How to Improve WordPress Website’s Speed and Make it Load Under 1 Second [Proven Ways]

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One of the most crucial elements that Google takes into account when ranking web pages is how quickly your website loads.

Therefore, in order to make our website load faster and retain or increase our positions on search engines, it’s imperative that we perform WordPress Speed Optimization.

You will learn everything there is to know about increasing the speed of your website in this blog post.

In fact, I have achieved a webpage load speed of under 1 second using the same tactics I’m about to demonstrate to you.

My website loads in 0.8 seconds as checked on Gtmetrix

wordpress speed optimization

And my website loads in 795 ms as checked on Pingdom

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization
Google Page Speed Insights
wordpress speed optimization
Litespeed Cache WordPress Dashboard

My website speed is impressive, right?

This is exactly what you are going to Attain if you follow each and every step mentioned in the article.

We all love the speed in all things we do, there’s no denying fact in that.

in fact whenever we do some work, we want to work faster, and that’s how we save time, and everybody wants to save their precious time.

Everybody wants to finish their work faster.


  • Slow internet – We hate when we have to look for something online, and the network just sucks.
  • A slow processor or device – these can reduce your productivity
  • nobody likes to invest a lot of time in things which they can do faster
  • and lastly, people also do not like a Slow website
  • whatever things you do, you always want to do things quicker and save some time

Same applies to the website, nobody will want to visit a slow loading website, and they don’t have a lot of time to wait for your website to load.

You will have to save your visitors time.

Think about it for a second, Why would someone visit your website, if your website loads forever, they may bounce back and visit another Fast loading website where they get the required information that they are looking for.

SO in this way, you Lost one potential website visitor due to slow website speed. So that’s why having a fast loading website is very important.

That’s why you will have to make your website load faster, to grow your reader base.

If you help people in saving their time, then ultimately you will also win.

It’s like a win-win situation where your visitor will get the required information, and you will also rank higher in the Google search engine, due to the fast loading website.

Google loves fast loading websites, and Google’s search engines only rank websites that provide massive value and also loads faster.

Don’t get me wrong website Loading speed isn’t the only factor that determines Ranking in search engines, but it should also not be ignored.

According to Research If your Website takes more than 2 seconds to load, then the visitor bounces back and visits another website.

This applies to our website also, and if your Website does not load fast, then your website visitors might run away from your website.

Website owners will want to have a significant number of readers for their content. That’s what every Website Owner wants right?

But if your Website will take too long to load, then nobody is going to read your Content

In this article, you’ll learn some advanced tactics to make your WordPress website super fast, so let’s get started.

How to do a WordPress site speed test? And how can you fix Problems?

Before fixing your website’s Loading time, you need to know what is the loading time of your website at the current time.

So for checking the websites speed you will require some tools.

Here are some places where you can do a Check of your WordPress site speed test

  1. Google Pagespeed Insights
  2. Pingdom
  3. Gtmetrix

The best part about using the above tool is that these tools also show you why your website is lacking in speed and how you can fix them.

Each tool shows you some different matrix and how they are performing, and you can quickly fix the problems by looking at the metrics these tools provide.

While doing WordPress speed optimization, these tools will help you a lot.

Does speed matter? Here is my answer

If you don’t know, Google is very serious about its ranking factors and Your website load time is one of them.

One second delay can cost you loss in conversions, loss in page views, loss in customer satisfaction, increase in frustration and decrease in engagement.

The LoadStorm confirms these stats while Google also prefers speed.

So basically it’s quite simple

  1. faster loading websites get more page views
  2. If your website loads fast then its also SEO friendly
  3. and Google also loves faster loading websites as it is a major ranking factor.

How to Improve the Load time of WordPress Website?

SO lets now dive into the practical Zone, where you have to do the exact same things practically to make your website load under 1 seconds.

If you don’t do the exact same things then you will never attain a fast loading website.

