How To Promote Your Blog For Free: 40+ Proven Strategies Which Actually Work

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Not getting enough traffic is the number one concern for most newbie bloggers.

When you don’t get traffic to your website or content which you created using all your hard work and efforts, you feel demotivated right?

I’ve been there too, I also didn’t have any traffic to my website and content but now things have started working for me well.

So Today I’m going to teach you How To Promote Your Blog For Free so that it gets maximum attention and more people read your blog posts.

They’re identical methods that are already producing results for me.

This will assist you with branding, SEO, and a variety of other blogging-related tasks. Promoting a blog is the most crucial skill that any blogger needs to possess.

Therefore, let’s begin.

So allow me to demonstrate how you may effectively and strategically market your blog entries to drive the freest traffic to your website. Hopefully, you won’t have traffic issues again after reading this post.

Table of Contents

1. Share Your Content On Facebook

If you know about Facebook, then you shouldn’t be asking How To Promote Your Blog For Free.

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and it has 2.4 billion active users all across the globe, so it makes sense for us to share our blog posts on Facebook and from there we can get a good amount of traffic to our blog posts for FREE.

But there are some things to remember while sharing blog posts on Facebook.

  1. You should only share your blog posts on relevant Facebook groups.
  2. You should never post too many links on your Facebook timeline otherwise people will block you.
  3. Create a Facebook page for your blog and share your blog posts link there.
  4. Create your own Facebook group and share your blog post’s link there but before sharing links, build a community around your group, build connections, and build your network, people will recognize you and when you post a link to your new content, people will visit your blog.
  5. Connect with other bloggers of the same niche on Facebook and build good connections with them, they will also share your Content if you have good connections with them.
  6. Most Facebook groups run blog promotion days on specific days of the week so you can also share your blog post there and get your content shared by lots of other people.

2. Share Your Content On Twitter

Twitter is also one of the widely used social media platforms where most professional and mature audiences hang out.

You will not encounter any teenage guy or girl uploading their unnecessary pictures there if you encounter it will be a very rare case.

That’s the best part about Twitter.

Moreover Twitter’s audience demographic is super cool, they click through and read your content and they share it too.

You can build a cool tribe of your fellow bloggers on Twitter and have your blog posts shared by your fellow team of bloggers on Twitter.

Twitter builds your brand and helps you reach more people.

3. Share Your Content With Your Email List

Email subscribers are the most important assets when it comes to blogging.

They are the most loyal audience that you can ever get from anywhere, they not only reply to your emails but also buy from your affiliate links.

I say they are the most loyal audience because they trust you that’s why they gave your their valuable email address so that you can send them your email updates whenever you publish new content.

So this is why everyone tells you to build an email list from the beginning.

Here’s a resource for you so that you can learn Email Marketing and building an email list: How to build an email list

4. Ask Other Bloggers In Your Niche For Sharing Your Content

Ask your colleague’s bloggers to share your content with their audiences the day after you publish it.

Naturally, you would first need to establish positive relationships with them.

However, as soon as you establish a strong rapport with other bloggers or influencers, they will be more than happy to share your content with their audiences, which might result in a significant increase in FREE website traffic.

5. Re-Share Your Old Content On Social Media

Once you write an article and once the articles get old, we do not bother to update and share our old content but this shouldn’t be done.

You should update your old content from time to time.

Updating and sharing old blog posts on social media can bring in lots of FREE traffic to our website.

Sometimes it may also boost the SEO of our website and helps in bringing SEO traffic.

6. Share Your Blog Post On Pinterest

Pinterest is the number one platform for bloggers when it comes to getting a huge amount of FREE traffic.

Many people chunk out millions of FREE traffic every single month from this platform alone.

And you would be shocked to hear that most of the audiences from Pinterest are buyer traffic from tier 1 countries like the USA, CANADA, BRAZIL, the UK, AUSTRALIA, etc. These people are ready to buy something.

That means most of the people who hang around on Pinterest are mostly looking to buy something on the internet.

So affiliate marketers should use Pinterest.

If you can gain a good pace at the Pinterest platform and succeed in ranking your pins then you too can get millions of FREE traffic from Pinterest.

How To Promote Your Blog For Free
I’m Not Active On Pinterest Nowadays Otherwise usually it’s more than 350K on my account

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to promote your blog posts on Pinterest.

