[GUIDE] How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop 2022

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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop – If you are also stuck with this problem for your best gaming experience, then read this article on PaisaHack to get through it.

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How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop: Connecting Switch to Laptop

To connect the switch to the laptop, you must have these things in hand:

  • Nintendo Dock (You get Dock while purchasing Nintendo Switch. It for the most part used to associate the Switch to a TV however for our situation, it will be utilized for the PC to give gaming on a big screen).
  • Video Capturing Card (Make sure it has HDMI in and out port).
  • HDMI Cable (Usually, an HDMI link accompanies Nintendo Switch. You will require it to share video and sound).
  • Video Capturing Software (It will permit a great experience with next to no bugs)

Paisahack has got you covered and has some effective methods that will help you to get out of this issue.

[GUIDE] How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop: 2022

We know you are in a hurry to connect your switch to the laptop, Here are a few effective ways to help you make it through.

1. How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop with Capture Card?

  • Disconnect the HDMI cable with the Nintendo device and the TV.
  • Connect the Elgato HD60 Capture Card to the Switch HDMI Cable. Because this procedure consumes energy, you should connect your laptop and Nintendo Dock to the power source.
  • Open Capture HD on the laptop.
  • To turn on your Switch system, press the Home on any controller.
  • Connect your capture card to the laptop using your USB cable with this Elgato HD60.
  • The Nintendo home screen should appear in the Game Capture card after a few seconds.
  • If the software can not recognize the Switch, connect the HDMI input port rather than the HDMI output port.
  • In-Game Capture HD’s corner, select a full-screen function. The application should take up the whole screen.
  • Make sure you don’t touch the keyboard or the mouse.

2. How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop Via HDMI Cable

  • Turn off your PC and laptop.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI wire to the laptop and the other to the video adapter’s HDMI output, not the monitor’s.
  • Turn on your PC and laptop.
  • Enter the “Control Panel” on the PC, open the “Display” menu, and go to the settings.
  • In Windows 10, to get to the display settings, go to “Windows Settings” in the “System” section. Or even simpler, right-click on a space on the desktop, the “Display Settings” tab.
  • In the drop-down menu “Multiple screens,” select “Extend the desktop” or duplicate, create a new table – it all depends on the user’s needs.
  • On a laptop, also go to the “Screen” settings and select “Show Desktop 1” (or “PC Monitor”). After that, the display will show the image from the PC.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop: Tips

Utilizing Video Capturing Card alongside Software will give smooth activity and sound quality. Assuming you put resources into Video Capturing Card regardless deal with issues while gaming, it is an indication that you really want to take a new, more impressive gaming PC.

Probably your present PC has an inefficient video card (GPU), insufficient memory (RAM), or a too sluggish processor. On the off chance that for a situation with memory, you can overhaul it in the vast majority of the cases, the video card and processor can not make it quicker. In such a case it merits focusing on current gaming PCs.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop: Alternate Ways

Another methodology is to buy two separate items:


You’ll require a base to help the control center so the ventilation framework on this piece of hardware works appropriately, as we demonstrated prior. It likewise makes associating the important to another basic part a lot simpler.


It is a vital part since it gives the fitting ports to the interface. Center points are gadgets that incorporate associations like HDMI (for showing pictures on a TV), a charging connector, and a USB port by means of the USB-C connector.

With these things close by, we plug the center point into the Switch’s USB-C port, plug the control center’s charger into the connector. Then interface it to the TV screen by means of an HDMI to HDMI association. We keep this set on help, and afterward, we’re prepared to mess around on the big screen. These are options in contrast to the Nintendo Switch’s unique dock.

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Final Words

Assuming that you have any worries concerning these gadgets, kindly leave a comment, and we will answer as quickly as time permits. To associate your Nintendo gadget to a TV without the dock, you’ll require a USB-C to HDMI converter. It incorporates three sources of info and a solitary USB-C result, similar to the back of the Switch’s dock.

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