Step 1: Choose a better Hosting for your website

A website hosting is the most essential part of the website speed optimization because if you don’t choose a good website host, then your website load time will suffer.

As everything, including your website, will be built on it, website hosting is like the foundation of a building.

Hence, picking the best hosting for your website is crucial.

All of your website’s files are kept on a hosting server, and when a browser requests data from that server, your website is then shown.

Therefore, your website will load more quickly the quicker your hosting server is in displaying the data to the reader’s browser.

A website is nothing more than a collection of files and codes, but WordPress takes care of the backend so you don’t have to bother about coding or anything else.

All you need to do is choose is a better website hosting.

And the Hosting service that i recommend is SiteGround Hosting.

I have been in the blogging, Website building and designing business for quite some time now and have tested numerous hosting servers over a while.

And I can say that Siteground Hosting stands out as the best hosting service among all the Hosting’s I ever used.

Here are a few reasons why I like Siteground

  1. The support team is quick in giving response and solves queries within minutes
  2. The hosting is top-notch and is suitable for beginners.
  3. The reliability of the hosting is very good and you can host any website or blog with Siteground.
  4. Siteground is the no.1 trusted hosting company trusted by many experts worldwide.
  5. The uptime of Siteground hosting is 99.999% guaranteed.

Here’s some proof That Will Make you Trust SIteground Hosting Even More.

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization
Siteground Hosting is been used by Reputed SEO Plugins websites to host their websites.
wordpress speed optimization
Harsh Agrawal He’s a Veteran Blogger from India and He also Uses SItrground Hosting to host his Blog.
wordpress speed optimization

SO now you know why I prefer SIteground to host my blogs.

And After using Siteground hosting on my Blog, my Blog’s speed skyrocket.

Here’s the screenshot of my Blogs speed test.

wordpress speed optimization

How to Buy a Hosting From SiteGround?

Step 1: Click on this special discounted link to start your first blog with Siteground.

Step 2: Choose WordPress Hosting as it is best suited for the WordPress Blogs and websites

wordpress speed optimization

Step 3: choose the Grow big Plan (it allows you to host multiple Websites)

wordpress speed optimization

Step 4: Choose a domain name for your blog if you want to start Fresh

wordpress speed optimization

Step 5: Fill your account information

wordpress speed optimization

Step 6: Fill in Client Information

wordpress speed optimization

Step 7: Fill your payment information

wordpress speed optimization

Step 8: Check-in your purchase Information and uncheck all the unnecessary things

wordpress speed optimization

Step 9: Confirm the conditions and click on PAY NOW

wordpress speed optimization

Step 10: Congratulations, You have successfully purchased a hosting account from SiteGround, and took the first step towards your Website Speed optimization.

See there are many cheap hosting providers out there in the market, that provide hosting at very low prices, but their performance is not up to the mark.

Don’t get caught up in this trap in the name of Cheap Hosting services.

But, If you are a beginner, then you could go with Shared web hosting because, in the beginning, you are not going to have a lot of traffic coming on your website.

And a shared can easily manage Traffic your Website in the initial days of starting your website.

But For the peoples who can invest some money and want fast performance. Then I will recommend them to go with Cloud hosting.

So always choose a fast hosting provider for your website, and you will see a significant performance boost in your Website load time.

Step2: Choose SEO Friendly Fast Loading Theme

Consequently, what springs to mind when you hear the phrase “SEO friendly Fast Loading theme”?

Don’t worry; we’ll show you what an SEO-friendly theme looks like if you have no idea what we’re talking about.

In WordPress speed optimization Theme plays a significant role and is also responsible for the speed of your website.

SEO friendly theme should have:

  • image optimization structure – if your images are not optimized, then your website size will increase and your website’s load time will increase.
  • Mobile responsiveness – you should have a Responsive website theme for your website.
  • Fast loading – it should load fast
  • do not contain a lot of bloatware – it should not contain a lot of bloatware, because that’s unnecessary.
  • The theme should be lightweight

if your theme has all the qualities of a good SEO friendly theme, then your website load time will also increase.