  1. Create and completely optimize your profile
  2. Add your website URL on Pinterest
  3. Claim your website
  4. Convert to a business account it’s free
  5. Add a nice and short bio
  6. Create 10 – 15 boards related to your niche and pin some images on them
  7. Now go to each one of your blog posts and start adding pin-worthy images to your content.
  8. Pin-worthy images are generally portraited images of long size, add them at the start or the end of your blog posts.
  9. Join some relevant group boards related to your niche.
  10. Start sharing your pins with those group boards and your profile board.

So follow all of the above tactics to start promoting your blog post on the Pinterest platform.

7. Share Your Blog Posts On Social Bookmarking Sites

Sharing your blog posts on social bookmarking sites will allow your website to gain instant visibility in the eyes of search engines and sometimes your content can even go viral from there.

Here I’m listing out some of the best High DA social bookmarking sites that can help you to boost your FREE traffic to your website.

  1. Mix
  2. scoopit
  3. Digg
  4. technorati
  5. hi5
  6. steemit
  7. GrowthHackers Community
  8. Bizsugar
  9. Diigo
  10. Medium
  11. Pocket
  12. Quuu Promote
  13. Flipboard
  14. Triberr
  15. Alltop
  16. Reddit
  17. Product hunt
  18. “Intitle: forum” + Blogging
  19. tweet 15 times per day
  20. Zest
  23. Pearl Trees
  24. AffDaily
  25. Blog Engage
  26. WP Clipboard
  27. WP News Desk
  28. opportunities for link roundups
  29. Blokube
  30. Interview popular people in your niche
  31. LinkedIn groups
  32. give something valuable with a social locker
  33. HARO
  34. content repurposing
  35. Invite other people to guest post on your blog
  36. guest post

So these are some of the good places to share your blog posts as soon as your article gets published.

Blog commenting is one of the easiest and most authentic ways of creating backlinks to your blog.

This also helps in increasing the authority of your website.

If done properly and with strategy then your blog can yield greater results for your website and a lot of potential FREE traffic to your website.

I don’t mean to say that you should paste your links everywhere in the comments section.

I mean that you should leave a meaningful comment on the blogs related to your niche after reading and there’s a field given there to fill out your website and that will land you a sweet backlink.

Keep the comment short and simple, add some value related to the post, and submit your comment. It will be approved if the website owner likes it.

Don’t submit spammy comments, it has a very high chance of getting disapproval.

Here’s a comment that is submitted on a blog.

How To Promote Your Blog For Free
The comment should add value to the blog post and also it should be short and simple because nobody has time to read your big long essay size comments

9. Answer People’s Questions On Quora

Quora is one of the largest Question and answer platforms on the internet and millions of people use Quora worldwide to ask questions or answer people’s questions.

Quora has a pretty much large user base, so you can capitalize on this opportunity to get FREE traffic to your website.

Look for all the questions people ask related to your niche And answer them by adding lots of value to your answer and at last give a sweet short link back to your content saying: if you want to know more then visit our website.

And people will be more than happy to go to your website to read more.

Here’s My Quora Stats

Although I don’t get too much traffic From Quora if done with consistency this Traffic source can be very good as the Traffic is very targeted

10. Join Reddit

Reddit is also a platform like Quora where you can get lots of people related to your niche and start to engage with them and in the meantime build great relationships with them.

You can ask questions and also answer people’s questions on Reddit and also add your link for Reddit’s audience to visit your website.

11. Import You Posts To

Join and start a mini-blog there. At the end of each article, link back to your main content blog. Over time, this will help visitors learn about your website and brand and encourage them to visit your blog.

You can import your blog articles to Medium using a tool on; all you need to do is enter the blog post’s URL, and Medium will retrieve the post’s content as it would with an RSS feed. This aids in obtaining a very strong and pertinent Backlink from a website with a very high Domain Authority, which also aids in ranking.

Here are some of the Blog Posts that I have uploaded on my medium account

How To Promote Your Blog For Free

12. Share Your Post On LinkedIn

Linkedin right now is the greatest social media platform for getting organic traffic to your website.

As you already know that most social media platforms are killing their organic growth and they don’t give you FREE traffic without paying for it. But LinkedIn is different, LinkedIn right is offering the most organic exposure as compared to other social media marketing channels.

