its offerings. Comparatively, GeoSurf’s sample size of over 4,000 Canadian proxies pales in comparison to that of other suppliers.

You may narrow your focus to certain regions inside Canada using the geo-targeting feature, making the offer seem more attractive. That may not be entirely accurate, however.

GeoSurf Overview

Geosurf offers a wonderful range of features, however, the cost of those things seems excessive. Paired with the additional cost are low-capacity proxies and a nearly useless free trial period.

The proxies may be tested for up to 24 hours, which is decent, however, the maximum data size is just 1 GB.

However, you also receive one of the greatest dashboards available, along with in-depth insights on your use. You won’t have any trouble with this one regardless of how much or how little you know about proxies.


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5. Netnut

Netnut is a robust proxy network that offers unrivaled velocity, safety, and anonymity.

Fast connections and safe access to restricted content are just two of the many ways in which our high-performance servers enhance your online experience.

NetNut Proxy

You may hide your IP address and remain anonymous when you browse the web when you use a proxy service like Netnut.

They include cutting-edge capabilities that allow you to quickly bypass censorship, geo-blocking, and ISP throttling.

Netnut is a useful tool for hiding your online identity and protecting your data, whether you’re trying to avoid government monitoring or accessing stuff that’s restricted in your country.

They also provide a plethora of optional extras meant to improve the safety and convenience of your time spent online.

They have sophisticated proxy settings that allow you to quickly and simply change IP addresses, providing you with an extra layer of anonymity and protection online.

Their advanced encryption methods keep your data hidden from prying eyes, letting you surf the web in total secrecy.


6. Bright Data

In every single one of our polls asking for suggestions for residential proxies, Bright Data has come out on top. Notable because it scored highest among its collection of enterprises with Canadian IP addresses.

A total of 72 million IP addresses make up Canada’s home network, which is represented in the Bright Data residential proxy collection with a size of about 480K IP addresses. 

Overview Of Bright Data

The IP addresses are not owned by Bright Data. They do, however, retain the option of using their IPs willingly as users of equipment selected for usage in P2P networks.

In terms of effectiveness, web scraping, and performance, Bright Data has been found to be among the best in the whole residential proxy business.


7. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller, like many other leading proxy providers, provides exceptional Canadian datacenter proxies.

These Canadian IP addresses provide superb performance and a wide range of geographic support.

Proxy-Seller Overview

It’s great that their datacenter proxies are compatible with the PV4, but they also offer servers in other regions.

High anonymity, limitless bandwidth, compatibility with other major protocols, low prices, and fast speeds are just some of the perks of utilizing these IPV4 Canada proxies.

Long-term plan customers may change their Proxy once per month while still saving money on their service.

The IPV4 or datacenter proxies may be used for a wide variety of purposes, including data scraping, tracking sneaker drops, and managing social media accounts.


8. Soax

Soax is a great option if you need additional proxies but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. It makes sense to get them from Canada since their network has over 124,000 Canadian proxies.

In terms of functionality, you may specify exactly where in Canada you’d want your proxies to originate from thanks to sophisticated geotargeting capabilities.

Soax Overview

You won’t have to break the bank to get all of these extras. Soax, on the other hand, is inexpensive and versatile since you can buy as many ports as you need.

One unusual feature of this service provider is that you may buy proxies by the day rather than committing to a monthly plan.

  • Check out the full review of Soax here


9. HighProxies 

If you need Canadian proxies, HighProxies is a good alternative to MPP. The sole modification is that the datacenter has moved to Toronto, however, the number of Canadian proxies remains at 1024.

HighProxies’ superior speeds and low latency are made possible by a server linked to a gigabit connection. There are both dedicated and shared proxies, as well as a variety of pricing tiers.

HighProxies Overview

There is no free trial period, but the pricing is comparable to those of the prior Canadian proxy service and you do receive unlimited bandwidth.

Buying a package and counting on the refund policy after three days is your only other option.


10. BeeProxy

BeeProxy is a well-known proxy service that serves users from a wide variety of countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and several EU countries are all proxies.

BeeProxy is a supplier of both data center and residential proxies, with servers located in Canada and access to a large pool of IP addresses.

BeeProxy Overview

They back well-known cities all around the nation, including Toronto, Ontario. BeeProxy is well-regarded for its limitless bandwidth and low prices.

You may take use of their premium proxies hosted on top-notch systems for as low as $2.00 per proxy per month.

Because of its reliability, speed, and security, BeeProxy has quickly become one of the most popular private proxies available.

Their customers may choose between using a shared proxy or a private one, with the latter offering superior speed and security. BeeProxy’s green servers powered by wind energy are a major selling feature.


11. Smartproxy

Similar to Bright Data, Smartproxy supplies premium Canadian residential proxies.

Smartproxy, in contrast to Bright Data’s prohibitively expensive entry fee, would be a premium service that even independent boutiques could afford.

Smartproxy Overview

Smartproxy’s database includes over 100,000 Canadian IP addresses. This organization serves 194 countries and territories, including Canada.

The proxies are fast, reliable, and compatible with a wide range of software for tasks including data mining, ad verification, web traffic analysis, and basic market research.


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Conclusion: Best Canada Proxy Providers 2023

You would assume that Canadian proxies are simple to get by, but finding the correct proxy service provider might be a challenge.

You’re in luck since we compiled a list of the top service providers to assist you choose the finest one.

Regardless of where you are, fast, dependable, and anonymous web surfing is within your reach with the help of suitable Canadian proxies.

These proxies may help you succeed in your endeavors, whether you’re a company owner hoping to broaden your customer base or an individual eager to broaden your horizons.

Canada and the world of proxies are welcoming places thanks to their varied and welcoming people. Why not try something new and learn about the effectiveness of Canadian proxies today?

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