How To Stop Contact Form 7 Spam On Your WordPress Website?

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Contact form 7 is a popular Contact form plugin that has got more than 5M+ active installations on the WordPress plugin repository today.

stop contact form 7 spam

Due to the Huge popularity of this plugin, it comes with a little risk and cost. People have built bots and crawlers specifically to detect all the WordPress websites using the contact form 7 plugin and these bots later send all those websites Spam emails through the contact form.

But it’s not a thing to worry about, people have discovered various ways to stop contact form 7 spam now.

And in today’s article i’m going to share with you some of the ways that you can use to combat those spammy emails from the contact form 7.

Note: I’ve not tested the below techniques with Other contact form plugins so if you’re not using contact form 7 plugin, then please perform all the below-mentioned procedures at your own risk. Or I would suggest you take a backup before you do anything.

How to stop contact form 7 spam?

Blocking all the spammy emails from your contact form is very easy, you just have to follow all the below mentioned methods and you will be well on your way to block all of those spammy emails.

I found three working methods of combating the WordPress contact form 7 spam plugin.

Method 1: Using Akismet Anti Spam Plugin

If you’re a WordPress website owner then chances are that you might already be using this plugin to combat spammy comments on your website.

stop contact form 7 spam

Akismet Anti Spam is a popular comment spam protection plugin and it is usually used to combat spammy comments on WordPress Website, but what most people don’t know is that the Akismet Spam plugin can also be used to stop Contact form Spam.

So in this method, we will be using Akismet Anti-spam plugin to block spammy emails coming in from contact form 7.

If you have not already installed the Akismet Anti Spam Plugin, then I would highly recommend you to check out our guide on setting up Akismet Anti Spam for Comment spam protection.

So here’s a Step by step process for enabling anti-spam for your Contact form.

Step 1: Go to your contact form 7 settings are inside WordPress dashboard, and click on Edit on the contact form.

stop contact form 7 spam

In this case I have only one contact form here, you might have more than one contact form here on your website.

Just select the contact for you want to edit, and click on edit.

you will a screen like the screenshot attached below.

stop contact form 7 spam

Inside the form tab you have to replace the default values with the values given below.

There are three Akismet-related options:


You give this option to the field where submitters input their names.

Example: [text* your-name akismet:author]


You give this option to the field where submitters input their email addresses.

Example: [email* your-email akismet:author_email]


You give this option to the field where submitters input the URL of their websites.

Example: [text your-url akismet:author_url]

You can use any one of the above fields or all of the three, I use all the three of them for extra protection against spam, but even a single one would do the work.

After adding those fields click on save button. And this will apply the Akismet Contact for Spam filtering in your contact form. So whenever a bot will try to fill in your contact form with spammy stuffs, then this will catch all the bots and will not allow the bots to send the message.

Let’s Give this Method a try.

Go to your contact form and type “viagra-test-123” into the name (akismet:author) field or “[email protected]” into the email (akismet:author_email) field, with these words included in the fields the Akismet anti spam will detect it using their Spam databse and won’t allow you to fill out such stuffs even if you’re a human.

It will give you and the bots an error saying that “There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.

Note: you need to have Akismet anti-spam plugin for this method to work.

I personally use this method to combat spam emails from contact form on my WordPress website.

You can also read the Official guide by contact form 7 to enable this feature Here.

Method 2: Using Contact Form 7 Honey pot plugin

This method requires you to add a plugin to your WordPress website.

This plugin adds a hidden field to your WordPress contact form that a bot will fill out and will not be able to send the message.

Regular person will not be to fill out that field, only bots will be able to fill out as regular persons will not be able to see that cause that field will be hidden.

And when that Field is filled out the form wont submit.

So here’s a video guide on how to enable the contact form 7 honeypot plugin from scratch.

Method 3: Adding a Basic Quiz at your website

This method is not so effective but some people use this method and it gives them good results.

So the idea behind this method is to add a Quiz box with a basic math question that only humans will be able to solve, and whenever you or bot will fill out the wrong math answer in the field then the form won’t submit.

This method doesn’t require you to add any plugin, you just have to add one simple line of code.

Here’s a video tutorial to do that.

Method 4: Using reCaptcha

This method is the Best method method to Stop contact form 7 spam emails, it uses Google reCaptcha to Block spam emails.

You dont require any plugin to enable this method but you have to a little bit of work to get this thing applied on your wordpress website.

Here’s a video that explains how to add this on your WordPress website.


Contact form for WordPress If you want to keep your email inbox free of spam, it’s important to take it seriously.

Therefore, if you adhere to the above processes, blocking all spam emails produced by bots will be a breeze.

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FAQs Related To How To stop contact form 7 spam on Your WordPress website

Can we Spam Spam emails without a Plugin?

Yes you can do so by using the reCaptcha method or the Quiz method.

Which plugins help us to combat Contact form 7 Spam?

Akismet Anti Spam and Contact Form 7 Honey Pot plugin are the two known plugins which can help you to combat Contact form 7 spam.

How much time will it take to implement all the above methods of reducing contact form 7 spam?

Just select any one method of reducing the contact form 7 spam and all the methods mentioned above shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to implement.

Which Method of Contact form 7 Spam Protection is the best method to combat spammy emails?

Personally I use the method which uses the Akismet Anti Spam plugin to reduce the Contact Form 7 spam and it works like a charm for me.

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