So that’s why you should start leveraging and building your LinkedIn audience and from there you can get a good amount of referral traffic for FREE.

You can post long-form of content on LinkedIn and LinkedIn will start to push your content and you can get more and more eyeballs through LinkedIn’s organic reach. 

13. Build a Brand And An Ecosystem

Building a Brand and ecosystem will help you in the long run.

And it will also help you to gain loyal fans and audiences to your blog who will visit your blog regularly.

Here are some of the tips that will help you build an ecosystem for your blog.

  1. Build an email list
  2. Start a Facebook group
  3. Start communicating and connecting with like-minded people and start connecting with your target audience on social media.
  4. Always give more value than you take for gaining an authority level of trust.
  5. Share informational videos, images, and case studies to your community to aging your audience’s trust.
  6. Be consistent with yourself concerning delivering content on social media and being visible because people will forget you if you will not be consistent.
  7. Share other articles too on other social media platforms so that they will also replicate the same for you.

Imagine that if one day a major platform dies or shuts down like Google, Facebook, or any other which gives you most of the traffic, then most of the traffic will be gone.

That’s why you should build your audience, and try to convert every single of your website visitors into your audience by capturing them into your email list, asking them to join your Facebook group, etc.

Even Facebook will die one day but no one can take away your email list, and no one can take away the relationship you have built with your audience through your content.

That’s why you should build your ecosystem and grow your audience for getting maximum traffic from your ecosystem.

Web 2.0 backlinks are a great source for getting high-quality do-follow backlinks.

These are the platforms where you can go and create your blog and write some content and can take backlinks from there like any other content management platform.

here are two of the most popular web 2.0 sites on the web.


So you can create web 2.0 backlinks with the help of the above-mentioned platforms.

There is a lot of other Web 2.0 sites that can help you with this.

Just search in Google Web 2.0 sites list and you will get a massive list of sites that can provide web 2.0 backlinks for free.

Drop my link tool is the best tool for creating medium-quality backlinks for your blog easily and it can also find you some of the most amazing places that you can go and build your links.

I use this method to build links to my blog and it works.

It can find you awesome websites where you can create awesome comment backlinks, other do-follow backlinks, forum backlinks, etc.

So start using this tool, start creating backlinks for your blog, and rank your content higher in search engines.

Alternative Tool:

16. Create Your Profiles on Every Social Media Platform.

Profile link building most people will tell you that profile link building is simply something that doesn’t worth your time.

But let me tell you this if your website is new (age less than 2 months) then you shouldn’t be focusing on building high-quality links like Do follow Guest posting links, broken links building, and other advanced link building in the initial phase of your blog or Website.

Of course, profile link building may not be beneficial for big websites for obvious reasons but it’s very beneficial for new websites❌


When the blog or website is fairly new, has no backlinks pointing to it, has no social profiles, etc, at that phase nobody knows that the Website exists ✅

When we start creating our profiles on different platforms and complete our profiles on the platform, then it gives a positive signal to Google That this is a new website and this website is trying to do something good by creating their profiles and social presence and you get in the eyes of Google ✅

And Google starts noticing your Blog / Website even if you have no backlinks for your website ✅

So this is the benefit of Creating social profiles for your brand and linking your website from those profiles at the initial level ✅

And new blogs / Websites should be focusing more on getting as much as profile links, and web 2.0 profile links in the first two months of starting their websites ✅

If you have a new blog / Website and want to make profiles for your brand then you can find many articles on the internet which feature lots of profile creation sites on their article.

Just search for “Profile link building” on Google and you’ll find a big list of sites where you can create your sites.

17. Outreach to Other Bloggers For Guest Posting

The most effective method of contacting other blogs and requesting a guest article is outreach.

Reaching out to people works like a charm for me, and they also accept real people who can provide them with high-quality work.

To ensure that you will deliver the greatest material for their blog and receive a do-follow backlink in return, only approach someone for a guest post when you are certain of your ability to do so.

Backlinks will increase the authority of your website and in return, search engines will give you more organic traffic.

18. Automate Social Media Posting

Automating social media posting can reduce your tasks and give you more time to work on other stuff.

There’s a great tool called IFTTT that can help you to automate your social media promotional activities.

