ABC S5 Proxy Review 2023: Most Affordable and Powerful Proxy Service?


ABC S5 Proxy is a trusted service that provides over 70 million real residential IPs from more than 190 countries. They update their IP collection every day to keep it reliable and effective.

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  • Reliable, rich, and updated proxy products.
  • One-click bulk IP operations enhance efficiency.
  • Selected global private high anonymity IP pool.
  • Experienced team ensures cutting-edge proxy technology.
  • User-friendly mobile app facilitates on-the-go management.


  • No refunds once the order is placed.


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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable proxy service that can help you access millions of real residential IPs from different countries?

Among the many proxy services available, ABC S5 Proxy is a new proxy service provider that stood out in my experience. Its combination of exceptional services and cost-effectiveness sets it apart.

In the detailed review below, I explore the specifics of ABC S5 Proxy, offering insights into why it stands out in proxy servers.

What is ABC S5 Proxy?

ABC S5 Proxy is a trusted service that provides over 70 million real residential IPs from more than 190 countries. They update their IP collection every day to keep it reliable and effective.

With years of experience, ABC S5 Proxy offers a secure, fast, and budget-friendly solution for those needing residential IP addresses.

ABC S5 Proxy Review

They have two types of IPs, rotating and static, giving users options based on their needs. What’s impressive is that they offer competitive pricing starting at $0.04 per IP, making their services affordable for everyone.

Whether you choose rotating or static residential IPs, ABC S5 Proxy ensures a great proxy experience, making them a top choice.

Types of Proxies Offered by ABC S5 Proxy

1. ABCProxy Residential (Socks5) Proxies

ABCProxy Residential (Socks5) Proxies

With ABCProxy Residential (Socks5) Proxies, you get precise city-level targeting, offering millions of proxies across 195 countries. These proxies are valid for up to 24 hours, providing reliable and efficient internet access.

2. ABCProxy Residential Proxies

ABCProxy Residential Proxies

These proxies support http, HTTPS, and socks5 full protocols, ensuring a secure, stable, and high-speed connection. The humanized crawl feature eliminates IP shielding, and with over 200 million real IPs in more than 195 locations, you have a wide range of options for your proxy needs.

3. ABCProxy Static Residential Proxies

ABCProxy Static Residential Proxies

ABCProxy offers Static Residential Proxies equipped with static (ISP) residential IPs for unbeatable speed and stability. This ensures a consistent and reliable connection, catering to users prioritizing a steady online experience.

4. ABCProxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

ABCProxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

ABCProxy provides Dedicated Datacenter Proxies featuring stable, fast, and numerous datacenter IPs worldwide, totaling over 700,000. These proxies are particularly useful for users who require a high-performance and efficient connection for various online activities.

ABC S5 Proxies – Exceptional Features and Benefits

1. Cost-Saving and Unlimited Proxy Usage:

Businesses enjoy a cost-effective solution without limitations on proxy usage. For instance, a marketing team can execute extensive online campaigns without worrying about exceeding proxy usage limits.

2. Enterprise Exclusive CDKey and IP Allocation:

Simplifies IP management for large enterprises by providing exclusive CDKey functionality. For instance, a company can allocate IP addresses to departments such as marketing, sales, and customer service, allowing each department to access the internet independently.

3. Support for Multiple Team Models:

They are tailored to accommodate various team structures, promoting collaboration. Marketing, research, and development teams can collaborate seamlessly on different projects.

4. Real-time Transfer Speed up to 5M/s:

Ensures high-speed internet access globally, improving user experience. For example, real-time market analysis researchers can swiftly gather and analyze data.

Developers can then use this information to design and develop new products quickly. Additionally, marketing teams can use the data to launch targeted campaigns rapidly.

5. Unlimited Concurrent Requests and Professional Data Collection:

This enables unlimited simultaneous requests, ideal for data-intensive tasks. This eliminates the need to batch requests and allows for faster response times. Professional data collection also provides high-quality data, ensuring accurate results.

For instance, a data science team efficiently scrapes data from multiple websites concurrently for comprehensive analysis.

6. High Availability and Non-Duplicate IPs:

It guarantees 99% uptime and provides non-duplicate IPs for reliability.  These proxies are ideal for those who need stable and secure connections. For Example, an e-commerce platform ensures uninterrupted service and a researcher avoids IP conflicts during data extraction.

7. Exclusive Residential IP Proxy Pool:

It offers a pool of over 200 million compliant residential IPs for secure and legal access. 

For example, an online marketplace uses residential IPs to access competitor websites without violating terms of service.

How is their Customer Support?

ABCProxy provides robust customer support through multiple channels to ensure clients receive prompt assistance and have access to helpful resources:


Users can join ABCProxy’s Telegram channel for real-time updates, announcements, and community engagement.

The Telegram channel serves as a quick and interactive platform for users to seek assistance and connect with the ABCProxy community.


They also have a chat on their website, where you can ask and clear your doubts. They also offer Technical Support in case you are stuck after ordering the proxies from them.


ABCProxy offers support via email, allowing users to send inquiries, report issues, or seek clarification on any matters related to their services.

The email support system enables a more formal and detailed communication channel for complex queries or technical concerns.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

The FAQ section on the ABCProxy website serves as a self-help resource, providing answers to common queries and offering guidance on various aspects of their proxy services.

Users can explore this section to find quick solutions to common issues and get insights into using ABCProxy effectively.


ABCProxy provides comprehensive documentation, offering detailed guides, tutorials, and instructions on utilizing their proxy services.

The documentation is a valuable resource for users seeking in-depth information, setup procedures, and best practices for maximizing the benefits of ABCProxy.


