Spy WhatsApp: How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

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WhatApp being one of the most poplar messaging app and grow vigorously. With increasing number of users everyday WhatsApp recently announced that now they have over 900 million monthly active users. WhatsApp is basically a messaging app that allows users to send text along with images videos and voice messages. Recently WhatsApp also announced free voice call feature, which will allow users to do voice call using their internet. But in this post I won’t be talking about features of WhatsApp rather I will be talking about something more interesting. Keep reading…

Spy WhatsApp

Today I am sharing free tricks using which you can spy WhatsApp messages i.e you can keep an eye on someone’s WhatsApp activities. Sounds interesting right ?

Ways to Spy on WhatsApp

Well, there are many ways you can use to spy on someone’s WhatsApp but here in this post, I will be uncovering the most effective ways that will probably help you spy on Whatsapp messages. There are paid as well as free methods to spy WhatsApp and I will be sharing them both so that you can decide which one you should go for. All the listed methods can be used and you can use them to spy WhatsApp without rooting your or target’s smartphone.

Paid Ways To Spy WhatsApp

Here are three apps which will easily help you track/ spy WhatsApp remotely. These are paid apps and they really make it easy to spy on someone’s WhatsApp account. You will be needing target’s phone in order to use some paid apps.

1. FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY is mobile monitoring and tracking software that you need to install onto the smartphone or tablet you want to monitor. You then access the data online through your FlexiSPY account. You can use it for discreetly monitoring numerous activities. Follow the below steps:

  1. Buy spy software subscription
  2. Install FlexiSPY on to their Android smartphone and then activate it.
  3. Let FelxiSpy gather chat data from WhatsApp on target’s smartphone.
  4. Login into your FlexiSPY Dashboard
  5. Go to Messages > IM > WhatsApp
  6. Here you will find all WhatsApp chats captured by FlexiSPY.

2. Mspy

MaxxSpy is another paid tool using which you can monitor WhatsApp messages on someones’ smartphone without their knowing. You will need to install MaxxSpy on the target phone and track it by your phone, table or computer.

Mspy, Whatsapp spy

  • Download and install MaxxSpy on the target phone.
  • Open MaxxSpy app on the smartphone and login/register with your account
  • Now login to MaxxSpy ( www.MaxxSpy.com ) with your account on your phone, table or computer.
  • Wait for at-least 15 minutes to upgrade data from target smartphone.
  • Now you can spy on target’s whatsapp activites.

3. Easy Spy

Easy Spy software is known for gathering texts, calls, GPS and more from any Android or supported iPhone or iPad without having access to that phone. Data is accesses via the OTA (over-the air) method and displayed on your cell phone, tablet or computer. All you need is an internet connection. You can easily spy on whatsapp using Easy Spy, just follow the below steps:Easy Spy, spy whatsapp remote

  • Buy Easy Spy
  • Install the App. Use the OTA (over-the-air) method to download and install the app. During installation enter the telephone number of the phone you want to spy on.
  • Easy Spy extracts Text messages, recorded calls, GPS tracking and more from the target phone and remotely uploads it to their secure servers.
  • Now just login from any mobile device to check WhatsApp messages and activities from the target phone.

Using Easy Spy you can easily spy WhatsApp messages without target phone. You can spy WhatsApp on iPhone as well as on android using this app, but if you are not willing to buy this paid app you can surely use spy WhatsApp free methods that are listed below.

Free Ways To Spy WhatsApp

These are some of the most effective ways to spy whatsapp free. Do try them all and check which one work the best for you. While you are trying these  free ways you will be needing target’s phone before you can actually start spying.

1. MAC Spoofing

You can perform MAC address spoofing with which you will be available to spy on your friend’s whatsapp. WhatsApp has a small vulnerability which works to your benefit. This enables you to run the same WhatsApp account on two phones given that they both have the same MAC address. But for this you will need to borrow your friends smartphone and perform the below mention steps:

  1. Borrow your friends’s android phone for just a minute.
  2. Head over to settings > About phone > Status > Wi-Fi MAC address
  3. Now record the mac address. Keep the phone for few more minutes.
  4. Now go to your phone and uninstall WhatsApp.
  5. Change your Mac id to your friend’s one by spoofing mac.
  6. Now install WhatsApp on your phone and verify it using the verification code sent to your friend’s phone.
  7. By doing this you have created an exact replica of your friend’s WhatsApp.
  8. There you go!

After successfully performing the above-mentioned steps now you can track whatever your friend does in his WhatsApp account. This method is useful for parents and lovers and is not recommended to use for an illegal purpose.

Note: For this method, you might require rooted phones.

2. Using WhatsApp Web

This is a simple yet efficient way to spy on someone’s what app activities. For this method, you should have a PC or Laptop and access to your target’s phone for a minute. Here we will be using WhatsApp’s recently launched Whatsapp web feature. Follow me:

Whatsapp Web, spy whatsapp free online

  1. Open web.whatsapps.com in your PC/Laptop Chrome browser.
  2. Now Open WhatsApp on target phone
  3. Go to WhatsApp Web from menu and scan the QR code shown in your PC/Laptop chrome browser.That’s it!

Now whenever he/she connects to the internet and uses WhatsApp,  you can simply spy WhatsApp online by opening Whatsapp web.

3. Using WhatsApp Backup Messages

You can use your target’s backed up WhatsApp messages to read them. Whatsapp automatically backups your messages every morning at 4 am. You just need to find these backup files and de-crypt them.

  • First, Borrow your friend’s phone
  • Go to Device Storage > Whatsapp >  Databases. Here you will see some files which are backed up messages.
  • Now visit recovermessages.com site to decrypt messages.
  • Select your crypt file and check on I accept the terms of use and then click on scan
  • This will de-crypt the messages and now you can easily read them.

Note : This site only decrypts old WhatsApp database files which have crypt extension (.crypt and .crypt8). Whatsapp is using a new technology in latest WhatsApp. I will update this post with a solution to decrypt messages in new WhatsApp, so stay tuned.

Also, note that Whatsapp automatically backups message at 4 am. So messages deleted before 4 am does get backup-ed automatically.

Wrap Up:

So, I have list 3 paid as well as three free ways via which you can spy WhatsApp without rooting. So start spying Whatsapp remotely on your friend’s phone and surprise him by sharing what you have tracked.

I hope this article was useful for you, do let me know which method worked for the best.

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