ASIN and Reverse ASIN Lookup – What are They and How do They Work?

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Amazon offers a unique product identification system called ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers). These numbers are used to identify products on Amazon, much like UPC codes are used to identify products in brick-and-mortar stores.

Amazon also offers a reverse ASIN lookup tool, which allows you to input an ASIN and receive information about the product associated with that number.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how Amazon’s ASIN system works and how you can use the reverse ASIN lookup tool to your advantage.

What is an ASIN?


An ASIN is a 10-character alphanumeric code that is used to uniquely identify products on Every product listed on Amazon has its own ASIN, which is typically assigned by the manufacturer or supplier of the product. You can think of an ASIN as a product’s “Amazon ID.”

ASINs are used for two primary purposes: to help Amazon keep track of inventory levels for individual products, and to allow customers to search for and find specific products on the Amazon website.

If you know the ASIN for a particular product, you can use Amazon’s search bar to find that product quickly and easily.

Similarly, if you’re looking at a product on Amazon and want to find similar products, you can use the product’s ASIN to do a search for other products with that same code. This comes in handy when you’re trying to compare prices for similar products from different sellers, or when you’re looking for reviews for a specific product.

What is a Reverse ASIN Lookup?

Reverse ASIN Lookup

As we mentioned above, every product listed on Amazon has its own unique ASIN. A reverse ASIN lookup is simply a way to input an ASIN and receive information about the product associated with that number.

So, if you see an interesting product on Amazon and want to learn more about it, you can use the reverse ASIN lookup tool to find out additional information about the product, including its price, reviews, related products, etc.

reverse ASIN also offers some unique features not found in other reverse lookup tools. For example, our “Multi-Pack” feature allows you to input multiple ASINS at once and receive information about all of the products in your search results simultaneously. This is especially handy when you’re trying to compare pricing or reviews for multiple products at once.

Benefits of Using Reverse ASIN Lookup

Benefits of Using Reverse ASIN Lookup

There are many benefits to using this tool, but some of the most notable include the following:

– Save Time: Rather than scrolling through pages of results, Reverse ASIN Lookup narrows down your options so you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

– Get More Product Details: This tool provides more than just a list of products; it also gives you detailed information about each one so you can make an informed decision.

– Find Similar Products: If you’re looking for alternative products or are just curious about what else is available, this tool is ideal. With just a few clicks, you can explore all your options and find something that better suits your needs.

– To find private label sellers: If you want to source products from China to sell under your own brand name on Amazon, then this tool comes in handy. You can use it to find all the listings of a particular product and get in touch with the manufacturers directly.

– To get an idea about competition: Obviously, if there are many other listings for the same product, then the competition is going to be tough and you need to be extra careful about your pricing and marketing strategy. On the other hand, if there aren’t too many listings, then you can easily get ahead by providing better customer service or offering competitive prices. In short, it helps you understand your position in the market better. And if you want to do deep Keyword research, you can give it a try to Helium 10.

– To find products with low competition: This is related to point number 2 but deserves a separate mention because it is so important! If you want to be successful selling on Amazon, then it is essential that you find products with low competition because it will be much easier for you to rank higher in search results and get more sales. And guess what? A reverse listing search tool on Google can help you do just that! Simply put in a keyword related to your niche, and it will give you all the relevant results along with their average monthly searches and competition score so that you can pick a winner!

– To find out if there are any counterfeit listings: With so many products being manufactured in China these days, it is not uncommon for counterfeit versions of branded products to show up on eCommerce platforms like Amazon. These fake products not only damage the reputation of the brands but also cause losses for genuine sellers who end up getting suspended because of something they didn’t even do! If you regularly do reverse searches for your listing, then you can easily catch these fakes and report them before they cause any damage.

Why is an ASIN Lookup Important?


ASIN lookup is important for a few different reasons. First, it allows you to quickly and easily find a product’s listing page on Amazon.

This can be useful when you’re comparing your listing to a competitor’s or if you’re trying to track down reviews for a product. In addition, an ASIN lookup can help you find products that are similar to the ones that you’re already selling.

This is especially helpful if you’re looking to expand your product line or add new variations of existing products. Finally, an ASIN lookup can help you track down a product’s manufacturer or distributor.

Understanding who makes and distributes a product can give you valuable insights into your competition and help you make decisions about pricing and marketing strategies.

How do I Perform an ASIN Lookup?

Perform an ASIN Lookup

Performing an ASIN lookup is simple – all you need is the 10-character code for the product you’re interested in.

You can find this code by looking at the URL for the product’s listing page (as we mentioned above). Once you have the code, just enter it into Amazon’s search bar and hit enter.

The first result should be the listing page for the product you’re looking for. If not, try adding quotation marks around the code before searching (e.g., “0451524934”).

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Conclusion: ASIN and Reverse ASIN Lookup

In conclusion, Amazon’s ASIN system is a helpful way to keep track of inventory and allow customers to easily find specific products on their website. The reverse ASIN lookup tool allows you to input an ASIN and receive information about the associated product quickly and easily. Thanks for reading!

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