Zeydoo Review 2023: The Best CPA Network With Profitable Offers?

Zeydoo Review


Zeydoo, a versatile multi-vertical CPA Network, stands out as a prominent player in performance marketing. With a remarkable portfolio of over 10 in-house products, Zeydoo is dedicated to serving a wide range of niches and verticals, including Surveys (Leadgen), Mobile Apps and utilities, and Sweepstakes.

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  • Attractive offers variety and payouts.
  • Dedicated 24/7 competent manager support.
  • Multi-vertical Smartlink for optimizing traffic.
  • User-friendly and bug-free platform.
  • Reliable and prompt payments for over a decade.


  • Potential for expanding the available offers.


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Are you tired of the hassle of managing numerous CPA networks to cover various verticals? Your search ends here as we delve into our comprehensive review of Zeydoo, the ultimate multi-vertical CPA network.

Zeydoo simplifies the affiliate marketing journey by offering a diverse array of verticals and a wide range of offers all under one roof.

This review will explore the features and advantages of this top-tier CPA network, designed to enhance your earning potential.

Zeydoo Review 2023: What Is Zeydoo?

Zeydoo, a versatile multi-vertical CPA Network, stands out as a prominent player in the world of performance marketing.

With a remarkable portfolio of over 10 in-house products, Zeydoo is dedicated to serving a wide range of niches and verticals, including Surveys (Leadgen), Mobile Apps and utilities, and Sweepstakes.

Zeydoo Review

As I explore Zeydoo, I see that it’s so much more than a platform – it’s an ecosystem designed to empower advertisers and affiliate marketers.

What truly distinguishes Zeydoo is its commitment to diversity, offering a variety of verticals and payout models like CPI, CPL, SOI, and RevShare to cater to diverse campaign objectives.

With a global presence and a network of over 3,000 active partners worldwide, Zeydoo provides marketers with international opportunities.

Having maintained a strong presence in the competitive CPA market for over a decade, Zeydoo’s reliability and consistent delivery of results are unquestionable. Zeydoo’s Smartlink technology is a game-changer, revolutionizing the affiliate marketing landscape.

This dynamic feature, by intelligently redirecting traffic to the most suitable offers based on geolocation and device type, not only maximizes conversion potential but also simplifies the decision-making process for marketers.

Zeydoo’s Success in Awards

Numbers Dont Lie…Zeydoo’s commitment to excellence and success in the world of affiliate marketing has earned them prestigious recognitions. They have secured several accolades:

Zeydoo Success in Awards

AffBank Award 2021: Recognized as the Best Finance CPA Network, acknowledging their expertise in financial verticals.

affLift Peak Award 2021: Named the Best CPA Network, highlighting their outstanding performance in the industry.

OfferVault Winter Rankings 2022: Achieved a ranking in the TOP-3 Best CPA Network, showcasing their consistent excellence.

affLift Peak Award 2022: Once again honored as The Best CPA Network, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to affiliate success.

OfferVault Summer Ranking 2023: Secured the prestigious title of TOP-2 CPA Network in the most recent rankings.

These achievements underscore Zeydoo’s relentless pursuit of providing top-notch service and opportunities to their partners, solidifying their position as one of the leading CPA networks in the industry. It’s a testament to their commitment to helping affiliates thrive and earn more.

Why go with Zeydoo?

Working with Zeydoo, a trusted CPA Network with a partner base exceeding 3,000 individuals, offers several key advantages that make it a top choice for affiliate marketers:

Why go with Zeydoo

Exclusive Offers: Zeydoo provides access to exclusive offers that can’t be found elsewhere, giving affiliates a unique advantage in the market.

Reliable Testing: All updates and products go through rigorous testing by the internal media buying team before being offered to affiliates. This means affiliates receive well-optimized offers with proven conversion funnels.

Dedicated 24/7 Support: Zeydoo’s competent managers are available around the clock, offering assistance and guidance to help you maximize your earnings.

Prompt Payments: Zeydoo has a solid track record of making quick and regular payments, without delays, for over a decade, ensuring you receive your earnings on time.

Efficient Traffic Feedback: You won’t have to wait for lengthy quality checks. Zeydoo provides quick optimization and feedback on your traffic, streamlining the testing and scaling process.

Reason To go with Zeydoo

User-Friendly Platform: Zeydoo’s own CPA platform is known for its stability, with 24/7 bug-free operation, making it easy for affiliates to manage their campaigns effectively.

Multi-Vertical Smartlink: Zeydoo’s Smartlink technology intelligently optimizes traffic, directing it to the most suitable offers based on location and device, maximizing conversion potential.

