XVideoServiceThief Download For Ubuntu – All Error Solved [Complete Guide]

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Are you looking for a completely free open-source cross-platform utility for streaming videos on streaming websites.? Then you have come to the right place. Read this article on XVideoServiceThief Download For Ubuntu to get through it.  

XvideoServiceThief is a  It is able to download the majority of videos on the internet , which are popular today like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Ubuntu 14.04 users who use Ubuntu 14.04 can follow this guide to set up XvideoServiceThief on their PC using terminal commands.

Before you begin reading this guide, let me tell you. I am writing this article after using Ubuntu for 8 consecutive years, using it for personal use and coding both. I have closely studied the advantages and disadvantages of using XvideoServiceThief on PC so it is safer to follow along the guidelines as per this article since it will not harm your device. 

XVideoServiceThief Download For Ubuntu – All Error Solved [Complete Guide]

You can download the latest videos and music files for free using XVideoServiceThief, which has been popular in the Ubuntu community. Using linux and ubuntu comes with a lot of advantage, we can install any piece of software that we link. You can download the XVideoServiceThief directly from the link below without any error. Feel free to comment and let us know if you face any errors. You can also download videos for free.

Installation Guide For XVideoServiceThief

   download xvideoservice thief

Safe download from sourceforge library.

  1. Download Xvideoservicethief for Linux from here.
  2. extract it use this command tar -xvf xVST_2_5_1_x64-linux-dynamic.tar
  3. put this command cd xVST_2_5_1_x64-linux-dynamic
  4. Add permission to install.sh file using this command chmod +x install.sh
  5. Start installing by this command ./install.sh
  6. Proceed through the process of installation.

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XVideoServiceThief Download For Ubuntu: Features Of XVideoServiceThief

The xvideoservicethief tool is designed for downloading videos from video sites. This tool also offers the option of converting any video in the most widely used formats. For instance, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4 3GP MP3, 3GP.

xVideoServiceThief is an easy-to-use with a user-friendly interface that can be fully customized. Furthermore, an possibility to restrict or remove adult websites and YouTube videos is also available. You can also download video for free from video websites, video clips and mark your favourite video clip through this software program.

  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X)
  • A lot of services supported (Youtube, Google Videos, etc.)
  • Based on plug-ins
  • Convert videos to common formats
  • Simple and easy interface.
  • Works with a huge amount of websites from where you can download any videos for free.
  • Used to convert formats, such as AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, WMV, MP4, 3GP, and, of course, MP3.
  • Xvideoservicethief offers you super fast speed during the download because it downloads a single file over multiple connections.
  • You can easily resume incomplete downloads.
  • In addition, an option to block or unblock adult websites and videos is included.

XVideoServiceThief Download For Ubuntu:  Review upon XvideoServiceThief

Xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download free full form 64 bit: xVideoServiceThief is a free programming program that licenses you to download video from the web. This valuable program generally permits you to download recordings from various video facilitating sites, as Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, and, more to your own library for future survey.

The product is presented for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It’s open-source programming with an overall population permit. This is frequently extremely simple to utilize and you’ll have the option to actually you’ll have the option to download any recordings with xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download free full form 64 cycle just 1 snap.

Unlike other programming, it can manage different downloads and avoids impedance or bugs. Furthermore to downloading recordings, the product might be acclimated convert designs, as 3GP, MP4, WMV, MPEG2, MPEG1, AVI, and, obviously, MP3.

xVideoServiceThief is a simple to use, straightforward connection point and is totally versatile. Furthermore, a decision to hinder or unblock grown-up sites and recordings is incorporated.

What do users think about XVideoServiceThief

xvideoservicethief could be a python content to look and download recordings from the famous site XVIDEOS at no expense on Linux and Windows. Adaptation tried: xvst 3.1; xvst 2.5 help is dropped in this form.

The XVideoServiceThief device is a basic assertion instrument for linux which permits you to download a wide range of online recordings and convert them. You’ll have the option to save recordings from, for instance, Vimeo, YouTube and Dailymotion destinations. Before we start: Important! This instrument doesn’t work (at the hour of composing) on Windows frameworks. In the event that you wish to make a video from a web source it’s extremely simple.

XVideoservice is free programming that assists you with downloading recordings from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and a lot of something else. It additionally offers the opportunity to change over any video organization to be utilized on your gadget of decision (iPad/cell phone). The Desktop picture permits clients a straightforward way to introduce Ubuntu without having an unreasonable measure of room accessible; this sort furnishes individuals with all that they have however doesn’t make full their drives or ADP framework menu bars like different projects could do when introduced all the while which makes it great assuming that one has never utilized something almost identical before because there won

The video services cheat is a program that grants you to download recordings from sites like YouTube. It likewise offers the decision of changing over any video record type, including AVI and MPEG1 documents (among others). To utilize it on your PC running Ubuntu 1404+ essentially introduce this picture like every other programming program; affirm there’s sufficient room accessible for establishment – around 384 MB ought to do!

Features of xvideoservicethief ubuntu 16.04 download free

  • Download recordings successfully from more than seventy sites and presently the amount has been extended to 76.
  • Cross-stage (Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X)
  • The video downloading application licenses you to utilize the capacity of beneficially intuitive technique.
  • You can choose to download a video and set the clock i.e you’ll have the option to utilize the download scheduler to download any sort of video after you need to start the downloading system.
  • you can without much of a stretch resume fragmented downloads.
  • Various recordings drive you to incite redirected to suggestive diversion districts which will be enormously impolite for yourself and unequivocally for your children. This video downloading application licenses you to remain safeguarded from such disturbance.
    xvideoservicethief Linux ubuntu support shows that intertwining RTMP and HTTP
  • A lot of organizations maintained (Google Videos, Youtube, etc)
  • Considering modules
  • You can similarly grow VHS copy with javascript modules.
  • Convert accounts to typical game plans.
  • This application safeguards you from various diseases and malware.
  • Basic and direct point of interaction. works with a gigantic measure of web locales from where you’ll have the option to download any recordings at no expense.
  • Used to change over designs, such as 3GP, MP4, WMV, MPEG2, MPEG1, AVI, and, obviously, MP3.
  • Xvideoservicethief offers you fantastic speed-supporting during the download cycle since it downloads one archive over different affiliations.
  • Also, there’s a decision to hinder grown-up sites and recordings to monitor your kid.

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