And Whenever i hear about SEO friendly Fast loading worpress theme, the first thing that comes to my mind is Generatepress Theme.

GeneratePress Theme is truly the best WordPress theme out there in the market, and I personally use the Generatepress theme on all the websites I built.

GeneratePress theme has all the Qualities of a good WordPress theme that i mentioned above.

Generatepress theme is SEO Friendly, It is mobile optimized, it’s size is less so it loads fast etc.

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Step 3: Compress your website’s images

Images play a significant role in enhancing overall look and engagement on your website.

But if your website’s images are not properly optimized, then it’s going to hurt your website load time.

So that is why it is essential to optimize your website’s images to improve your websites load time.

Here are some essential points to keep in mind when optimizing images for your website

  • Images should be compressed using tools like TinyPng, TinyJPG before uploading them to your WordPress website.
  • You should Install Image compression plugin in your WordPress website to further compress the images after upload, this will make the size of images very less, and your website will load super fast.
  • You should enable lazy loading for images.
  • Enable hotlinking protection for your images from your CPANEL.

SO doing all the above image compression tactics will greatly improve the load time of your website.

Step 4: Install Jetpack Plugin by

Jetpack is a very powerful plugin, and it provides some cool and powerful features that can help to speed up your website.

People will say “What the holy S**t” Jetpack? Jetpack will slow down your website instead of sppeding up.

But its totally wrong, I admit that its a very huge plugin and it consume lot of server resources, but there’s a quick work around that will save you from this.

Just visit the below link with your website address instead of

How to Improve WordPress Website's Speed
After you visit the above link you will see a dashboard like this from where you can disable all the unnecessary elements of jetpack Plugin.

visit the above-mentioned link after installing jetpack, you will now be presented with all of the features of jetpack, simply disable all of the features that you don’t want from jetpack and they will be turned off and you will only use what’s required for your website and this is the hack that will improve your load time by 40%.

Some of the amazing features of Jetpack include:

Site accelerator

Site accelerator Improves the Load time of your website. If you use this feature from Jetpack plugin, you will see a performance boost.

wordpress speed optimization
Jetpacks Features

Speedup images to load faster

With the help of this option, you can speed up your images load time meaning that images will not load from your server,

resulting in less server load on your Server

Speed up static file load times

This option speeds up the static files on your website like CSS, javascript and other codes that help in boosting the load time of your website.

Enable lazy loading for images

Enabling a lazy load for your website will load the whole website before the images being loaded.

That means texts and other things will load up faster, and the images will load after that

this helps in improving the load time of your website

because unlike the old traditional way where everything loads up, and then only the whole website shows up.

lazyload lets your website loads up the text first and then images because texts are less in size than images.

Hence in this way Lazy load help in improving your website’s load time.

Step 5: Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

A content delivery network will significantly help you to reduce the load time of your website and will help in WordPress speed optimization.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers where your website’s files are stored in many different locations around the globe, which results in faster load time due to serving of website’s resources from the nearest possible server to the reader.

This helps in a situation where a person from another region tries to access your website and website loads very slow, due to the server is located in another region.

So a Content Delivery Network stores your website’s files at many different server locations of the CDN network.

And whenever a person tries to access your website, then the nearest CDN server Nearest to the person will provide the files of a website.

Resulting in less page load time.

This greatly helps in improving the load time of your website.

but it isn’t free

You have to pay some upfront fees to get it:

here are some of the great CDN providers;

  1. MaxCDN
  2. Cloudflare (also has a free plan)
  3. Amazon CloudFront
  4. KeyCDN
  5. Akamai
  6. Fastly

For beginners, I would personally recommend going with the free version of Cloudflare as you need not pay some hefty fees.

Cloudflare provides free CDN for WordPress and its also a good choice when you are starting out.

