Ringba Review: Is It the Best Enterprise Tracking Software?

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Ringba is known for the best call optimization platform which gives you complete control over call marketing. It provides the real-time tracking with the highly scalable and yet reliable analytics. 

It eliminates the abundance and the random stuff increase the productivity. Its basic capability you can buy any number i.e., local “DID’s” or “TFN’s”. Ringba automatically route inbound calls to the right target and hence load balancing calls by priority.

As being one of account holder of it you easily see the live calls by account accordingly what is needed by target, by campaign or by publisher. It provides you the full robust report that is to be needed in your business. One of the best part is it give free sub account to sellers “publishers” or buyers “targets” also. You can take benefit of it.

Ringba Review   Ringba Review

Ringba also provides the free training by the world class marketers by which you can easily learn how to grow and scale your business and is the best training available anywhere.


Best Features of Ringba

  • Automate your business
  • Optimize your campaigns
  • Increase your ROI.
  • live control over call flow
  • Provides the real time tracking with the enterprises Grade Analytics.
  • Eliminate abandons with automated routing.
  • Real-time command centre
  • Optimize and improve your advertising ROI
  • Manage call flow for multiple locations anywhere in the world
  • Work efficiently in managing the compliance and regulations
  • Free training by the world class marketers
  • Access clients in 80+ countries

How these features help and work?

Real-time Tracking with Enterprise Grade Analytics

  • Reporting designed for media buying, click arbitrage, and massive scale.

It analyzes the data from any data source in real time. Real time tracking is the best fuel activity it, utilizes the information get a constant comprehension of your business.

With the assistance of this component of Ringba find your group of enterprises with the endeavour and grade analytics, it enable your basic leadership with precise, opportune, and quick information. With intuitive fragment building and adaptable detailing, you can find your high esteem clients and the most ideal approaches to draw in them.

  • Powerful optimization

Ringba Review - Optimization

Ringba tracks each conceivable insight about your client enabling you to improve your benefit at an unparallel level.

Eliminate Abandons with Automated Routing

  • Monitor partner productivity and route by availability and performance.

Automated routing help to recover the problems like: Firstly it eliminates the abundance and allows an organization to automatically schedule and reschedules work order based on the inputs. It takes the group of order and automatically schedule them to appropriate resources based on resources availability, skills, promised time windows, priority and inventory.

  • Inbound Sales

Connect customers with the next available agent across numerous locations anywhere in the world.


Ringba Review - Price

In Ringba you can run an entire pay per call network. You can find the two pricing plans that one is the “Premium” one and another is “Basic” which starts from the 0$ and premium starts with the very lower price that is 99$. Then you will find out the other best plans and choose the best one that suits you the most. Some of the exotic location also includes some additional fees.

How Ringba’s advance capability helps in improving your business?

  • It has the ring pool technology to track every aspect of your online campaign. It allows you to see the related data to optimize efficiently your paid campaigns.
  • Ringba shows you exactly what is happening in your business.
  • Also check that are you partners trying to get paid for calls that were not connected? Not anymore! You see that people send you more call than you agreed upon? They will not get paid by you as you have a deference mechanism; Concurrency caps.
  • Automate your business
  • Optimize your campaigns
  • Helps in Increasing your ROI.
  • Automatically load balancing calls between targets by priority.
  • It includes some glossary having Ringba terms, which apply to feature and services in its platform and related to the call marketing terminology.
  • Gives you the best call marketing, this is the major part to improve your business and having complete knowledge of online marketing terminology will help you out the most.
  • Best market acronym which is used to widely in the online marketing and in  the call marketing industry, in which you need to understand the significant amount of communication happen over chat and email in the industry.
  • Understanding the technical terms that is being used in the technical terminology and in around the marketing industries which will help you and your business to bridge the gap between different types of operating in the spaces.
  • Know regarding the marketing terminology you need to understand the business terms that how the business around it is being operated and what are basic business that is minimum required for the success.

So when you completely understand these terms, surely business will rise and only Ringba can helps in raising a lot.

Ringba is most useful for the organization like:

  • Affiliate Networks Pay per call network
  • Call Centres
  • E Commerce Vendors
  • Large Businesses
  • Marketing Teams
  • Performance Marketers
  • Small Businesses
  • TV Advertisers
  • Anyone who is receiving or want to receive the inbound call

You can also launch a TV advertisement campaign

Other benefits of using Ringba

  • It gives the proper Call and text notifications for an individual tracking numbers.
  • Have the ability to block callers
  • Easily track offline numbers (such as print/radio ads)
  • You can record phone calls if anyone you want
  • There is no contract and not setup fees
  • Local Numbers: USA & Canada
  • You can take the Toll Free numbers like 888, 877, & 866
  • They have the unlimited company accounts
  • Whisper Messages
  • Real-Time Call Stats
  • Full Caller ID Data
  • Gives the instant email notifications
  • Has the ability to delegate client access
  • Beautiful email reports
  • Outbound call tracking
  • Text Message Marketing
  • HIPAA Call Tracking

Provide Best Customer Support

If you comfort any issue regarding your business or Ringba then you can contact their 24*7 customer support. They have a great and highly experienced team and Silicon Valley engineers which are remotely access and provide the best solution to their customer. You can also enquiry about the current promotion they are having.

Feel free to contact them anytime and resolve your issue at same time.


In the conclusion I will only recommend this Ringba the best call tracking software. Ringba is not only technologically better that everyone and not only that it’s cheaper.

If you are looking or searching for best call tracking software try this for once “Ringba” the official website of them www.ringba.com.  

You can easily sign-up and login on it. It provides the free training by worlds class marketers, Real time command centre and also access clients in 80+ countries also gives the instant access to their clients and help them to find the new marketers with the ease.

If you have not tried Ringba then without having the doubt or wasting your time experience it and grow and scale your business.







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