IFTTT automatically detects whenever a new post is been published on my blog and automatically posts on all the different major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Forum backlinks are also a good source of getting backlinks and referral traffic to your website.

but make sure before you add your links anywhere on the forum, make sure you add an insane amount of value there as well otherwise forum members will kick you out of the forum for spamming the forum.

20. Feature Influencers In Your Article

This is the best way of getting your content shared with a large audience.

If you feature any influencer and his website in your article and then you reach out to them saying hey we have mentioned you in our latest article be sure to check it out and if you like it please feel free to share it.

Reaching out to them using this simple technique can help you gain more traffic.

This will insanely help you gain more eyeballs for your blog and a large number of new fans for your blog.

Videos are the future and everyone is shifting toward videos.

Videos are easy to consume, and it involves most of the human senses consume for example when you watch a video, you are seeing it through your eyes, listening to it through your ears, and at the same time understanding what’s been shown at the screen, so maximum senses are involved when we watch a video. On the other hand, when we read something only we read it with the least involvement of other senses.

So that’s why videos have a deeper influence on us and we remember something.

The video also has a more organic reach and ranks well on YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after google.

And if your blog content is something that you can repurpose then it’s a great thing to do. Make a video around your blog post.

If you start creating video content then you will get some of the referral traffic from video sites like YouTube.

Videos are given more importance nowadays in every social media platform, video content is on the rise.

Video content is already being pushed in the below-listed platforms.

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Tik Tok

That’s why it would be foolish if you ignore the creation of video content.

22. Look for Ranking Keywords In Google Search Console And Add It To Your Content

The tool that is priceless yet still free is the Google search panel.

Use this tool to discover all the keywords you already rank for and include them in the appropriate articles to increase traffic from search engines to your website.

You may also keep track of the search terms for which you receive impressions but no clicks by writing them all down. Then, when you view the Google search results page, you can observe how the meta description and meta title have been written.

Understanding how search engines work and optimizing your content correctly will improve search engine ranks.

23. Create a Content Promotion Checklist

Have a checklist of all the content promotion actions you carry out for your blog. This isn’t the least important step.

You might refer to this to assist you to decide what to do next.

Every time I publish new content, I employ a blog marketing checklist that I strictly adhere to.

24. Update Your Social Media Bio With Your Newest Stuff

Whenever a person visits your social media profile, be it your profile or a brand profile, the first thing the people check is your bio.

Hence if you craft your bio beautifully and link to your latest content then there’s a High Chance that people are going to click through it and would like to know more about it.

It’s a less-known FREE traffic hack but works like a charm.

25. Ego Bait and Blogger Outreach

Ego bait is the most effective strategy to get on the radar of an influential blogger and build a good relationship with the influential persons in your niche in the process.

Ego bait is a technique in which you try to try to bait an influence’s ego by constantly interacting with him on social media platforms, building relationships with them, and eventually, the influencer will notice you because you are doing something extra for them. They feel good about you etc.

So down the road what will happen is, they will notice your blog and will eventually share your content with their audience if they like it.

It can also be called building a good relationship with influencers.

How do Ego Bait?

Ego bait is a simple process, just find people who are related to your niche who have authority and influential command over your niche, make a list of all those people, and start networking with them, build good relationships with them.

Below are some of the most efficient ways of building relationships with influential people in your blog’s niche.

  1. Leave a comment on their blog content regularly
  2. Mention their blog regularly on your blog
  3. Interact with them on their Facebook groups, praise their content, tell them how their blog and content helped you, etc.
  4. And eventually, they will start to recognize you and from there the relationship moves forward.

Note: You shouldn’t look like a spammer, just trying to gain the influencer’s attention, instead you should seem like a real person who appreciates their work.

26. Start Leveraging Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is the process of helping an influencer out and in return getting back the same.

You help an influencer and you ask others to help you out too.

For Blogger outreach to work effectively, you have to build strong relationships with the influencers first and then you can get what you want.

Blogger outreach can be very beneficial for you and it has lots of benefits which are mentioned below.

  1. Exposure of your blog brand to a larger audience.
  2. Getting high-quality relevant backlinks
  3. Build Strong relationships with influencers
  4. Get tons of social shares
  5. get lots of targeted traffic
  6. score a guest post

And there are lots of other benefits as well, so if you manage to build good relationships with an influencer, then it will help you to grow your blog a lot faster.