The ABCProxy blog contains additional resources, updates, and informative articles related to proxy services, industry trends, and best practices.

Users can stay informed about the latest developments and gain insights into optimizing their proxy usage through the blog.

Pricing Structure Along with Available Coupons

ABCProxy Pricing Structure

1. ABCProxy Residential (Socks5) Proxies:

  • Free 600 IPs: ABCProxy provides 600 IPs for free, and each IP can be used for a variable length of time, up to a maximum of 24 hours.
  • Pricing: Starts from $0.04/IP

2. ABCProxy Residential Proxies:

  • Hot! 50% OFF: These proxies are sourced from real ISPs, totaling 200 million IPs worldwide. For more extensive requirements, bulk demand can opt for unlimited packages with unrestricted usage.
  • Pricing: Starts from $0.7/GB

3. ABCProxy Unlimited Residential Proxy:

  • 72% OFF: Users can enjoy unlimited usage of residential proxies, supporting API whitelist or User & Pass Auth mode.
  • Pricing: Starts from $72/Day

4. ABCProxy Static Residential Proxies:

  • This option offers long-lasting dedicated proxies that do not rotate, providing stability.
  • Pricing: Starts from $5/Month

5. ABCProxy Rotating ISP Proxies:

  • These proxies guarantee a long session time but currently only provide IP addresses in the USA, UK, DE, SG, KR, and other regions.
  • Pricing: Starts from $0.7/GB

6. ABCProxy Dedicated Datacenter Proxies:

  • Users can utilize stable, fast, and numerous datacenter IPs worldwide.
  • Pricing: Starts from $4.5/Month

How to buy residential proxies

1. Go to the home page of and click pricing from the menu at top and then click Residential proxy from the wide range of proxies available.

Go to the home page

2. Then, you are redirected to the residential proxy page, where you can see their pricing structure, and you can select the one that is most suitable to you according to your requirements.

redirected to the residential proxy page

3. Once you click on Order Now, you will be redirected to the payment page. There you find many payment options including the CryptoCurrencies also. Also, there is an option of contact them, if a suitable payment method is not available.

Payment Options

4. Once you make the payment, you will get the dashboard access.

Dashboard to Get IP to Use

Navigating the ABC S5 Proxy Dashboard provides users with a user-friendly interface to manage, configure, and extract proxies efficiently.

Whether it’s API extraction or password authentication, the dashboard offers a seamless experience for optimizing proxy usage.

1. Log In to Personal Center:

Log In to Personal Center

Access the ABC S5 Proxy website and log in to your account.

Open the Personal Center to explore account details.

2. Account Details Overview:

Account Details Overview

Check Account Balance: View the available balance in your account.

Usage Time: Monitor the time duration of proxy usage.

Assets: Access information about your assets and account details.

account details

3. IP Whitelist Configuration:

IP Whitelist Configuration

Add IP Addresses: Easily whitelist IP addresses for convenient proxy use.

Sub-Account Creation: Generate sub-accounts with unique names and passwords.

Usage Limit: Set data usage limits (e.g., G for IP) for enhanced control.

4. API Extraction for Proxy:

API Extraction for Proxy

Set Extraction Parameters: Specify the number of IP addresses to extract using the API.

Country/Region Selection: Choose the desired location for the proxy servers.

Protocol Configuration: Select http/https/socks5 protocols for extraction.

Format/Separator Settings: Define the format and separator preferences.

Generate Link: Create a link via API extraction for copying and use.

5. Password Authentication for Proxy:

Country/Region Selection: Specify the location for proxy server access.

IP Mode: Choose the desired IP mode.

Sub-Account Management: Select an existing or create a new sub-account.

Format Selection: Opt for username:password:hostname: port or other formats.

Link Generation: Set the number of IPs and generate a link for proxy usage.

6. Traffic Usage Record:

Traffic Usage Record

Real-Time Display: Monitor IP traffic in real time.

Usage Overview: Get a clear and concise overview of proxy data usage.

7. Additional Tips:

API/Accounting Password: Utilize API or accounting password for secure access.

Sub-Account Security: Maintain security by creating recognized sub-account passwords.

Format Customization: Tailor the format of generated proxies to suit your preferences.

Pros and Cons Of ABC S5 Proxy


  • User-friendly mobile app facilitates on-the-go management.
  • Real-time dashboard for insightful traffic control.
  • Powerful Windows software ensures easy IP management.
  • VIP exclusive after-sales support ensures prompt assistance.
  • The experienced team ensures cutting-edge proxy technology.
  • Selected global private high anonymity IP pool.
  • Unlimited mobile devices and batch management support.
  • Secure IP whitelisting and authentication account creation.
  • One-click bulk IP operations enhance efficiency.
  • Reliable, rich, and updated proxy products.


  • No refunds are available once the order has been placed.

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Conclusion: ABC S5 Proxy Review 2023

After looking closely at ABC S5 Proxies, it’s clear that this proxy service is more than just average. With its easy-to-use mobile app and dashboard, plus strong software, it gives users a lot of control over their proxies.

The VIP support ensures quick help when needed, making ABC S5 Proxies a reliable online partner.

With an experienced team and a global pool of secure IP addresses, ABC S5 Proxies focuses on keeping things safe and dependable. It works with unlimited mobile devices and makes managing proxies easier for businesses.

Although it has some limitations, like not supporting all operating systems and no refund, ABC S5 Proxies’ many benefits, updated products, and commitment to privacy make it a top choice in the industry.

Its focus on keeping data private makes it a trustworthy option online.

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