Complete Guide: How to Register in BSNL Self-care Portal?

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After redesigning the BSNL self-care portal, the appearance of the website is changed as well as the process of registrations. Today, I am going to give you a Complete Guide on How to Register in BSNL Selfcare Portal?

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BSNL Self-Care Portal

BSNL Selfcare

BSNL is always doing awesome work for its customers so their customers can not struggle. BSNL is adding some more services to its’s kitty for the benefit of customers. The BSNL self-care portal is now re-designed to incorporate more features that give users much easiness.

After re-designing the self-care portal is now a complete change in its appearance. The menu positions are different and better from previous ones. And after changing the appearance, the registration process is also changed. If you are facing issues in registration on the BSNL Selfcare portal then it will be worth reading this guide because today i am going to tell you How to Register in BSNL Selfcare Portal?

BSNL Selfcare Portal provides an online customer care service for all BSNL Services. This portal allows users to submit a request for new services, additional facilities and also to lodge the BSNL complaint online about broadband, landline, and FTTH (Bharat Fiber). The major objective of the Web Selfcare Portal is the online delivery of all customer requests without visiting BSNL Customer Care or BSNL Office.

BSNL Self-care portal facilities

  1. New Services Registration
  2. Wings Service Booking
  3. Track New Service Request
  4. Check BSNL Broadband / FTTH usage
  5. Know your BSNL broadband user-id
  6. Change Broadband Password
  7. Email Id update
  8. Lodge BSNL complaint online
  9. Download BSNL duplicate bill
  10. Pay Your BSNL Bill Online
  11. Change BSNL broadband / FTTH plan online
  12. Change BSNL Landline plan online
  13. Check bill payment history
  14. Status of a service request
  15. Leased circuit cost Estimation

If you want to use these services you need to register on the BSNL Self-care portal.

How to Register in BSNL Self-care Portal?

  • Visit the official site of the BSNL Self-care portal
  • Click on Sign up and open the registration page after completing three simple steps
  • Step 1: Enter your Name, Email id, Confirm email id, Mobile Number, Captcha, Telecom circle and click on the “Next” button.
  • Step 2: After clicking on “Next”, four-digit OTP is sent to the mobile number entered during sign-up. Enter the OTP received in the OTP field. If you did not receive any OTP click on the Re-send button and you will get the OTP.
  • Step 3: Set a strong password. You need to make a strong password and the password should be a minimum of eight characters and should contain alphanumeric characters.
  • Enter the same password in Confirm Password field for confirmation.
  • Click on Submit. A verification link is sent to the user’s email id. After successful verification of email id, you are able to log on to the BSNL Selfcare Portal with that email id and password set by you at the time of sign up.

How to change registered mobile number in BSNL selfcare?

There is not possible to way change the mobile number online which you registered in BSNL Database. However, you can change your mobile number in an offline way. You are required to submit a letter to the office about changing the old number to the new mobile number.


Final Words

We know that some users are facing some issues while registering on the BSNL Self-care portal because they re-designed the website. If you are also having issues then after reading the complete Guide about How to Register in BSNL Self-care Portal on Paisahack. I hope you are not facing issues anymore.


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