Unlimited Scaling: Affiliates enjoy unlimited caps, enabling them to scale their funnels for potentially unlimited profits.

Global Opportunities: Zeydoo offers worldwide coverage, allowing you to work with GEOs that convert well, opening up international markets.

Customized Rates: Affiliates receive custom rates tailored to their specific traffic type, ensuring they get the most out of their campaigns.

High Volume Rewards: Partners with substantial volumes can access higher rates, offering increased earning potential as their business grows.

How to get started with Zeydoo?

Getting started with Zeydoo as an affiliate network is a straightforward process that involves four simple steps:

Registration: Begin by registering with Zeydoo, opening the door to access their impressive 2.5 million daily conversions. This step is your gateway to the platform.

Manager Approval: Once registered, patiently await approval from a manager. This is a pivotal step to ensure you’re ready to dive into Zeydoo’s offerings.

Choose and Promote: With manager approval in hand, you can select the best offers within your chosen vertical and start promoting them. This step is as simple as it sounds, but it’s where your affiliate journey truly begins.

Payouts: Zeydoo’s efficient payout system is one of its standout features. The network offers bi-monthly payouts through multiple platforms, including PayPal, Payoneer, Wire, and Webmoney, ensuring a smooth and convenient payout process.

How is the interface of Zeydoo?

The user interface of Zeydoo is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It features eight prominent icons that provide easy access to various functions, making navigation a breeze. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’ll find:

Offers: This section allows you to explore the available offers and campaigns you can promote.

Smart: Access Zeydoo’s Smartlink feature, which intelligently optimizes your traffic for better conversions.

Surveys: If you’re into lead generation through surveys, this is where you’ll find relevant options.

Requests History: Keep track of your past requests and interactions in this section.

SmartLink: Dive into Smartlink statistics and settings for optimizing your traffic.

Statistics: Gain insights into your performance with comprehensive statistics and data.

Finance: Keep an eye on your financial transactions, including earnings and payouts.

Postback: Manage your postback settings for tracking your CPA leads effectively.

On the top part of the screen, you’ll find several useful options:

Chat: Access the chat function to reach out to the support team for any assistance or inquiries.

Account Balance: View your current account balance, keeping you informed about your financial status.

Help Center: Access the help center for any guidance or information you may need.

Settings/Log Out: Customize your account settings or log out as needed.

Notifications: Stay updated with notifications to discover the latest developments and offerings on Zeydoo.

The user interface is designed for ease of use, providing affiliates with quick access to essential features and resources. It’s a hub for affiliate marketers to efficiently manage their campaigns and track their progress within the platform.

Offers: Users can see various exclusive offers that are available as well as their prices. The list is updated monthly and new landing pages, optimized funnels, and new products are added.

In addition to increasing traffic volume, these unbeatable offers help partners create stable income streams.

Accessing relevant data is possible via the sorting options available by filling in the Offer name or ID, vertical, country, OS type, conversion type, and platform. Zeydoo also has some exciting In-house products that can be promoted in any GEO.

What are the in-house products offered by Zeydoo?

You can run traffic worldwide and purchase media globally with Zeydoo’s exclusive in-house offers.

1. Smart surveys:

Zeydoo’s Smart Surveys is a distinctive feature that sets it apart from other affiliate networks. It offers a unique way to earn by getting paid for every survey or questionnaire completed by users.

This method provides a stable and risk-free income opportunity, and the surveys typically require just a few seconds or minutes to complete. That’s why this vertical is highly sought after by affiliates.

Here’s how it works: Within the Smart Surveys menu, you can easily access a variety of surveys that are regularly updated. The sorting options allow you to quickly identify the top-performing offers and the currently active ones.

You can toggle between options to view survey names, verticals, supported platforms, operating systems, completion times, targeted countries, and payout rates.

For example, you might find a survey in the Smart Surveys section that pays users for completing a short questionnaire about their shopping preferences.

Users can quickly fill it out, and you, as an affiliate, earn a commission for each completed survey. This method is straightforward and effective, making it a popular choice among affiliates looking for a reliable income stream.

The ability to see key details about each survey, such as the countries it targets, the expected completion time, and the payout rate, allows affiliates to select the most suitable offers for their audience and marketing strategies.

It’s a win-win situation where users get paid for their participation, and affiliates earn commissions for facilitating these survey opportunities.

2. SmartLink:

Zeydoo offers an excellent feature for affiliates interested in the Smartlink vertical. You can access all the essential information by clicking on the Smartlink menu button on the left panel.

This information includes details about the GEOs (regions) you want to target, conversion types, offer statuses, and specific targeting options. You’ll also find comprehensive product descriptions, benefits, restrictions, and professional recommendations from Zeydoo’s experts.