27. Start Using Viral Content Bee & Triberr

Viral Content Bee is a cool platform that helps to get your content shared by thousands of people.

This platform works on the credit system, so basically when you sign up, what you have to do is, you just have to share others’ content on your LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest and for that, you get some credits.

After you have completed 100 credits on your account, then you can add your blog post for sharing and each time your content gets shared, you will be charged 1 credit, so it’s FREE only and your content gets shared as many times as you share others content.

This is a cool platform that helps you to get in front of thousands of people by just sharing others’ content and in return, you can get your content shared on others’ accounts too.

who knows your content might also get shared by an influential person and that will explode your traffic.

Triberr: Triberr is also a similar platform in which you share other people’s content and other people share your content, the more you share other people’s content the more your content gets shared by different people.

28. Create An Infographic And Outreach For Mention

If have some great designing skills, then you could design a very useful and helpful infographic related to your niche then you have to find out all the people who are related to your niche and then start sending emails to those people about your new infographic and how it can be helpful for their audience.

Just gently ask them to mention your infographic on their website with a link back to your website and they will be more than happy to do so if they will like your work.

Although it’s a tough method it can land a good backlink as well as good referral traffic, if done well.

Here are some of the tools that will help you to create an Infographic.

  1. Canva
  2. Visme
  3. Venngage

29. Write Good Review Articles Of Products In Your Niche And Let The Owners Know About It

Yes, you read it right, this is a cool traffic technique that will help you to get lots of traffic.

You just simply have to write a review of the products in your niche and you have to let the owner know via email, if they will like your review then the production company will never hesitate to add you as a testimonial on their website.

And as they are a well-established company so it’s pretty obvious that they also have an established website with lots of traffic and you can get your website noticed by a lot of people.

30. Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness for FREE.

Theme main idea behind the giveaway is to reach as many people as possible, you just tell people hey share this thing with your friends, or the person who gets the most leads will get a gift or something valuable for me.

And the gift itself that you are offering to the giveaway participants must be worth it so that most of the people take part in it.

Like for example you can run a giveaway on social media saying that you are running a giveaway and in this giveaway, you are going give FREE hosting and domain for 3 years to a lucky winner, and the person who gets the most people signed in to my email list will win the giveaway prize.

Isn’t this amazing, this is beneficial for you as well as the winner who will win, and most importantly you will get what you wanted to do plus your branding will increase and you will get exposed to newer people.

So run giveaways, this is the most important marketing trick that most people are running nowadays.

Many tools in the market will help you run a giveaway, one of them is RafflePress. It’s the best Plugin for hosting your giveaways.

31. A FREE Video Course

Create a FREE video course and publish it either as a playlist on youtube or as a course on Udemy and link back to your website from there. If the course gets some traction then you will get a continuous flow of FREE traffic to your website.

Also, talk about your website in your videos and if people remember your website then they will also visit your website after watching it.

It’s a great strategy to build your audience and also build authority and branding at the same time.

32. A FREE Email Autoresponder Course

This is what I call a lead magnet method. So the main idea behind this is to create an autoresponder email course in which you are gonna provide people with some valuable information, or it could be even an ebook. Just prove the free stuff in exchange for an email and build a relationship with that person by giving him valuable content.

Over time the relationship with your email subscriber will get stronger and stronger and you can then persuade them in the future to buy through your affiliate links you can also send them emails whenever you publish new content.

33. Good Interlinking Structure

A good interlinking structure can massively improve the traffic to your blog.

You must interlink your blog posts from the pages on your blog which get high traffic and in this way you can get link juice flowing to your other pages as well and can get that traffic to other pages too.

You must also link your blog posts from high authority pages on your website to improve the rankings of your existing blog posts.

This is the most powerful strategy that very rarely people talk about but when used smartly, you can get good positions for your target keyword in search engines through this technique.

On Facebook, there are lots of groups that allow you to promote your links directly without any restrictions.

Find all of the dedicated link-sharing groups on Facebook and start promoting your links there.

Watch the video below to see how to do it.

35. Quora Upvotes Group.

As you already know that Quora is a massive question-and-answer platform that gets millions of traffic every month.

And you might also be familiar with the fact that The Quora answer that has the most upvotes in them tends to perform better than the rest of the answers and also gets more eyeballs.

