How To Start a Youtube Channel Step By Step From Scratch [The Ultimate Guide]

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Do you want to know how to start a youtube channel step by step and make amazing videos, do something which you love, Build a community around it and make money by uploading your YouTube videos?

That’s why you’re here right?

how to start a youtube channel step by step

If you are the person who has this thought in your mind right now then this is a perfect time to start one YouTube channel for yourself.

So as you know the internet is in its boom right now and the opportunity to present yourself in front of the world in just a few single clicks just blows my mind.

And YouTube is the Second Biggest Search Engine after Google, not even the bing and yahoo are on the second spot.

So you can guess out the opportunity that’s hidden inside the youtube.

And everyday people join YouTube and Start Creating amazing videos and eventually they start monetizing their passion in the process.

You see the Biggest Single person Creator on YouTube “PewDiePie”, he started literally from nothing, this YouTube Channel is run by “Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg”.

how to start a youtube channel step by step

He just loved making videos about what he does, sometimes he played games and shared the recording and sometimes he roasted other people.

And he recorded all of that and put on YouTube and that’s what he loved to.

And he also makes a lot of money doing this.

So you can guess how amazing YouTube is.

So You too can start from literally nothing and build a YouTube empire from scratch.

If all of that sounds like what you wanted then keep reading this guide.

because in this guide I’m gonna be guiding you, how to start a youtube channel step by step through the exact same process that Big professional YouTubers are using to start and grow their YouTube channels.

and Fortunately, you’re in a perfect place to learn and start a YouTube channel right now from Scratch.

So without further due, let’s get started.

So to get your YouTube channel started up and running you need just a few simple things.

Make your YouTube channel ready for Traffic

how to start a youtube channel step by step

So by “Make your channel ready for Traffic“, I mean to say that your YouTube channel should feel like an authentic YouTube Channel when first-time visitors Visits your YouTube channel.

First-time visitors should feel like, hmm This guy or girl is genuine and makes awesome YouTube videos, and also all the design and configurations should be complete.

So that your channel looks complete.

And if Your channel looks complete and awesome then only people are going to subscribe to your channel.

You should give them a reason to Subscribe to your YouTube channel and watch your YouTube videos.

And by taking the below small steps you can make your YouTube channel look complete.

Create a Gmail or Google account

how to start a youtube channel step by step

Now if you don’t have a Google or Gmail account then you cannot start your YouTube channel without it.

Creating a Google account is very simple you just need to go to and create an account there.

After you have successfully created you Google or Gmail account, now you are eligible to use all of the products from Google like

  • YouTube
  • Google Drive
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Docs 
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Maps
  • Google Photos 
  • And many more Google products

So our main point of this guide is about YouTube, so you can use YouTube to its full potential only after you sign up for a Google account.

Without Signing into your Google Account, you will only be able to watch videos.

and you will not be able to do the below-listed things on youtube if you don’t have a Google account.

  1. You can’t Subscribe to your favourite Youtube Channels
  2. you cant Like Videos on youtube
  3. You can not comment on videos
  4. You can’t upload videos

So if you don’t have a Gmail or Google account, go ahead and create one Gmail Account for yourself, so that you don’t miss out.

So once you have successfully created your Google account, now it’s time for signing up for a YouTube channel.

Just go to and sign in with your Google account.

Click on your channel.

After that create your channel there.

Select your YouTube channel name and click on create a channel.

And after that, your channel will be ready for uploading your YouTube videos on YouTube.

But wait we’re missing some of the most crucial elements of our YouTube channel Creation process.

Yes, it’s our YouTube channel logo and the YouTube channel art of our channel.

So we will need these two things to design our blog so that our YouTube channel looks good to the visitors who visit our YouTube channel.

  1. A good looking logo for your YouTube channel
  2. A good looking channel art for your YouTube channel

Create a logo for the YouTube channel

how to start a youtube channel step by step

So if you plan on to create a personal brand then consider uploading your own photo as the profile picture of the YouTube channel.

But if you plan to create a brand where your name doesn’t involve then consider uploading a logo for your YouTube channel.

If you don’t have a logo yet for yourself then don’t worry in the below YouTube video I have explained how to create a professional-looking logo for free even if you’re not a designer + no technical skills required for making this logos.

So after watching that video, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I think now you have understood how to create a beautiful logo for free from scratch.

