How To View Archived Orders On Amazon in 2022?

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Looking for a guide to view archived orders on Amazon? read further..

The order is recorded in your account history when you place an order on Amazon. Past orders can be easily found and re-ordered.

The order history cannot be deleted, but it can be archived. Archived orders are not deleted from your account, but they remain attached to it.

Knowing how to view your archived orders is helpful in case you need to reorder from them in the future. Unfortunately, you may not find them very easily on Amazon.

Fortunately, getting to them is pretty simple – just follow a few simple steps. Here’s a guide to helping you browse your archived Amazon orders.

Amazon Archived orders: What Are They?

The items you wish to hide from your Amazon account are Archived orders.

It is not possible to automatically archive orders on Amazon, so you will need to move them manually. Moving your orders is extremely straightforward and easy.

The order can be archived to make it less obvious that it was a secret gift. A secret gift is a gift that someone else used as well as an Amazon account.

You can use this option if you are running a business and wish to remove orders for which you have already collected information.

Utilize this option if you’d like to hide the details of an item you’ve purchased. Keeping Amazon’s search history private will also require you to delete it.

The information is not deleted when you archive orders on Amazon, it is merely placed on hold. Furthermore, archiving is not permanent.

You have the option to move orders to and from the archive folder at any time.

The Best Way to Hide Amazon Orders

You can visit Amazon’s homepage after logging in to your account if you’ve already placed orders on Amazon before. The most straightforward method of hiding an order is to archive it.

You can archive a past order by following these steps:

  • Sign in to Amazon.
  • The upper right-hand corner of the page contains Returns & Orders.
  • You can archive order by scrolling through your orders.
  • Next to the order, click on Order Details.
  • To order archived material, click here.
  • Click again on Archive Order to confirm.

Though this is a quick and simple way to hide past orders, you can also choose to delete all your data permanently on Amazon. Due to user privacy laws, the company will give you information about your account, or let you remove some information permanently.

You can still use this process if you just want to hide orders but not delete your account information.

Where to find Amazon Archived Orders?

You can still access your archived orders. It doesn’t matter if you deactivate your Amazon account, they will never disappear.

To view archived orders, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Amazon account.
  • You can access this by hovering your cursor over the Accounts & Lists dropdown.
  • Click on the drop-down menu for Your Account.
  • Go to the Ordering and shopping preferences section and click Archived orders.

Alternatively, you can click ‘Unarchive Order’ in the lower left-hand corner to return to the standard orders page. The order will return to its rightful place once you click the option.

How to Hide Your Amazon Search History?

Even though the above method removes your orders from your ‘recent orders’ list, your Amazon browsing history still shows your searches, making it easy for someone to check your recent orders.

Log in to your Amazon account, and then click on the ‘Browsing History’ link toward the top-right of Amazon’s homepage to delete your Amazon history.

You can search the current page using Ctrl + F and the term ‘browsing history’ if you are unable to find it.

A list of your recent searches will appear after you click this option. The dropdown options may not appear unless you click ‘Manage History’ in the right-hand corner. Then, for each item you wish to remove from your search history, click on ‘Remove from view’.

By changing the orange to grey switch, you can turn off ‘Browsing History.’

Frequently Asked Questions

It may not be so easy to find more information about an Amazon order, despite how easy it is to place an order. Therefore, we’ve answered many of your questions here!

Q. The button to order archives isn’t visible to me. How can I find it?

Ans: When following the steps above, many of our readers have noticed that they don’t see the Archive Orders option. We tested this out and definitely see it, but there may be something else wrong with your account. We were fortunate to receive this useful tip from one of our readers:

You can search Archive Orders to find them!

You can find Archived Orders by typing Archived Orders in the top search bar (the same search bar you use to find products on Amazon).

You will be directed to a new page titled ‘Your Archived Orders.’ Click here.

Q. Where are my Archived Orders if they do not appear?

Ans: Archived orders that don’t appear on that screen will need to be searched for in your entire order history. When no orders appear, click ‘View all orders.’ This option appears in the middle of the screen.

To switch between the different years, use the dropdown box on the left. Utilize this feature to quickly navigate to an order that you want. This is another way to locate the order you’ve placed during the past history of your Amazon account, but it may take some scrolling.

Final Thoughts

When you have access to your Amazon account, you can generally hide your orders by archiving them. The orders can still be accessed, however.

Create a second account if you wish to protect your privacy when ordering. If you wish to keep the Prime benefits, you will have to renew your membership. If you don’t want anyone to access your orders, you should strip them of your Amazon Prime account.

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