What makes this feature even more attractive is that the SmartLink isn’t limited to Zeydoo’s own products. It also works with offers from their partner networks.

This means that media buyers have access to a wide range of offers, making it easier to monetize various types of traffic effectively.

Zeydoo’s multi-vertical Smartlink is particularly useful for affiliates dealing with mixed traffic. Instead of testing multiple offers and verticals, you can simply use a universal link, and Zeydoo’s intelligent system will automatically identify the best offers and landing pages for your specific traffic.

Furthermore, Zeydoo’s team continuously monitors “slices,” which encompass parameters like GEO, offers, vertical, device type, and platform. These slices are optimized on a weekly basis.

As a partner, you can receive customized slices based on your traffic type and characteristics. This optimization strategy is designed to boost your conversion rates (CR) and overall profits, making your affiliate marketing efforts even more successful.

Smartlink is perfect if you work with:

Here are some scenarios where SmartLink comes in handy:

SEO-traffic: If your website is in English and attracts visitors from various countries who understand the language, SmartLink ensures that you don’t lose any users. It redirects them to the most relevant offers, maximizing conversions.

Wide targeting: When you’re running campaigns in multiple GEOs (regions), SmartLink simplifies the process by automatically directing users to offers tailored to their location, streamlining your operations.

Banner advertising on content websites: Similar to SEO traffic, placing banners on content websites can attract a diverse audience. SmartLink ensures that you don’t miss out on conversions and optimizes the placement to maximize your results.

Free traffic from platforms like TikTok: If you’re creating and uploading videos that can attract viewers from around the world, SmartLink placed in your bio helps monetize all users by finding the most relevant offers for each, ensuring that you make the most out of your diverse traffic sources.

Mobile Apps & Utilities

Zeydoo’s Mobile Apps & Utilities vertical is a treasure trove of exclusive in-house products that provide an excellent opportunity for partners to harness global traffic and establish a consistent income through media buying.

Here are the standout in-house products within this vertical:

Fast n Clean: An exclusive app designed to declutter your device by eliminating unwanted files, optimizing smartphone performance, and freeing up valuable storage space.

Dating SweetMeet: This dating app is available in numerous countries and boasts a high conversion rate, making it an attractive choice for partners. Its exclusivity adds to its appeal.

Scanero: As one of the fastest QR-code readers on the market, Scanero simplifies scanning and reading various documents, business cards, discount cards, and loyalty cards from different stores.

SuperVision: An Android app that enhances users’ content creation with different effects. It offers 4 landing pages in 22 languages, making it a versatile choice.

Jax VPN: This user-friendly VPN service provides worldwide coverage and a straightforward payout structure based on installs and app launches.

Partners engaging with the Mobile Apps & Utilities vertical in Zeydoo can take advantage of a streamlined installation process, ready-made pre-landers for all offers, regular updates for offer optimization, compatibility with pop and push traffic, and various app formats available in APK and Play Market.

This vertical offers a diverse range of products and a user-friendly approach for affiliate marketers looking to tap into mobile apps and utilities to boost their earnings.

Zeydoo For Affiliates

Zeydoo For Affiliates

Monetize Your Traffic with a Trusted Partner

Zeydoo offers a comprehensive package of benefits to its affiliates, ensuring a rewarding partnership:

Zeydoo Features For Affiliates

Regular Payments and Shortened Payment Period: Zeydoo prioritizes timely payouts through a transparent financial system, reducing the waiting period for affiliates to access their earnings.

High Payouts: Leveraging advanced AI targeting technologies and additional monetization features, Zeydoo provides competitive payouts to its partners. They also offer custom rates for affiliates dealing with substantial volumes of traffic.

Personal Manager Support: Affiliates benefit from the expertise of dedicated personal managers who are available 24/7. They offer integration assistance and guidance, fostering the growth of both newcomers and seasoned marketers.

In-House AI-Based Products: Zeydoo’s in-house products are developed using AI technology and deep insights into user behavior, derived from constant technological research. These products cater to various types of traffic, enhancing conversion rates.

Exclusive Offers: Zeydoo hand-picks over 1,000 exclusive offers following internal testing, ensuring unlimited scalability in highly converting niches worldwide.

High-Tech CPA Platform: Zeydoo’s self-engineered platform equips affiliates with comprehensive real-time statistics and essential parameters for in-depth analysis and business scaling.

Versatility in Ad Formats: The network accommodates multiple ad formats and all traffic types, with the exception of bot and adult traffic, allowing marketers to explore various promotional strategies.

