Getting Bored With WhatsApp!! Enjoy All New Features Of GB WhatsApp

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If you are having an Android phone, then you are quite familiar with the messaging app WhatsApp. It has, of course, form an incoherent part of our life. Through WhatsApp, we can contact our friends, family and have various groups, share images, memes and songs. 

Life without that green app on the phone right now is unthinkable. But, now if WhatsApp bores you, then GBWhatsApp APK is the new WhatsApp that you can use for the recreational purposes or just to have fun with your friends.

This app is also quite popular because of its best features and also because this app is regularly updated by the developer. You can update the app likewise in your phone.

New awesome features of GBWhatsApp

The features of Gb WhatsApp are as follows –

  • Required no Android update – It requires Android 4.0. So you don’t have to update your phone to the latest available WhatsApp.
  • Sending voice messages – You can send long voice messages without touching the voice icon. Thus, sending voice messages become relatively easier.
  • Playing videos – You can play WhatsApp videos with your own favourite installed music player. You can also choose the best one.
  • Reading messages – You can read all the group description in the header as a normal status. So don’t have to go through every message.
  • Paying bills through WhatsApp – There is a payment option. So now share your bills online and pay your friends.
  • Mentioning someone in chats – There is an added mention option to mention someone specifically in the group. So another person can notice your message in the chats.
  • Adding a Do Not Disturb mode – You can add a DND mode and automatically your GBWhatsApp APK will disconnect the internet. No new messages will crop up.
  • New emojis – There are a new set of Emojis and emoticons, which you won’t find in regular WhatsApp, to express every mood of yours.
  • Selecting messages before deleting – You can filter messages while deleting the chats.
  • Sending more number of files – Instead of 30 documents, which normal WhatsApp allows, you can now send 100 documents at the same time.
  • Hiding chats and saving stories – There is an added option for hiding chats and saving status/story, which is a huge plus point.
  • Hiding typing status and second tick – Apart from hiding your blue ticks, you can hide typing and the double ticks. Thus, you can anonymously reply to messages.
  • Supporting more language – It supports 100 + languages.
  • Changing theme – You can change the theme of your WhatsApp chats.
  • Sending more pictures – You can share 90 pictures instead of 10 in a single go.
  • Changing icon – You can change the application icon and notification icon.
  • Keeping your WhatsApp safe – Even if you don’t add third party software, you can add lock in your WhatsApp and keep your chats safe.

Thus, GBWhatsApp APK is so much better than the normal WhatsApp that you use. However, a few questions have been raised on how safe is Gbwhatsapp because it is not available on Google play store, probably because since it is a replica of WhatsApp, copyright question may arise.

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