Step 6: leverage browser caching

Leveraging Browser cache will help to reduce your websites load time significantly

for enabling this, you need to go to your Cpanel and go to file manager and find Public_html

wordpress speed optimization

then look for the .htaccess file and click on edit

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization

and add the following code in red colour in the bottom of the code in the .htaccess file

#start Leverage Browser Caching
<IfModule mod_expires.c>
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/gif “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/jpg “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/jpeg “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/png “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType image/x-icon “access 1 year”
ExpiresByType text/css “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType text/javascript “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType text/html “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/javascript “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/x-javascript “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/xhtml-xml “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/pdf “access 1 month”
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash “access 1 month”
ExpiresDefault “access 1 month”
#End Leverage Browser Caching

after you add this code to your .htaccess file you will see a massive difference, your website’s load time will improve.

this will enable Browser caching on your website

Step 7: Use a caching plugin for WordPress Speed Optimization

Using a caching plugin is very important if you want to improve your website’s load time.

Whenever a user visits your website, the browser downloads website files and show the visitor a website.

Because ultimately, a website is nothing but a set of codes mixed.

So whenever a visitor visits your website, he every time have to download that, more time is consumed in that.

So with the help of a caching plugin, visitors browser Downloads and saves the cache Files in their browser.

Which then helps the visitor save some time to download the website files again and again when he visits the website.

Use Caching plugin on your website, and This will help in improving the load time of your website.

Some of the popular caching plugins for WordPress are:

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. Wp Rocket

these were some of the WordPress speed optimization plugins

The caching plugin which I use on my website is WP rocket

wordpress speed optimization

Step 8: Enable gzip compression on your website

Enabling Gzip compression on your website will help you Improving the load time of your website.

Basically What Gzip Compression does is, it compresses the website to some extent while also maintaining the quality of a website.

This ultimately helps in reducing the page size and also helps in loading your website much faster than it would without gzip compression enabled.

So Enabling Gzip Compression is a must if you want a faster website.

To Enable Gzip Compression login to your Cpanel and go to software and then go to optimize website > Select compress all content > click on update settings

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization

An ALternate method to Enable Gzip compression is through editing .htaccess file Go to file manager in your Cpanel and open .htaccess and add the below code at the end of your .htaccess file, to know how to access the .htaccess file, read the Leveraging browser caching section.

and at the bottom of all the codes paste the below code

# compress text, html, javascript, css, xml:
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/plain
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/html
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE text/css
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/xhtml+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/rss+xml
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/javascript
AddOutputFilterByType DEFLATE application/x-javascript
AddType x-font/otf .otf
AddType x-font/ttf .ttf
AddType x-font/eot .eot
AddType x-font/woff .woff
AddType image/x-icon .ico
AddType image/png .png

Step 9: use AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) helps to reduce the webpage for the mobile devices. Which ultimately improves the load time of your website.

wordpress speed optimization

You should use AMP because 90% of your website visitors will come from a mobile device.

This is because mobile is a handy device and can be accessed whenever they want to visit any website.

Unlike a desktop computer or laptop where it requires more space.

So to improve the user experience you should use AMP plugin in your WordPress website.

AMP plugin shows mobile devices the lite version of your website so its less in size and also loads fastly.

Here’s a video that will guide you on how to Perfectly enable AMP on your website

This also helps in improving the Load time of your website.

Step 10: Wp optimize plugin

If you have already purchased and installed WProcket plugin then you dont need to install this plugin, since this plugin’s feature is already built inside WP rocket.

but most folks wouldn’t buy WProcket, so they can install WP optimize plugin and have the feature of wprocket.

Wp optimize is another excellent WordPress plugin for WordPress, which helps in optimizing the database of your WordPress website.

Basically what it does is, it removes all the junk and useless pages and posts which have been stored in your hosting server’s database.

For those of you who have WProcket plugin can optimize their database by using this below technique

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization

And it also cleans the database for the fast functioning of the website, so this plugin is also essential for WordPress speed optimization.