Direct Offers: Zeydoo stands apart by sharing only direct offers that have been rigorously tested by its internal media buying team, eliminating the need for reselling.

Trusted Partner: With expertise in highly converting affiliate niches worldwide, Zeydoo empowers affiliates to monetize their traffic effectively. They specialize in Leadgen (financial and insurance services), CPL (Mobile Apps & Utilities), CPI (Sweepstakes, quizzes, and giveaways), and industry-specific smart surveys and smartlinks based on AI.

Zeydoo For Advertisers

By partnering with Zeydoo, I’ve unlocked a world of advantages for reaching my target audience with precision. Their AI solutions for advertisers ensure high-quality performance on a global scale.

Zeydoo For Advertisers

Zeydoo’s built-in anti-fraud system filters traffic from diverse sources, guaranteeing stability and optimal traffic distribution through IT technologies.

What sets Zeydoo apart is its commitment to additional traffic monetization, effectively reducing conversion costs. With an extensive network of affiliates and an internal media buying team, I have access to unlimited lead-generation opportunities across various traffic sources.

 I’ve uncovered a range of distinct advantages:

Zeydoo Features For Advertisers

Anti-Fraud Vigilance: Zeydoo’s built-in anti-fraud system ensures that traffic is free from deceitful activity, safeguarding your investments and campaign integrity.

Traffic Stability: Through the application of IT technologies, Zeydoo maintains traffic stability, skillfully optimizing its distribution for optimal performance.

Efficient Cost Management: Innovative technologies for additional traffic monetization reduce the cost of conversions, elevating your return on investment.

Affiliate Network: The extensive affiliate network, coupled with an in-house media buying team, offers an abundance of lead generation opportunities, tapping into various traffic sources.

Cutting-Edge Rotation: Zeydoo employs state-of-the-art rotation technologies alongside industry-specific smart surveys and smartlinks. This synergy results in highly efficient traffic distribution funnels that deliver top-tier traffic at a lower overall cost.

Robust Analytics: Zeydoo’s CPA platform equips advertisers with powerful tools and real-time comprehensive statistics. This data empowers precise analysis and scalable decision-making.

What are the Payment Methods?

Zeydoo recognizes the significance of flexibility in the realm of payments, and they’ve taken steps to provide a range of payment methods that cater to affiliates globally. These options encompass:

Wire Transfer: A traditional yet reliable method for transferring funds between bank accounts.

PayPal: A widely used electronic payment platform that facilitates secure online transactions.

WebMoney Z: An online payment platform that offers a versatile means of managing finances and conducting transactions.

Wire USD/EUR: Wire transfers in either US dollars or euros, allowing for currency flexibility.

Wise USD/EUR: Formerly known as TransferWise, Wise is a platform that provides cost-effective international money transfers.

Payoneer: A financial services company that offers online money transfer and digital payment services.

This extensive array of payment choices ensures that affiliates have the convenience and adaptability they need to access their earnings without hassle, regardless of their geographical location or personal payment preferences.

Zeydoo’s commitment to accommodating affiliates shines through in their diverse payment options.

How to stay updated with Zeydoo’s exclusive offers?

Do you want to know my secret to success? I stay updated with the regular Zeydoo’s exclusive offers.

Stay updated with Zeydoo

Do you also want to stay in the loop with Zeydoo’s exclusive offers and engage with their dedicated managers? It’s simple:

Don’t miss out on the latest updates and exciting opportunities; join the Zeydoo Telegram chat today. It’s your direct line to staying informed and making the most of your affiliate marketing journey.

Pros and Cons Of Zeydoo


  • Reliable and prompt payments for over a decade.
  • User-friendly and bug-free platform.
  • Multi-vertical Smartlink for optimizing traffic.
  • Dedicated 24/7 competent manager support.
  • Attractive offers variety and payouts.


  • Potential for expanding the available offers.
  • Reported issues with slow customer support.

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Conclusion: Zeydoo Review 2023

Zeydoo’s remarkable offers and extensive features have solidified its reputation as a top choice for affiliate marketers. With a daily conversion rate of 2.5 million, it’s evident that their 10+ in-house CPA products are delivering impressive results.

The standout features of unlimited caps and worldwide coverage are essential for successful affiliate marketing endeavors.

In summary, Zeydoo is a valuable asset for affiliate marketers. Their dedication to developing in-house and exclusive CPA products sets them apart in the industry.

While some of their features align with industry standards, Zeydoo’s innovative approach takes them to the next level.

If you’re seeking diverse verticals with exceptional offers and GEOs, Zeydoo is definitely worth exploring. Give it a try and discover the difference it can make in your affiliate marketing journey.

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