So that’s why people on Facebook have dedicated Facebook Groups related to Quora answer upvotes, Join them and participate in them and have your quora answer upvoted.

In this way, your answer will get maximum exposure and if you have any link back to your blog from your Quora answer then you might as well attract a lot of FREE traffic to your blog.

36. Join a Facebook Group And Become An Active Member: Share Your Knowledge

This is what everyone should do if they are starting from scratch. You should join highly relevant Facebook groups related to your niche and start helping out people who are asking questions and posting your informational stuff there.

In this way, not only the people who you will help will recognize you but you will also get noticed by the admins of the group this will lead to a better relationship with the group admin and eventually, they will allow you to post your blog stuff on their group too.

But you should only focus on helping people above everything. Because genuine people always get noticed by influencers and also get a lot of exposure.

37. Create Small Informational content For Every Social Media Channel And Build Your Brand And Ecosystem

This is the most effective technique for building an audience. If you do small informational content on every social media platform then eventually people will start noticing you and people will love your content.

Eventually, you will build a strong community of people who love your content and will eventually like to know more about yourself and your blog and visit your blog too.

That’s what content marketing is all about – Post highly relevant and useful content related to your niche and build your audience and convert them into your blog readers. that’s the idea.

38. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your blog posts optimized for search engines so that people and search engines can easily find them and for making search engines display your content on top for a particular keyword.

SEO is the primary source of the traffic to my blog and that has happened because I learned SEO and implemented it on my blog.

My website’s 70% Of Traffic comes from SEO and the rest of the other channels like social media, emails, videos and other things combined contribute to only 30%.

My Blog is Only 7 Months Old and it already gets 2500+ Pageviews a month all due to SEO Traffic.

So you know how important SEO is, and it’s the most targeted traffic that you will ever get from any source.

The Best FREE Traffic Source is Google SEO Traffic, learn SEO, and Drive Lots of quality traffic to your article. We happen to have a very detailed guide on SEO that will teach you SEO From scratch. SEO traffic is even better than paid traffic.

Learn SEO From Scratch

Free Of Cost

39. Create a Telegram Channel

Telegram Channel is a new way of promoting your blog or brand content most marketers nowadays are leveraging it to gain a good amount of traffic to their blog, recently I also started a telegram channel, and you are more than welcome to join my telegram Channel here for receiving latest updates from this blog.

40. Leverage Push Notifications

I’ve been using push notifications for a long long time now and this is one of the best ways to send updates to your subscribers whenever you publish something new on your blog.

I use a Push Notification service called WebPushr, this is one of the best push notification services that allows you to have up to 60,000 subscribers for FREE.

Start using it and see some extra traffic coming into your blog.

Here’s what it looks like

How To Promote Your Blog For Free

Nowadays every major website has them, YouTube has them, and your favorite blogs and website might also have them.

41. Get Included In a Roundup Post

45. Unlinked Brand Mentions

46. HARO

49. Facebook Chatbot Marketing

Conclusion of How To Promote Your Blog For FREE

That about wraps up today’s training, and in the next training, we’ll look at how to develop blogging objectives to help you realize all of your writing aspirations as quickly as possible.

I sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you. If so, I ask that you share it on your favorite social media sites to help us reach more wonderful readers like you who require this content.

What’s the Best Traffic Source?

For me, the best traffic source is Google, because the traffic which comes from google is highly targeted traffic. And yeah Email Marketing also produces highly targeted traffic.

Again this will depend on person to person and website to website because every person’s website is different and what might work for me might not work for others, so try every different Traffic strategy and see what works for you the best.

What’s the secret formula for high Traffic?

The Only secret that you need to care about is that you should focus on creating high-quality content for your readers. and traffic will come down the road automatically.

What’s the easiest Traffic source?

The easiest FREE traffic source is answering questions on QnA Platforms with your link back to your blog posts.

Are Paid Ads Better than FREE Traffic?

It depends on the advertiser who is advertising because if he’s an experienced marketer then he will do good targeting and the return on investment will be good.

On the other hand when you see FREE Traffic like Google Traffic, which is very much targeted, then the chances of conversions are very high even higher than paid ads.

So it depends, all the traffic sources are good, you should know how to use them.

Learn Blogging From Scratch

How To Promote Your Blog For Free
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