YuvaShop: A New Online Shopping Venue For Youth

Among various online shopping portals, YuvaShop is one of the fastest growing eCommerce websites. This eCommerce site was launched just a couple of months ago and has already started attracting potential buyer/customers. YuvaShop was launched on 26th July 2015 with exciting launch offers and deals, which lured many people to try the site, resulting in the huge number of sales on the first day itself.

YuvaShopAt Yuvashop, we strive to cater to the needs of the vast youth population of our country by providing them with a one-stop-shop-all destination. Whether it be a pretty little bag for your girlfriend or a cool watch for your boyfriend, whether it be a last minute couple gift for your parents or a surprise gift delivery to your sibling; YuvaShop has it all.

YuvaShop claims to be a No. 1 Youth’s Online Shopping Site In India, which shows that the site aims to become the one-stop destination to shop online, for the youths of India. And with the updated products and deals, found on the site, it really seems that the team working being YuvaShop is truly determined in achieving their goals. The site offers special hand picked items in category of fashion and fashion accessories for “Gen Y”

CEO & Founder: Amit Dey

Amit DeyNow talking about the founder of YuvaShop, the eCommerce site was founded by the pro blogger Amit Dey. Amit Dey is a startup and SEO expert and YuvaShop is his dream startup. He started his entrepreneurship journey back in 2009 and now it has been 6 years of his blogging journey. He is quite a successful blogger and a hidden gem. After struggling for over 1.5 years, he starting getting some success in online marketing and with his growing success he finally launched his dream startup, the YuvaShop.

In his recent interview he said,

Yuvashop, the name itself states that it’s an exclusive eCommerce for the youths. It’s a one-stop shop for the gen y people. Our plan is to make shopping at Yuvashop a habit to them.

Being the founder of YuvaShop, he holds a really dedicated team working behind the scene to increase the online presence of the website. His team comprises of some of the powerful and pro bloggers, who are determined in making his dream startup legit.

You can read more about Amit Dey in his recent interview on

YuvaShop Design

Just like the name, the logo of the website is quite wisely designed, resembling the youth of India. Talking about the website design, the whole interface is designed quite nicely and you would really enjoy the animation and the easy to use UI. The user interface is quite playful, unlike other eCommerce sites and the design makes it fun to play around the site and scroll through various products.

Yuvashop design

The website has various categories lined up in a sticky menu and getting to your specific product line is quite easy. The categories section also includes Best Deals and Exclusive Store, giving you access to the best deals section where you will find products at a great discount and low price while the exclusive store lists down products which are only limited to and nowhere else.

A category list menu and a search bar are also provided above the main menu, so you can easily get to the specific product or product category you are looking for, without scrolling through the whole site.

YuvaShop Services

Being at its initial stage, YuvaShop is trying hard to provide best in class customer service, so that no one leaves unhappy or unsatisfied. The site offers free shipping on shopping for a certain amount, has fast delivery service and also gives the much in demand return policy.

Return Policy

YuvaShop claims to deliver orders with 100% customer satisfaction, but in case you are unsatisfied with the item purchased considering it is defective, has some fault or wrong product delivered, you can surely return it back. The site gives you a 7 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, so you can return the faulty product within 7 days of delivery and you will get 100% money back. You just need to fill the form in the Returns page to initiate the return process for you order.

Shipping Charge

Talking about shipping charge, YuvaShop offers free shipping on orders worth Rs 500 or more. So you need not pay any extra charges if you shop for Rs 500 or above. But if your shopping bag contains orders amounting to less than Rs 500 in total, you will be needing to pay a nominal flat shipping charge of just Rs 59.

Delivery Time

The site gives you an estimate delivery time on the purchase of an item which is not more than 7 to 9 working days, which is pretty fast as compared to other eCommerce sites. The site states,” Your purchased order will reach your doorstep maximum within 7 to 9 working days of placing the order.

Contact Us

If you have any query about anything on or around YuvaShop, you can head to their Contact Us page and then just leave them a mail stating you query and you query will be solved soon

YuvaShop Payment Methods

YuvaShop offers a wide range of payment methods, giving you a flexible and most trusted experience. The site also offers the much popular Cash On Delivery service, so you need to pay only when your order(s) has reached your doorstep. Other payment methods include PayPal, Visa, American Express and Mater Card

YuvaShop Office

YuvaShop Office

This startup has its office located in D-2, Grihalaxmi Apartment, Dhalua (West), Garia, Kolkata, West Bengal and has 24 x 7 opening time.

Q&A with the CEO and Founder

Now it is time for some questions and answers session with the CEO and Founder with Yuvashop, Amit Dey. I asked some tough question to the founder of Yuvashop and got some wise answers. So let’s see how it goes.

1. Hey Amit, please tell us something about YuvaShop.
Yuvashop is first of its kind eCommerce website which is solely dedicated to solving the everyday need and demand of the entire Youth community of India. We are looking forward to building the brand Yuvashop as the No. 1 eCommerce website for the youths.
2. How is YuvaShop different from other online shopping portals?
Yuvashop understands what young India needs right now in terms of fashion specifically. So we offer best of class designs on trending topics, quotes, memes and more for products such as T-Shirts, Shirts, Kurtis, Sarees and more.
3. How is do you aim to compete with bigger brands like Flipkart, Amazon etc?
We are niche specific eCommerce brand and we won’t be dealing on all the categories like Amazon, Flipkart etc does. Rather we will focus on a specific niche (fir example Fashion) and target specific age group in order to build the credibility of our brand.
4. Where do you see YuvaShop in 5 years from now?
I see Yuvashop as a multi-million dollar company in next Five years, but more importantly I am seeing Yuvashop as the one n only solution to the need and demand of the youths of India in next Five Years. I wanna make “Yuvashop” as an exclusive keyword with millions of monthly search volume.
5. Would you like to say something for new customers who are coming from other online shopping sites?
They are doing the right thing, and we will offer the best of its class support to all of them. We consider our customers as the extension of our Yuvashop family, and thus we love and care them unconditionally.

Wrap Up:

Wrapping it up, I would say, Yuvashop seems to be a really fast growing online shopping site and with its strategy to target youth of India, I surely see it touching skies of success in coming years. I have already become a permanent customer and would also recommend you all to head over and try their new trend of fashion.

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