So these are some of the few basic things that you will need to get started on YouTube.

If yes then you’ve come to the right place 

Create channel art for before You start a youtube channel

how to start a youtube channel step by step

If you don’t know how to create channel art for your YouTube channel then don’t worry.

I’ll show you how to create one for your channel.

Watch this below video to learn how to create your YouTube channel art for free.

Now that you have all of your design elements in place.

It’s now time that you set your channel for the visitors, i.e what will a visitor see when he will visit your YouTube channel.

So here are a few things that you should set up after you start a youtube channel.

Write Your Channels about the section on YouTube.

Click on customize and go to about and write what you want to deliver with your YouTube channel.

Keep a friendly tone and ask people to subscribe there.

After that link your social accounts with your YouTube channel.

So finally your YouTube channel is ready and ready to start accepting videos for YouTube.

But wait there are a few tips I wanna give you about starting a YouTube channel and any online business that you start.

Choose a niche for your YouTube channel

how to start a youtube channel step by step

You have to choose a niche before you start a YouTube channel.

Niche means any category or a specific topic on which you’ll make your YouTube videos.

If you post random videos on your YouTube channel then your channels not gonna grow.

Why do people will ever want to subscribe to your YouTube channel if you post random stuff?

They’ll never subscribe if you post random videos.

Post videos related to any specific topic or you can also post videos that are closely related to the topic of your YouTube channel.

For example: if your YouTube channels niche is Making money online then you can also make videos related to Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Dropshipping, etc.

So try to make your YouTube videos related to a specific topic only if you really want to make your YouTube channel work.

Post videos consistently

how to start a youtube channel step by step

Here’s where a lot of aspiring YouTube creators fail.

People don’t put up content consistently and that’s the main reason YouTube channel does.

See people subscribe to your YouTube channel only because they saw something of value in your YouTube channel.

Not because you’re doing.

So if they subscribe, then subscribers also have expectations that whenever you upload a new YouTube video then they will see your videos on their YouTube homepage.

And if you don’t put up enough Content consistently, then there’s no reason for them to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You see YouTube channels have become new TV channels and your content is the show that comes on TV on a consistent basis.

I want you all to recall, your favourite TV show you used to watch once.

That TV show might have a schedule like mon-sat or anything like that, isn’t it?

So on those days, people used to wait for that TV show to broadcast on TV.

The same is with your YouTube channel, Give a reason to your subscribers to continue subscribed to your YouTube channel.

If you put up enough consistent content on a regular basis your subscribers will become your fans and will also share your content with their friends and family.

And in this way, it’s a win-win situation for everyone –

  1. You’ll get a lot of content
  2. You’ll get a lot of new subscribers
  3. You’ll get lots of engagement
  4. You’ll get consistent and you’ll get used to producing more content
  5. People will love your YouTube channel

What equipments do you need to start your YouTube channel?

how to start a youtube channel step by step

You don’t need any fancy types of equipment during starting out if you have equipment then we’ll and good but if you don’t have them that’s also ok.

Why? Because I think everybody in this generation has access to these three basic things –

  1. smartphones
  2. Laptops
  3. Internet connection

And trust me these equipment are more than enough to start your own YouTube channel.

Just start recording yourself on your mobile phone and edit videos using your mobile phone, just to give it a little bit Creative look and upload the video on YouTube.

If you can edit Videos then that’s a plus point for you but if you can’t then its perfectly fine, you can learn all those things Down the Road.

And if you have access to laptops or desktop computers then you can make content like PPTs and start screen recording those valuable videos explaining something and you can put those videos on YouTube.

Creating content has never been so much easier than it is now, so use this opportunity, our grandparents and parents didn’t have this opportunity to start building a business right from their mobile phones.

Use this opportunity as much as you can… And create content which People value.

Start recording your fist video after reading this article.

YouTube doesn’t charge you any money to put our content on YouTube, so why should you back down.

Optimize your YouTube videos for YouTube Search engine

how to start a youtube channel step by step

Now by Optimizing for Search Means, Increasing the Discoverability of your Video Content on YouTube Search Engine and all the Other Search Engines.

Now there should be a question in your mind that.

How will you Increase the Discoverability?

So here’s how you should Optimize Your YouTube Videos

Add Keywords in your Title and Description, Add Tags

So as you know, YouTube is also a Search Engine Like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

YouTube is also the world’s 2nd Largest Search Engine.

so Search Engine’s Duty is to Provide the Most Relevant and Useful Data to the Searcher.

