What is Buzzsumo? And How It Can Help You To Boost Your Content Strategy?

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Have you ever tried researching content on the web for your next piece of content and got the overwhelming results and not being sure about what to look and implement in your content from those researched contents?

Well, it’s okay, everybody will fall in this trap if they do not have a proper content plan.

And Buzzsumo can solve this problem for you in no time.

In this Blog Post, I decided to give you a Review of What is Buzzsumo and How to Use Buzzsumo for your Content Marketing Strategy.

So Without a further due let’s dive right in.

What is Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo is a simple tool that allows us to Analyze, research, and make smarter decisions by analyzing other similar content on the web.

Buzzsumo can mainly help you with Discovering new topics, Finding new topic ideas and finding influencers.

In the top menu of the Buzzsumo home screen, you will see Five tabs.

  1. Discover: you can discover new content ideas for you using discover
  2. Content: you can research content using this tab
  3. Influencers: you can find influencers from a specific industry
  4. Monitoring: you can set alerts using this feature of Buzzsumo
  5. Projects: helps you to add projects for your campaign

Inside the discover tab you can

  1. Generate endless topic ideas
  2. Know what’s trending content
  3. Find hot questions

With the Help of Buzzsumo, you can perform below-listed Tasks Easily.

  1. Content Research
  2. Influencer Research
  3. Monitoring and Alerts

let’s Look at each one of these Features One By One.

What is Buzzsumo Content Research?

Buzzsumo Content Research tool allows you to analyze the best performing content on the web and based on that you can make smarter data-driven decisions for your Content.

You can look for:

  1. what type of titles your competitors are crafting for their content
  2. look inside your competitors content
  3. view sharers
  4. view backlinks
  5. view what kind of articles tends to get most shares

and based on your analysis, you can make your content better than your competitors.

Buzzsumo content research tool analyzes content based on:

  1. Total Engagements on Different Social Platforms
  2. Facebook Engagements
  3. Twitter Shares
  4. Pinterest Shares
  5. Reddit Engagements
  6. Evergreen Score
  7. Most number Of Backlinks

here there is a new term in Buzzsumo “The Evergreen Score.

What is Buzzsumo Evergreen Score?

The Buzzsumo Evergreen Score is a measure that, on a scale of 0-100, indicates how long a piece of content can remain relevant or predicts the future popularity of a given subject.

Less evergreen content will eventually lose its current trend, therefore check the evergreen score of the type of content you’re looking for.

However, if the content you are looking for has an evergreen score of greater than 30, it is worthwhile to create content around it.

Additionally, the Buzzsumo content analyzer will display results unique to that measure if you simply want search results based on one particular statistic by clicking on that metric.

Lets for example: If I want results based on the most number of Facebook engagements then I will click on Facebook Icon, and it will bring me up to the content that has got the most engagements on Facebook

Buzzsumo Content analyzer tool also allows you to:

  1. View peoples who shared that content
  2. view backlinks (sometimes it may not work)
  3. share that article with your social networks
  4. save that content for a future visit

There is also a filter tab on the left side which allows you to filter content according to:

  1. Time
  2. Only B2B Publishers
  3. Country
  4. Language
  5. Domains
  6. Content-type
  7. Publisher size
  8. Word Count

Under the Buzzsumo Content Research Tool, there are 6 different Tools.

1. Buzzsumo Topic Explorer: with this, you can find topic ideas related to your niche, if at any time you run out of content ideas then this feature can greatly help you find great content ideas.

2. Buzzsumo Content Analyzer: Helps you Analyze the best Content related to your topic as discussed above.

3. Buzzsumo Facebook analyzer: Analyze which type of posts works best on Facebook, so you can make your content which attracts most shares from Facebook or which gets the most engagement on Facebook.

4. Buzzsumo Question Analyzer: find Questions Related to your Topic, although I did not prefer this feature but can be used for finding out questions related to your topic.

I prefer to use Answer The Public Tool for finding out The Questions.

5. Buzzsumo Trending Now: Find Trending Topics.

I prefer Google News For Latest News Related to our Niche.

6. Buzzsumo Backlinks: Find the most linked content of your competitors,

I prefer to use Ahrefs for doing link research.

