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The corporate world is dynamic and transforming with every passing minute. Once the playground for hereditary business tycoons, the scene is now being invaded by budding entrepreneurs and startups. Their evolution is further being aided by the rapidly developing world of visual graphics, animations and media presentations.


Today the cornerstone of every established business venture is a good and appealing PowerPoint presentation. Since decades, the only viable option for crafting PowerPoint presentations has been through the “Legendary” Microsoft PowerPoint application and it has served us great.

But like every top seed has an alternative rival, naturally Microsoft PowerPoint has some as well. Today we look at one such PowerPoint presentation service known as

The Problem With Microsoft Powerpoint

Despite the fact that Microsoft PowerPoint possesses an excellent ability of persuasion and conveying your plans and ideas, creating an effective PowerPoint presentationa is a cumbersome task for many people, particularly due to the absence of nice templates, shapes, and diagrams. 

Creating a presentation requires time. Thus, those who do not have that skill of designing, making an effective PowerPoint presentation will become a dull experience once you develop pro expectations.

What is

SlideModel is a productivity resource for presenters with thousands of professionally designed templates for your upcoming PowerPoint presentation. Their graphic designers are experts in the market and were able to create the best Microsoft templates catalog available on the internet.

The subscriptions are at very reasonable prices. All you do is subscribe to any of the plans and then pick out the template, and finally, insert your text in the placeholders or customize the shapes in PowerPoint. It’s that easy. The site even has free templates available if you want to give them a try.

SlideModel offers complete presentation templates, shapes, tables, charts, editable maps and much more, for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides so that you can create persuasive presentations by replacing text placeholders with your own text and data.

Allow me to give you a comprehensive review of so that you can figure out why and for what you should use SlideModel to create amazing PowerPoint presentations for professional or personal purposes.

SlideModel Features

To be clean and direct, offers you a huge collection of presentation templates for Microsoft PowerPoint which can be used to edit and create presentations that meet your requirements.

PowerPoint Templates

SlideModel Templates - Review

You can find PowerPoint templates that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. For example, you can find Strategy PowerPoint templates, Business PowerPoint templates, Marketing PowerPoint templates and SWOT analysis slide designs.

PowerPoint Diagrams

SlideModel promises you a fruitful use of data by means of diagrams. In this part, you can find different kinds of diagrams such as flow-chart diagrams, circular diagrams, arrow-based diagrams, process flow diagrams, etc.


100% Editable Maps

You may quite often, have to present data analysis based on countries and continents. has a completely separate section for maps that offers you PowerPoint templates to suit this particular purpose.

PowerPoint Shapes & Graphics for Presentations

If you are looking for creative shapes that can convey your ideas, you can have a look into this section of and get what you want. This section includes a number of 2D or 3D based shapes, icons, signs, etc.

Data Dashboards and Charts has a section which consists of bar charts, pie charts, dashboards as well as curve based slideshow templates, in case you have a huge amount of data and want to represent it in an effective way.


Text and Tables

If you want to show a comparison between different things in an understandable way, templates from the section of will definitely come in handy. The slide layouts with text and tables are also compatible with most recent versions of Microsoft PowerPoint but also Google Slides templates are available for download.

PowerPoint Text and Table Templates - SlideModel Review

SlideModel Plans & Subscriptions

While SlideModel does offer amazing and promising features to users, these features and especially the access to the entire catalog are not free. SlideModel has many different plans available depending on the presenter’s needs. From 3-Months plan to and Annual subscription plans, users can choose the best plan that suits their needs, budget and requirements.

SlideModel Price and Plans

Also, read:

3-Month Basic

This plan lets users download 100 PowerPoint templates each month, with a limit of 10 downloads/day. For a few bucks per month, the subscriber can download presentation templates from the premium catalog. The templates are fully editable and this subscription plan is great either for one-time presenters or companies requiring to make a few presentations per month.

Annual Basic

The annual subscription let you download up to 200 PowerPoint templates per month and it has a limit of 50 downloads/day. For about a hundred dollars per year, the subscriber can enjoy a full access to the catalog and download presentation templates. This plan is ideal for companies who have a high demand of presentations and want to save money in the long run.

Annual Unlimited

If you are professional who does not like limits, then this plan is a gold mine for you. In this plan, you can download PowerPoint templates at your own will according to your requirement without any download limits (unlimited downloads!). Furthermore, you can add new users from your company so that they too can download templates from the site. Which is a big plus from a corporate point of view.

My Opinion

PowerPoint is in the market for over 30 years and it is still valid (here are some amazing facts about PowerPoint). However, preparing presentations can be a dull experience especially when you are facing the deadline for an important meeting. To save time and effort, comes to the rescue offering a fast-growing catalog of presentation templates compatible with Google Slides & Microsoft PowerPoint.

I downloaded and used some templates from the SlideModel. The templates weighed only a few KBs and are easy to edit, customize and use.

User Review On'

Plus, they never really compromise on quality. The templates can be used for a variety of purposes, as you can change the size and color of shapes and much more. Thanks to the fact that they are highly and easily customizable. is indeed a must-have solution for all professionals who would like to create appealing and effective PowerPoint presentations that are easy to understand, without spending too much time in designing.


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