So make it easy for Search engines to find your Content Easily, Search Engine cannot identify content by seeing your content.

YouTube Search Engines Finds For

  1. Certain Keywords your Title and Description
  2. words that you say in your Videos
  3. Tags that you put on your Videos

So try to Include the Most Relevant Keywords, Tags, and also Don’t Forget to say important keywords withing your video,

because google, YouTube Knows what you’re saying inside the video. and what keywords and tags you’ve put inside that video and based on that search engine show the result.

Why should You Optimize For Search Engines?

It’s always a good thing to optimize our Assets for search engines.

If we optimize our YouTube Videos for search engines then ultimately we will be getting the organic traffic as well.

And Organic traffic is the ultimate traffic source that any Content creator Will Desire to have.

Because organic traffic sends in a lot of visitors or viewers than any other traffic source.

so thats why you should be Optimizing your Videos Assets for search engines.

What Kind Of YouTube Videos Can You Make?

how to start a youtube channel step by step

You can make any kind of videos on youtube, people make many different kinds of videos ranging from comedy videos to educational videos.

Find out who you are and just make youtube videos on that.

I mean if you’re a good singer than sing if you’re a good teacher than teach something on youtube if you’re a good comedy than comedy on youtube.

there’s no boundaries on what kinds of videos you can create on youtube.

But just remember this thing – Nudity, Porn, and Copyrighted content is not allowed on youtube.

So let me just list out a few types of youtube videos that you can create.

  1. you can share your PC screen doing something [Screencasting]
  2. You can Make Comedy Videos
  3. You can Make a review Video of any product that you like
  4. If you love travelling – Shoot video of the places you visit
  5. If you can sing Well – Record yourself and Post on Youtube
  6. If you like playing a specific game then record your gameplay and post it on youtube or do a Livestream of that game
  7. Make prank videos
  8. You can make videos on anything that you like to do

Just remember one thing that you have to be niche specific throughout your youtube channel.

You Should not post random videos at any cost.

As i explained earlier in this post that this practice is gonna hurt your SEO and also your YouTube growth.

What Skills Will You Require Initially?

how to start a youtube channel step by step
  1. Creating attracting Thumbnails – It helps in attracting People to your VIdeos
  2. Making Lengthy VIdeos More than 5 minutes
  3. Editing Videos (Optional)
  4. Knowledge of the topic that you are making videos about
  5. Interacting Positively with people
  6. Learn to deal with negative comments – don’t reply to negative comments
  7. always try to reply to positive comments and also try to reply to negative comments but in a positive way.
  8. Learn Keyword research and Learn to Fulfil Search Denabd.

What additional things you should do after you start a youtube channel?

  1. Create all social media channels –
    1. facebook page
    2. Instagram page
    3. LinkedIn page
    4. Twitter account
    5. Pinterest account
    6. Others
  2. Consider Creating Your Own Blog to maximize your Reach

What you should not do on your youtube channel?

So here I list down some of the things you should not do on your YouTube channel.

  1. Never copy someone’s content.
  2. Never try to be perfect – you’ll get better by doing things.
  3. If someone copy’s your content, then try to take down that video by Flagging or reporting.
  4. Never upload anything that’s not allowed – pornography, violence or anything that’s not allowed.

How can you make money with YouTube

how to start a youtube channel step by step

Now here comes the interesting part, Making money with your YouTube channel.

I know everyone was waiting for this part because without the money flowing in, you probably wouldn’t continue for long.

And money is a very important factor people consider when people start a YouTube channel.

And there’s nothing wrong in it, When I first heard about it, I was amazed that we could monetize our videos.

So below are a few ways by which you can monetize your YouTube videos.

  1. Displaying Google AdSense ads on your YouTube videos
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Sponsored videos
  4. Selling your own products through videos – video Marketing
  5. You can sell other products through video Marketing and earn a good commission.
  6. You start promoting your own ebooks and online courses in your YouTube videos.

And there’s a lot more, but the above-mentioned methods was the main methods of how people are earning money on YouTube.


So that’s it for this YouTube Guide and i hope by now you’ve learned how to start a youtube channel step by step.

and these were the exact same things that you should know if you want to know how to start a youtube channel step by step.

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