What is Buzzsumo Influencer Research?

Buzzsumo Influencer Research tool can be a goldmine of opportunities who want to connect with influencers and want to make healthy relationships with them.

Connecting with influencers not only makes you level up your game but also makes influencers notice you and ultimately share your content.

Remember, blogging is a long term game, so you should always try to build healthy relationships with other peoples in your industry.

In this way, you will grow a lot faster.

So this tool can find potential influencers of your niche.

Just go to influencers tab on the Buzzsumo and enter your niche keyword or the people you are searching for

for example, I want to connect with Digital Marketers, so I Will search for Digital Marketers.

Therefore, it will begin bringing all of the influential or significant figures in your sector.

After that, you can connect with them and follow them. If you’re lucky, they might then decide to follow you as well.

Who knows, they might distribute your stuff in the future with their large readership.

The influencers I followed on Twitter eventually followed me back when I did the same thing and did the same.

This means that if I post anything interesting in the future and an influencer sees it and loves it, they will undoubtedly share it with their audience.

You can see a sidebar on the left that resembles the one we saw in the content analyzer tab.

You can use these filters to sort persons depending on:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Influencers
  3. Companies
  4. Journalists
  5. Regular people
  6. Filter According to Location
  7. Active or Inactive Influencers
  8. Verified Influencers only
  9. Has Instagram Profile
  10. Ignore Broadcasters

You can also save and export the report of influencers.

This feature also provides sorting of people according to/

  1. page authority
  2. Domain Authority 
  3. Number Of Followers
  4. Retweet ratio
  5. Reply Ratio
  6. Average Retweets
  7. Instagram Authority

Buzzsumo Influencer Research Tool also helps us analyze what type of content is being shared by influencers.

you can also search top authors of your niche with this tool.

so that’s what Buzzsumo’s Influencer feature is used for, and it is Indeed a great tool.

What is Buzzsumo Monitoring?

Buzzsumo Monitoring feature helps us make alerts for our entered keywords so that whenever our entered keyword will be mentioned anywhere on the web, we will get an alert.

When creating backlinks from unlinked brand mentions, this can be quite beneficial.

Let me go into more detail.

If you establish an alert for your brand name, you will receive a notification everytime your name is mentioned online.

After then, you may check buzzsumo monitoring to see where you have been referenced.

Additionally, verify whether the permalink for the name you mentioned exists (Backlink).

If otherwise, you might email the owner of the relevant website and request a nice backlink from them.

Just like that.

I’m sure you’ll love exploring this tool.

Google has a free alternative for it known as Google Alerts

What is Buzzsumo used for? (Need)

It’s acceptable if you don’t mind manually assessing the best-performing material.

However, if you want a tool that reveals the strategies used by the top-performing articles and what makes their content so wonderful.

If so, you should definitely check out this fantastic tool.

By doing this, you can save a significant amount of your valuable time and energy and use it for something more worthwhile.

You may also discover a tonne of tutorials on YouTube if you find Buzzsumo tough to utilise.

Simply look up Buzzsumo Tutorial.

You may also try Buzzsumo for 7 days without providing a credit card.

100 free searches are included in the seven-day free trial.

Almost all of the fundamental features are free to use.


You are now aware of what Buzzsumo is and how it may benefit you.

I’d like to know which Buzzsumo feature you appreciated the most, so please share.

Or if you believe I’ve overlooked anything, please comment below.

Peace out!

What is Buzzsumo used For?

Buzzsumo is a simple content research tool that allows you to find awesome new content ideas that is performing excellent on the web.

Buzzsumo also allows you to do influencer research, Keyword monitoring, Alerts and backlinks research.

Is there any FREE Trial of Buzzsumo?

Yes, Buzzsumo offers a 7 days FREE trial.

Is there any refund policy for Buzzsumo?

Buzzsumo Don’t offer any Refunds.

Who should use Buzzsumo?

Anyone who produces online content can use buzzsumo for doing their content research, competitor research, backlink research and for checking out what type of content is performing best on the internet.

Mostly Webmaster, Bloggers, Internet Entrepreneurs and Digital Marketers use Buzzsumo.

What is Buzzsumo
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