How To Enable Notepad Plus Plus Dark Mode 2024 ? Coolest Features & Uses Of Notepad++

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The Notepad Plus Plus is a text editor for both Windows and Linux PC. It’s one of the best alternatives to pre-installed programs like Notepads, with its features matching those of more expensive desktop apps in some cases!

When compared side by side against this minimalistic yet powerful program size-wise it only takes up 3 MB instead of 58 which gives you plenty of room on your drive or cloud storage space so no need to worry about running out anytime soon either way I’m liking what I’ve seen so far.

It is a lightweight text editor that has numerous features to help you work more efficiently. It can be used as an alternative for the pre-installed Notepads on your computer, and it’s smaller than most other editors out there.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad Plus Plus?

Enable Notepad Plus Plus Dark Mode

Notepad++ is a great text editor for Windows that offers many features, including the option to enable Dark Mode. Enabling Dark Mode can help reduce eye strain, especially when working in low-light conditions or at night. Here’s how to enable Dark Mode in Notepad Plus Plus:

1. Open the Notepad++ application.

2. Click on the “Settings” menu item.

Settings: Enable Notepad Plus Plus Dark Mode

3. In the “Settings” dialog box, click on the “Display” tab.

4. Under the “Theme” section, select the “Dark Mode” option.

Dark Mode option

5. Click on the “OK” button to save your changes and close the dialog box.

You should now see the Notepad Plus Plus interface change to a dark color scheme. If you want to disable Dark Mode, simply follow the same steps and select the “Light Mode” option instead.

How to Customize the Appearance of Notepad Plus Plus?

How to Customize the Appearance of Notepad Plus Plus

If you’re a Notepad++ user, you’re probably well aware of the many ways you can customize the appearance of the program to suit your preferences. Themes are one way to change the look of Notepad++, and there are plenty to choose from.

But if you want something a little more unique, you can also create your own custom theme. Here’s how:

1. Choose View > User-Defined Dialogue from the Notepad++ menu bar.

2. In the User-Defined Dialogue box, select the Theme tab.

3. Click the Import button.

4. Navigate to the location of your custom theme file and select it.

5. Click the Open button.

6. Your custom theme will now be listed in the Theme drop-down menu. Select it to apply it to Notepad++.

7. To change the colors used in your theme, select the Colors tab in the User-Defined Dialogue box.

8. Make your changes and click the Save button.

9. Your custom colors will now be applied to your theme.

Creating a custom theme for Notepad++ is a great way to make the program your own. And with the ability to customize colors, you can really make it unique.

5 Coolest Features of Notepad Plus Plus You May Not Know About

1. Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding

Notepad++ comes with built-in support for over 50 programming languages, including C++, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, and more. This makes it incredibly easy to switch between languages when working on a project that uses multiple technologies.

Syntax highlighting makes code easier to read by using different colors for different parts of the code. For example, keywords might be one color, comments another, and strings yet another. This can make it much easier to spot errors and potential problems in your code.

Syntax folding allows you to collapse sections of code that you’re not currently working on, so you can focus on the part that you are. This is especially useful in large files with hundreds or even thousands of lines of code.

2. Column Mode Editing

Column Mode Editing notepad++

Notepad++ supports column mode editing, which allows you to select and edit the text in a columnar fashion. This can be really useful when working with tabular data, or when you need to make the same change in multiple places at once.

To enter column mode, simply select the Column Mode Editing command from the Edit menu. You can then use your mouse or keyboard to select the text that you want to edit. Any changes that you make will be applied to all of the selected text.

3. Macro Recording and Playback

Notepad++ comes with powerful macro recording and playback features that allow you to automate repetitive tasks. For example, if you find yourself constantly reformatting code, you can record a macro that does it for you.

To record a macro, simply select the Macro > Start Recording command from the Macro menu. Once you’ve recorded your macro, you can play it back by selecting the Macro > Play Recording command.

4. Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager

Notepad++ comes with a built-in plugin manager that makes it easy to find and install plugins. Plugins can add all sorts of new features to Notepad++, such as code snippets, additional languages, and much more.

To access the plugin manager, simply select the Plugins > Plugin Manager command from the Plugins menu. This will open the plugin manager window, which will show you a list of all available plugins.

5. Customizable Interface

Notepad++ is highly customizable, so you can tailor the interface to suit your needs. For example, you can choose which toolbar buttons to display, and you can even add your own custom shortcuts.

To customize the interface, select the Settings > Preferences command from the main menu. This will open the preferences dialog, where you can change all sorts of settings to customize the way Notepad++ works.

These are just some of the many features that make Notepad++ such a powerful text editor. If you’re looking for an IDE with all the bells and whistles, then Notepad++ might not be for you.

But if you’re just looking for a simple, lightweight text editor that is packed with features, then Notepad++ is definitely worth checking out.

The Best Way to Use Notepad Plus Plus

notepad++ logo : Enable Notepad Plus Plus Dark Mode

Assuming you have Notepad Plus Plus installed on your computer, follow these steps to use it effectively:

1. Open the program by double-clicking on the shortcut icon or searching for it in the Start menu.

2. Use the menu bar at the top of the window to open, save, and print files, as well as to access other features of the program.

3. Use the tabs at the top of the window to switch between open files.

4. Use the toolbar just below the menu bar to quickly access common features, such as text formatting options and search functions.

5. Use the document map on the left side of the window to quickly jump to specific sections of long documents.

6. Use the document outline on the right side of the window to keep track of your place in long documents.

7. Use the status bar at the bottom of the window to view information about the currently open file, such as the number of words or characters it contains.

8. Use the various editing and navigation features in the program to edit and navigate through your document.

9. Save your changes frequently by clicking on the Save button on the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+S on your keyboard.

10. When you are finished, close the file by clicking on the Close button on the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl+W on your keyboard. You can also exit the program by clicking on the File menu and then selecting Exit.

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Conclusion- Enable Notepad Plus Plus Dark Mode 2024

In this post, we’ve shown you how to enable Dark Mode in Notepad Plus Plus. We think it’s a great feature for those who work long hours in front of the computer screen, as it can help reduce eye fatigue.

Whether you’re looking to save your eyes from the harsh glare of a white screen or just want to try out a new look, we hope this article has helped.


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