Step 11: Remove Query strings from static resources

Removing query strings from static resources will also help to improve your websites load time

for removing query strings from static resources, you need to login to your Cpanel

Go to file manager and go to your sites root folder or Public_html folder.

if you have only one website, you need to go to public_html

And goto wp-contents folder and then go to Themes folder and then go to the folder which is named by the current theme you are using on your website.

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization

and then find functions.php inside that folder and click on edit

and paste the below code in red color at the bottom of all the codes and click on save change.

//remove query strings
function _remove_script_version( $src ){
$parts = explode( ‘?’, $src );
return $parts[0];
add_filter( ‘script_loader_src’, ‘_remove_script_version’, 15, 1 );
add_filter( ‘style_loader_src’, ‘_remove_script_version’, 15, 1 );

wordpress speed optimization

after you’ve done adding this code to your functions.php file, this will remove the quary strings from your website’s static resources and improve the website load time

and will remove query strings from static resources.

But if you are a WP rocket Caching Plugin user then you don’t need to do all these hefty tasks, you can enable removal of query strings from static resources from WordPress dashboard itself, let me show you how.

wordpress speed optimization

Step 12: Remove Unused plugins & Themes

If you want a faster loading website, then you need to remove all the unused or all the currently not in use plugins and themes.

If you keep all the unnecessary plugins and themes which are not in use, then you might get a slower loading website.

Because when a browser requests your website from your server, all the plugins load up and then your website loads up.

So remove all the unnecessary plugins and themes this will help in improving your websites load time.

Remove WordPress page builders if you can fro your website and you will see a great improvement in the load time of your website.

Step 13: Remove Unnecessary pages & posts

If you have pages or posts that nobody visits, then it’s better to delete them because nobody visits them.

And you could make a better page or post than that, that will get more visitors.

Deleting all the trash pages and posts will also greatly help in improving your websites load time.

Step 14: Use PHP 7 or above in the Cpanel

You should always choose PHP 7 or above in the Cpanel PHP selector because of a lower version than that have some WordPress Speed Optimization issues.

For doing this, you need to go to your Cpanel and Goto PHP selector and select PHP version & or Above.

wordpress speed optimization
wordpress speed optimization

Step 15: update themes and plugins 

If your WordPress plugins and themes are not updated, then you are making a huge mistake, this might be one of the resaons why your wordpress website is not loading fast.

so you have always keep updating your WordPress plugins and themes in order to make sure everything is updated.

Regular Updates to your Themes and Plugins plays a significant role in WordPress Speed Optimization.

Because in every update, the developers of that theme or plugin, update some changes and make them better.

So you always need to be updating your themes and plugins to get the most out of your themes and plugins.

This will not only help you be updated but will also help you to improve the load time of your website,

Step 16: Hire a WordPress Freelancer to do the work for you

If you don’t want to do all those WordPress speed optimization tasks yourself then you can also hire a freelancer to this work for you.

this will not only save your time but you will also get work done from an experienced freelancer who has expertise in doing WordPress work.

One such place where you can get experienced freelancer in very cheap price is, here you can get your work done in as low as $5.

So, this is it, Do the above WordPress speed optimization tasks and your WordPress website will load under 1 seconds, I guarantee this.

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More WordPress Tutorials

Here’s a video explaining some extra details of WordPress speed optimization


Since now you have a basic understanding of WordPress performance optimization, put these ideas into practise and watch the improvements.

One Small Request:

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Should I use AMP to SPeed up my website?

We would not recommend to use AMP as many people reported that it decreased their websites conversion rate drastically, because of its poor user experience.

What are the most important WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins?

Here are some of the most important WordPress speed optimization Plugins

  1. Wp Rocket
  2. Autoptimize
  3. Short pixel, or Smush it image compression plugin
  4. Wp optimize

Which caching plugin is best?

Wp Rocket is the best caching Plugin

Which is the Best Image Compression tool?

Smush it Pro is the Best Image Compression Plugin

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